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Musical Intelligence

Musical Intelligence

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Published by jvcolon
Musical Intelligence
Musical Intelligence

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Published by: jvcolon on Feb 23, 2014
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Juan V. Colon Hernandez 801-03-1551 English 3103 Musical Intelligence Have ou ever as!

ed oursel" ho# can $usic hel% ou on universit li"e& Could ou use $usic to have 'etter grades& Can it 'e $ore than (ust a $ere ho'' & )o$e %eo%le thin! that it can*t 'e hel%"ul+ 'ut $usical intelligence can 'e ver hel%"ul to our studies and social li"e i" ou learn ho# to a%%l it. In the studies at the universit ou can learn #a s to use this intelligence in our "avor. ,or e-a$%le+ "or a class #here $ tholog is involved ou can listen to so$e old heav $etal songs #hich $a!e a lot o" allusion to .ree! and /orse gods and stories included in their $ tholog . ,or %uertorrican histor ou can search "or old salsa songs to hear+ in a descri%tive #a + ho# #as 0uerto 1ico and %uertorricans in %ast ti$es. 2nother #a that it can hel% ou is #riting a song a'out the the$e studied+ this #ill de"initel hel% ou "a$iliarize #ith it. It de"initel hel%s ou to !no# %eo%le #ith si$ilar interests as oursel". 3al!ing #ith these %eo%le that have the sa$e $usical interests hel%s ou to $ove around circles o" %eo%le and discuss the di""erent a%%roaches and %oints o" vie# o" $usic. )o this intelligence hel%s ou to interact and have so$ething to sa #hen socializing #ith other $usicians. It $ight even get ou involved in a variet o" $usical %ro(ects #ith $usicians o" di""erent 'ac!grounds+ and this can*t 'e 'ad. 3his intelligence is a good tool "or $a!ing ne# "riends.

I" ou !no# ho# to use this intelligence it #ill surel hel% ou in all as%ects at the universit . Man %eo%le see it as useless+ the are #rong. ,or $e it*s $ore than a ho'' + and $ore a %art o" $ li"e. 4ecause o" $ vie# on it this #a + I can also see that i" ou %ut it in good use it can 'e hel%"ul in ever %art o" our li"e.

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