Lamentations Of KOHL’IN AL-DEEN

From the of kitab al-kis

kus bint wisal abu al-fasia zib ibn kis al-mash’ilyya translated by

c dean

poems by


Lamentations Of KOHL’IN AL-DEEN
From the of kitab al-kis

kus bint wisal abu al-fasia zib ibn kis al-mash’ilyya translated by

c dean

poems by

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gorgeousness of thy flowery cunts

sing out to the world the

beautify thy cunts beauty and

melting jewels my words will

tips that like gems dripping from

scent o’er thy cunts curling petals

from my tongues tip like wafting

that mellifluous words will flow

into thy cunts bowl I dip my lips


Oh beautiful one

lines of roses along my limbs

furnace is my flesh burning hot like flames of lust burst from me to burn

in the desire for thy cunt into a

enfolded in them to die to be Oh beautiful one

crimson cunts lips I long to see and

all the forest of the world oh thy


“like flowers in forest fire is consumed

ripples of delight in it sight oh I sigh

crimson flower tight on my cock gives

nestling round thy cunt like a

than shadow of crow in moonlight

to look upon thy cunts hair darker


Oh beautiful one


raptures would ripple o’er my heated

cat-like such that incandescent

moonlight and lick those crimson lips

cunts lips like scattered flowers in

scented smoke would curl round thy

Oh that my words like tongues of

Oh beautiful one

of rubies bursting from my veins

burning red o’er my flesh like slivers

scent to fan the heated flames of lust

blooms bursting in my mind that

cunt like the scent of innumeral

Oh that I could smell the scent of thy


Oh beautiful one

sight of the crimson lips of thine Oh beautiful one

down the cheeks of I in delight at the

oh tears of scents of nenuphar wash

myriad colored budding flowers bloom

crimson lips drip and o’er ground

hyacinth the dewy drops o’er thy

thy cunts scent is odors of rose and

of dazzling light

sprays of blooming pink hued clusters

limpidity burst thy cunt lips into

the words of I with sparkling

diamonds on black velvet cloth may

sparkles o’er thy flesh like sparkling

of thee like congealed moonlight that

may the words of I lace the cunt lips


Oh beautiful one

with flaming eyes

with flowery scented hair

with ivory pink cunt lips

oh beauty with saffron hued flesh

my scented sighs

hang I that thee will hear in thy ear

grape garlands of crimson lilies will

about thy clit budding like a turgid

to deck thee in a scented glow

thy cunt like colored shining flowers

could I pour the honeyed words of I o’er

flesh of thy ample thighs oh that

blooming rose twixt the pink hued

delightful is thy cunt a giant red

Oh beautiful one


Oh beautiful one


lips of I drip crimson drops of blood red

drink the syrupy juice such that the

could in the luculent rays of its sight

bees and butterflies abide oh that I

its nectar art addicted is I in its hole

thy cunt a poppy bloom which upon

Oh beautiful one

thy refulgent hair

cunt a young rose in the garden of

shimmering net like silken robes thy

colored flower blossoms deck the

scent of jacinth and jasmine blooms

in thy cunts hair has spilled the


Oh beautiful one

cool the heated torments of I Oh beautiful one

to I the poppy juice of thy cunt to

scorched art I in its searing light give

lurid gaze my flesh burns to powder

light of the noon day sun under its

hues burning red like the luculent

thy cunts lips are a garden of crimson

fluttering to my sighs

flower and its lips are golden petals

flowering tresses thy cunt isa giant

thy cunt is a garden and I sing in its

cunt sighing in the net of thy hair oh

I am the nightingale to thy rose-like


Oh beautiful one


light I fly and in its gorgeous sight I Oh beautiful one

but like the dark hued moth to its

its lips glow like points of red light

black lilies the ruby frosted edges of

in its tangled tresses like night

eyes I gaze upon its lurid face nestled

the coral lips of thy cunt burn my

evaporating dew

through the pink mist of thy cunts

lips saffron stained curl flower-like

ensnared my soul round which thy

with nectar like a liquid pearl hast

fallen I that golden rimed pool limpid

before the bowl of thy cunt hast


Oh beautiful one

with heated scents Oh beautiful one

forest fires thy crimson petals glowed

gem-like like flames dancing in

flowers garlanded with dew glittering

arising in morn o’er multi-hued

thy cunt remember I as like a red sun

lips flash and in my heart fires ignite

scented light that from those crimson

of thy cunt oh drunk am I on the

luculent in silvery light is the sight

nightingales like a full moon

in thy cunts hole is the singing of


Oh beautiful one

silver flake

light like flower petals tinted with

cloak thy crimson lips in luculent

milk shimmering in moonlight that

thy cunts cream is like drops of white

heart with lusts travail

pointing at the moon to strike my

cunts mesh like a scorpions tail

trace the lone curling hair of thy

pink hued light as along their edge

cunts lips crystal-like glow with

like traced with porcelain pen thy

Oh beautiful one


Oh beautiful one

golden flowers mouth Oh beautiful one

colored lips with the juices of thy

tinted lips tips and wet my vermilion

scents that I can kiss those golden

yellow hued scented with odoriferous

rise up thy cunt like a glass goblet

from thy hyacinth cunt hair

bracelets on the perfumed air flowing

edge chinking like gold anklet

and ivory bells studded along the lips

mellifluous tones from the marble

tongue of I thy cunt lips jingle with

to the viper like flickering of the


Oh beautiful one lips

is there a pinker silk than thy cunts is there a pinker hue than thy cunts is there a softer touch than thy is there a greater picture than rows of


velvety flesh

the silvery moon of thy cunts glows Oh beautiful one

roses blooms along thy lips enfolding

flowers in the moonlight

rosey lips that are like burning

butterflies fly to sup from those red

in the dark net o’er which bees and

glittering splinters of gold sprinkled

thy cunts hair is like curly silk with


Oh beautiful one

drink my eyes

lucent deep waters into which up

amethyst bowl crystal clear with

‘neath which lies its lair an

great thicket of panther black hair

the eyes of I have gazed thee to see a

Oh beautiful one

glittering stars

moonlight on water reflecting

hole silvery shining like dappled

dust sparkling that clothes thy cunt

embroidered robe flaked with purple

the cunt hair of thee is an


Oh beautiful one

all like viewed thru pink gauze Oh beautiful one

light in its luculent hues that robes

like coated in pink frost that gathers

shadows in their deep folds twixt flesh

light reflecting of pink lips that hide

thy cunt hole shines like coruscating

shimmering waterfalls in moonlight

lined rim to cascade down light like

limpid waters that o’er flow the pink

shower bright light in the holes deep

crescent moons dangling in space

the cunt lips of thee curved like


Oh beautiful one

lightfalls of moonlight Oh beautiful one

flowing the bowl and shower down in

like fingers of pink spray out o’er

beams like beads of light the light

pearl ‘gainst the pink flesh that

open wide to reveal a shimmering

the pink clusters of thy cunts lips

that within lies paradise

flowery lips to conceal the flesh folded

like curling down around those turgid

cunt hair dark like night creeper-

like a purple orchid is thy cunt with


Oh beautiful one

in silver mirrors

dancing in space like leaves reflected

hair to mingle with moonlight

incense o’er thy hyacinth purple

scented air to float like streams of

thy cunt hole breathes out bubbles of

Oh beautiful one

blooming like pink roses

the pink colored shadows of thy folds

flower blooms oh that could I dive into

hole like moonlight kissing night

limpid pearl- like pool of thy cunts

thy crimson cunt lips waver o’er the


Oh beautiful one

down thy pink fleshy thighs Oh beautiful one

light to send beams of light cascading

shooting up like tongue of lucent

folds into burning buds of pink flames

milk white limpidity turning those

the breeze o’er flowing that pool of

the cunt lips of thee are scented with

moonlight ruffled waters

bowl like pink flowers floating on

wavelets of light rippling in that

jade colored like pink roses sending

to flutter like fans o’er that oval of

thy cunt lips like pink hanging veils

rimed pool of coagulated light lifts

the scented breeze of thy emerald



oh the words of I pour like streams of

ISBN 9781876347783

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