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Huy Nguyen Psyc 1000 Febuary 10, 2014 Nature vs. Nurture.

Nature is the original, the basic form of thing. For example, a tiger born and lives its life through out in the jungle. With its nature, tiger will only eat meat and flesh. More than that, it will be taught to hunt by its mother and will starts hunting on its own when he grows up. Nature can be understand as how thing should be, without interference from any outside sources. Nurture, on the other hand, is the outcome from the nursing process which can also be outside interference. As in the tiger experiment, if the tiger lives with its mom until it becomes an adult, it will be nature, or as it should be. However, if it was caught when young and raised in a zoo, it will be fed and therefore, it can lose its sense in hunting. So in this situation, nurture has shaped the tigers character. Though it may not be proven, nurture can be the determination of ones life, for it will interact with things though out its life that can change its perception. Also, for the case of nature, what is the definition of outside source when the tigers mom is a form of outside source, though it can be nature too. For me, between nature and nurture, nurture will play a more important role. This may not be proven, but it has a lot of example to support it, for example, the tiger in the jungle versus the tiger raised in a zoo.