Three Myanmar Troops Killed in Clash with Ta-an (Palaung) Army Battalion-367 February 19, 2014 On February 18, 2014, at about

1215 hours, troops from Company-2 of the Ta-an National Liberation Army (TNLA) ran into troops from a military column of LIBs 17 and 114 of the Myanmar Army, near Namt Pa Kyaing Village in Mantong Township, and a head-on clash broke out. In the clash, at least 3 Myanmar Army troops were killed and many were wounded. One Ta-an Army troop was wounded in the hand by a splinter from a heavy weapon shell. The clash lasted only about 15 minutes. It ended when troops from both sides withdrew simultaneously. The Myanmar wounded were said to be taken to Namtu Town. The retreating Myanmar military column took position on Mantong-Namtu motor road and shelled hourly, with heavy weapons, the hills where Myanmar troops thought the Ta-an troops were located. News and Information Department PSLF/TNLA

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