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Nome:Abner Mendes de Queiroz Junior

Movimentos retricos-Abstract Texto Analisado-Gender,age and income differences in internet usage among employees in organizations Ibrahim Akman and Alok Mishra

Cognatos encontrados- paper,discusses,internet,reports,impact,Turkey,categorized,empirical factors, communication, e-mailing, information access, entertainment, electronic services, conducted,public and private sector organizations,indicated,positive,daily,general, significant,e-government,results,e-commerce,e-shopping,e-banking.

Movimentos Retricos (De acordo com a sequncia dos pargrafos do texto). This paper reviews and discusses Internet issues and reports () Internet usage in Turkey. Unidade Retrica 1-Subunidade 1A Internet usage was categorized in two empirical factors () (()/downloading/ entertainment and electronic services).- Unidade Retrica 2-Subunidade 3 The survey was conducted among 200 employees from public and private sector organizations- Unidade Retrica 3-Subunidade 1 B The results indicated that gender has a positive impact on average daily () downloading/entertainment.Age has a positive impact ()downloading/ entertainment.Income was not found to have an impact on empirical factors. Unidade Retrica 4-Subunidade 1A e 1B Finally,gender,age and income do not have any significant impact () e-banking/ e-government. Unidade Retrica 5-Subunidade 1A.