TR&R meeting attendees: Anne Blackwood Emma Blackwood Abby Blackwood Rod Bergen Rick Rosa - rick. Jeff Routledge Peg Routledge Gina Merz-Mc... Jessica Bucholz

Regarding referrals for beginner lessons on the website must include a disclaimer that TR&R assumes no responsibility for the referrals and it's incumbant on the individual to check the trainers out themselves. Shari completed building a new Quickbooks account for TR&R, and she needs the banking online access. Rod will get her the online access. Motion to assign Jeff Routledge to be Arena Co-Manager with Mike Crowley and to supervise the arena maintenance. Motion passed. Motion from Victoria Faerber to call a meeting with her contact Bob to discuss the major work on the arena. Possible dates are Monday or Tuesday the 8th or 9th. Motion passed. Motion from Anne to make sure that the funds up to $4000 are allocated for immediate remdial fixing of the arenas by a professional participants. Motion passed. Motion to re-organize the contents of the driveway accessible container into the other container so as to make room for the tractor and harrow, and complete this task by the 8th or 9th meeting regarding the arenas. Motion passed. Coordination of Calendar - need judge for October Dressage show. Victoria will get together a list of names of annual sponsors. Motion to accept the list of sponsors as follows: Malibu Horse Transportation Malibu Seafood Australian Stock Saddles Malibu Feed Bin

European Equestrian Calabasas Saddlery Brite Star Michael T. Magloff Asani Family Gina Merz-McCloskey family Rick Rosa will possibly help getting more sponsorships. Peg will reconcile the membership records to the database with the package of cards received from Corrie Tappin

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