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Dear Sir or Madam: Please accept this letter and the accompanying resume as an expression of my interest in a position with

your organization. My organizational and leadership skills qualify me to be a producti e member of your team. ! ha e sound "udgment as well as erbal# written# and analytical skills. ! am moti ated and able to work with little to no super ision. ! interact producti ely with people from di erse backgrounds and ha e a career history of achie ing employment goals and performing quality work in a timely manner. !n my pre ious position ! worked my way up from being a $ustomer Ser ice %epresentati e into management. Promoted to a Pro"ect &eader for the 'ord (enuine Direct) Program# ! e entually became the main contact for all 'ord programs at my company. *hile 'ord programs were my primary focus# managing a team of ++ on a day to day basis# ! also o ersaw temporary prospecting programs as needed. Managing different programs# acting as a liaison between clients and my business owners# in oicing and budgeting# training new employees# keeping current employees apprised of program updates# handling disciplinary actions# while responsibly representing each program has pro ided me with great attention to detail. *hen ! was promoted as the main contact for all 'ord programs we were under contractual obligation to keep Pro"ect &eader task at or under eighty hours per month# but were operating at ,+- hours. ! implemented changes bringing them within contractual obligations so that our company could bill for those hours. My education has taught me methodologies such as benefit.cost analysis and simulation# statistical analysis# accounting principles# understanding analysis of financial statements# recognizing fundamental principles that guide decision making in a market.based economic systems# as well as organization theory and beha ior in contemporary organizational settings. /sing the leadership and business de elopment skills obtained from my M01 studies# the writing and logical reasoning skills obtained from my 0achelor of Public 1ffairs# along with my ability to multitask without compromising the quality of any pro"ect ! feel ! will be an asset to your company. ! am always looking for an opportunity to learn and am able to do so at a fast pace# implementing changes effecti ely and efficiently. ! am certain ! could make significant contributions to your organization# and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how my education and experience might best be employed by your organization. 2hank you for you time and consideration. ! look forward to your response. Sincerely#

3elly Day 4ncl: resume