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Gospel. Community. Mission.

Question 1: In what ways, are you a disciple or student learning from someone else Is there a mentor figure in your life !hat ha"e you learnt from that person Question #: In what ways are you a discipler $ow ha"e you %een a role model or teacher in some ways to someone else

Community &y Mission. 'or Mission

(hen the ele"en disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where )esus had told them to go. !hen they saw him, they worshiped him* %ut some dou%ted. (hen )esus came to them and said, +All authority in hea"en and on earth has %een gi"en to me. (herefore go and ma,e disciples of all nations, %apti-ing them in the name of the 'ather and of the .on and of the $oly .pirit, and teaching them to o%ey e"erything I ha"e commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the "ery end of the age./

Community 0 Mission
!e are a community that e1ists %y mission, on mission and for mission. !e e1ist for mission for the glory of God and good of the wider world. 2ot 3ust a holy huddle.

.oichi !atana%e, +!e are all one/

Gospel. Community. Mission.

Gathertogether aroundthegospel (community). Growtogetherin thegospel (discipleship). Gotogetherwith thegospel (mission).