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Impact of Media on Indian Society

Presented by:
Charanjit Singh Deepak Rana Daman Sidhu Amit Rana

Media is Any medium through which any sort of information reach the people Media can Create Awareness Perpetuate Issues Establish Priorities old Society !in passi"e but effecti"e way#

Functions of Media in Society

To inform

People come to know what, when, where, who, why & How the things are happening It brings about greater awareness among the masses about men and materials. Media educates people by giving information about food, health, employment, agriculture, technology, moderni ation etc.
Movies, serials, animations, music etc.

To educate

To entertain

Positive Impacts
!atc"do# on $overnment

$oice of poor is heard through media A trump card for Common man Succeeded with R%I %he Anna &a'are campaign &elp keeping things in control Show people what they actually do and what they must do

bout to brin# a revo%ution

Mirror of Society

&indo& to t"e !or%d

Ne#ative Impacts
!"o &atc"es t"e !atc"do#s '

Irresponsible co"erage in umbai Attacks In"ade Pri"acy It is a one way communication) so impro"ement through feedback is "irtually impossible Phenomena of paid news Profit *riented Industry &a"e a deep impression of +estern Culture

Ne&s for Sa%e

Cu%tura% Dama#e

(o& do Media affect us

, (umans %earn from: - Imitation - Identification and modeling - oti"ation - odified through inhibition - *bser"ation and practice ) %ie if said ten times become a trut" , edia messages do not bypass e.isting attitudes or norms) but o"er a long term /drip0 into us and /help fill in the ground for the figures of our decision

In T"e +nd
edia is a pillar of Society) and a healthy Society is not possible without a &ealthy edia , edia should take responsibility to preser"e Culture , edia should understand the possible affects of their reports on Public , Different programs for different age groups of must be made