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French II Lesson 1

Caitlin Piper For Feb 1, 2010

Theme: Review of the Pass Compos Target Class: French II (grade 9) Time: 1 block (90 min.) Materials: Previous Material Covered: Students have been working on pass compos using etre and avoir. Objectives: At the end of this lesson students will Review, practice, and solidify their understanding of the pass compose. Activities for Lesson Teacher Prep: Before the lesson begins, the students will write all of the vocabulary words (left undefined) and description sentences from the une scene dhiver project on the board. She will also have the students pass compos quizzes ready to return. Introduction (2 min): Because this will be my first time instructing with this group of students, I will take a few minutes to introduce myself and tell the students how excited I am to be working with them. Collection/Review of Assignment Due (10-15 min): The teacher will first return all of students papers collected before Regents week. The students have been working on une scene dhiver drawing/vocabulary assignment. Before collecting the students work, the teacher will review the vocabulary and information on the task sheet with the students. First, the teacher will select students to go to the board and define the French vocabulary listed into English. Once the words have been defined, the teacher will check the words with the students as a class. Any errors in translation will be corrected during this time. The teacher will call on students to define the description sentences. Once they define the sentence, they will be asked to show where they depicted this sentence in their illustration. After this, the students will display their illustrations by taping them to the wall underneath the black board. Warm-Up (10 minutes): Because the students have been out of class for a week due to Regents Exams, the teacher will introduce the main idea of the lesson. The students will be given a short exercising reviewing the pass compos with etre and avoir. In this exercise, the students will have to correct sentences where these tenses have not been used properly. We will briefly review this as a class once the students have finished. It is important for the students to understand why the sentences are incorrect and what they must to do fix them.

Quiz Corrections (15 minutes) The students will receive their quizzes from the previous class. Students will correct their work and the teacher reviews the quiz with the students. During this time, the teacher will ask the students, what are the two parts of forming a verb in the pass compose using etre? (Part I: etre= shows agreement Part II: Past participles). The teacher will write some of these exercises on the board for the students to complete. She will ask them to explain their answers. The teacher will point out the irregular verbs like venir. Beginning Nationalities Unit/ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes) The students have been working on a LEte au Village reading exercise. As a class we will read the conversation and questions aloud. Students will be called on to define the meaning of this text. Students will share their responses to the questions verbally or on the board. This is a good opportunity for students to use their speaking skills to earn participation credit. Optional Activity: Class Discussion Following the LEte au Village reading and questions, a class discussion could take place. The teacher could ask the students what kind of environment they live in, do they live in the country? What ways are their summers similar to Nadines and Colettes? Have they ever visited a vineyard? Etc. This would serve as an opportunity for students to share their opinions and experiences while using the TL. Assessment For homework, students will receive a self-study packet on forming the pass compose with avoir and etre. They will be asked to complete a portion of this packet. Standards: Communication Standard 1.2 Students will be working with comprehension exercises verbally and in written form through both review activities and the Lete au Village text and questions. Standard 1.1 This standard could be fulfilled if the class discussion occurs about country living. In this discussion students would talk about their likes/dislikes and experiences with life in the country. Cultures Standard 2.1 Students will learn about the French life in the countryside (Macon). Comparisons Standard 4.2 If the class discussion on country living takes place, the students would have the opportunity to compare and contrast country living in France verses life in the country in the US.

French II Nom: Review of the Pass Compos Using Etre & Avoir Task: It is your turn to be the teacher! Correct your students errors below. First underline their mistake, and then re-write the sentence correctly. For each sentence, explain what changes you made and why. Ex: Ils ont all chez toi hier. Correction : Ils sont alls chez toi hier. Reason : The verb etre is required when forming the pass compos with the verb aller. An s must be added to the end of all because ils is a plural subject.

1) Elle a descendu hier. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2) Nous avons sortis la semaine dernire. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 3) Sophie est rest chez son amie. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

4) Ils sont alles chez moi. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

5) Je suis mangee une pomme ce matin. ________________________________________________________________