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Feds question 2 others in NYC terror plot (AP)
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NEW YORK – Federal investigators have questioned two men whose photographs were shown to a Muslim religious leader along with a picture of an Afghan immigrant accused of plotting a bomb attack in New York City. Adis Medunjanin, a 24-year-old Bosnian immigrant, met voluntarily with investigators for 14 hours, said Robert Gottlieb, a New York lawyer representing him. Zarein Ahmedzay, a 24-yearold New York City cab driver, also was interviewed by the FBI, said his brother, Nazir Ahmedzay. Both men's photos were among four shown to Ahmad Wais Afzali, an imam at a Queens mosque accused of tipping off Najibullah Zazi (nah-jee-BOO'lah ZAH'-zee) that New York Police Department detectives were searching for him. Ron Kuby, a New York lawyer representing the imam, confirmed that detectives showed Afzali photos of Medunjanin and Ahmedzay along with Zazi's. Naiz Kahn, a high school friend of Zazi's who allowed him to stay in his Queens apartment last

month when prosecutors say Zazi was preparing his attack, said he also has been questioned by the FBI. But his photo was not among those shown to the imam, said Kuby. The imam did not know the identity of the man in the fourth photograph, Kuby said. Neither man is tied to the terror plot prosecutors claim Zazi was pursuing, said Gottlieb and Ahmedzay's brother. Prosecutors and the FBI declined to comment. Afzali, a reliable police source in the past, has pleaded not guilty to lying to federal agents who asked him about his phone calls to Zazi after detectives showed him the photographs. Kuby said Afzali was only doing what police asked him to do. Zazi, 24, who left New York earlier this year to take a job driving an airport shuttle in Denver, is the only person charged in an international terror investigation described by Attorney General Eric Holder as one of the most significant plots uncovered in this country since 9/11. Zazi, who's being held without bond, has pleaded not guilty to conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. Prosecutors have said Zazi and

others they have not identified received explosives training at an al-Qaida camp in Pakistan. U.S. intelligence and senior administration officials have said they became aware of Zazi's connection to a possible plot in late August. They said he was recruited and trained by al-Qaida, and he had contact with a senior al-Qaida operative. Investigators are still hunting for additional players and expect to make more arrests. Officials say Zazi's suspected accomplices are under surveillance and are no longer a threat because the plot was thoroughly disrupted. Gottlieb said Medunjanin has met with investigators, who have not been in contact with him since the interview weeks ago. After that meeting, Gottlieb said Medunjanin hired him. Medunjanin agreed to meet with investigators after they raided his apartment last month, Gottlieb said. "He had nothing to hide," Gottlieb said. FBI agents seized computers and cell phones from the apartment, but returned them later, he said. "There's no indication of any evidence that he was involved in a crime," he said. "There would be

no basis for charging him with anything." Investigators had an interest in Medunjanin before the raid, Gottlieb said. He wouldn't elaborate. "The reasons are not any evidence of wrongdoing or crimes," he said. Gottlieb did not confirm that his client's photo was among those shown to the imam. Medunjanin grew up in the same area of Flushing, Queens, as Zazi, Gottlieb said, declining to elaborate. He came to the U.S. in 1994 with his family, went to high school in Flushing and became a citizen in 2002, Gottlieb said. Medunjanin lives in a Flushing apartment with his parents and sister. He works for a property management company, and has worshipped in the past at the mosque where Afzali has spoken, Gottlieb said. "He's going through hell right now," the lawyer said. "His entire family finds this unbearable. They just wait everyday for some word about how this will turn out." Gottlieb declined to discuss Medunjanin's travel. Zarein Ahmedzay, the other man identified by the Queens imam in the photos with Zazi, has

no connection to Zazi's case, other than being interviewed by the FBI, and was not involved in a plot, said Nazir Ahmedzay, his brother. "No, never," Nazir Ahmedzay said during a brief interview outside his apartment. Zarein Ahmedzay, a U.S. citizen, lives with his brother in a Flushing apartment in the same neighborhood as the one Zazi's family shared before moving to Denver in January. Nazir Ahmedzay said his younger brother has never been to Colorado. He said Zazi has never been to their apartment. Zazi's father, Mohammed Wali Zazi, also faces a charge of lying to investigators. A Denver grand jury indicted the 53-year-old Aurora, Colo., resident Thursday for making a false statement. He is free on $50,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday. ___ Associated Press writers David Caruso, Adam Goldman and Michael Rubinkam in New York and Eileen Sullivan in Denver contributed to this report.


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H1N1: Who Do You Trust? - FOXNews
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decision about the swine flu vaccine, but because of the enormity of the ramifications Have you decided what you're here, we are facing a potential going to do about the swine flu pandemic. I believe in pandemics vaccine yet? Have you heard and I believe we're due for one. anybody yet talk about it that you Trying to decide what is best to trust? Will you take your chances protect my family is what I have with the swine flu or the vaccine? done, but that's now in your Will you take the vaccine and hands, finding out how you're give it to your children? How going to protect your family. m u c h d o y o u t r u s t y o u r Therefore, I'll keep my decision government? private. I think that's the main question. I'm trying to give you the facts Do you trust your government in a with no opinion. So, what I want couple of things: A, that this crisis to do is arm you with as much is even real, and B, that they have information as possible, so you competently worked with the best can make the best choice for your medicine to develop, distribute family. We have worked hard to and administer a potentially compile the best information from lifesaving vaccine? Do you the best doctors and experts believe that? available. I've personally spoken Are you even troubled by the to a couple of the best doctors in fact that we have to ask these the world and some of the experts questions of ourselves? I am, on both sides in order to help you quite honestly. I can't believe that make an informed decision. So, we live in a world that we do let's start with some facts that we now, where there is such a lack of already know. trust. Flu pandemics have struck Unfortunately, there is that before, and with deadly results. credibility issue in Washington, The biggest one was 1918 to with science — with the science 1919. It was the Spanish flu that comes from the world pandemic. It swept the planet, organizations like the WHO, or killing at least 40 million people really it's the U.N. that bothers me worldwide. This was the nasty so much. We have been lied to one here in America. More than before. We have been lied to by 500,000 people died in the United the media. We have been lied to States. Forty years later, there was by both sides of the aisle, and another one — in 1957-1958, politicians — with politician and Asian flu hit the world, causing doctors are wrong. I'm not alone about 70,000 deaths in the United in asking these questions. States. We also had the Hong There is a recent poll out by Kong flu from 1968 to 1969 that Consumer Reports that found that caused about 34,000 deaths in the two-thirds of parents planned to United States. Earlier this year, delay or skip giving their children there were hundreds of reported the H1N1 shots altogether. I deaths from H1N1, but it paled in thought about how to do this comparison to the death rate of show, and I thought about it long even the annual garden variety and hard. I have made my flu, about 36,000 people each year

die just from the seasonal flu here in the U.S. Right now, according to the experts I have talked to, H1N1 may actually be less virulent than its predecessor earlier this year, although it still has proven at times to be capable of taking life. The fear, of course, is that a more deadly strain of H1N1 will circulate. That's what happened in 1918-1919. First, I think it started in about 1916 and it was fine; 1917, fine; and then 1918, it swept through and killed a lot of people. The World Health Organization recently warned that H1N1 could kill millions and cause anarchy in third world countries unless $1.5 billion is raised to help poor countries pay for the vaccine. OK. We also know that here in New York, it has been mandated that 500,000 health care workers must be vaccinated. Well, as you can imagine, that's not going well with some workers here in America. These people were protesting, I think it was last week. Americans generally bristle at the mere thought of being forced to have something injected into their bodies, whether that's some bureaucrat saying that it's good for us or a doctor or not, it doesn't matter. Some of these people may have actually believed it was for the best. But once freedom of choice is removed from the equation, to many, the rest of the argument is moot. However, one physician with whom we spoke, Dr. Marc Siegel put it this way, "The decision whether to make the vaccine for the novel H1N1 flu mandatory for health care workers is not a moral or ethical problem. It is simply a question of health mathematics. In

this case, the math is on the side of the vaccine." By the way, Dr. Siegel will be appearing later on this program, but I was bothered by the "simple math" part of that. I mean, I'm not a number. These people were not numbers. Those who are being forced to take the injection, it's not numbers. If they don't take their injections, they lose their jobs. It may or may not be a moral or ethical problem, but it certainly raises questions of freedom and liberty. Were their rights trampled? I don't think I can go that far, because you do have the option of not receiving the vaccine. You just have to go and find other employment. Again, as Americans, something, though, seems inherently wrong in that scenario, and the off repeated refrain from Ben Franklin jumps to mind, "Those who are willing to sacrifice their freedom for safety deserve neither and will lose both." We can debate Ben Franklin some other day. I want to focus on helping you make the best decision for this vaccine for your family. So, let's start here: Why should you get the vaccine? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control, swine flu, "can be life threatening in some people with underlying health conditions. The H1N1 vaccine can help prevent infection and also help people prevent the serious complications that can lead to death in some people." Certain age groups should be particularly concerned. Make sure they receive the vaccine. "These groups include pregnant women, people who live with or care for children younger than six months

of age, health care and emergency medical service personnel, and persons between the ages of six months and 24 years old, also people ages 25-64 years of age who are at a higher risk for 2009 H1N1 because of chronic health disorders or compromised immune systems." Another compelling reason to receive the vaccine is that this particular strain, if it gets nasty, you and your family are going to be completely unprotected and at its mercy without the vaccine, and you might be wishing you took it. There were no vaccines for the Spanish flu in 1918. How many lives could have been saved? Even the last time around for swine flu in America in 1876, we were nowhere near where we are today in terms of medical advancement. When this shot does become available nationwide, it will be a two-stage process for children under nine. Doctors tell me that makes all the difference in the world. But there are those on the other side of the issue with some compelling arguments as well. Among the most compelling, there is a concern that the vaccine was rushed to market in just a few months. Was it developed carefully enough? Who developed it? What was the process? Is it reasonable that we went from zero to 60 this quickly with this vaccine? The vaccine also contains thimerosal. Some experts believe it can cause severe damage in some people. They argue that the vast majority of people who take this vaccine would tolerate it just fine, but there would be some that would H1N1: page 4

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Nobel prize win 'humbles' Obama
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Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Obama was woken very early by staff bringing news of the award US President Barack Obama has said he was "surprised and deeply humbled" to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, less than 10 months into his presidency. Speaking at the White House hours after the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee named him as a surprise winner, he said the award should be a "call to action". The world faced challenges that "cannot be met by one person or by one nation alone," Mr Obama said. The committee said he won for efforts to boost diplomacy and cooperation. "Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future," the Norwegian committee said in a statement. "His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population." Long-term goals Standing in the Rose Garden to make his first public statement since being woken early by aides bringing news of the award, Mr Obama stressed that his win was just the beginning of his work. He said he did not feel he deserved to be in the company of some of the "transformative figures" who had previously received the award.

award. 'New climate' Since taking office in January, President Obama has pursued an ambitious international agenda including a push for peace in the Middle East and negotiations over Iran's nuclear programme. Asked why the prize had been awarded to Mr Obama less than a year after he took office, Nobel Committee head Thorbjoern Jagland said: "It was because we would like to support what he is trying to achieve". He specifically mentioned Mr Obama's work to strengthen international institutions and work towards a world free of nuclear arms. The statement from the Nobel Committee said Mr Obama had "created a new climate in international politics". However, critics say he has failed to make breakthroughs. Some of his aims, particularly nominations for this year's peace tireless advocates who have made the goal of universal nuclear p r i z e . Z i m b a b w e a n P r i m e r e a l a c h i e v e m e n t s w o r k i n g Domestically, Mr Obama has disarmament, would be difficult Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and towards peace and human rights". b e e n w o r k i n g t o t a c k l e a n to achieve even within his Chinese dissident Hu Jia had been A large majority of remarks economic crisis and win support lifetime, let alone his presidency, among the favourites. from BBC viewers, listeners and for healthcare reform. Archbishop Desmond Tutu of Mr Obama said. Instead the committee chose Mr website users also expressed South Africa, a former winner, And he sought to deflect some Obama, who was inaugurated less surprise. of the global surprise at his win, than two weeks before the 1 Senior Democratic figures said the prize was a way of d e s c r i b i n g t h e a w a r d a s February nomination deadline. rebuffed Mr Steele's remarks, encouraging the US leader early "affirmation of American His win surprised most with former Vice-President Al in his presidency. Mr Obama is the first US leadership on behalf of aspirations observers, eliciting gasps from Gore, a joint recipient of the president to win the prize since held by people in all nations". those assembled in the room when a w a r d i n 2 0 0 7 , c a l l i n g M r "I know that throughout history his name was read out. Obama's win "extremely well former US President Jimmy Carter in 2002. Theodore the Nobel Peace Prize has not just And while there was support for deserved". been used to honour specific the decision, notably from world "I think that much of what he has Roosevelt won the prize in 1906 achievements," he said. leaders, many others expressed accomplished already is going to and Woodrow Wilson won it in "It's also been used as a means to their scepticism. be far more appreciated in the 1919. The prize was invented by the give momentum to a set of causes. In the US the chairman of the eyes of history," Mr Gore said. And that is why I will accept this Republican National Committee, But spokesmen from anti-US Swedish industrialist and inventor award as a call to action, a call for Michael Steele, asked a simple Islamist groups such as the of dynamite Alfred Nobel, and all nations to confront the question: "What has President Taliban and Hamas focussed on was first awarded in 1901. As Sweden was at the time common challenges of the 21st Obama actually accomplished?" the present, saying they had seen united with Norway, Nobel Century." Attributing Mr Obama's win to no evidence yet of improvements Public bemused his "star power", Mr Steele said it in security for people in their designated the parliament in There were a record 205 was "unfortunate" he "outshined regions and as such opposed the NOBEL page 4


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Son of NYC Socialite Astor Could Get 25 Years New York Times
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H1N1: page 2 continued from
be more susceptible to those effects. Dr. Kent Holtorf is an expert in infectious diseases. He warns there is a risk with this multiple vaccine approach of a side effect very similar to the Gulf War syndrome. He stresses that the flu mist nasal version doesn't have the same negative immune system modulating potential. He will be here appearing later on the show. So now what? What do you do as far as this vaccine is concerned? It's really up to you. Hopefully you will receive some information that will help you make the decision. I have been saying on radio and television now for some time, it really is only a matter of time before another pandemic happens on the scale of 1918 devastating our globe. It has been happening since man first walked the Earth. Over and over it will happen again. If that flu would strike again, only a handful of people living today could even begin to relate of what life would be like. We must take this threat seriously. I think the government has done a responsible job so far. However, the arrogance of those in science and politics that we have seen lately should give us pause. We are no longer living in the Dick Van Dyke-Mary Tyler Moore 1950s kind of mentality where people were better living through pharmaceuticals. It's time now to know the facts and make your own decisions. — Watch"Glenn Beck" weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on FOX News Channel

they were polled. Morrissey, 66, looked down. They will remain free on bail until their Dec. 8 Filed at 7:48 a.m. ET sentencings. NEW YORK (AP) -Marshall's attorney, Frederick Philanthropist Brooke Astor's 85- Hafetz, said he was stunned and year-old son had it all but wanted disappointed by the verdict and more, and now he might have to would appeal. face his remaining years in a stark After the jury left the prison cell after being convicted courtroom, Marshall's wife, of looting his ailing mother's Charlene Marshall, stood at the nearly $200 million estate. rail with her hand on his shoulder, The verdict against Anthony h e r e y e s g l i s t e n i n g . W h e n M a r s h a l l , a f o r m e r U . S . reporters asked her for a response, ambassador and Tony Award- s h e s a i d o n l y , ' ' I l o v e m y winning Broadway producer, husband,'' and gave him a brief ended a five-month trial that hug. The couple walked out of the revealed the sad decline of the courthouse, hand in hand, to a s o c i e t y d o y e n n e , w h o h a d waiting limousine. Alzheimer's disease when she The trial offered a peek into died in 2007 at age 105. high society from Park Avenue to The jury on Thursday convicted Palm Beach as prosecutors told a Marshall of 14 counts, including Dickensian tale of upper-crust first-degree grand larceny and m o n e y - g r u b b i n g w i t h a s c h e m i n g t o d e f r a u d , b u t deteriorating grande dame at its acquitted him on two charges, center. falsifying business records and The case put Astor's famous another larceny count. friends, including Barbara Walters Marshall faces a mandatory and Henry Kissinger, on the sentence of at least one year witness stand and her dark final behind bars and perhaps as many years on display. Jurors heard as 25 years. how a benefactor renowned for His co-defendant, estates lawyer her elegance and wit became a Francis X. Morrissey Jr., was disoriented invalid fearful of her convicted on all five charges own shadow. against him, including scheming Prosecutor Elizabeth Loewy to defraud, conspiracy and said Marshall ''stole from his forgery, and faces up to seven mother while she suffered from years in prison. Alzheimer's disease, making her Marshall looked at the jurors as life worse while enriching his

own.'' Marshall was accused of a range of tactics -- from scheming to inherit millions of dollars to simply stealing artwork off Astor's walls. Morrissey was accused of helping manipulate a confused Astor into changing her will to leave Marshall millions of dollars that had been destined for charity. Jurors rejected only the falsifying business records charge, which alleged Marshall lied to an accountant about $757,000 he got from Astor, and a grand larceny count that concerned the $10 million sale of one of her favorite paintings. Prosecutors claimed Marshall misled his mother about the state of her finances so he could sell the artwork, Childe Hassam's''Flags, Fifth Avenue.'' Astor's last will, created Jan. 30, 2002, left millions of dollars to her favorite charities. Amendments in 2003 and 2004 gave Marshall most of her estate. Prosecutors portrayed Marshall as a greedy heir who couldn't wait for his mother to die, buying himself a $920,000 yacht with her money but refusing to get a $2,000 safety gate to keep her from falling. Defense lawyers said that Astor was lucid when she bequeathed the money to her only child and that he had legal power to give himself gifts while she was alive.

They said she was keenly focused on her will and loved her son. Morrissey, whose convictions include forging Astor's signature on one of the changes to her will, declined to comment as he left the courthouse. His lawyer said he planned to appeal. The criminal case against Marshall and Morrissey came after one of Astor's grandsons asked a court to remove Marshall from handling her affairs. Philip Marshall accused his father of abusing Astor by letting her live in squalor while he looted her fortune. Anthony Marshall denied the claims but agreed in October 2006 to step aside as his mother's guardian. Prosecutors called 72 witnesses, many of whom testified about Astor's mental confusion in the last years of her life. Walters described using a photo album to help Astor recall guests at her 100th birthday bash during a visit only months later. Kissinger testified that Astor didn't recognize former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan at a party she threw for him in 2002. -----Associated Press writer Karen Matthews contributed to this report.

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Norway to elect the peace prize committee. Swedish academies are responsible for other prizes. The prize-giving ceremony for the peace award is due to take place on 10 December in the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Mr Obama has indicated he will attend. Print Sponsor

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NASA "Moon Bombing" a Hit, But LCROSS Impact Invisible? - National Geographic
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Water.") "We Saw the Impact," NASA Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:12:21 AM Says NASA's much anticipated Whether or not sky-watchers L C R O S S m i s s i o n s e n t t w o could see the LCROSS crashes, spacecraft "bombing" into the NASA insists they happened. moon early this morning. The "I can certainly report that there craft successfully struck their w a s a n i m p a c t , " L C R O S S target, a crater thought to harbor principal investigator Anthony frozen water. Colaprete said at a NASA press (See"NASA Moon "Bombings" conference this morning. "We saw F r i d a y : S k y S h o w , W a t e r the impact and we saw the crater." Expected.") When the rocket crashed into But the much-hyped moon show the moon, though, cameras on that had been expected to L C R O S S r e g i s t e r e d n o accompany the impact, however, d i s c e r n a b l e c h a n g e i n t h e turned out to be a flop—no crater—at least to the untrained billowing plumes of dust and ice eye. visible through backyard "It was hard to tell what we saw telescopes or on NASA TV. The there," said Michael Bicay, low-impact impact had one science director at NASA Ames N A S A e x p e r t m u s i n g t h a t Research Center in California, LCROSS may have struck a "dry during live coverage on NASA hole." TV. At 7:31 a.m. ET, a 2.2-ton A closer inspection of LCROSS empty rocket shot from the impact images, though, has LCROSS probe hit the crater revealed a small white speck that Cabeus A on the moon's south scientists think is the debris pole ( more on the LCROSS thrown up by the first crash, but it mission's moon target). will take time for scientists to Four minutes later LCROSS determine whether it is evidence (Lunar Crater Observation and of water on the moon, NASA Sensing Satellite) performed its says. (See"There's Water on the own kamikaze dive—the final act Moon, Probes Confirm.") in its mission to detect evidence "I'm not going to say anything of water ice in the moon's about water or no water, but we shadowed craters. got the data that we need" to (Related:"Moon Crash, New address the question, LCROSS Maps to Aid Search for Lunar principal investigator Colaprete said. (Read more about moon exploration.) LCROSS Enthusiast: "Nothing Was Seen" For many amateur astronomers who got up early to watch the crashes through telescopes or on NASA TV, the crashes were a bit anticlimactic. "We had telescopes [as wide as] 32 inches [81 centimeters], and nothing was seen," said Siegfried Jachmann, vice president of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society in Utah. Weather conditions at Utah's Stansbury Park Observatory Complex were everything an astronomer could ask for this morning, Jachmann said. "The moon is very high in the sky, right on the meridian," he said. "It's perfectly placed right above Orion ... If anyone would've had a shot of seeing it, it was us." Despite the disappointment, he said just after impacts, "the mood is good." Moon Impact Highly Visible Via "Imagination Filter"? Several hundred miles west in San Diego, California, there was some debate about whether the impacts had been visible from Earth. "We have some people who say they saw it," said Bob Austin, president of the San Diego Astronomy Association. But that could be the result of what he called an "imagination filter." On the United States' East Coast, the sun was too bright for watching the LCROSS impact, but that didn't stop people from congregating to watch the show on NASA's live Internet video feed. Jason Kendall, a volunteer"solar system ambassador" with NASA, had organized a viewing at a New York City café. The public excitement about LCROSS brought to mind the first Apollo moon landing, he said. "It's very evocative." Did LCROSS Crash Into a "Dry Hole"? Scientists say it could be days before data transmitted by LCROSS are fully analyzed. If no evidence for lunar water is found, that will be a significant finding in itself, Bicay of NASA's Ames center said. It could mean water doesn't exist on the moon or that there's very little water or that it's only patchy. "Like an old Texas wildcatter," Bicay said, "we may have hit a dry hole."

Brazil TV host turns himself in
(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)
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A Brazilian TV presenter accused of ordering killings to boost his programme's ratings has turned himself in to police. Authorities had been looking for Wallace Souza after he disappeared when an arrest warrant was issued. Mr Souza, also a former local politician, is accused of murder and drug trafficking offences. He had enjoyed legislative immunity until he was stripped of his political post last week. Print Sponsor

SC golfer loses arm in alligator attack on course (AP)
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2 die, 19 overcome at Arizona retreat sweat lodge (AP)
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Vince Vaughn Reveals He Popped the Question on Valentine's Day - People Magazine
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sweat lodge 13 minutes ago 2009-1009T10:32:43-07:00

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Obama Wins Nobel Prize in Part for Confronting 'Great Climatic Challenges' - New York Times
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pass on to our children -- sowing conflict and famine, destroying Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:32:59 AM coastlines and emptying cities. President Obama won the Nobel And that's why all nations must Peace Prize today in part for what n o w a c c e p t t h e i r s h a r e o f the award's organizers said was a responsibility for transforming the " m o r e c o n s t r u c t i v e r o l e i n way that we use energy." meeting the great climatic In Oslo, Thorbjørn Jagland, the c h a l l e n g e s t h e w o r l d i s chairman of the Norwegian Nobel confronting." Committee and a former prime The stunning decision to honor minister of Norway, explained Obama just nine months into his that Obama's early international first term caught even the White diplomacy efforts helped him beat House off guard. out more than 200 other nominees "Well, this is not how I expected to become the third sitting U.S. to wake up this morning," Obama president to win the award. The said during a Rose Garden speech. sitting presidents to win the prize Moments later, the president were Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 highlighted his early efforts to rid and Woodrow Wilson in 1919. the world of nuclear weapons and Former President Jimmy Carter halt the threat of global warming - won the award in 2002. - work cited by the Nobel Prize "Only very rarely has a person to committee that is a long way from t h e s a m e e x t e n t a s O b a m a completion. captured the world's attention and "These challenges can't be met given its people hope for a better by any one leader or any one future," Jagland said. "We are not nation," Obama said. "And that's awarding the prize for what may why my administration has happen in the future, but for what worked to establish a new era of he has done in the previous year. engagement in which all nations We would hope this will enhance must take responsibility for the what he is trying to do." world we seek." Former Vice President Al Gore, Turning to global warming, a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama added, "We cannot accept for his work on global warming, the growing threat posed by called Obama's award "thrilling." climate change, which could "It's extremely well deserved," forever damage the world that we Gore added during the annual Society of Environmental Journalists conference in Madison, Wis. "Much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history as it has been by the Nobel Committee in their announcement early this morning." ( Click here to listen to and read the transcript of Gore’s comments.) But the connection between the Nobel Peace Prize and Obama's work on climate change caught many by surprise. In Washington, Congress remains several giant steps away from passing the global warming legislation that Obama has sought. And Obama administration officials have been under fire on the international front for not taking bold enough steps as world leaders negotiate the contours of a new U.N. treaty to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. Alden Meyer of the Union of Concerned Scientists, for example, issued a statement this morning as a preliminary round of U.N. negotiations wrapped up in Thailand. The headline: "U.S. stance retards progress at Bangkok climate talks." Asked for a reaction to Obama's award, Meyer replied via e-mail: "My guess is he was awarded the prize as much for his efforts to change the tone of the global conversation, re-engage the U.S. with the rest of the world, and listen to others' points of view with respect. The contrast with the previous U.S. president is pretty stark on these fronts, and it's a change that clearly appeals to the Nobel Committee. "The award is likely more for the promise of what Obama hopes to accomplish on global warming, nuclear weapons reduction, Middle East peace, and other issues than it is for what he's accomplished to date. Whether the award helps the president achieve those objectives remains to be seen." Timing for Nobel ceremony, U.N. talks Other environmental groups remained cautious about the Nobel Peace Prize award, given the pressure on the Obama administration to show greater leadership headed into this December's major U.N. summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, where much of the treaty is expected to be finished. For more news on energy and the environment, visit

Spectrum Pharma (SPPI) drops on cancer drug setback
By Brent Archer (BloggingStocks)
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Nooka: Now with more mascots
By John Biggs (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:58:46 AM

Filed under: Major movement, Bad news, Options, Technical Analysis Spectrum Pharmaceutical(NASDAQ: SPPIoption chain) stock is trading lower today after the company received a Complete Response letter from the FDA regarding FUSILEV, its treatment for advanced metastatic colorectal cancer. The FDA said the company did not demonstrate that FUSILEV is non-inferior to leucovorin in its supplemental New Drug Application. If you think this stock won't be rising too far in the coming months, then it could be a good time to look at a bearish hedged play on SPPI. This morning, SPPI opened at $4.98. So far today the stock has hit a high of $5.44 and a low of $4.82. As of 12:00, SPPI is trading at $5.12, down $1.09 (17.6%). The chart for SPPI looks neutral. Continue reading Spectrum Pharma (SPPI) drops on cancer drug setback Spectrum Pharma (SPPI) drops on cancer drug setback originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

they’ve been up to lately, next to your action figures. He especially on the marketing front. costs $25 and is on pre-order. This little video features the new via Hodinkee The NookaNooka story from Nooka mascot, a wee fellow who Release the Hounds on Vimeo. looks like some kind of Chinese little guy, named NookaNooka, I am a huge Nooka watch fan mooncake god. and and it’s fun to see what Heck, you can even buy the and put him on your mantelpiece

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GOP, even some liberals, dismiss Obama peace prize (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:00:53 AM

WASHINGTON – Gee, you'd think a U.S. president who won the Nobel Peace Prize might get rave reviews from his party's activists and polite congrats from top Republicans. But news of Barack Obama's award Friday drew a rebuke from the Republican Party chairman, ridicule from conservative bloggers, and even gripes from some liberals who think he hasn't done enough to wind down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Top Democrats congratulated Obama, of course, but critics abounded on the left and right. "What has President Obama actually accomplished?" said Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "It is unfortunate that the president's star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights." There was praise from two Democrats who also have won the Nobel Peace Prize. Former President Jimmy Carter, who won in 2002, called Obama's

selection a "bold statement of international support for his vision and commitment." And former Vice President Al Gore, who won two years ago, said Obama's prize was "extremely well deserved." "I think that much of what he has accomplished already is going to be far more appreciated in the eyes of history, as it has been by the Nobel committee," Gore said. And some Republicans had kind words, too. "Under any circumstance an appropriate response is to say congratulations," said Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. But GOP Rep. Gresham Barrett, who is running for governor of South Carolina, mocked Obama's prize. "I'm not sure what the international community loved best; his waffling on Afghanistan, pulling defense missiles out of Eastern Europe, turning his back on freedom fighters in Honduras, coddling Castro, siding with Palestinians against Israel, or almost getting tough on Iran," Barrett said. Several commentators challenged the value of the Peace Prize, noting that Palestinian President Yasser Arafat shared it

in 1994. "What's Obama done?" asked Rick Moran in his blog on American Thinker, a strong advocate of Israel. "What peace has he negotiated? ... I suppose an organization that thought Yasser Arafat worthy of the same prize can't be taken seriously anyway. But they are." Erick Erickson, writing on the conservative, suggested Obama won in part because he is black. "I did not realize the Nobel Peace Prize had an affirmative action quota for it, but that is the only thing I can think of for this news," Erickson wrote. "There is no way Barack Obama earned it in the nominations period." Obama himself said he felt humbled and undeserving, declaring in a Rose Garden statement: "I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments." The reaction was only slightly warmer on some liberal Web sites, where some writers said Obama should end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before being awarded such a prize. To be sure, some groups and politicians gave Obama full-

throated congratulations. Global Zero, comprising political and military leaders from around the world, applauded Obama's award, which was "in part based on his leadership to achieve the elimination of nuclear weapons." Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, who chairs the Democratic National Committee, called the award "an affirmation of the fact that the United States has returned to its long-standing role as a world leader." Sen. Debbie Stabenow, DMich., chastised the GOP's Steele for his remarks, and noted that conservative activists had cheered when Obama failed last week to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago. "I find it very very disappointing for the chairman of the Republican Party— after the cheers that went out when America lost the Olympics — to now be attacking our president, everyone's president in our country, at a time when he is being recognized on the world stage," Stabenow said.

Chrome for Mac Coming in Months Says Guy Nominally in Charge of Google [Chrome]
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:05:57 AM

I'm not sure how much we can weight we can put in the prognostications of Eric Schmidt, since he doesn't even know when the company he's theoretically in charge of buys entire other companies for millions of dollars, BUT if you're just looking for some hope, he says that Chrome for Mac will be done in months. Not too surprising, though, since the Chromium builds have been getting more solid for a while now. [ MediaMemo]

Presidents Cup: Friday four-ball scores
By (
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:50:35 AM

Want more than just the raw numbers from Friday's matches at the Presidents Cup? golf blogger Jason Sobel shares his live analysis from the grounds of Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco, Calif. Join in now.

Bucyrus (BUCY): Mining for value in coal sector
By Steven Halpern (BloggingStocks)
International(NSDQ: BUCY) -- a maker of mining equipment -- to our 'Wildcatters Portfolio' as a Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:00:00 PM play on coal," says Elliott Gue. Filed under: International In his The Energy Strategist, the m a r k e t s , N e w s l e t t e r s , advisor explains, "With Commodities, Oil, Stocks to Buy commodity prices recovering and " I ' m a d d i n g B u c y r u s Chinese demand for coal picking up once again, Bucyrus has likely seen the trough in its new equipment business." "Bucyrus' top end-market is coal, which accounts for more than three-quarters of the firm's business. Coal mining equipment includes draglines, a sort of giant scoop used to scrape away the overburden (rocks and dirt) that covers coal. Continue reading Bucyrus (BUCY): Mining for value in coal sector Bucyrus (BUCY): Mining for value in coal sector originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Nasa team scours Moon crash data
(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:57:14 AM

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. The moment the Nasa spacecraft crashed into the Moon Nasa scientists have been outlining their preliminary results after crashing two unmanned spacecraft into the Moon in a bid to detect water-ice. A rocket stage slammed into the Moon's south pole at 1231 BST (0731 EDT). Another craft followed just behind, looking for signs of water in debris kicked up by the first collision. Instruments on the second spacecraft identified a flash from the initial impact as well as a crater, but the expected debris cloud was not evident. The $79m (£49m; 53m euro) US space agency mission is known as LCROSS (the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite). The first collision was expected to throw some 350 tonnes of debris up to altitudes of 10km (6.2 miles) or more. No such dust plume was apparent in images sent back by the spacecraft however, proving a disappointment to some members of the public expecting a space spectacular. "We need to go back and carefully look at the data to see

what it says," Dr Anthony Colaprete, principal investigator on the LCROSS mission told journalists at a post-impact news conference. "Exploration has surprises. I'm glad we built our mission plan around all aspects of the impact what's streamed to on the video is not at the same fidelity as what we get fresh off the spacecraft. We need to look more closely before we conclude anything about an ejecta cloud, or not." Wait for water Dr Colaprete, from Nasa's Ames Research Center in California,

added: "I see something in the spectrometer data - the spectrometers are more sensitive than the cameras. But I can't say anything more than that." Thus, questions about the persistence of water-ice on the Moon's surface will have to wait. But Dr Colaprete said: "We saw the impact, we saw the crater. We got good spectroscopic measurements which is what we needed of the impact event." "We have the data we need to address the questions we set out to address." The identification of water-ice

in the impact plume would be a major discovery, not least because a supply of water on the Moon would be a vital resource for future human exploration. LCROSS was to have helped pave the way for US astronauts to return to the Moon by 2020. But these plans have been under scrutiny since President Barack Obama ordered a sweeping review of Nasa's manned spaceflight programme. The LCROSS mission consisted of an empty Centaur rocket upper stage and a "shepherding spacecraft".

The shepherding spacecraft was designed to guide the rocket to its target at the Moon's south pole, a shaded 100km-wide depression called Cabeus crater. The Centaur hit the lunar surface first, at roughly twice the speed of a bullet. With an energy equivalent to one-and-a-half tonnes of TNT, the collision was expected to carve out another crater inside Cabeus measuring some 20m (66ft) wide and about 4m (13ft) deep. The shepherding spacecraft ploughed in behind, hitting the Moon four minutes later. Its onboard spectrometers were designed to look for signs of water in the debris kicked up by the Centaur collision. It was looking for hydroxyl compounds (OH), salts, clays, hydrated minerals and organic molecules in the plume. Are you an amateur astronomer? Are you watching this event? Send your pictures to, text them to+44 7725 100 100 or you have a large file you can upload here. Read the terms and conditions At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws. Print Sponsor

Hey Look, It's Adobe Photoshop on the iPhone [IPhone Apps]
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:25:29 AM

At first glance, it's not much different from other light iPhone photo editing apps, except that it's Yep, Photoshop on the iPhone. tied to their online service, but the

average. [ iTunes, Thanks Weston!] effects and interface look above

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Genealogist unearths first lady’s family tree back to 1850
By David Alexander (Front Row Washington)
“I don’t believe she knew or had known all of this, but enjoyed reading about her family history,” Submitted at 10/8/2009 2:33:18 PM White House spokesman Robert A genealogist working with The Gibbs said. New York Times has traced The slave girl Melvinia initially Michelle Obama’s family tree appears in the documentary record back five generations to a 6-year- in 1850, the property of South old slave girl named Melvinia C a r o l i n a l a n d o w n e r D a v i d who was valued at $475. Patterson, who owned 21 slaves. The White House said first lady After Patterson died in 1852, Michelle Obama had not known Melvinia was sent to a smaller many of the details of her family 200-acre farm in Georgia, the history and enjoyed reading it. home of Patterson’s daughter and She had declined to comment on son-in-law, Christianne and Henry the story for The New York Shields. She was one of only three Times because of the personal slaves on the farm near Atlanta. nature of the subject. Sometime when she was a teenager, possibly as young as 15, Melvinia became pregnant by a white male. The father is unknown, possibly Henry Shields, then in his 40s, or one of his four sons, aged 19 to 24. Melvinia gave birth around 1859 to a boy, Dolphus. She and the father of her first-born son are Michelle Obama’s great-greatgreat-grandparents, genealogist Megan Smolenyak says. Three of Melvinia’s four children are listed on the 1870 census as mulatto. One was born four years after emancipation, raising the possibility that the relationship with the original father continued even after the Civil War. After being freed, she worked on a farm adjacent to that of Charles Shields, one of Henry Shields’ sons. In her 30s or 40s, Melvinia reconnected with former slaves she had known as a child on the Patterson estate. She moved with the couple — Mariah and Bolus Easley — to a spot near the border with Alabama. Dolphus married one of the Easleys’ daughters, Alice. The couple are Michelle Obama’s great-great-grandparents. Melvinia, who took Shields as her last name, died in 1938 in her 90s. Dolphus and Alice moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where he was a co-founder of First Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Trinity Baptist Church. Dolphus, a carpenter, thrived in Birmingham, but he split up with Alice. She moved around, working as a seamstress and a maid. Their son, Robert Lee Shields, married Annie Lawson in 1906 and worked as a laborer and railroad porter. Robert Lee GENEALOGIST page 10


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The First Draft: What was the Nobel committee thinking?
By Deborah Zabarenko (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 5:57:06 AM

Even before sunrise in Washington, tongues were wagging over the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s choice of President Barack Obama to receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. And the big question — aside from whether a first-term president in his ninth month in office has done enough to deserve the award — was, what was the committee thinking? We know what they say they were thinking. Geir Lundestad, director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute, told ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “When we have a person whose ideals are so close to the ideals of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, we wanted to give whatever support we could to continued action in these fields.” But if you read the official announcement, it sure sounds like it translates to: Obama isn’t George W. Bush. There could be other considerations, of course. Perhaps the committee was still irked on Obama’s behalf about the public

snub from Arizona State University, which invited the president to speak at commencement but didn’t give him an honorary degree because “his body of work is yet to come.” Obama joked about it when he gave the speech and the university eventually named a scholarship after him. Or maybe they wanted to steal the thunder from NASA’s moon

bomb project, which was ballyhooed by U.S. TV networks and shown live on the morning talk shows. If that’s the case, they needn’t have bothered. The NASA event was a bit of a damp squib, at least visually. If they find water at some point, that would be a different matter and the Nobel folks may have to consider the rocket scientists for a physics prize.

Was it a super-duper consolation prize for Obama, after his trip to Copenhagen last week failed to net the 2016 Olympic games for Chicago? Possibly another factor was in play. If Obama goes to Oslo to collect his prize in December, it would be only a quick hop to Denmark, where international climate change talks are scheduled. The committee mentioned climate change in its citation. Were they hinting that he ought to go and put his stamp on these negotiations? CORRECTS: Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is in Oslo not Stockholm. No way to know at this point. But we can definitely ask: what do you think? Click here for more Reuters political coverage Photo credits: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (Obama at Arizona State University commencement, May 13, 2009) REUTERS/Bob Strong (Nobel award ceremony in Stockholm, December 10, 2008)

Surprise! Trade deficit drops 3.5%
By Tom Johansmeyer (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:20:00 PM

GENEALOGIST continued from page 9
disappeared from the public record when he was about 32 years old. He was Michelle Obama’s great -grandfather. Robert Lee’s son, Purnell Shields, was the first lady’s grandfather, her mother Marian Robinson’s father. He moved to Chicago as part of the great migration north and worked as a painter. For more Reuters political news, click here. Photo credit:Reuters/Larry Downing (Obama family, including Michelle Obama’s mother Marian Robinson, on White House balcony April 13.)

Filed under: China, Economic data In August, the U.S. trade deficit showed an unexpected drop of 3.5%. This shrinks the deficit to a mere $30.7 billion - rather than the $33 billion economists expected. Oil prices surged, but the amount of shipments fell precipitously. The increase in exports suggests that the global economy is working its way out o the doghouse. Exports of goods and services pushed 0.2% higher in August to $28.2 billion. This was the fourth consecutive month of increases. American farm products, cars and parts, industrial engines and telecommunications equipment sales all contributed to the small upward move. Continue reading Surprise! Trade deficit drops 3.5% Surprise! Trade deficit drops 3.5% originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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US education chief appeals for great 'Two die' at US spiritual retreat new teachers (AP)
(Yahoo! News: U.S. News)
dropout rates among AfricanAmerican, Latino and low-income Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:53:11 AM students. RICHMOND, Va. – U.S. "I believe that education is the Education Secretary Arne Duncan c i v i l r i g h t s i s s u e o f o u r appealed Friday for a new generation," Duncan said in his generation of extraordinary remarks. "And if you care about teachers, calling education the p r o m o t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d civil rights cause of our time. reducing inequality and social In remarks prepared for delivery injustice, the classroom is the to prospective teachers at the place to start." University of Virginia in Duncan was to speak Friday Charlottesville, Duncan said afternoon to Curry School of v e t e r a n s , r e t i r e e s a n d Education students in the professionals seeking a second Jefferson-designed Rotunda, the career must heed the call to teach. a c a d e m i c h e a r t o f U . V a . ' s He said the need is especially C h a r l o t t e s v i l l e c a m p u s . acute for black men in the nation's The Virginia address is the first classroom. of several Duncan will make in "Put plain and simple, this October to press for bright country needs an army of great, candidates to enter teaching. He'll new teachers — and I can think of host a virtual town meeting with no better place to start recruiting teachers from around the nation them than in Thomas Jefferson's on Oct. 20, then deliver a major hallowed halls," he said. address on teacher preparation Duncan stressed the importance two days later in New York City. of teaching as the U.S. competes Duncan noted that a "massive with an increasingly educated exodus" of baby boomers retiring global work force, saying strong from teaching in the next decade education is needed to reduce will only increase the need for new educators. He said the next four years alone could see onethird of the nation's teachers and administrators leave. The departure of veteran educators will create huge demand for new teachers — 200,000 annually in good economic times, he said. Duncan stressed that the demand for teachers is greatest among "high-poverty, highneeds" and rural schools, as well as in subjects such as math and science. "It is especially troubling," he added, "that less than 2 percent of our nation's teachers are AfricanAmerican males." Duncan said the nation cannot rely alone on schools of education to produce the next generation of teachers. He called for expanding alternatives such as Teach for America, which recruits recent college graduates to teach in schools in poor communities for at least two years.

(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)

D'Evelyn as saying. Twenty-one people were taken by ambulance and helicopter to Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:41:13 AM hospital on Thursday night, he Two people have been reported said. dead and about 19 others taken to Two people were listed as being hospital after being overcome in a critical condition on Friday. while in a sauna-like room at a Half a dozen others were said to spiritual retreat in Arizona. have been discharged. Police said about 50 people The 70-acre retreat near the were in a so-called "sweatbox" town of Sedona, about 115 miles structure at the Angel Valley (185km) north of Phoenix, offers resort for about two hours before holistic treatments and spiritual many became ill, reports say. retreats in a natural setting, A Yavapai County sheriff's according to its website. office spokesman said the two According to local news reports, people who died were a middle- the sweatbox structure comprised aged man and woman. a dome-shaped frame covered by Police are investigating what tarpaulins and blankets, with m a y h a v e h a p p e n e d , t h e steam generated by pouring water A s s o c i a t e d P r e s s r e p o r t s . on to hot rocks. Homicide detectives are The sweatbox is used in rituals working to determine whether any b y s o m e N a t i v e A m e r i c a n criminal factors may have been a c u l t u r e s . factor in the incident, AP quotes Print Sponsor sheriff's spokesman Dwight

Country Cuties: The Blonde Bombshells of Country Music!
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 3:27:00 AM

Dollar rises on Bernanke comments
(BBC News | Americas | World Edition)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 10:34:16 PM

The dollar has rebounded from recent lows after US Federal Reserve boss Ben Bernanke said he would tighten monetary policy when the economy recovers. The comments eased concerns about the inflationary impact of US interest rates remaining at the current level of between 0% and

0.25%. Higher rates would also make the dollar a more attractive investment. Mr Bernanke's comments saw the dollar rise 0.8% against the yen, and also gain against the euro and the pound. The pound was down 0.3% against the dollar to $1.60280, while the euro had fallen 0.45% to $1.47270, and one dollar was worth 89.10 yen.

'Prevent inflation' "Accommodative [fiscal] policies will likely be warranted for an extended period," Mr Bernanke said in a press conference at the Fed's Washington headquarters. "At some point, however, as economic recovery takes hold, we will need to tighten monetary policy to prevent the emergence of an inflation problem down the road."

US economic data continues to point to a slow and patchy recovery in the world's largest economy. While a report last week showed that US firms cut more jobs than expected in September, figures this week detailed a rise in retail sales, and unemployment claims falling to a nine-month low. Print Sponsor

Carrie Underwood! Kellie Pickler! Taylor Swift! Julianne Hough!! Leann Rimes! Forget catfights and backstabbing, these superstar singers may be the sexiest ladies of country music, but they are also BFFs! Take a look at these blonde bombshells as they strut their stuff, play and sing onstage -- together!


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So what does Obama do for an encore?
By Tabassum Zakaria (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:34:32 AM

Maybe he does walk on water… President Barack Obama, having barely cut his teeth in office after nine months, has joined the rarified club of Nobel Laureates that includes the likes of Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King Jr. Even Gandhi, despite being nominated five times, never made the list. As with anyone who reaches the impossible dream early on, the question is: what next? He’s 48 years old, has more than three years left at the White House, how does he top this? Obama said he was as surprised as anyone. “Let me be clear, I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations,” he said in the White House Rose Garden. “To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize, men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.” But, he said, he would accept the Nobel Peace Prize “as a call to

Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?
action, a call for all nations to confront the common challenges of the 21st century.” Obama’s children helped keep his feet on the ground. “After I received the news, Malia walkd in and said, ‘Daddy, you won the Nobel Peace Prize, and it is Bo’s birthday’,” he said. “And then Sasha added, ‘plus, we have a three-day weekend coming up’.” Still a mystery is who nominated Obama? The deadline for nominations was less than two weeks after he entered the White House. Could it have been a law professor buddy? Obama used to be a University of Chicago law professor. Perhaps it was a wannabe friend from some foreign government? Or maybe another Nobel Laureate. The list of who has the power to nominate is here. Those calling for Obama to turn down the prize in good conscience, having not accomplished world peace in his short White House tenure, will have to wish for something else. He’s going to Norway. Click here for more Reuters political coverage Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Obama commenting on Nobel Peace Prize), Reuters/Scanpix Norway (Norwegian Nobel Committee chairman announces Obama has won Peace Prize)

By Ross Chainey (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 2:51:05 AM

U.S. President Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said Obama had been awarded the prize for his calls to reduce the world's stockpiles of nuclear weapons and work towards restarting the stalled Middle East peace process. The committee praised Obama for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." "Very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world's attention and given its people hope for a better future." The laureate wins a gold medal, dad to 18 kids, with another on the way. According to People, baby Mackynzie was born at her mom

a diploma and 10 million Swedish crowns (1.4 million dollars or 878,000 pounds). Obama was one of a record 205 nominees for this year's prize and the decision has come as a surprise to many. Zimbabwe's Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, had been tipped as one of the favourites. Despite his ambitious international agenda, Obama is yet to make a significant breakthrough in the Middle East or effectively deal with the threat of Iran's nuclear programme and his country is currently fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Has Obama done enough to justify winning the Nobel Peace Prize? If not, who do you think should have won?

Another Duggar Enters the World
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:57:00 AM

There is a new little Duggar in

the famous "18 Kids and Counting" clan! People magazine reports that Josh and Anna Duggar have

welcomed baby Mackynzie Renee Duggar, who is the first grandchild for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, who are mom and

and dad’s home, with a midwife and doula overseeing the birth.

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U.S. Religious Left campaigns for climate change legislation
By Ed Stoddard (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 2:59:39 PM

The U.S. "Religious Left" -which has been active at the grassroots level to support President Barack Obama's drive for health care reform -- has now launched a campaign in support his other major domestic initiative: climate change legislation. Faithful America, a coalition of progressive evangelical, Catholic, mainline Protestant and Jewish groups, unveiled a video on Thursday urging viewers to "TELL CONGRESS: STOP CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS EFFECTS." The campaign is called Day Six. You can see the video below: A climate bill aimed at reducing America's emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming is being crafted in the U.S. Senate. The House of Representatives earlier this year passed its own version. The Day Six campaign also asks people to sign an online petition that urges senators to : "...

support a climate bill that addresses the root causes of climate change and makes needed investments in vulnerable communities already experiencing its devastating effects." The organizers say that: "'Day Six' is a reference to the creation story in Genesis, when God made human beings stewards of creation." Many left-leaning and liberal groups of faith see a

biblical imperative to curb the effects of climate change because poor and developing regions like Africa are seen bearing the brunt of its consequences. One the other side, the religious right -- a loose network of conservative Christians that is a key Republican Party base -- has been at the forefront of conservative efforts to rally public opposition to climate change legislation aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming. Conservative Christian radio stations have spent the summer saying its "cap and trade" provisions are the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. Which side do you think will have its prayers answered?(PHOTO: A buffalo skull is pictured in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, the only fresh water ecosystem in the eastern Rift Valley, June 4, 2009, which is drying up due to drought and other factors/ REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya ).

Analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations: VIA, RIMM, ARO, JPM, BMY
By Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:50:00 AM

Filed under: Analyst reports, Analyst upgrades and downgrades, Viacom (VIA), JPMorgan Chase (JPM), BristolMyers Squibb (BMY), Dean Foods (DF), Research in Motion (RIMM), Starwood Hotels Worldwide (HOT), Marriott Intl'A' (MAR), Analyst initiations Analyst upgrades: • Piper Jaffray upgraded Viacom(NYSE: VIA) to Overweight from Neutral to reflect the improving ad market and better ratings at key cable networks. The firm raised its target on shares to $35 from $29. • Baird upgraded Research in Motion(NASDAQ: RIMM) to Outperform from Neutral on valuation as it views the recent weakness as a buying opportunity. The firm keeps an $84 price target on shares.

• Jefferies upgraded Usana(NASDAQ: USNA) to Buy from Hold as it believes direct selling companies have been gaining momentum. The firm raised its target on shares to $44 from $37. • AK Steel(NYSE: AKS) was upgraded to Buy from Hold at Deutsche Bank. • First Merit(NASDAQ: FMER) was upgraded to Perform from Underperform at Oppenheimer. • Spectra Energy(NYSE: SE) was upgraded to Conviction Buy from Neutral at Goldman. Continue reading Analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations: VIA, RIMM, ARO, JPM, BMY Analyst upgrades, downgrades and initiations: VIA, RIMM, ARO, JPM, BMY originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:50:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

Citi Finally Sells Phibro
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
how profitable Phibro has been: From 1997 until the second quarter of 2009, Phibro averaged Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:36:35 AM approximately $200 million per It’s been obvious that Citi ( C) year in pre-tax earnings, while had to sell Phibro since April, so over the last five years Phibro’s the first reaction to today’s news earnings averaged $371 million is “what took you so long”. per year. Phibro has been Interestingly, we now, finally, profitable each fiscal year since get to see some numbers on just 1997, attaining profitability in 80 percent of all quarters. If Andrew Hall was really in line for a $100 million bonus this year, that’s an enormous chunk of Phibro’s medium-term profitability. Paying Hall on the basis of average annual earnings over the past five years makes a certain amount of sense, but paying him 27% of average annual earnings over the past five years is more than a little excessive. In any case, you can see why Citi says, in its own news release, that the numbers here “are not material to Citigroup’s earnings”: by the time Citi offsets Phibro’s annual profits (after payouts to Hall) with the amount that Oxy is paying for the company, the most important result here is that Citi has managed to lose its highestpaid employee (who owns a castle). That’s going to be very helpful when it comes to pay negotiations with Kenneth Feinberg.


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Hoop Dreams: Obama puts on full-court press at White House
By Matt Spetalnick (Front Row Washington)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 3:34:04 PM

Forget about Afghanistan, healthcare and the economy. President Barack Obama took time out on Thursday to indulge in his favorite sport as he hosted cabinet members and lawmakers for a round of pickup games on the White House basketball court. It was the biggest day of hoop dreams at the White House since Obama took office, and reporters disappointed at being kept away went one-on-one with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs before the opening tip-off. As for why were journalists being barred: “To protect the privacy and the statistics of any of those involved,” he quipped at his daily briefing. As for who would referee between political friends and foes: “I assume they call their own fouls, which I’m sure is a point of

contention at any given point,” Gibbs said. As for why no women made the cut: “The point is well taken,” Gibbs said, conceding that as the father of two young daughters Obama would have to seek gender equality next time. The roster included Secretary of

Housing and Urban Development Shaun Donovan, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and 11 members of Congress, including two Republicans. Earlier in the day, Obama also dropped by to watch a game on

the White House court played by the Marine Wounded Warrior basketball team from the National Naval Medical Center. And it seems Obama’s still got game. Gibbs said while playing on a church court during a visit to New York last month the president repeatedly blocked the shots of his personal assistant, Reggie Love, a former Duke University forward. Obama had Love sign a photograph to prove his shotswatting ability and had it put on display in the West Wing for his enjoyment as he walks to and from meetings, Gibbs said. It was brought into the briefing room as Gibbs recounted the story. Love, smiling uncomfortably, later slipped in and took it back. For more Reuters political news, click here. Photo credit: Reuters/Jim Young (Gibbs shows photo of Obama blocking shot by Love)

Amazon confirms international Kindle DX is on the way too
By Donald Melanson (Engadget)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:02:00 PM

Federal Reserve is testing "reverse repos"
By Connie Madon (BloggingStocks)
deal of worry that all of this excess money sloshing around will create inflation, not to Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:30:00 PM mention that our dollar will head Filed under: Market matters, downward on world markets, Money and Finance Today, creating uncertainty among Federal Reserve Why is the trading partners across the globe. Federal Reserve doing"reverse China stepped in the currency repos?" What is a "reverse repo" markets yesterday and"bought" and how does it work? dollars to support the dollar. Looking back at the past year, The Federal Reserve, mindful of the Federal Reserve has printed the turmoil that a weakening piles of money and pumped them dollar has on world markets has system. In a reverse repo the Fed into the banking system and the tested the use of "reverse repos" sells assets such as Treasury economy. Now there is a good to drain money from our banking securities to dealers for cash with the agreement to buy them back at a slightly higher price at a later date. The effect is that bank reserves are drained from the financial system. Continue reading Federal Reserve is testing "reverse repos" Federal Reserve is testing "reverse repos" originally appeared on BloggingStocks on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Amazon made a fairly big splash in announcing that the standardissue Kindle would finally be available in an international edition, but it's now also rather quietly confirmed that the larger Kindle DX will be soon become a bit of a globetrotter as well. Unfortunately, it's also considerably more light on details this time around, although Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener does say that the international Kindle DX will come out "sometime next year," and we can only presume that it'll demand a similar premium to its smaller counterpart (which is $20 more expensive than the US-only version). Filed under: Handhelds Amazon confirms international Kindle DX is on the way too originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:02:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Barack Obama wins Nobel peace prize
By James Sturcke, Gwladys Fouché (World news and comment from the Guardian |
captured the world's attention and given his people hope for a better future". "His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:42:47 AM the world must do so on the basis US president in surprise win for of values and attitudes that are 'extraordinary efforts' to improve shared by the majority of the world diplomacy and co-operation world's population," the citation • Poll: Should Barack Obama said. have won the Nobel peace prize? The committee said Obama, The US president, Barack who only took up the presidency Obama, said today he was i n J a n u a r y , h a d b e e n "surprised and deeply humbled" acknowledged for his calls to after being awarded the 2009 reduce the world's stockpile of Nobel peace prize, a decision that nuclear weapons and working for stunned international experts. world peace. "I do not feel that I deserve to be "Obama has as president created in the company of so many a new climate in international transformative figures that have politics. Multilateral diplomacy been honoured by this prize," he has regained a central position, said. with emphasis on the role that the Speaking from the White U n i t e d N a t i o n s a n d o t h e r House's Rose Garden, Obama international institutions can confirmed that he would accept play." the award, but said he would not The choice of Obama for the view it as "a recognition of my prize from a field of more than own accomplishments". 200 candidates astounded "I will accept the award as a call international commentators, in to action, a call to all nations to part because he took office less confront the challenges of the 21st than two weeks before the century," he said. February nomination deadline. Obama was awarded the prize His name had been mentioned "for his extraordinary efforts to in speculation before the award s t r e n g t h e n i n t e r n a t i o n a l but many Nobel watchers diplomacy and co-operation believed it was too early to award between peoples". it to the president. To gasps from those assembled, But Geir Lundestad, the the Nobel committee chairman, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Thorbjoern Jagland, said "only Committee, said that Obama's rarely has a person such as Obama emphasis on international cooperation, arms control and nuclear disarmament had "already had a very significant impact on international relations". "We do of course hope that there will be many concrete changes over the years, but when a president makes all these changes on these ideals, which are the ideals the Norwegian Nobel Committee has had for 100 years, we felt it was right to strengthen him as much as we can in this further struggle for these ideals," he told the Guardian. Michael Cox, a North America expert at the Chatham House thinktank, said: "It is difficult to see why it would be awarded to him at this stage in his presidency. There are problems in the Middle East and an ongoing war in Afghanistan. You could say it is a little bit premature. It is certainly a very interesting choice." The award comes as Barack Obama considers sending up to 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan, where the US is mired in an eight-year conflict. Jagland said that the ongoing war in Afghanistan should not obscure Obama's achievements. "The decision to go into Afghanistan had a unanimous UN mandate. The conflict concerns us all – this is not only the responsibility of Barack Obama," he told the Guardian. "Hopefully the improved international climate [Obama has fostered] could help resolve the conflict in Afghanistan." Speculation over potential winners had focused on Zimbabwe's prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, a Colombian senator and a Chinese dissident, along with an Afghan women's rights activist. The first African-American to hold the country's highest office, Obama has called for disarmament and attempted – so far without success – to restart the stalled Middle East peace process. The committee said that for 108 years it had sought to stimulate precisely the international policy and attitudes for which Obama is now the world's leading spokesman. "The committee endorses Obama's appeal that 'now is the time for all of us to take our share of responsibility for a global response to global challenges'." Former US presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson won the award in 1906 and 1919 respectively. Former president Jimmy Carter won the award in 2002 for his "decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflict". Today, Carter described the awarding of the prize to Obama as a "bold statement of international support for his vision and commitment". The announcement came as Obama's special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell's was meeting with the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Many in Israel appeared perplexed by the decision but the country's leadership offered congratulations. "I believe the Nobel prize will strengthen President Obama's ability to contribute to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East," the defence minister Ehud Barak. Shimon Peres, who won the prize himself in 1994, said he was happy the prize committee chose to honour the "most unusual and far-reaching impact" of Obama's leadership. The former US vice-president Al Gore shared the 2007 prize with the UN panel on climate change. The prize, worth £880,000, will be awarded in Oslo in December. • Nobel peace prize • Barack Obama • United States • US politics James Sturcke Gwladys Fouché© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

iPhone OS 3.1.2 Now Available
By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:38:02 AM

iPhone OS 3.1.2 is a minor update, but it may be important

for all the people that experienced problems after they’ve upgraded to version 3.1. The new version should fix most commonly reported problems: iPhone suddenly losing

network access (side note: this has

occasionally happened to me even t h e r e ’ s a n u p d a t e f o r y o u r before version 3.1), video stream d e v i c e ’ s O S , t o o . crashing, and the device not Tags: iphone, OS waking from sleep in certain sitautions. Owners of iPod Touch, rejoice:


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Aung San Suu Kyi meets western envoys
By James Sturcke (World news and comment from the Guardian |
government last month announced a major shift in its Burma strategy after concluding that sanctions were not working. Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:26:32 AM After the meeting, Heyn told Burmese junta allows detained reporters that Aung San Suu Kyi pro-democracy leader to discuss had called for the meeting "to try sanctions against military regime to get a clear picture of sanctions, Burma's military junta allowed what sanctions are, and the impact the detained pro-democracy of sanctions". leader Aung San Suu Kyi to meet He said the Nobel peace prize foreign diplomats today, amid winner, who has suffered from signs of a shift in western policy various illnesses in recent years, towards the country's repressive was "very healthy and very regime. engaged". Aung San Suu Kyi met Britain's "She was in remarkable form for new ambassador, Andrew Heyn, someone who has been through in his capacity as European Union what she has been through," he representative, and US and said. Australian diplomats to discuss Asked about the prospect of the issue of sanctions against sanctions against Burma being Burma. It was the first time since lifted, Heyn said the international 2003 she had been allowed to c o m m u n i t y w a n t e d t o s e e m e e t B r i t a i n ' s m o s t s e n i o r progress on human rights and representative in the country. democracy. The foreign secretary, David "From the British government's Miliband, described the meeting point of view, we believe that a s a " s m a l l b u t w e l c o m e sanctions send a strong political development". message to the Burmese "The fact that the Burmese a u t h o r i t i e s a b o u t o u r r e a l authorities have allowed this determination to see genuine meeting gives us some hope that democratic reform in Burma. the authorities might finally be "The fact is that the regime make ready to start a genuine dialogue a v e r y p u b l i c p o i n t o f which can lead to political complaining about sanctions, reconciliation. which suggests to us that they are "The Burmese people need and having an effect. deserve change, and we have been "But what we have also made clear in our support. We have clear is that we will respond to consistently urged the authorities substantive progress towards to respond, making clear the democracy in respect of human international community's real rights but we have to see concrete concerns, but also our willingness progress on the ground." in return to respond to progress." A Foreign Office spokeswoman The meeting comes after the US said the ambassadors met Aung San Suu Kyi after she wrote to the junta asking to discuss sanctions with western diplomats. "The British ambassador explained the nature of EU sanctions. It is early days and it is a bit hard to get a sense of the regime's motivation in allowing the meeting to take place," the spokeswoman said. "The government said this was a gesture of goodwill. We know they are keen to see sanctions lifted. We want to respond positively to concrete steps towards political reconciliation." Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for 14 of the past 20 years, was driven to a government guesthouse to meet the diplomats. The meeting lasted about an hour, after which she was driven back to her lakeside residence. The EU has imposed a series of measures intended to put pressure on the junta, including an arms embargo, visa ban and trade restrictions. The 64-year-old had previously welcomed sanctions as a way to pressure the junta to achieve political reconciliation with the pro-democracy movement. But last month she wrote to the junta leader, Senior Gen Than Shwe, saying she was willing to co-operate with the military government to have the sanctions lifted and seeking permission to meet western diplomats in order to understand the positions of those governments that had imposed the sanctions. Her opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD), has insisted on concessions from the government if they are to work together, particularly the freeing of political prisoners. After receiving the letter, the Burmese foreign relations minister met Aung San Suu Kyi twice. Details of these talks have not been disclosed, but the NLD spokesman Nyan Win said today that he hoped the junta would also agree to her second request in the letter – a meeting with members of her party. Last week, a court rejected Aung San Suu Kyi's appeal against the extension of her widely condemned house arrest. The court ruling upheld her August conviction for breaking the terms of her house arrest by briefly sheltering an uninvited American at her home earlier this year. She was sentenced to an additional 18 months' house arrest which means she cannot participate in elections scheduled for next year, the first in Burma in two decades. • Aung San Suu Kyi • Burma • Foreign policy • US foreign policy • Australia James Sturcke© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

BlackBerry Bold 2 set for November 11 T-Mobile launch?
By Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:39:00 PM

The word on the street is that the BlackBerry Bold 2(aka 9700, aka Onyx) will be heading to TMobile -- and, subsequently, into the hands and hearts of the eager American public -- on November 11. This would seem to jibe with talk of AT&T and T-Mobile coming out parties slated for October 21, although we'll have to wait for an official announcement. On the other hand, we have seen enough of this device over the months that it would be a shock if its debut was anything less than imminent. Ms. Yuki must be ecstatic. [Via SlashGear] Filed under: Cellphones BlackBerry Bold 2 set for November 11 T-Mobile launch? originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:39:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Hey, San Francisco!
By Heather Champ (Flickr Blog)
• About Flickr making photo management an and tags on your photos, post to Flickr is a revolution in photo easy, natural and collaborative any blog, share and more! storage, sharing and organization, process. Get comments, notes,

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Bangkok climate talks highlight rifts
By John Vidal (World news and comment from the Guardian |
specifically mentions the president "now playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:48:38 AM world is confronting". Bitter delegates say no However, China, India, Brazil agreement on money or emissions and other major developing cuts means a deal at Copenhagen c o u n t r i e s l i n e d u p w i t h will be weak at best environment and development Global climate change talks groups to condemn both the US came to an end in Bangkok today and EU for demanding a brandin an atmosphere of distrust and new climate agreement. recrimination, with the rift This would bring the US aboard between rich and poor countries an agreement but in the eyes of seemingly wider than ever. After most countries would mean the two weeks of negotiations there effective end of the Kyoto have been no breakthroughs on protocol and possibly allow big issues such as money or countries to set their own targets emissions cuts. and timetables for cuts. With just five days of "It's irresponsible to even negotiating time now left before contemplate the idea of discarding t h e c o n c l u d i n g t a l k s i n the Kyoto protocol. It's the C o p e n h a g e n i n D e c e m b e r , lifeblood of any future agreement. delegates said it appeared a weak It is the only legally binding deal was the most likely outcome, agreement that gives the certainty a n d n o d e a l a t a l l w a s a of moving rapidly to addressing possibility. the climate concerns of billions of However, President Obama's people," said said Di-Aping expected visit to Oslo to receive Lumumba, Sudanese chair of the the Nobel peace prize in the G77, a group of 130 developing middle of the climate talks raised countries. hopes that he would make the "Developed countries have a short journey to Copenhagen to massive leadership deficit. It's galvanise governments. now up to their leaders to "World leadership is now vital if intervene and give a direction to t h e t a l k s a r e n o t t o f a i l the negotiations rather than waste completely. It is inconceivable everyone's time," he said. that Obama could now ignore the Shyam Saran, Indian special climate change talks," said one envoy on climate change, said: diplomat. "The EU must change its position. The citation for the prize There have been inadmissible attempts to abandon the Kyoto protocol. This would mean rewriting the key principles. This is not what we agreed by consensus." But the EU and UN brushed off concerns. "We are not killing Kyoto," said Anders Turesson, chair of the EU working group in the negotiations. "We want to preserve the contents [of the protocol]. The only way to do that is to find a new home for it in a new single legal instrument." "This is trying to build something bigger and better than Kyoto. The fear is that there would be a race to the bottom. It is the opposite," he said. Yvo de Boer, executive director of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted there were now "serious" problems. "The spirit remains constructive and we have seen advances in Bangkok, but there is a strong fear that there is an attempt to kill the Kyoto protocol. That is causing great dissatisfaction," he said. Environment and development groups accused the EU and US of holding poor countries to ransom. "The rift between rich and poor has intensified because rich countries have not put serious money on the table to help poor countries adapt to escalating impacts of climate change," said Oxfam senior climate adviser Antonio Hill. "The US has been silent on the scale of finance it will commit to." "Both the US and the EU have tried to shift the burden on to developing countries, arguing that they should even pay towards the costs of adapting to climate change despite their minimal contribution to the problem," said Tom Sharman, ActionAid's head of climate change. The only bright spot in the negotiations was Norway's decision to increase its emissions reduction target to 40% on 1990 levels by 2020, he said. "The EU has only increased developing country mistrust and the US is trying to impose its own domestic limitations on the world. It's time for President Obama to be the climate leader he says he is," said Martin Kaiser, Greenpeace International climate policy adviser. • Copenhagen climate change conference 2009 • Climate change • Thailand • Barack Obama • United Nations • United States John Vidal© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

More Industry AntiPiracy Propaganda: Former EMI Anti-Piracy Boss Launches 'Educational' Program
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:47:08 AM

President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 3:45:00 AM

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has announced that the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize will be

awarded to President Barack Obama"for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." This makes Obama only the

With the school year having only recently started up, we had already covered the RIAA's silly propaganda campaign masked as an "educational resource." Of course, that's not the only such program. The MPAA has offered up its own "copyright education" as has The Copyright Alliance -an operation whose entire purpose appears to be to push entertainment industry nonsense and propaganda without any factual support or basis. It looks like there's another such program coming out of the UK as well. Torrentfreak alerts us to the news that EMI's former anti-piracy boss just happened to have "left" EMI in time to create her own "educational campaign" about copyright for school children as young as five. The good news, though, is that the reporter from The Daily Mail wasn't buying any of it, raising questions about why five year olds should be learning about copyright from industry supplied sources. The article also questions the claim that this campaign was financed independently from the recording industry, calling out the fact that the woman's own LinkedIn profile indicated otherwise, until she changed it right after being interviewed (funny, that...). third sitting president of the 2002, well after his departure Permalink| Comments| Email United States to receive this from the Oval Office in 1981. This Story prestigious honor. Woodrow The committee took particular W i l s o n w o n i n 1 9 1 9 a n d note of Obama's "vision of a Theodore Roosevelt in 1906. world free from nuclear arms." Jimmy Carter was honored in


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Pakistan market bomb kills at least 41
By Declan Walsh (World news and comment from the Guardian |
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:40:42 AM

Pakistan government vows to fight on against Taliban as vehicle explodes in the crowded Khyber Bazaar in Peshawar Pakistan vowed to press ahead with an assault on the Taliban's mountain stronghold after a huge explosion killed 49 people and wounded more than 100 in a crowded Peshawar marketplace today. The blast ripped through the historic Khyber Bazaar, capping a week of Taliban violence that included attacks on Nato supply convoys and a suicide bombing at a UN office in Islamabad. Television footage showed the charred skeleton of a bus next to the wreckage of a vehicle that police said had been packed with explosives and artillery shells. It was not clear whether the blast was caused by a car bomb or a suicide attack. Nearby vehicles and buildings were in flames as emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, amid pools of blood and billowing clouds of tar-coloured smoke. "It was like doomsday," one survivor told an AP reporter in the ward of

an overwhelmed local hospital. Analysts saw the attack as a warning from the Taliban against a much-heralded offensive on their main base in South Waziristan, at the southern end of the tribal belt. Outside parliament, the interior minister, Rehman Malik, said the bombing left the government with "no choice" but to press ahead with its military offensive. "One thing is clear, these hired assassins called Taliban are to be dealt with more severely," he told reporters. "All roads are leading to South Waziristan." Malik added that the police had arrested the "main handler" behind Monday's attack on the UN food agency office in Islamabad. "We have complete information about the persons involved in executing the terrorist plan," he said. For weeks, troops and heavy weapons have been massing on the edge of Waziristan, while warplanes have attacked selected Taliban targets. However a similar build-up at the gates of Waziristan after this summer's Swat offensive did not result in an assault. Army officials said it could be at least another week before this one starts. When it does, it is expected to

focus on the tribal base of the Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud, who replaced Baitullah Mehsud after the latter was killed in a US drone strike last August. Hakimullah, a young lieutenant with a reputation for ruthlessness, this week vowed to exact vengeance on the US and Pakistani governments. Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier province, has borne the brunt of Taliban violence in recent years. Today's was the bloodiest atrocity since a suicide bomber killed more than 50 people in a mosque during Friday prayers in Jamrud, on the city's outskirts. It also coincided with a session of the provincial assembly. Local television showed worried politicians emerging from the building, making calls on their mobile phones. The violence comes a background of growing political stability, as the military and civilian government clash over a proposed $7.5bn (£4.7bn) US aid package that the army says imposes unfair conditions. On Thursday a meeting of top generals said expressed "serious concern" about the Kerry-Lugar bill, which has yet to be signed into law by US president Barack

Obama. President Asif Ali Zardari's spokesman responded forcefully, saying the army had followed incorrect channels in making the statement. "We will keep chasing these terrorists and this attack cannot deter our resolve," said the provincial information minister, Mian Iftikhar Hussain. The military has also become embroiled in an acrid political dispute with the civilian government over a proposed fiveyear, $7.5bn US aid package that the army says imposes unfair conditions. On Thursday a meeting of senior generals expressed "serious concern" about the Kerry-Lugar bill, which requires Pakistan to crack down on Islamists and nuclear proliferation. President Asif Ali Zardari's spokesman responded forcefully to the army statement, criticising the generals for their protest. • Pakistan • Global terrorism • Taliban Declan Walsh© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Craig Ferguson Gets Serious
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:32:00 AM

Craig Ferguson has been making late-night audiences laugh since 2005. The "Late Late Show" host and former "The Drew Carey Show" funnyman has often made light of his personal demons, but tonight on ET he shares details of his darker days with our own Mark Steines. "I woke up in a sort of area above a bar, and I thought I'll have to go and kill myself," Craig reveals about one of his lowest moments -- a Christmas morning after he had been drinking with a bartender the whole night before. "I was very mad. And I thought I'll have to go and kill myself, so I'll go and swan dive off Tower Bridge in London." Instead, Craig ended up having a sherry and spending the day with the bartender and his family - and forgot all about wanting to kill himself.

Chart of the Day: FHA Delinquencies
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
mortgages. If you have a subprime credit rating of 600, you only need to put 3.5% down to get Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:57:49 AM an FHA loan; even if you have a Whitney Tilson passes on this positively wrecked credit rating of chart, showing delinquencies at 500, you can still get a mortgage the FHA. He notes that the FHA with only a 10% downpayment. is a crucial source of support for And the people brokering a lot of the housing market right now, these loans are often the selfsame shady characters who represented the worst face of the subprime providing a whopping 23% of all bubble. How high will the 2008-vintage delinquency rates eventually go? That’s the crucial question, since those mortgages represent more than 20% of the entire FHA portfolio. They’re already high, at 19.4%, but they could go much higher, given that the 2007vintage loans are over 30%. We’ve seen this movie before; we know how it ends. There’s going to be an FHA bailout, and it’s going to be big. The only question at this point is just how big it’s going to be.

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Kremlin accused of Moscow election fix
By Luke Harding (World news and comment from the Guardian |
"There are no elections at all." Asked whether Medvedev had improved Russia's record, he answered sardonically: "He's not a Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:12:52 AM president. He's a famous Russian Election commission bans blogger." several of mayor's opponents Russia's election commission from standing as capital goes to disqualified Nemtsov and other the polls Solidarity candidates from Opposition leaders in Russia contesting Sunday's city council have accused the authorities of vote, claiming that the 5,000 fixing the forthcoming election signatures they had each collected for a new city council in Moscow, t o s t a n d i n s i n g l e - m a n d a t e and claim that all democratic districts had been "forged". "They candidates have been kicked off even told me my own signature the ballot. was forged," Nemtsov said. Other Some 30 million Russians go to parties were also disqualified. the polls on Sunday for regional The election comes at a tricky elections, in the first test of moment for Luzhkov. After more President Dmitry Medvedev's than 17 years in power, his pledge to make Russia's electoral relations with the Kremlin have system more "competitive". become increasingly strained. He But ahead of the poll, critics say h a s a l s o b e e n b a t t e r e d b y that, far from improving under c o r r u p t i o n s c a n d a l s , w i t h Medvedev, Russia's democracy allegations that he helped his has slid backwards. They allege wife, the billionaire Yelana that Moscow's veteran 73-year- Baturina, to become the richest old mayor, Yuri Luzhkov, has woman in Russia and eastern manipulated the vote in advance Europe. to ensure a landslide victory for Baturina has been embroiled in his pro-Kremlin United Russia a legal struggle against a fellow party. Moscow property developer, "You can forget about elections C h a l v a T c h i g i r i n s k y . I n in this country," Boris Nemtsov, documents submitted to the high the leader of the opposition court in London, Tchigirinsky movement, Solidarity, said. claimed in May that Baturina secretly co-owned his business – a fact that enabled him to secure highly profitable contracts from Moscow's Luzhkov-run government. Baturina denies the allegation. The couple faced further embarrassment when British newspapers reported that Baturina had bought London's largest private house – a 90-room Grade II-listed mansion in Highgate – for £50m. Baturina says she is not the owner. But opposition activists have plastered pictures of the property on the Moscow metro. The poll is likely to see the handful of opposition deputies in the current 35-seat United Russiadominated Duma lose their seats. Western diplomats say there is no evidence to suggest that Medvedev's frequent appeals – calling on Russia to transform itself into a genuine democracy and progressive society – have had any effect whatsoever. United Russia activists defied the rain today to hand out copies of a newspaper urging Muscovites to vote for Luzhkov's party. The paper had a large portrait of Russia's prime minister, Vladimir Putin, on its front page. Intriguingly, there was no mention anywhere of Medvedev, whom few Russians believe to be the country's real leader. Luzhkov is suing Nemtsov after he published a dossier on his website accusing the mayor of corruption. Nemtsov said today that he was not bothered by the writ. He said: "Moscow courts are under Luzhkov's control. He knows he will win here. But he doesn't understand we have other places to discuss these things, like in London." Critics also accuse the mayor of flattening the Russian capital's architectural heritage and replacing its historic buildings with tasteless sham replicas. Yesterday, builders knocked down a protected 19th-century building, Deacon's House, to make way for a block of luxury flats. Luzhkov's city hall had earlier promised to protect the property. • Russia Luke Harding© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

Bill Clinton Presents Steven Spielberg with Liberty Medal
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:42:00 AM

Former President Bill Clinton showed Steven Spielberg brotherly love by presenting him with the Liberty Medal on Thursday in Philadelphia. Clinton praised Spielberg, saying, "We honor a man today who has always been able to make a simple story and remind us of the greatness in us all," according to the Associated Press. The esteemed filmmaker accepted this honor by saying, "Art is and should endeavor to be among the human enterprises which contribute to the building of decent and free societies."

Apple buying up so much flash it’s causing a bit of a shortage
By Nicholas Deleon (CrunchGear)
etc. Apple gets most of its flash memory from Samsung, but other people get flash from Samsung, Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:00:40 AM too, and now they’re all, “Um, It seems that Apple has such of hey Samsung, do you have any thirst for flash memory (for use in flash for us?” Then Samsung its iPods, iPhones, maybe tablets, shrugs its shoulders, “Yeah, man, etc.) that it’s having a profound Apple just paid us $80 zillion for effect on the flash suppliers. the lot of it. You’ll have to go Apple orders, other companies Tighter supplies, uncertainty somewhere else. Sorry.” have stepped in to fill the void. about where to go for more flash, With Samsung so busy filling The biggest one is called IM Flash, based in Utah (of all places!). How does affect you? I’m going to guess that it won’t affect you in the least. Where Apple (or Microsoft, or Dell, or YourFavoriteCompany) buys its flash should never cross your mind. I just found it interesting that Apple needs flash oh so bad that it’s freaking out other companies, and directly impacting their behavior. Oh, Apple. I like you better when you were the underdog. via 9 to 5 Mac


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Rich Hondurans hire paramilitary protection – UN
(World news and comment from the Guardian |
countries in that region was reportedly created to support the coup in Honduras, the panel said. Honduras is a party to the Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:56:04 AM international convention against Members of the AUC, classified the recruitment, use, financing as a terrorist organisation by the and training of mercenaries, the US, reportedly hired to offer group said. protection for landowners The panel is composed of Honduran landowners have Shaista Shameem of Fiji, Najat alreportedly hired former Hajjaji of Libya, Amada Colombian paramilitaries as Benavides de Perez of Colombia, mercenaries to protect them Jose Luis Gomez del Prado of a g a i n s t p o s s i b l e v i o l e n c e Spain and Alexander Nikitin of stemming from government Russia. tensions, a UN panel said today. The group also alleged that The UN working group on H o n d u r a n p o l i c e a n d t h e mercenaries said that it has mercenaries indiscriminately used received reports that some 40 "long range acoustic devices" former members of United Self- against Zelaya and his supporters Defence Forces of Colombia, or taking refuge at the Brazilian A U C . T h e U S g o v e r n m e n t embassy in Tegucigalpa. classifies the AUC as a terrorist The device can blast sounds by organisation. concentrating voice commands They will protect properties and and a car alarm-like noise that can individuals "from further violence be heard nearly two miles away. between supporters of the de facto "We urge the Honduran government and those of the authorities to take all practical d e p o s e d P r e s i d e n t M a n u e l measures to prevent the use of Zelaya," it said. mercenaries within its territory Separately, a 120-person group and to fully investigate allegations of paramilitaries from several concerning their presence and activities," the group said. Zelaya was toppled in the 28 June military-backed coup that has paralysed the impoverished Central American nation with street protests, the suspension of foreign aid, diplomatic isolation and a standoff between the rival claimants to the presidency. The crisis deepened when Zelaya slipped back into the country in late September and took refuge with dozens of supporters in the Brazilian embassy. Governments throughout the world insist the ousted president serve out the final months of his term and be restored to his office in time to prepare for the November election. • Honduras • Colombia • Global terrorism • United Nations • United States© Guardian News & Media Limited 2009 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions| More Feeds

This is a voice guided coffee maker. Yes, you read that right.
By Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:30:00 AM

You know which sector has been aching for interactive voice command features? Coffee makers. For instance, if I were to set the timer on my own personal coffee maker, I’d have to press the timer button, select the time I want the coffee to brew, and then press the timer button again to set it. That’s two button presses with some button holding in between! Thankfully Hammacher Schlemmer is selling “The Only Voice Interactive Coffee Maker” for $100. Space-age stuff, to be sure. According to the product description: This is the first voice-interactive coffee maker that asks, “Would you like to set the clock or set the coffee brewing time?” and operates in response to your verbal commands. Simply saying, “Set the coffee brewing time,” or “Set the clock,” will prompt the machine to reply, “Please say the time, including AM or PM.” It

uses an advanced voice recognition system to identify any time of day you speak, eliminating the hassle of fussing with buttons. I’m almost certain that this product is positioned at the aging baby boomer crowd but if there’s one thing baby boomers hate more than trying to set digital clocks and timers, it’s talking to machines. In that case, this coffee maker can be operated the oldfashioned way, too. The Only Voice Interactive Coffee Maker[Hammacher Schlemmer]

RIM posts new BlackBerry widget APIs, dev kit
By Joseph L. Flatley (Engadget)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:26:00 PM

We know you love widgets, so feast your eyes on this: RIM has just announced a software development kit for creating webbased widgets on the BlackBerry platform. With new APIs that

allow access to a everything from email and calendar applications to the GPS, media player, files and documents stored on the smartphone, the handset's push technology and more, hot-to-trot software developers such as yourself can build all kinds of crazy apps for OS 5. What are you waiting for? Hit the read link for

everything you need -- including the Smartphone Simulator and

BlackBerry Widget SDK beta. And be sure you drop us a line after creating some awardwinning apps. PR after the break. [Via PhoneArena] Continue reading RIM posts new BlackBerry widget APIs, dev kit Filed under: Cellphones RIM posts new BlackBerry

widget APIs, dev kit originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:26:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Currency Consternation
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 2:25:39 AM

Currency Consternation This week I had discussed how my blog's readership was down. From what I could gather it seems many are just tired of the games and tired of the same old, same old in the markets (or maybe my writing). Well, there may be something very different in the works that is worth some attention. The discussion about the future of the dollar is still raging full force after a big kickoff this week. The dollar of course does not exist alone, and currencies are entwined in ways I really cannot comprehend. To start, currency debacles tend to have outsized effects, even if their relative scale is not such that one would think so. Consider: 1994 Mexican Peso Crisis While swiftly addressed, it had all the markings of a serious problem. 1997 Asian Financial Crisis The floating of the Thai baht caused widespread damage across the globe 1998 Russian financial crisis The Russian debt default not only sealed the doom of Long Term Capital Management, but almost caused the first "systemic risk" meltdown which was delayed until 2008. From these three examples I take away that currency problems can be the cause of serious market dislocations across the globe. With an eye towards that angle, let's take a look at this weeks developments. This nonchalant piece really dismisses the news as something

that's not going to happen soon. I wonder what the headlines about the Thai baht were like the day before: Latvia on the brink LONDON (MarketWatch) -- It's never good news when a government bond auction fails. It's particularly bad news when an auction fails for a note maturing in just six months. And it's really bad news when there isn't any bid at all. Were Latvia to devalue, that would hit economies in neighboring countries like Lithuania, and Swedish banks would rack up additional losses on the loans they have made throughout the region. The real nightmare scenario would be the Swedish banks then pulling down other European banks, and then triggering Credit Crunch: Part 2. There is, of course, a long way before that unwieldy scenario comes to pass. Latvia hasn't devalued -- yet - and, even if it does, that doesn't mean it would drag the Swedish banks under. Fair enough I guess, but of course we have no idea what exposure these banks have. Adding to this is another subtle wrinkle that I think has importance on a much grander scale (FT, via Naked Capitalism): Latvia denies plan to devalue currency ...Riga announced tentative plans on Tuesday to cap the amount that banks would be allowed to collect from mortgage holders in a move that analysts said would make it easier for Latvia to devalue.... ...The Latvian proposals would allow banks to collect only the current value of a property rather than the original value of the mortgage, insulating homeowners

from the 70 per cent drop in property prices since their peak. And so a ripple near a coast spreads across the world. To me, this is huge. One of the most vexing issues on the table right now is the " Delay and Pretend they will Pay" game being played by the banks. Banks hold many mortgage backed assets (both residential and commercial) at near par values. They refuse to take marks against them. They will willingly roll over commercial debt or allow residents to remain in a home indefinitely rather than force a foreclosure and take a hit to the value of the loan. We have seen that mortgage " cramdowns" have not become viable yet, due mainly to the push back of the banks. They fall back on the delay plan. If the lower tranche holder is 100% sure by government (think US state to extrapolate) proclamation that they will never see their money, then this game is up. The banks can pretend all they want, but they will be out of time and out of new money investors. I am not saying this WILL happen, only that in desperation I would not be shocked to see entities resort to such a thing. Just like mortgage holders just "walking away", the banking system is arrogant beyond belief that people will pay their debts no matter what. Ivory tower and all that. Try living in a poor city and then get back to me. Sticking to the currency theme, the falling dollar is causing many countries to try and protect their competitive edge. This is draining reserves of those countries and again, we know currency problems can go a long way.

Consider (via Zero Hedge): Asian tigers roar back at US Dollar I advise reading the whole thing, but this is the take away point: Overnight, we witnessed intervention by various Asian central banks to suppress their own currencies against the Dollar. The banks of South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand all intervened to prevent appreciation of their currencies. The Bank of Korea bought $1billion. The Bank of Indonesia bought $350 million. The Phillipines' central bank bought $100 million. The Hong Kong monetary authority sold $3.88 billion Hong Kong Dollars to support its dollar-peg. The Yen is at 88.24, but there was no intervention by the BOJ, at least none that we could confirm. These are serious moves. Why is this not front page news? It is difficult to tell whether these are simply more dramatic fluctuations on the world markets, or the start of a new phase in the crisis. What will be imperative is to pay close attention to the actions of global central banks in the days ahead. Currency is key. The next four weeks should be quite interesting indeed. Scrambling to keep pace with the US dollar fall is sure to cause some kind of imbalance as those funds (large on a relative scale) are committed to currency moves. From Clusterstock, another angle: Asia Will Ambush Dollar Shorts Over And Over Thursday's coordinated currency intervention by South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand is just the start of what

will happen should the dollar keep sliding. Most export-heavy countries around the world are far from ready to address the hard changes at home required to deal with a weak-dollar world. Their economies are growing fast. Yet for many leaders, this speedy growth is the only real legitimacy they have with their citizens, without which they could be in deep trouble. Thus they'll fight tooth and nail to forestall any change from the status quo whereby Americans consume, while they produce and grow... ...While dollar shorts probably have long-term trends in their favor, many will be made into unfortunate examples by aggressive central banks along the way. Traders beware. Another "the dollar will never fall" call. I would submit that if the dollar keeps declining, the export countries (China excluded) simply do not have enough ammo to fight back. This is how a currency crisis happens. History shows us how serious this can be. In closing (warning, more of the same old, same old) the one drawback of fiat currencies is that they are built entirely on confidence. Fiat currency can do all the " stupid pet tricks" the central banks want as long as confidence that the pet will perform holds. Why is devaluation so disruptive? The same reason mortgage defaults are so disruptive, lenders/creditors just cannot believe you are going to stiff them. In their mind they are CURRENCY page 22


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Geithner's Phone Calls: The Issue Is Access
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
Still, you could say, what’s wrong with that? Can’t Tim Geithner talk to whomever he Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:23:30 AM wants to talk to? By James Kwak Of course he can, in a legal Yesterday Simon pointed out sense, and no one is saying he is the AP story highlighting Tim doing anything illegal. All the Geithner’s many contacts with a evidence is that Geithner is a man few key Wall Street executives — of unassailable integrity, and a primarily Jamie Dimon, Lloyd modest, courteous guy to boot. Blankfein, Vikram Pandit, and But as the lobbyists have known Richard Parsons — while leading for decades, the key to political the government’s rescue efforts as power in the United States is Treasury secretary. It’s certainly access. Under-the-table bribes are useful for the nation’s top relatively rare. The revolving door economic official to talk to people (government officials taking in the banking industry, and it’s lucrative jobs at the companies also useful for him to talk to they used to oversee) is important, banks that are being bailed out by but of little use when it comes to the government. But the AP story the very top people. Paul O’Neill, did come up with a few important John Snow, and Henry Paulson distinctions. Geithner talked to were already easily rich enough to these Wall Street executives more o v e r l o o k s u c h t e m p t a t i o n s than the key people in Congress ( a l t h o u g h S n o w d i d l e a v e — Barney Frank and Christopher Treasury to become chairman of Dodd — that he needs to pass his Cerberus); Geithner may not be a regulatory reform plan. And he mega-millionaire, but he already talked to them much more than to, turned down his shot at being say, Bank of America, which is CEO of Citigroup ( C) in 2007. equally big and equally in debt to Instead, if you want to sway the government. So to be clear, s o m e o f t h e t o p p e o p l e i n Geithner is talking to these people government, the most important m o r e t h a n d i c t a t e d b y t h e thing is to talk to them. All of us requirements of his job (or he’s are influenced by the information not talking to Ken Lewis enough). and opinions that we are exposed to. Many people have a tendency to agree with either the first person or the the last person they spoke to on a particular issue, regardless of what other information they take in. (Where Geithner falls on that spectrum I have no idea.) This is why lobbyists make so much money; they sell access. If, in the midst of a financial crisis, you get a disproportionate share of your advice from a few select Wall Street veterans with enormous personal interests in your decisions, you will be swayed a certain way. This is particularly worrying if you have spent the last several years even more deeply steeped in that circle, because you will be getting information and ideas that are confirming your prior beliefs. It is also worrying if, as was the case this past year, you do not have the time for detailed fact-finding or empirical studies, and instead you have to make important decisions based purely on logic and conjecture. Instead, you (and the public) would be better served going out of your way to talk to people who do not share your prior perspective and are likely to disagree with you. Now, the Obama administration is nowhere near as bad as the Bush administration, which disdained talking to its critics; this administration has reached out to its intellectual opponents, for example in the famous White House dinner with Krugman and Stiglitz. But one dinner does not balance eighty phone calls. There’s nothing scandalous about the fact that Tim Geithner talks to the CEOs of Goldman ( GS), JPMorgan ( JPM), and Citi a lot. It’s just a fact. It’s a fact that demonstrates the deep linkages between the thinking inside Treasury and the thinking on Wall Street (and yes, I know Citi and JPMorgan are in Midtown). It’s also one reason I have little interest in conspiracy theories — who needs a conspiracy when you have a sympathetic ear in the Treasury Department that you can get access to regularly? As we’ve said before, the key factor throughout this financial crisis has been political power. And if that power is composed of the power of ideas and the power of relationships, so much the better.

Japanese High Court Realizes That Developer Of File Sharing Software Shouldn't Be Liable For Infringement
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 3:49:07 AM

CURRENCY continued from page 21
doing YOU a favor by loaning you more money than you can pay back, and at onerous terms, so you should do what you have to do for full payment. When this does not happen by revolt (through devaluation or default) the system loses confidence because their bluff was called. The world has seen devaluation many times in the last 100 years (US in the '30s still on the gold standard, US in the '70s walking away from the gold standard, Argentina 2 times, the three examples above, and Latvia maybe in the next month), so why the shock and awe? This is because it attacks the very premise of fiat currency. I am moving to a stance that world money moves bear watching, and as the US markets seem as boring and predictable as can be for months, maybe you will watch too.

Back in 2006, we were disappointed by a Japanese court decision that found the developer of the popular (in Japan) file sharing software Winny, guilty of copyright infringement. The issue, like in so many other cases around the world, was whether or not, by just creating the software, he had "induced" infringement. But by blaming the developer of software for how others use it, the courts put a significant chill on innovation. It suddenly creates massive liability for any developer. The case was appealed, and the good news (via Slashdot) is that Japan's High Court has overturned the lower court's decision, saying:"Merely being aware of the possibility that the software could be abused does not constitute a crime of aiding violations of the law, and the court cannot accept that the defendant supplied the software solely to be used for copyright violations." Nice to see common sense win every once in a while. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

Courteney Cox Scores Sexy Primetime Hit
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:34:00 AM

Courteney Cox is back with another hit as Variety reports "Cougar Town" has been picked by ABC for a full season! Read on to see what other shows made the line up:

According to Variety, ABC picked up three shows, all part of the network's new Wednesday comedy block. The new ABC line up includes "Cougar Town, "Modern Family" and "The Middle."

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A 'Reality Check' on the Price of Financial Assets
(Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 2:09:47 AM

The Economist published an insightful article Thursday regarding the nature of wealth. The article merits some additional thought given the relationship between the nature of bubbles and the illusion of rising levels of financial wealth that are not backed up by claims on rising levels of real assets. The main premise of the article is simple enough. Real wealth is represented by goods or products that individuals wish to consume or things that allow for the production of more such goods and products in the future: Wealth consists of the goods and products we wish to consume or of things (factories, machinery, an educated workforce) that give us the ability to produce more such goods and services. Financial assets arise from the desire to postpone consumption so that money can be saved, either for precautionary reasons or to invest so that more goods and services can be consumed in the future. As the article points out, financial assets are really just a claim on real wealth and the only purpose of accumulating financial

assets is to defer consumption in the hopes of being able to purchase more goods and services in the future through intelligent investments. Even savers who are not motivated by consumption in the future are implicitly counting on their financial assets to be converted into real assets at some point either by their heirs or charitable organizations they support. Why is this relevant to the formation of financial bubbles? Most bubbles seem to occur when individuals forget that financial assets are really just claim checks on real wealth and start to see the financial asset itself as actual wealth. If the price of a stock starts at a level equal to the value of its real assets and proceeds to double while the underlying assets owned by the company stay the same, the owner of shares in the company is no richer in terms of real assets but feels richer due to a rising quotation on the stock. Obviously, if this individual converts the stock to cash at that time, he will have the opportunity to spend that cash on real assets, but the economy as a whole is no richer since the buyer of his share of the company is proportionally poorer for overpaying for the financial asset. Investors can protect themselves

against the tendency to equate financial assets with real wealth by making an assessment of the real assets behind a financial instrument. While this is more intuitive when evaluating a business, the price of a home is also connected to its value as a real asset by the rental income that could be obtained from the asset. Looking at the earnings yield, or capitalization rate, of real estate and comparing the rate to historical norms (and common sense) would have prevented the purchase of homes during the housing bubble in the most grossly overvalued markets. If more individuals viewed financial assets as merely proxies for real wealth, there would be fewer bubbles because there would always be a “reality check” on the price of financial assets that would restrain wild speculation. However, with human nature being what it is and the ability to quickly trade financial assets only increasing over time, it is optimistic to think that individuals will start looking at financial assets any differently than they have in the past. On the bright side, while this is bad for the economy as a whole, it is good for investors looking for mispriced financial assets.

MapQuest Stumbles Back Into the App Store With Budget Turn-by-Turn [IPhone Apps]
By John Herrman (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:20:00 AM

Pink Ribbon Beauty: Origins Peace of Mind Lotion
By (ELLE News Blog)
Origins Peace of Mind lotion is a Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:00:00 AM no-prescription-required deW i t h i t s b l e n d o f b a s i l , stressor. Each pink bottle sale eucalyptus, and peppermint, goes toward Origins’ $35,000 donation to the BCRF. —Janna Johnson, Beauty Assistant Photo: Kevin Cremens Follow ELLE on Twitter

lose network coverage, well, you're boned. Being a subscription-based MapQuest has no shortage of service, it's been tagged with a cachet with the older folks, but (Apple-mandatory) token price of I've taken Google Maps' last few $1, with monthly, quarterly and years of ubiquity to mean that yearly rates of $4, $10 and $30, AOL's mapping service was dying respectively—a mite pricier than off. Judging by this brand-new, M o t i o n X . E a r l y A p p S t o r e cut-rate turn-turn-app, well, not reviews point to a barebones, quite. rough-around-the-edges MapQuest Navigator is network app—portrait orientation is the -based, like the similarly-position only display option, routing can MotionX GPS Drive, which be iffy, and it's got some in-app brings a distinct set of advantages advertising—but given that it and disadvantages: The lack of a includes traffic data and does large local cache frees up space g e n e r a l l y a p p e a r t o w o r k , on your iPhone, and since it's MapQuest Navigator looks like stored on MapQuest's servers, the one of the better deals going right map and POI data your seeing is now. [ iTunes via AppleInsider] always up to date; that said, if you



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This is the problem with being charged to receive text messages
By Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:30:00 AM

Well it looks like my not-even-amonth-old new cell phone number is already out in the wild somehow. I received this unsolicited text message from a 718-area phone number, which Nicholas tells me is Brooklyn or Queens, New York (I’m in Boston). Couple problems here. First, I don’t own a home and I’m not looking to buy one anytime soon. Second, I’d probably look for a reputable lender. Nicholas also said, “You can basically assume that if someone has a 718 area code they at least have a small knife on them at all times.” I’m just not comfortable meeting with knife-wielding mortgage lenders at this stage in my life. Third, I’m not going to blame AT&T for this particular message. I can’t say for sure that they sold my phone number – I doubt they did. If anything, my new number is someone else’s old number – a number that could have been entered into one of thousands of web forms, reputable or otherwise. Whatever the case, it’s out there now. I will, however, blame US wireless carriers in general for charging people to receive text messages, wanted or unwanted. If I didn’t have an AT&T texting plan – I do, I pay $5 per month for 200 messages – then I would have

Nokia N900 video shows off 3D gaming, YouTube shenanigans, and more
By Donald Melanson (Engadget)
of the device not only playing YouTube videos in a browser, but within a thumbnail in the Maemo Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:31:00 AM interface -- not exactly the most Not satisfied with a video of the practical thing in the world, but it Nokia N900's browser, an in- sure is impressive on a mobile depth look at its Maemo 5 device. Head on past the break to operation system, or even a see the whole thing for yourself. glimpse of it playing the odd [Thanks, Welly] SNES game? Then fear not, Continue reading Nokia N900 'cause the device is on the scene at video shows off 3D gaming, t h e n o w - h a p p e n i n g M a e m o YouTube shenanigans, and more Summit, and it's thankfully been Filed under: Cellphones caught on video once again for Nokia N900 video shows off 3D those not lucky enough to be in gaming, YouTube shenanigans, attendance. Highlights this time and more originally appeared on around include a look at the Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 device's 3D gaming capabilities 11:31:00 EST. Please see our (demoed with a Marble Madness- terms for use of feeds. Permalink| t y p e g a m e c a l l e d B o u n c e Email this| Comments Evolution), and a demonstration

had to shell out 20 cents to receive this unsolicited text. So it’s either add a texting plan or pay for every text message that gets sent to me. What a racket. Now to be fair, I could turn off text messaging completely by calling up AT&T customer service and telling them to nix all text messages to and from my account. But what if I was a guy who wanted the ability to send a few text messages each month? I’m exactly that guy. I’m okay with spending 80 cents to send four text messages every month, I’m not okay with paying

20 cents for each text message that my dumb text-happy friends want to send me and I’m really not okay with paying 20 cents for Liberty Mortgage to invite me to a Beat It-style knife fight over a mortgage I don’t need. If someone calls me and I don’t answer, I don’t use any of my plan minutes. That makes total sense. If someone sends me a text message I don’t want, my options are to either pay 20 cents or to add what I believe to be a wildlyoverpriced texting package. Doesn’t seem right.

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Be Gizmodo's Other Fall Intern [Announcements]
By matt buchanan (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:30:33 AM

Hello, we're still looking for another intern to work in New York City, because I drink coffee faster than it can be fetched by any one person. Here's what we're looking for: What You Need • Gadget love and knowledge—some geekiness is definitely a good thing • Writing experience is a major plus, but not 100 percent mandatory—but you should have a good command of the English language, and be ready to demonstrate it with some samples • A decent laptop (one that can handle light video editing) • An alarm clock, 'cause you'll be up eeeeeearly every morning • Basic experience with HTML, Flickr, torrenting, Firefox, FTPthe internets, essentially • An NYCish address (you need to be able to get to Manhattan in the morning with no problems) • Dedication—the job's fun, but it's definitely work • The ability to listen and follow instructions and be fast—basically, you're here to learn and build up your knowledge-base

• Full-time availability—sorry students • To be over 18 What You'll Be Doing • Spotting stories • Helping us pull together stories with research • Supporting editors in the field • Writing, eventually, if you're awesome The pay is incredibly lousy—it's best if you don't think about it at all—but you'll get top-notch experience with the well-oiled

blog machine that is Giz, learn lots of neat words for penis, and yes, get to play with cool gadgets you (maybe) couldn't afford on your own. Send your resume, no attachments please—seriously, we'll delete your application without even looking at it—and tell us why you're the best person on earth, or at least in NY, to, with NYC INTERN in the subject line, otherwise we might miss it. Good luck!

INQ working on Spotifybranded phone, possibly running Android?
By Paul Miller (Engadget)
powered INQ handset, so the optimist in us would like to believe that this Spotify phone While the Spotify music service could be INQ's big Android play continues to tease us US-bound - there is already an official folks from afar, there's word of a Spotify Android app to make that Spotify handset now to make us whole process seem even more even more jealous. The phone is doable. Either way, Telia's apparently being built for Swedish Spotify handset should be on the provider Telia (Spotify already market in a "couple of months." accounts for 35 percent of digital [Via Pocket-lint] music sales in Sweden), and Filed under: Cellphones according to TechCrunch, INQ is INQ working on Spotifybuilding the phone. Interestingly, branded phone, possibly running the last thing we heard from INQ Android? originally appeared on a b o u t f u t u r e p l a n s w a s a Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 forthcoming Android handset, and 11:53:00 EST. Please see our we also have a source that says terms for use of feeds. Read| that Spotify probably wouldn't be Permalink| Email this| Comments placed onto a regular BREWSubmitted at 10/9/2009 11:53:00 AM

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:14:24 AM

US President Barack Obama on Friday won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for what the Nobel Foundation called “his

extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”. Awarding the SKr10m ($1.4m) prize, the Nobel committee said: “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and

given its people hope for a better future. His diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world’s population.”


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You Can Tell This Coffee Maker to Do Anything but Make Coffee [Coffee]
By Mark Wilson (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:20:00 AM

Here's a fantastic idea for a product: A coffee maker that responds to voice commands...just not a voice command to "make me some freaking coffee!" Offered by Hammacher Schlemmer: This is the first voice-interactive coffee maker that asks, "Would you like to set the clock or set the coffee brewing time?" and operates in response to your verbal commands. Simply saying, "Set the coffee brewing time," or "Set the clock," will prompt the machine to reply, "Please say the time, including AM or PM." It uses an advanced voice recognition system to identify any time of day you speak,

eliminating the hassle of fussing with buttons. Sure, the one instance that you ever have to program the time on your coffee maker is a tad inconvenient, and I can appreciate

the UI improvement of any gadget. But as long as we're using voice commands and $100 coffee makers, we might as well open the door for new functionality. "Brew 4 cups of coffee" or "tea earl grey hot" would both be welcome commands that could save you time and prodding on a daily basis. Imagine if you could only tell the Enterprise to "set the clock." [ Hammacher Schlemmer via CrunchGear] * To be fair, maybe Hammacher Schlemmer just failed to mention the "make coffee" command. Even if so, the fact that you need to press a button to issue the order sort of negates the convenience.

New Windows 7 PCs to Ship Ad -Supported Office 2010 [Microsoft Office]
By Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:30:00 AM

Remember Microsoft Works, the lighter, entry-level Microsoft Office-type software that often shipped with new computers? According to tech news site Betanews, Microsoft is ditching the Works model, replacing it with a free, ad-supported version of Microsoft Office with limited functionality that will ship from participating manufacturers. The full Office suite will actually be installed on these computers, but it'll remained crippled until whatever time the user decides to purchase an upgrade from their PC seller, who will simply hand them a card with a license on it. It probably sounds

like good news to people who don't really need Microsoft Office to do any sort of heavy lifting, but with so many good Office alternatives for those folks, it's probably not going to be the best option out there, either. [ Betanews]

The Circular Periodic Table of Elements [Science]
By Jesus Diaz (Gizmodo)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:40:00 AM

Researcher Mohd Abubakr says that his circular periodic table is better than Mendeleev's. I'd have given him the Nobel in chemistry—if Obama hadn't got it first for mixing himself a whiskey with Red Bull onboard Air Force One. Abubakr—who works at Microsoft Research in Hyderabad—says that if you

arrange the table in circular form it gives you an idea of the size of the atoms. The closer to the center, the smaller the atom element would be. That's why hydrogen and helium—with less atomic weight—are the nearest to its center. His table also preserves the periods and groups, and manages to look neat and pretty at the same time. The Physics arXiv Blog at MIT's Technology Review disagrees. They said that the table time to grab your pumpkin-spiced beverage and step inside; this week's comment thread is open for business. Photo by lululemon athletica.

is flawed because it can only be read by rotating it—which doesn't make much sense, since you can

easily rotate an image on the screen. Their other criticism is valid, however: They say that the genius of Mendeleev's table is that it can "predict the properties of undiscovered elements," arguing that Abubakr's table is not as intuitive. Whatever MIT people, you chemistry dorks you, I just like how it looks. [ Technology Review]

MediaDailyNews: Clarification: 'Rachel Ray's 30-Minute Meals On Food Net
(MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:09:27 AM

A Media Daily News article titled "Bernstein: Cable To Record Solid 2009" on Oct. 8 mistakenly said the Food Network carries "The Rachael Ray Show." It offers "Rachael Ray's 30Minute Meals."

Let Your Comments Flow Like Water in This Week's Open Thread [Open Thread]
By Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:30:00 AM

You've made it through another week of work, which means it's

your weekly opportunity to talk about whatever you want with your fellow commenters, share pictures and videos, and in That's right, it's the open thread: general unwind. All you need to

join in is a commenter account, which is a cinch to get. Happy Friday!

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Keepin' it real fake, part CCXXXVIII: Palm Pre knockoff doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up
By Laura June (Engadget)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:16:00 PM

Robovie-X: New glove-controlled, ambidextrous humanoid
By Serkan Toto (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:23:56 AM

joints in its body (six in each foot, three in each arm and two in the head). It’s also equipped with 5 J a p a n - b a s e d A d v a n c e d sensors and a head-mounted Telecommunications Research 1.3MP CMOS camera that you Institute International(ATR) and can connect to your PC via USB. r o b o t v e n t u r e V s t o n e h a v e The robot is powered by an Atom announced the joint development Z530 processor (1.60GHz). of a mini humanoid[JP] that’s You can make Robovie-PC hold able to handle objects dexterously and transfer objects between its through a remote control. The so- hands. The way it works is that called Robovie-PC is already on you have to sit in front of a PC sale in Japan and costs $4,500. that’s connected to the robot, The humanoid is 38cm tall, wearing special gloves fitted with weighs 2.2kg and has a total of 20 markers (see the picture above). A

camera mounted to the PC traces the markers in 3D, and the robot’s hands mimic the way you move the gloves. For example, the robot will grasp an object if you tilt your hand so the glove markers are at 90 degrees. Robovie-PC only supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux PCs. ATR and Vstone hope to sell 50 units within the next 12 months.

Yes, this was only a matter of time, and we're a little surprised we didn't see one earlier. Regardless, this is the Palm Pre knockoff we've been waiting for. Seemingly called just iPhone +QWERTY -- this KIRF is being marketed as just that -- a real business phone with a hybrid identity blending the BlackBerry and the iPhone. And really, that's not too bad of a description for this little dude, we guess. Boasting analog TV, Bluetooth, and an FM radio, it runs the much -loved OPhone operating system, and can be had for 600 RMP

(about $88). There are two more shots after the break. Hit the read link for a full peek. [Via PMP Today] Continue reading Keepin' it real fake, part CCXXXVIII: Palm Pre knockoff doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up Filed under: Cellphones Keepin' it real fake, part CCXXXVIII: Palm Pre knockoff doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up originally appeared on Engadget on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:16:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Speed test: Bolt Mobile browser vs. Opera Mini
Webkit, now claims that it's about 15 percent faster than before and compresses data at a 23:1 ratio. In Submitted at 10/8/2009 3:20:00 PM other words, 2.3MB from the Split screen is Bolt's take on Web shrinks down to 100KB. zooming.(Credit: Bitstream That may be, but we pulled up our We were impressed with the online stopwatch to run our own Opera Mini 5 beta browser, which surf tests. came out in mid-September. At Without ever budging from our CTIA Wireless 2009, a smaller roost, we tested navigation three player, Bolt Browser, leaves its times on each of three sites, beta behind to chase after Opera's keeping the routine the same for dominance as an alternative Bolt 1.5 and Opera Mini 4.2. We browser for Java phones. would have thrown Opera Mini 5 We liked what we saw the first beta into the mix, but it didn't time we tested out Bolt as a seem compatible yet with our beta(video review) on a Samsung testing phone, a Samsung Propel Propel. Bolt's rendering felt truer on AT&T's 3G network. We're than Opera Mini 4.2 on many telling you this because we know The MOTO KIT for iPhone sites, but it didn't seem faster. what a difference carrier, data c o n s i s t s o f a f o r e a r m - o r Now that Bolt has shucked off its strength, and handset type makes handlebar-mounted waterproof b e t a , w e f i n d p e r f o r m a n c e in each user's result. Were you to iPhone case, an in-helmet hands- e s s e n t i a l l y u n c h a n g e d . run the same test, you might get free kit, and an optional external True, Bolt has undergone some slightly different numbers. battery. The case is available as a cosmetic alterations, such as a Bolt took 12-14 seconds to load standalone product for about $58, Google search box that's separate and navigate on the case plus hands-free helmet from the URL bar, and a welcome versus Opera Mini's 9-13 seconds. kit costs $85, and the case, helmet download manager that lets you It took 26 seconds to load The kit, and backup battery costs download files as well as upload. New York Times site and two $160.50 if you need the extra It also caches pages now, so you other stories on Bolt. On Opera, juice. can jump back to the previous the same stories loaded in 19, 11, Shipping from France to the US page without reloading it. Bolt and 10 seconds. Yelp was about starts at just over $20 depending 1.5's new video manager selects the same for Bolt 1.5 and Opera on your location. t h e b e s t o f t h r e e d e l i v e r y Mini 4.2, about 14 seconds, but M O T O K I T f o r mechanisms for streaming video one Bolt page ran 2 seconds iPhone[ via o n y o u r d e v i c e , i n c l u d i n g slower. Our tests clearly favor Likecool] triggering your media player if the Opera Mini for speed, but there phone isn't well equipped for are one or two other caveats and playback. clarifications to consider before But what of those speed claims? declaring an all-around winner. Bolt, a proxy browser built on First, Bolt renders pages more A fitted leather jacket and black zipper leggings lend a double dose of style. Photo: Lee Satkowski mail us your photo and you could appear in's Street Chic Daily. Follow ELLE on Twitter.

By Jessica Dolcourt (

Motorcycle iPhone kit can be forearm or handlebar mounted
By Doug Aamoth (CrunchGear)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:30:00 AM

Trying to use a cell phone while riding a motorcycle can’t be an easy task – maybe it isn’t that hard for experienced riders, I have no idea. I’d be all wobbly thanks to a) never having driven a motorcycle in my life and b) having no business trying to operate a phone one-handed while piloting a two-wheeled moving vehicle for the first time. For those of you who can do all that stuff, though, here’s an interesting iPhone motorcycle kit from France.

faithfully than Opera Mini, with sharper text and photos, and with all the photos intact. Opera Mini 4.2 tended to overly compress some, but it bought it speed. On some sites, Opera Mini stripped an image or two out, or the photo footprints drastically condensed. Bolt also has an interesting feature that Opera doesn't--the capability to split the screen. This is essentially Bolt's zoom feature. As you pass the cursor over the zoomed-out section up top, the same area is zoomed in below. The 5 key toggles split-screen view on and off. So which Java browser prevails overall? It's a tough call: Bolt renders graphics more clearly, but Opera was speedier. We'll see if these numbers continue to stand up when Opera Mini 5 comes out of beta. In the meantime, try them both out and chime in with your own views. You may find that a few seconds are worth it to you to use Bolt's interface. Maybe speed is all that matters and you'll stick with Opera Mini for now. You tell us. Bolt browser 1.5 is free to download. BlackBerry owners should download the optimized version for BlackBerry phones, which integrates RIM's typical operating system shortcuts. Originally posted at CTIA Fall show

Street Chic: New York
By (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 4:00:00 AM

Think you are Street Chic? E-

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The Complete Guide to Video Blogging
By Leah Betancourt (Mashable!)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:43:22 AM

Leah Betancourt is the digital community manager at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minn. She is@l3ahb3tan on Twitter. Video blogging is nothing new — after all, video has existed on the web long before YouTube. But video equipment is now cheaper, post production software more accessible, and online platforms on which to distribute video — such as YouTube — are easier to use than ever before. Still, only some of the many people posting videos regard themselves as video bloggers. Even though the notion of video blogging itself isn’t new, the actual endeavor is still novel to many people. This guide will explore concepts behind video blogging and the tools for creating and distributing that content. Video Blogging is Still in its Infancy Robb Montgomery, CEO of a public charity that promotes journalism education called Visual Editors, said in an email interview that web video consumption overall is a booming phenomenon but maintains that we are still at the beginning of an emerging art form and story form with video blogging and it may be too early to generalize about longterm effects. It may seem surprising that video blogging hasn’t take off considering how cheap the equipment has become and how easy it is to shoot, edit and post video online. According to Adam Singer’s Future Buzz blog, some reasons it hasn’t include: it’s time consuming to produce compelling

video, video is not searchable, and pros still have an advantage. But the demand is there. In August, more than 161 million viewers watched an average of 157 videos per viewer, according to data from the comScore Video Metrix service. A whopping 81.6 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video and the average online video viewer saw 9.7 hours of video in August. Video viewing doesn’t show signs of slowing, but what about video blogging? Web Video Puts People on Equal Footing Video on the Internet does two things — it puts people on equal footing versus the top-down communication of broadcast media and it allows for direct talkback from the audience. Michael Rosenblum, CEO of Rosenblumtv, said in an email interview, that the only reason people used to differentiate between average person and journalist is that access to the equipment and the ability to publish was just too complicated and too expensive. He said that went away with the web, which gave anyone the ability to write or publish whatever they wanted. “Now that freedom comes to video — as the cost of cameras goes to next to nothing and the web carries video with the same fluidity that it carries text,” he said. “What we are looking at here is the true democratization of video — a real ‘free press.’ This, I think, is a very positive thing. “The move to video blogging, just getting started, is to my mind the same as the move to writing books post-Gutenberg. It took the printing press to liberate writing from the few literate monks; now the web will liberate video from

the few ‘video literate’ TV types,” said Rosenblum, who just launched an online video training site called the New York Video School. What Makes a Good Video Blog With lower costs for equipment and software, anyone with a video camera phone could become a video blogger. Technical barriers to video production are getting lower, but the big question is, what makes a good video blog? Ryanne Hodson, a video blogger, editor, and trainer who, with co-founder Michael Verdi, launched in 2005, said the number one tip for video bloggers is to be passionate and to cover topics they care about. She and Verdi, along with Diane Weynand and Shirley Craig, wrote the book Secrets of Videoblogging. “Be excited about something and go out and capture it,” she said. “If you have something to say and you want to share it, you have a venue.” Montgomery said that most web video needs to get to the point right away. “Hit them with your best sound bite and start your story arc there to pull them in. People make a go or no-go decision usually within the first 10 seconds. Once you have them, standardizing on story length becomes less important. The key is to know how to keep the story moving at a good pace,” he said.

The length of video clips can vary depending on the style of the video created, but always keep your audience in mind. “We live in a world of rather short attention spans. We find that two minutes or so is the ’sweet spot’. The whole notion of hours is kind of an abstraction. Think of music. Most songs are three minutes long and that works great, and delivers a great story and experience for the listener,” Rosenblum said. Josh Leo, who has been video blogging since 2005 and has four vlogs, said good videos are a mixture of the basics of good production: editing, good, clear shots, and good lighting. Beyond that, he adds, it’s an incorporation of one’s personality. “You can create a copycat video, but you’re contributing to the noise,” he said. “It’s not about the quantity, but the quality.” Leo tries to post a video every other week. He said he learned to improve his videos through trial and error — posting, watching them, and posting again. “The important thing is to post something and learn as you go,” Leo said. Creating a Video Blog Montgomery said choosing a video camera depends upon your beat, style, audience and frequency of posting. “I have seen people be effective with a mobile cam or laptop camera. At the other end of the spectrum are solo video journalists who have the chance to make high-quality stories from the field with small cameras like the Sony A1U and about an equal dollar investment in microphones and Final Cut,” he said. The software Montgomery

recommends is a mixture of lowcost and professional applications: Final Cut Studio, GarageBand, iPhoto, Fission, and Audio Hijack Pro for editing and audio. Leo said that during his first three years of video blogging, he used a Sony Handycam for shooting and iMovie for editing. He now uses Final Cut Pro, an HD camcorder, and an iMac. Hodson said she likes the Flip cam and Sanyo’s Xacti HD cams. She said Mac users can use iMovie and PC users can use Windows Movie Maker, and a step up from those are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Elements. Rosenblum said Flip cams and the JVC HM100u are great, and noted that shooting in HD is important for certain types of video blogs. “HD is necessary if you want to sell the content for broadcast, and the market for that is expanding all the time. So if you are going to buy a camera, I strongly suggest HDV,” Rosenblum said. He said he loves Final Cut Pro because it’s simple and accessible, and users can start editing from the first moment. But it’s not just about the video — audio also matters, according to Montgomery. “It is far wiser to invest in microphones and recorders that capture highdefinition sound than it is to go for a camera with high-definition pictures and a small lens,” he said. In the end, though, video blogging is exploding because the barriers to entry are so low. “The bottom line is, if you want to get into video blogging it is remarkably simple and very, very inexpensive,” Rosenblum said. COMPLETE page 36


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Yahoo ponders the meaning of search
By Tom Krazit (
Submitted at 10/9/2009 4:00:00 AM

review), Microsoft will be the exclusive provider of search results on Yahoo's Web pages, Is search about presentation or although Yahoo will retain the results?(Credit: Screenshot by right to control the way those Tom Krazit/CNET results are presented. There's perhaps no better way to It's the manifestation of how shift attention from your failings Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz sees the in one era to proclaim the start of search market. She recently a brand-new, totally different era. compared Yahoo's plans for Yahoo is in the midst of a grand search to the way PC makers like transition as a company, with a Hewlett-Packard and Dell build pending deal to sell its search different products around a assets to Microsoft in exchange common Intel chip, implying that for a healthy portion of the the core search business is revenue generated by searches on perhaps a commodity and what Yahoo's pages. Yet some in the draws in the user is the fancy company seem a bit perturbed by packaging. talk that it's giving up on the But does the analogy apply to a search market. market as relatively new as "With all of the events that search? For one thing, the cost of Yahoo has gone through in the switching search engines is much last several months, one of the less than switching PCs--it's hard questions I get is: 'Does Yahoo to beat free. And it seems still care about search?' The presumptuous to more than a few answer is: Absolutely," wrote veterans of the search world that David Pann, Yahoo vice president breakthroughs on the back end are and general manager of search waning: after all, Advanced Micro marketing, in a blog post Tuesday Devices manages to come up with highlighting enhancements to something that bruises Intel every Yahoo's search ads. five years or so, and that's an old The thing is, Pann isn't talking market. about search (the business of Still, Yoelle Maarek, a search crawling the Web, indexing the expert who recently joined Yahoo results, and matching the data Labs to lead its Haifa, Israel, against queries) so much as he is office, argues that the action these search presentation, the business days is on the presentation side. "I of arranging the data produced by don't want to say we have search queries in an artful and plateaued in ranking," but the useful fashion. Under the deal advances that have taken place Yahoo signed with Microsoft ( since the debut of Google's assuming it passes regulatory PageRank are relatively minor

compared with the potential to improve how results are presented to users, she said. Yahoo search expert Yoelle Maarek, head of Yahoo Labs in Haifa, Israel.(Credit: Yahoo Maarek came to Yahoo from Google, where she was instrumental in the development of front-end presentation enhancements such as Google Suggest. In her view, the last decade brought a revolution in the way Web pages are crawled, indexed, and presented to the user: a revolution that saw Google come out a clear winner. But over the next decade, she argues, search will become more about divining the user's intent and improving the delivery of search results. "What's making the difference now is really usage, it's how people enter queries" and what they truly mean when they enter that query, she said. The potential problem for Yahoo is that historical innovations in search presentation haven't really moved the needle, said Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land and a veteran search industry observer. In a 2006 post titled " Why Search Sucks & You Won't Fix It The Way You Think," Sullivan assembled screen shots of various attempts through the history of Web search to show that the simple method of "enter query, hit submit, produce list" is so ingrained into Web users that

attempts to monkey with that usage pattern fail. Three years later, not much has changed, he said this week. If Yahoo's goal after the Microsoft deal is to keep searchers on Yahoo pages in hopes of maintaining investment in search ads, focusing on search presentation isn't necessarily the best way to accomplish that goal, Sullivan said. "I don't think the presentation becomes more important, I think the brand becomes more important," he said, pointing to Microsoft's decision to invest not only in presentation improvements but to also create a huge marketing campaign to boost Bing's image before the world. Besides, Google is working both the back end and the front end of the search business, and likely has more people working on presentation inside Google than Yahoo does, Sullivan said. "If (Yahoo) built a really unique feature that is compelling, maybe that would work. But if they do, Google will imitate it." In any event, Yahoo can't afford to give up on search until the Microsoft deal is completed. Work goes on inside Yahoo Labs on back-end search development, Maarek said. "We don't want to disappoint our users. Until Bing replaces us, we need to do a great job." Yahoo's goal in a postMicrosoft search world is to

merely tread water by making sure Yahoo users on Sports or Finance are not so turned off by the Bing-Yahoo combination that they leave the site entirely to search on Google. Bartz has said many times that the overwhelming majority of searches done on Yahoo are done by people who are already there, rather than those who head directly to or set Yahoo as the search window in their browsers. There may very well be breakthroughs that can be made in presentation of search results, but it does that represent a competitive threat to Google and Microsoft, as Yahoo executives have argued? That is very much an open question to be pondered as Yahoo moves into a new era. But for now, Yahoo has 359 million reasons to emphasize that it's still competing for searchers. That's how much revenue the company pulled in from search ads on its owned and operated sites during the second quarter of the year. It can't allow nearly onequarter of its overall revenue to languish if the Microsoft deal takes longer than expected to complete. Originally posted at Relevant Results

Spring 2010 Wish List: Shoe Edition
By (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:11:03 AM

Spring 2010 has been a season of

notice-me shoes--from Alexander Wang's leopard wedges to the 10inch hoof-like platforms at McQueen. Here, the top 10 styles (from New York, London, Milan, and Paris) that are going on my

spring wish list. Which were your bottom row, from left: Alexander favorites from the spring shows? Mcqueen, Celine —Violet Moon Gaynor Photos: Imaxtree Top row, from left: Alexander Wang, Chanel; middle: Prada;

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Your resource for tracking the swine flu
By Don Reisinger (
When you get to the site, you'll see several colored circles around a map of the world. The color of Submitted at 10/8/2009 2:45:08 PM each circle denotes the severity of H1N1 influenza, better known as the outbreak in a given location. the swine flu, is guaranteed to Inside those circles are numbers, make an impact across the U.S. giving you a tally of confirmed and the rest of the world in the outbreaks in a particular country. coming months. But knowing Perhaps most importantly, the site what to expect, and how to allows you to zoom in to see how determine if H1N1 is impacting many outbreaks have affected where you live, should be the first your area. You can even see how step in your evaluation of the many deaths have occurred. If swine flu. you're looking for in-depth but And that's where this roundup easily understandable tracking of comes in. Listed below, you will the swine flu, FluTracker is your find several resources that will best bet. help you not only track the swine FluTracker tells you where the flu, but probably help you learn a swine flu is.(Credit: Screenshot little something about it as well. by Don Reisinger/CNET Find out about that swine flu GeoCommons Swine Flu Centers for Disease Control-- Tracker-- Unlike FluTracker, The Centers for Disease Control w h i c h p r o v i d e s i n - d e p t h has some of the best information information on what kind of on the swine flu of any site in this impact the swine flu is having all roundup. Everything from its over the world, GeoCommons causes to its symptoms are Swine Flu Tracker doesn't quite available. fit the bill. Information on the swine flu I found that the GeoCommons from the CDC is the best I've seen tracker is really only useful if you on the Web. The site offers basic want to see where H1N1 has hit information for those who want t h e w o r l d . I t s h o w s t h a t an overview. It quickly digs deep information on a Google Maps into treating family members integration that you can move afflicted with swine flu, why a around, zoom in on, and more. vaccination might be useful, who The design of the map is nice, but the flu is most likely to affect, and it needs more information to be as more. It also produces videos and useful as some other services in podcasts. Overall, I liked the this roundup. CDC's presentation on the swine GeoCommons is a little more flu. It's extremely informative. basic than other services.(Credit: The Centers for Disease Control S c r e e n s h o t by Don is a great resource.(Credit: R e i s i n g e r / C N E T Screenshot by Don HealthMap-- HealthMap is one Reisinger/CNET of the most useful apps in this FluTracker-- Rhiza Lab's roundup. Not only does it let you FluTracker app is one of the best track the swine flu, but it also ways to track the swine flu on the allows you to see where outbreaks Web. of other pandemics are impacting the globe. When you get to HealthMap, you'll see several different illnesses listed next to the map. At first, the site displays all the sicknesses all over the world. You have the option of choosing to track any number of issues as you go. The site even lets you choose where it gets the incident reports from so you can be sure that only trusted sources are used. I like HealthMap. Try it out. HealthMap tells you what's happening around the world.(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET H1N1 Response Center-Microsoft's H1N1 Response Center allows visitors to take a swine flu assessment to help them determine whether they have H1N1. When you get to the site, you'll need to input some basic information, such as your symptoms, your age, and your location. From there, the site asks you if it can share your answers with health officials to help them do a better job of tracking the swine flu. It then provides you with an assessment of whether you have the swine flu. The site also features some basic information on the swine flu to educate you on its impact. Microsoft's H1N1 Response Center helps you determine if you have the swine flu.(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET Swine Flu Tracker-- Another useful tracking tool to use Google Maps, Swine Flu Tracker displays all reported incidents of possible swine flu from confirmed cases to false alarms. Overall, Swine Flu Tracker is very basic. It features a Google Map with different markers denoting what kind of impact is affecting different areas. You won't find stats like you will in FluTracker. Unfortunately, all the site lists are the numbers of confirmed cases of swine flu in different states around the U.S. Other than that, you're on your own. Swine Flu Tracker tells you where the outbreaks are.(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET World Health Organization-The World Health Organization provides some of the most informative data on the swine flu of any site in this roundup. The WHO's swine flu page is extremely informative. One of the most useful features on the site is its status-update page. That features the latest information on the spreading of the swine flu around the world. You can also find data on the swine flu's impact. Everything from basic information to treatment is on the site. The WHO has some great information on swine flu.(Credit: Screenshot by Don Reisinger/CNET My top 3 1. FluTracker: If you want to find where the swine flu is going, FluTracker is for you. 2. HealthMap: It covers everything from the swine flu to basic influenza. 3. Centers for Disease Control: Since many of these services rely on the CDC to get information, why not use the site yourself?

Printliminator Quickly, Easily Makes Any Page Printer Friendly [Printing]
By Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:00:00 AM

The Printliminator bookmarklet lets you selectively remove any element from a web page to make it printer friendly in just a few simple clicks. Drag the Printliminator bookmarklet to your browser's bookmark toolbar, then just click it whenever you want to print a page but don't want to waste ink on extraneous ads and other page content. As you can see in the video, using the Printliminator bookmarklet to eliminate unwanted content is as simple as clicking on whatever you don't want. If all you actually want is one element on the page, just Alt+Click (or Opt+Click on OS X) that one element and everything but that will disappear. Other than that, there's not much to it. Click the Print icon once you've got things looking how you want, and you're good to go. This isn't the first bookmarklet of this kind ( previously mentioned Click2Zap comes to mind), but it's nicely made and works like a charm. Printliminator is a free browser bookmarklet, should work in any browser. Printliminator[CSS Tricks]


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Craigslist's Dumb Lawsuit Against Spam Tools Provider
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Well, as Eric Goldman notes, Craigslist is "playing with fire" on Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:12:00 AM a variety of legal doctrines, almost It's hard to come up with an all of which could come back to adjective to describe Craigslist's bite Craigslist. For example, decision to sue Red Trumpet other Craigslist is blaming Red Trumpet than "dumb." Nothing good will -- a service provider -- for the come of this lawsuit for a variety actions of its users in spamming of reasons, and Craigslist is the site. Think about that for a asking for trouble in filing it. second. For the past couple of Now, I can understand why it years, law enforcement officials sounded like a good idea. Last have been trying to use that exact y e a r , w e w r o t e a b o u t t h e argument against Craigslist over increasing problem of spam on things like prostitution posts on Craigslist, highlighting how a the site -- to which Craigslist has variety of spammers had figured always put forth a strong defense out ways around each attempt by that as a service provider (under Craiglist to stop the spam. And, Section 230 of the CDA) it's not yes, we absolutely agree that liable for the actions of its users. spam on Craigslist is a problem Does Craigslist really want to try and a nuisance, and it's good that to establish a precedent that Craigslist is working hard to try to would chip away at Section 230 stop it. But that doesn't make this protections? lawsuit make sense. The full Next, Craigslist is making a lawsuit is below (it's a bit long), really weak DMCA claim here. and highlights all of the different It's claiming that its various anticlaims that Craigslist is making spam technologies (captchas, against Red Trumpet, a company phone verification, etc.) act as that offers tools and services to " t e c h n o l o g i c a l p r o t e c t i o n help advertisers post messages on measures" that Red Trumpet is Craigslist (some of which may be circumventing... and thus running spammy, though, certainly not afoul of the DMCA's antiall): So what are the problems? circumvention rules. But the circumvention has nothing to do with violating Craigslist's "copyright," though the lawsuit makes a half-hearted attempt to claim that it does. Then, there's the trademark claims. There are a few different ones, but it argues that Red Trumpet is violating Craigslist's trademark by mentioning Craigslist on its website and in its ads. While again, you can see why this is annoying to Craigslist, if the company is accurately describing services it provides (the ability to post on Craigslist) it's difficult to see the "confusion" being caused. The ad in question doesn't appear to imply any endorsement at all by Craigslist. And, does Craigslist really want to open up a can of worms concerning trademarks being used in ads? After all, there must be a ton of posts on Craigslist that mention trademarks. Finally, there's Craigslist claiming that Red Trumpet violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by accessing its site despite violating its terms of use. Does this sound familiar? It's the same argument that was used to try to punish Lori Drew, and was recently tossed out by a judge. Basically, it's claiming that if you happen to violate the terms of use of a site, and then still access the site, you've effectively "hacked" into the site. This is a really bad reading of the law, which is why it was good that the Drew ruling got tossed out. So why is Craigslist trying to re-establish that as a rule? Yes, clearly, Craigslist is upset about the spam on the site -- and it should be. Plenty of users are upset about it, and Craigslist wants to help those users, help itself and stop the spam. But this particular lawsuit, with these claims, seem highly problematic - such that even if Craigslist wins, the precedents it sets could come back to haunt Craigslist... and many other parts of the internet as well. Is Craigslist really so desperate to stop spam that it's willing to do all this other damage as well? Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

Spoilers Anonymous: Gossip Girl, Grey's, Lost and much more!
By Isabelle Carreau (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:29:00 PM

This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail dot com, or call and leave a message at(775) 640-8479. Your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such. This week we have spoilers for: Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, Smallville and Supernatural. (SPOILERS FOLLOW!) Continue reading Spoilers Anonymous: Gossip Girl, Grey's, Lost and much more! Filed under: Spoilers Anonymous, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

Blast kills at least 49 in Peshawar
(Financial Times - US homepage)
At least 49 people were killed Pakistan’s northern-most city and up to 100 injured on Friday in close to the Afghan border. a car bomb attack in Peshawar, The attack, near a shopping mall a short drive from the provincial assembly, prompted speculation that the target might have been the legislature.

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BookFresh: Online Appointment Booking With a Facebook Twist
By Christina Warren (Mashable!)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:39:44 AM

Music Publishers, Songwriters To Congress: Our Royalties Should Be Guaranteed, No Matter What The Market Says
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:50:00 AM

This post is part of Mashable’s Spark of Genius series, which highlights a unique feature of startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. The series is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. Name: BookFresh Quick Pitch: BookFresh makes it easy for new and existing customers to connect with businesses and schedule an appointment online. Genius Idea: BookFresh is an online appointment book that small businesses can use to easily schedule appointments for their services, take payments online and integrate with existing websites or even Facebook. I love being able to schedule appointments with businesses online. I don’t always have time to schedule an appointment during business hours (or more to the point, I forget to schedule during business hours) and being able to see availabilities and schedule things in advance is always really nice. BookFresh (formerly HourTown) is a whole suite of tools for small businesses to integrate into their online sites.

With it, customers can make appointments online, pay in advance (via PayPal), get an email reminder of the appointment, and even schedule an appointment from a company’s Facebook page. BookFresh will send business owners SMS messages when an appointment is made, lets them sync their appointment book with iCal or Google Calendar and review appointments before confirming them. BookFresh also has an iPhone app for businesses to keep track of their appointments and bookings. You can use the service for free and get up to three booking a month, but businesses serious about doing online bookings and appointment management will want to step up to the Business plan for $19.99 a month. This provides unlimited bookings, automated reminders, Facebook booking and the ability to take payments via PayPal.

I think that having the ability to book an appointment or schedule a consultation with a business via their Facebook or other social profiles could definitely help a small business owner stand out from the crowd. If you are a service-based business, how do you schedule appointments? Do you use any online tools? Let us know! Spark of Genius Series Sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark BizSpark is a startup program that gives you three-year access to the latest Microsoft development tools, as well as connecting you to a nationwide network of investors and incubators. There are no upfront costs, so if your business is privately owned, less than three years old, and generates less than U.S.$1 million in annual revenue, you can sign up today. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the Azure Services platform for their website hosting and storage needs. Microsoft recently announced the“new CloudApp()” contest– use the Azure Services Platform for hosting your .NET or PHP app, and you could be the lucky winner of a USD 5000* ( please see website for official rules and guidelines).” Reviews: Facebook, PHP Tags: appointments, bookfresh, facebook, online scheduling

protected -- not revenue to be earned. No wonder they're lashing out In digging deeper into the and doing all sorts of ridiculous request from music publishers and stuff like trying to get extra songwriters' representatives after royalties on embedded videos, t h e y s t a r t e d d e m a n d i n g ringtones and 30 second previews. performance royalties for the 30- These are the same groups that second previews in iTunes, Greg have publicly decided they need Sandoval was able to get a copy to try to start a PR campaign of the letter that was sent to the against people who are trying to Senate Judiciary Committee protect user rights and fair use. concerning copyright laws from Since that time, we've noticed the National Music Publishers various people associated with Association, ASCAP, BMI and ASCAP and the Songwriters the Songwriters Guild. Reading Guild putting up various blogs the quotes is stunning, in that you attacking copyright skeptics in the could basically paraphrase them most ridiculous ways. There's as saying "we are luddites -- do one, which isn't worth pointing not let technology change the way out, where a lawyer who works the world works." Here's one with these groups regularly mocks quote:"Technology should not be Larry Lessig, William Patry, u s e d t o s t r i p r i g h t s f r o m Michael Geist and myself -- using songwriters, composers and music nicknames and making up fanciful publishers. The choice of certain stories about us. It's the sort of audiovisual delivery systems or activity you'd expect from a 12methods over others should not year-old. result in a diminution of creators' It looks like these groups simply rights or royalties." Read that one f e e l e n t i t l e d t o h a v i n g t h e carefully. They are saying that as government force everyone to technology changes, and as the hand over money. Songwriters market changes, their royalties who belong to these organizations should never be allowed to drop. are being led down a dangerous Notice that they're not taking path. It seems like there's room in responsibility for adapting to a the market for groups to represent changing market. They're not songwriters' interests without saying that they need to adjust and being anti-fan or anti-technology. put in place smarter business Quite clearly, ASCAP, BMI, models. No, they're saying that NMPA and the SGA do not fall Congress somehow needs to into that category. Instead, they're guarantee that no matter what pretending that the world owes happens in the market, their them money just for existing, and royalties remain the same. they're going to lash out anyone What's really revealing is that who tries to suggest otherwise. this quote highlights the fact that Permalink| Comments| Email these representatives view their This Story royalties as "rights" to be



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ALERT: Vulnerability Discovered in Microsoft hints at Adobe Acrobat and Reader another cheap Office option
By Christina Warren (Mashable!)
software on your system. Microsoft even released the free Microsoft Security Essentials last Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:12:39 AM week. Attention all Adobe Acrobat and Windows Vista users with DEP Adobe Reader users: a critical (Data Execution Prevention) vulnerability has been discovered enabled are protected against this in the latest version of Adobe exploit. Disabling JavaScript will Acrobat and Adobe Reader that also prevent against the current could allow attackers to execute exploit, but a non-JavaScript arbitrary code on a user’s system Adobe is also in contact with based attack could always be by convincing them to open a Antivirus and Security vendors created, so please keep your specially written Adobe PDF file. r e g a r d i n g t h e i s s u e a n d systems up to date. Although Acrobat and Reader recommends users keep their antiIf you want to disable version 9.1.3 for Windows are the virus definitions up to date.” What JavaScript in Adobe Reader or targets, Adobe will be releasing This Means Acrobat, follow these instructions: updates for Windows, Mac, and 1. Open Acrobat or Reader The vulnerability which is UNIX versions of Acrobat and already being exploited in the 2. Select Edit>Preferences (this Reader by October 13. wild, would allow malicious code is Apple>Preferences on the From Adobe’s website: to be installed on your computer if Mace) “Among other issues, this update you opensup a PDF file that is 3. Select the JavaScript will resolve a critical vulnerability designed to take advantage of the Category in Adobe Reader and Acrobat exploit. 4. Uncheck the ‘Enable Acrobat 9.1.3 and earlier (CVE-2009In other words, if you are a JavaScript’ option 3459) on Windows, Macintosh Windows user and you open up a 5. Click OK and UNIX. There are reports that PDF file, if it is written to take Adobe will be releasing an this issue is being exploited in the advantage of this exploit, it could update for Acrobat and Reader wild in limited targeted attacks; allow nasty code to execute on versions 7 – 9 next week, but in the exploit targets Adobe Reader y o u r s y s t e m o r l e a v e y o u r the meantime, be aware of any and Acrobat 9.1.3 on Windows. computer open for other exploits. P D F f i l e s f r o m s t r a n g e r s , Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.1.3 How to Minimize Your Risk especially if you are a Windows customers with DEP enabled on A s w i t h o t h e r t y p e s o f user. Reviews: Windows Vista Windows Vista are protected from documents, only open e-mail Tags: adobe acrobat, adobe this exploit. Disabling JavaScript PDF-attachments from people r e a d e r , e x p l o i t s , s e c u r i t y , also mitigates against this specific you trust. If you are a Windows W i n d o w s exploit, although a variant that user, make sure you have up-todoes not rely on JavaScript could date antivirus and anti-malware be possible. In the meantime,


addition to the client-based Office 2010 versions, Microsoft also plans its Office Web In addition to the bare-bones Applications, browser-based Office 2010 Starter that will come v e r s i o n s o f W o r d , E x c e l , bundled on many new PCs, PowerPoint and OneNote. Those starting next year, Microsoft looks products will be free and adto have another low-cost option supported for consumers, offered up its sleeve. as part of Windows Live. As part of the announcement of The other interesting part of Office Starter on Thursday, Thursday's announcement is the Microsoft said consumers will be "click to run" download method, able to go to retailers and get a which allows users to download "product key card" with a code to Office over the Web but quickly upgrade to a full version of get started before all the code has Office, such as the Home and run. That method uses application Student, Home and Business, and virtualization. A side benefit is Professional versions. that such an installation can If you look closely at the image c o n s t a n t l y b e c h e c k i n g f o r for the Office Home and Student updates and keeping itself current. card, it says "for one preloaded Although Vice President PC only." Now, typically, Office Takeshi Numoto told CNET Home and Student is licensed for yesterday that Microsoft had up to three PCs. That means that nothing new to announce on the this card, which is good for only subscription front, the click-to-run one PC, has the potential to be approach would seem an excellent cheaper than the standard retail technology to use to power a package, which includes a DVD subscription version of Office (or copy and is good for three any other Microsoft product, for computers. that matter). Microsoft isn't talking licensing There was a subscription details yet for Home and Student, version of Office 2007, dubbed but I'm told by those in the know Equitpt, but that product also that my logic is correct. Office came bundled with Windows Live 2010, in all its versions, is set to OneCare and was scrapped, as debut next year, with a beta test Microsoft discontinued OneCare. version of the product due later Microsoft has spent years this year. looking for new ways to sell The software maker is clearly Office, exploring everything from looking for as many ways as ad-funded software to prepaid possible to put the latest version cards good for a certain number of of Office in the hands of those months of Office use. willing to be legitimate users. In
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:34:00 AM

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Mac power tools: charge up your workflow
By Victor Agreda, Jr. (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 10/8/2009 6:30:00 PM

Filed under: Software, Productivity, Tips and tricks, Reviews, iPhone I recently bought a new Mac, and I decided not to migrate years of cruft over to a pristine Snow Leopard install. I also decided to shed years of stale workflow and adopt a new way of doing things. Enter the power tools: software that augments the power and performance of OS X to do things faster and smarter. I'll examine some general system enhancements and look at a couple of powerful Mac/iPhone app combos that really work well together. Step one was finding a replacement for my beloved QuickSilver. I had abandoned QS well over a year ago due to performance issues on most of my Macs, but after a nagging pain in my wrist surfaced, I realized I had

conduits. The solution was the combination of MailPlane and Things. I had really dedicated my heart to Toodledo, but there's one trick I couldn't replicate on any setup ( The Hit List included): when I get an email in MailPlane, I can select some text and press Shift-Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-0 and the Things HUD pops up and autofills the notes section with a link to the email itself. It is awesome. Not perfect, mind you, but a huge thing for me. Read on for more power tools and tips. Continue reading Mac power tools: charge up your workflow TUAW Mac power tools: to find more keyboard shortcuts. $35 per seat, and worth taking 15 c h a r g e u p y o u r w o r k f l o w Enter LaunchBar, which fills in minutes to learn the basics. Go originally appeared on The for 90% of what QuickSilver used ahead, hate me for giving up QS, U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g to do for me. LaunchBar is one but try LaunchBar before you hurl (TUAW) on Thu, 08 Oct 2009 18:30:00 EST. Please see our Ctrl-Space (configurable, of the insults. course) away from Spotlight Next I needed a better way to terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| searching, Google searching, juggle 3 Gmail accounts. But I application launching, math also needed a way to track the Comments calculations and much, much metric ton of inbox items that more. LaunchBar is$25 around f l o w t h r o u g h t h o s e e m a i l

Citi to sell Phibro unit to Occidental
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:10:00 AM

Citigroup on Friday announced that it would sell its oil trading unit to Occidental Petroleum, an oil and gas company, which said its net investment in the business would be about $250m. The deal is expected to deflect criticism that Citi has faced over the potential $100m pay-out to Andrew Hall, its star trader who heads the Phibro unit. Occidental said that it purchased Phibro for “approximately net asset value” and that Mr Hall and Phibro’s current employees and management would remain with the company after the deal closes at the end of the year.

Microsoft's French love in new Windows Phone ad
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:23:51 AM

Love and Microsoft are entities that, at times, have had a fractious relationship. However, take one glance at the new TV ad for Windows Phone and you will see just how much progress has been made to bring a little healing to that Microsoft feeling. A man, who looks suspiciously moody and French, is leaving his apartment.

His lover is pleading with him to stay. But wait he has more than one lover. He has, well, five, six, seven of them. Well, he is French, right? There's something strange about these lovers too. It's not that they seem tired after a night of passionate application to the art of lovemaking. No, these are simply passionate applications. They are Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and, good Lord, is that Twitter twitching like, well, a technically troubled

teenager? How can this man, this louche, sleepy-eyed Frenchman, leave these sweet, tempting applications behind in his apartment while he goes off gallivanting with, who knows, a Snow Leopard? But wait, this is not like those French movies where the ugly guy gets the girl, then gets the girls, and is still eternally unsatisfied with his existential lot. No, this Frenchman has a sense of humor. Just when you are about to burst

into tears at his callous, Gallic behavior, he turns back toward his applications and waves his cell phone to show them that, yes, he loves them and, no, there is no second family of applications in Marseilles. The applications, filled with love and iconic commitment, gaily skip down the steps of his apartment building and begin to bundle themselves into his car. Love is the journey, not the destination. And, in a final gesture of

untrammeled human humility, the Twitter icon knows its rightful place in this menage-a-many: the back end. As it slides into the trunk, my heart hops, skips, jumps, and almost flies through my T-shirt as I whisper to myself: "Microsoft. It's a love thing." It will take time to get used to the concept, but I know that, as in all relationships that start out with good intentions, everything is possible.


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COMPLETE continued from page 29
Distributing a Video Blog Hodson posts her videos on YouTube,, and embeds clips on her blog. She also likes using Flickr for video and photos because she can email them from her iPhone 3Gs, then Flickr sends a link out to Twitter. But, she stresses, no matter where you post your videos, you should add your video clips on your own web site or blog as well. Rosenblum said he loves YouTube because it is simple and so easy to embed, and that quality of Vimeo and is great and fast, while Montgomery said he uses Vimeo for its quality and YouTube for its search. “It really helps if you engage with your audience in social media. I got 9,000 YouTube views in one day for my ‘ Obama in Cairo’ report (second only to Al Jazeera) because I used Twitter, keywords and other social media to promote the publication at the right moment and in the right social space,” he said. Leo posts his clips to Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and his blog sites. He points out that people are loyal to their video providers, so uploading to multiple sites is smart. “It’s just giving people the opportunity to choose how they want to view your video,” he said. “Not everyone uses an RSS feed. Find who your audience is and post it to where they are.” Video Blogging Tips from Robb Montgomery: - Only avoid using a tripod when it is impractical - Be yourself - Avoid trying to copy TV news formulas - Film exciting and visually interesting B-roll - Audio matters for brand identity More social media resources from Mashable: - The Journalist’s Guide to YouTube - The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter - The Journalist’s Guide to Facebook - 12 Things Newspapers Should Do to Survive - How Social Media is Radically Changing the Newsroom Image courtesy of iStockphoto, jorgelum Reviews: BLIP, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, iStockphoto, video Tags: video, video blog, video blogging, vlog

Bradley Whitford teams with Burn Notice scribe Matt Nix
By Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:35:00 AM

Let me start by confessing that every morning, I watched Bravo's back-to-back episodes of The West Wing. That means I get a dose of Bradley Whitford every weekday. Then, there's Burn Notice, created by Matt Nix. I don't miss any of those shows either. So, the news that Bradley Whitford is signed for Jack and Dan, Matt Nix's new series for Fox, was happy indeed. My reaction was enthusiastic optimism bordering on a reason to sing."Oh, what a beautiful

morning, oh, what a beautiful day... " Continue reading Bradley Whitford teams with Burn Notice scribe Matt Nix Filed under: OpEd, Casting, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

Go To The Olympics? Take Photos? Put Them On Flickr? Await Olympic Committee Legal Threat Letter

Wall Street claws back moderate losses
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:16:04 AM

Wall Street clawed back moderate losses on Friday after By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) It's hard to understand what took photos himself -- so it's his and many others online. You strength in the technology sector t h e y ' r e c o m p l a i n i n g a b o u t copyright. Putting them under a would think that would be seen as offset interest rate concerns, Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:21:00 AM specifically. They mention that he CC license is then his decision. good and free advertising rather setting stocks up for their biggest And we've got yet another v i o l a t e d t h e " t e r m s a n d T h e t r a d e m a r k c l a i m s a r e than as something for which the weekly gains since July. International Business Machines example of insane attempts by the conditions" on the back of the laughable. At best, the IOC might legal dogs should be unleashed. Olympics to extend copyright and ticket (which are often not be able to claim breach of contract What sort of organization lets was up 2.2 per cent at $125.01 trademark law well beyond its e n f o r c e a b l e , a n y w a y ) i n in violating the "back of the loose its lawyers on a fan posting after Barclays upgraded computer s t a t e d i n t e n t i o n s ( w h i c h , "licensing pictures." Inquistr ticket" agreement -- but even that photos showing off his cool hardware companies, saying tragically, some governments suggests the problem is that the seems like a stretch, and it's experience attending an event? storage and server demand was have been known to accept in guy, Richard Giles, put his own difficult to see what sort of Honestly, I can't fathom what starting to pick up. Google also order to get the Olympics on their photos (on which he owns the "harm" the IOC could suggest anyone at the IOC could possibly rose 0.5 per cent to $516.95 after Credit Suisse raised its price home turf). This time, it involves copyright) on Flickr under a these photos caused. be thinking here. t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l O l y m p i c Creative Commons license. It's It's difficult to understand what Permalink| Comments| Email target on the stock, citing a potential rebound in advertising. Committee sending a cease-and- difficult to see what sort of leg the the IOC thinks its accomplishing This Story desist to a guy who posted the IOC has to stand on here (though, here. This was someone spreading photos he took at the Beijing it may involve jurisdiction in a the word (and view) of his Olympics on Flickr. Seriously. few different countries). The guy Olympic attendance to his friends

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Greenpeace praises Apple's US Chamber of Commerce exit
By Ken Ray (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:00:00 AM

Microsoft shutterbugs shoot for a cause
raise $10,000 by selling 200 of the books. However, they reached that goal on the second day of the Over the years, Microsoft campaign, which runs for several employees have done a lot of more weeks. things to raise money for the Microsoft also donates money c o m p a n y ' s a n n u a l g i v i n g for each hour employees put into campaign. There have been cell volunteering, contributing $17 an phone tossing contests, executive hour for each hour their workers dunkings, and even an auction to volunteer, up to a total of $12,000 get one's name in an Xbox game. per employee per year. This year, though, a group of Overall, Microsoft and its photographers from across the workers raised more than $87.7 company has come together to million last year. This year, the produce a fine-art book. Their Softies are hoping to top that, c r e a t i o n , with events including a "rock, " P h o t o g r a p h e r s @ M i c r o s o f t paper, scissors" competition, a 2 0 0 9 , " i s a v a i l a b l e f r o m poker tournament, and an online auction (built on Windows Azure, More than 900 photos were of course) where employees can submitted for the book, and 157 bid on everything from lunch with were chosen. We put a couple a top executive, to the loan of an dozen in our photo gallery, but the executive's car, and even coveted photos are all amazing. parking spaces. The book is being sold to both I know, for a fact that MBD those inside Microsoft and the boss Stephen Elop has his eye on general public. The creators all one of the parking spots under donated their work, with the book Building 36, although he assures selling for $25 over the cost of me that out-bidding him is not a printing, with all profits going to career-limiting move. the United Way. Initially, the group hoped to
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:00:00 AM

Filed under: Apple Corporate, Apple Greenpeace has decided they'll get more attention from praising Apple than by trying to bury it. The environmental organization is singing hosannas and heysannas to the Cupertino-company for taking a green stand and resigning from the US Chamber of Commerce. Apple walked away from the organization on Monday over Chamber actions seen by Apple as opposing efforts to limit greenhouse gases. Chamber President Thomas Donohue says his organization does want to see "legislation to address climate change," though the Chamber is against current proposals that, he says, will "significantly raise energy prices, (and) throw more Americans out of work." Greenpeace revels in the kerfuffle, saying in a post on its

website, "Apple has stormed out of the biggest lobby group in the United States. At issue is the US Chamber of Commerce's use of funds to oppose climate change legislation. Apple has done the right thing, and IBM and Microsoft should think different

too." ( See what they did there?) The environmental organization says the Chamber should consider the number of jobs that would be created by helping clean up the environment. It's hard to see these two groups hugging it out. Still, it's praise and adoration for Apple, with the "save the whales" set saying, "The stakes have never been higher for the climate. Apple's move will throw an uncomfortable spotlight on any company that stays on in the Chamber but doesn't act to change its policies." Interesting. I wonder if Apple thought of that. [via cnet] TUAW Greenpeace praises Apple's US Chamber of Commerce exit originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 10:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

TUAW Live Chat with App Store developers
By Erica Sadun (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))
door? Or can you make it as an independent, finding your own fortune and success. Today, Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:50:00 AM TUAW talks to a handful of App Filed under: iPod Family, Store developers to hear their iPhone, App Store, SDK How s t o r i e s a n d d i s c u s s t h e i r hard is it to make a living at App e x p e r i e n c e . Store? Are the naysayers right? Today's scheduled panelists Do you need a full-fledged include Bryan Mitchell, author of business plan and established the extremely successful Geared company even to step through the game for iPhone, Scott Lawrence, developer of LlamaSlate, LlamaClock, among others, Darrel Plant, creator of Bedeviled, a puzzle game, Youssef Francis of Brancipater, developers of FlowChat (an iPhone IRC client), and Jonathan Zdziarski, author of the best Nintendo emulator that never made it to App Store, plus an Amber Alert app that did. Jonathan is also the author of several iPhone books. We'll be chatting about the challenges and rewards of App Store: how the little guy can make it big, and how the little guy can get beat down. Join us for this live chat and bring your questions. Read on for the chat Continue reading TUAW Live Chat with App Store developers TUAW TUAW Live Chat with App Store developers originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:50:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments


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Web of Trust extension comes to Chrome
By Stephen Shankland (
widely used extensions available on other browsers but now on their way to Chrome, whose Submitted at 10/8/2009 10:45:00 AM extensions framework is just Google's browser now has an getting off the ground. There also extension to use the Web of Trust, are extensions (called add-ons in a project that lets people rate the the Firefox realm) for Delicious trustworthiness of Web sites and and Xmarks, for example. see how others have rated them. The extension takes advantage The open-source plug-in of the newer "mole" feature that previously worked only with lets windows pop up from the Firefox and Internet Explorer, but bottom of the screen. (The "mole" now a version is available for the term originated with the work new developer preview version of Google's Gmail team on instantChrome, according to a blog post. message windows; closing a The Web of Trust extension lets number of them is like playing people rate Web pages. Clicking Whack-a-Mole.) However, Web an icon in the lower left corner of o f T r u s t p r o g r a m m e r s a r e C h r o m e p o p s u p t h i s considering using a newer interface.(Credit: Screenshot by extensions possibility called Stephen Shankland/CNET browser actions, which builds an It's one of a host of relatively extension interface into a button that appears along the top of the Chrome window. "Browser Actions look promising though and we're looking forward to using them in future," said programmer Sami Tolvanen in a mailing list announcement. He also offered a list of suggestions for the Chrome extensions interface. Separately, Google announced a new developer preview version, Chrome for Windows, for Mac OS X, and for Linux. In the Windows version is a new browser action feature, pop-up windows. Originally posted at Deep Tech

Hi, Billy Mays III here for South Park...
By Danny Gallagher (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:02:00 PM

If you're a celebrity and you appear on TV's South Park, chances are it's not going to end good for you. You're either going to end up dead, in Hell, or dead and in Hell. So you can probably imagine the reaction from the family of the late TV pitchman Billy Mays: exuberant joy and ecstatic excitement. Billy's son Billy Mays III said on his Twitter page that he was "proud" and "honored" his late father was included in their "Dead Celebrities" episode. He's also trying to get a cel of his father's caricature autographed by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

He hasn't said if he's gotten it yet or not, but he's reportedly sweetening the deal for the South Park creators by throwing in an extra bottle of Chipotlaway absolutely free. Matt and Trey, call now! Filed under: Commercials, Celebrities, South Park, RealityFree Permalink| Email this| | Comments

G-Map back in action with new nav app
By Mel Martin (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))
free traffic service for one year, and a claimed update to the Navteq data. Like many of the Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:00:00 AM competitors out there, G-Map Filed under: iPhone, App offers address book integration, Review XRoad gave us one of the 3D views of the road, detailed first Nav apps for the iPhone. It's renderings of thousands of still for sale under the name G- intersections, trip planning, and it Map West or East, and gives users a l l o w s t h e e d i t i n g o f P O I either a Western or Eastern U.S. information by adding notes or version. It was pretty basic when phone numbers. it first came out, but there have So how does it work in the been many improvements. world of cars, traffic, and road Now the folks at XRoad have a c l o s u r e s ? O K , b u t i t ' s n o t new app that covers the whole of wonderful. First, the app is pretty the U.S., Puerto Rico, and slow. It acquires a GPS signal Canada, and it's on sale for right away, but then G-Map takes US$39.99. it's own sweet time orienting the The new version of the app maps. For a few seconds, your brings text to speech to the party, direction of travel is not at the top. confusing visual cues. When you get a call, the app stops, and after the call you can go back in. When I did go back into the app, I had to once again acknowledge the legal mumbojumbo by tapping on the screen. Continue reading G-Map back in action with new nav app TUAW G-Map back in action with new nav app originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 07:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| After a bit, G-Map figures it out, but I think if you were launching Comments the app when you were already underway, you'd get some pretty

US trade gap unexpectedly narrows in August
(Financial Times - US homepage)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:06:21 AM

The US trade gap unexpectedly narrowed in August, due to a rise in exports of services and a slump in demand for oil, commerce department figures showed on Friday. The trade deficit fell 3.6 per cent to $30.7bn from July, following a 16.3 per cent jump the prior month, which was the sharpest rise in 10 years. The August data surprised economists who were expecting the deficit to widen because of higher oil prices.

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App sneak peek: Nicolas Sarkozy Caught Mass 'Pirating' DVDs; Time To Kick Him Accuterra 3.1 topo maps Off The Internet
By Jessica Dolcourt ( By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 5:40:00 AM

Why is it always the adamant defenders of silly policies like kicking people off the internet for copyright infringement who are later found to be mass infringers themselves? French President Nicolas Sarkozy, of course, was the first major politician to support the concept of kicking people off the internet for copyright infringement (more commonly called a "three strikes" rule). He took credit for coming up with the idea originally nearly two years ago, and pushed very hard for the law -- which eventually passed but was then tossed out as unconstitutional in

France. Sarkozy still stood by it and helped bring back a revised version. Of course, in the middle of all this, there was a bit of irony in that Sarkozy was caught using music without authorization in some online videos, for which he paid a €30,000 fine. Of course, it now appears that may have just been the tip of the iceberg. Boing Boing points us to the news that Sarkozy's administration has been caught mass "pirating" DVDs of a documentary about Sarkozy. The publisher of the documentary only made 50 copies. Sarkozy's "audiovisual services" group happened to make itself another 400 without permission -- even replacing the name of the original

publisher on the cover. Once again, this should be a "teachable moment," to point out to Sarkozy and other supporters of such plans to kick people off the internet that the issue isn't quite so simple after all. When you're on the other side, sometimes it seems perfectly natural to make a copy of something, without even realizing it's potentially infringing. Unfortunately, why do I get the feeling that Sarkozy won't change his stance one bit -or even recognize the irony of the situation? Permalink| Comments| Email This Story

Version 3.1, which is expected in a few weeks, doesn't layer on a ton of features, but there is a new Submitted at 10/8/2009 10:41:00 AM slide-out panel we like that makes The Accuterra topo map will get t h e c o n t r o l s m u c h m o r e a slide-out control panel in accessible. With a well-aimed version 3.1.(Credit: Screenshot by swipe and a tap, you'll be able to Jessica Dolcourt/CNET toggle between the Accuterra topo As a wannabe weekend warrior, maps and Google's maps. The app I'm happy to see topographical will also contain a simpler library maps for mobile phones gaining organized around a search bar up ground on decidedly consumer top and traditional iPhone tab devices. Interactive trail maps like menu buttons below. Accuterra for iPhone make a lot By the end of the year, you of sense, especially with cellular should be able to purchase extra reception and baked-in GPS chips content within the app, such as a strong enough in so many local video of your location or a hills and national parks that you historical Civil War walking tour. can actively record your steps, Accuterra costs 99 cents in the share photos, and track your stats. App Store; with local maps At CTIA Fall 2009 (see all selling for about $3 each. stories), we got a sneak peek at Originally posted at CTIA Fall the next version of Accuterra that show will hit the iPhone app store.

Adobe brings to the iPhone
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Adobe on Friday introduced a new Photoshop app for iPhone users that lets them take and edit photos both from their phone and their online library on The app is free of charge and offers tools like cropping, image rotation, color controls, and simple one touch filter effects that can change the look and feel of shots all at once. It also features undo and re-do controls so that if users make a mistake, or want to

revert back to the original it's just a few taps. As soon as users are done editing any photo they can either save it back to their phone, or upload it to their account. The app also doubles as a photo taking tool since you can simply take a photo then have it upload right away. What makes the app notable (besides from being from Adobe) is that the entire editing control set works off of gestures. Instead of using dials or sliders, users just need to swipe their finger across the screen to change things like

brightness, or color values. The same goes for its filters, which can be whisked from one end of the screen to the other instead of taking up more screen real estate

or using a drop down menu. It's one of the more intuitive control methods I've seen on a mobile photo editing app, and can be quite precise once you get the

hang of it. The app is available right now, and is free of charge, however Adobe's free service has a 2GB limit which can be expanded with one of its annual paid storage plans. Photoshop for iPhone lets you do all sorts of things to your photos, including beaming them back to when you're done.(Credit: CNET / Josh Lowensohn


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MediaDailyNews: Obit: Madison Avenue Pioneer Heekin, Dead At 82
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Kids find Nintendo yummier than Oreos, M&Ms
included the iPod at number 12, Sony's Playstation at 14, YouTube Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:36:00 AM at 36, and Microsoft's Xbox at 42. Although kids may gobble up Kids participate in more than junk food, it seems that they love $ 5 0 0 b i l l i o n i n c o n s u m e r with playing with Nintendo spending each year, according to devices even more. Smarty Pants, and their parents Out of the 100 most loved consider their favorites when brands of America's children and buying everything from snacks to tweens, the Nintendo Wii and DS entertainment, both of which scored the first and second spots, popped up heavily on the list. according to a report by research "From Crayola to iPod, kids' firm Smarty Pants. most loved brands are familiar, The survey " Young Love" iconic brands that delight kids and found that even tempting snacks parents with variety, value, family like Oreos and M&Ms trailed -friendly content, and simple behind the Nintendo gear, taking p l e a s u r e s , " S m a r t y P a n t s the third and fifth spots in the list, President Wynne Tyree said in a respectively. Other techie items statement. "Interestingly, the top loved by 6- to 12-year-olds brands are not traditional 'for kids only' brands; in fact, many are not marketed directly to kids." To compile the report, Smarty Pants questioned 4,700 American kids and their parents online over a period of nine months. Covered in the survey were more than 260 consumer brands across 20 different product categories. The brands that kids liked most, said SmartyPants, were the ones that offered high-quality family time, age-appropriate content, parent-approved indulgence, variety/choice, "cool" accessibility, and chatter-worthy advertising.

New York Giants say quarterback Eli Manning tests foot injury in practice Friday
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FarFinder remote access tool: on sale and iPhone savvy
By Steven Sande (The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW))
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Filed under: Software, Odds and ends, Internet Tools, Deals I'm a sucker for anything that allows me to get secure remote access to my home machine, so when I saw that FarFinder, the remote access tool from FlyingMac, was on sale for US$20, I jumped on the chance to buy it. It'll be on sale until October 22nd, so if you want to get the application for US$15 less than the normal price, you'll want to head over to the

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning took part in practice Friday after missing time this week with a foot injury. Manning, who shared snaps with backup David Carr, is questionable for Sunday's game against the visiting Oakland Raiders with plantar fasciitis, an inflammation near the heel of the tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot. NFC East blog's Matt Mosley writes about all things NFC East in his division blog. • Blog network: NFL Nation Manning has started 82 straight games but has been bothered by the injury for the past few weeks. He didn't practice during either of the Giants' other workouts this week, on Wednesday and FlyingMac site right now. The will give you service forever...or T h u r s d a y . family license is US$20 off at least until there's a major The ailment reached a during the sale, and is available upgrade you need to purchase. crescendo Sunday when he set up for US$45. Continue reading FarFinder to throw against the Kansas City The last time someone at remote access tool: on sale and Chiefs in the fourth quarter. TUAW wrote about FarFinder iPhone savvy After practice Thursday, coach was back in 2008, when blogger TUAW FarFinder remote access Tom Coughlin declined to predict Mat Lu referred to it as " your tool: on sale and iPhone savvy whether Manning would be able Finder on the web." That's a originally appeared on The to start, saying only that Manning perfect way to describe FarFinder, U n o f f i c i a l A p p l e W e b l o g was feeling better. since it makes your Mac's files (TUAW) on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 A decision on whether he plays and folders (plus any network08:00:00 EST. Please see our may not be made until Sunday. attached or external drives that are terms for use of feeds. The fact he returned to the field mounted) available to you from Read| Permalink| Email this| gives Manning a better chance of I really like about FarFinder is Comments most web browsers and your being available. iPhone (see screenshot at right). that once you've purchased it, Information from ESPN's John there are no extra subscription FlyingMac offers a 20-day free Clayton was used in this report. fees. That means that US$20 price trial of the application. One thing

Pioneering ad agency chief James Robson Heekin Jr. died Monday. He was 82. Heekin, who in 1965 was tapped by David Ogilvy to serve as president of Ogilvy & Mather in the U.S. at the age of 39, went on to hold the same post at legendary agency Doyle Dane Bernbach. He was the father of James R. Heekin III, who serves as chairman-CEO of WPP's Grey Group.

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WebGL slips into Chrome, too, for 3D Web
By Stephen Shankland (
when Chrome launches. The latest versions are Chrome for Windows and for Mac Submitted at 10/8/2009 7:49:00 PM OS X and Linux. When it comes to built-in WebGL began at Mozilla and support for hardware-accelerated Khronos Group, the organization 3D graphics, WebGL is being that oversees the OpenGL 3D built into Firefox and the browser graphics interface. WebGL lets project behind Safari, and now programmers creating Web sites Chrome is following suit. issue commands for drawing 3D "Preliminary WebGL support is graphics, but the standard is still n o w b e i n g c o m p i l e d i n t o under development. The general Chrome," said Kenneth Russell a idea is important for advanced Wednesday message to a Chrome Web sites and for Web-based mailing list. But, he warned, applications, which although WebGL itself is still under s t e a d i l y g e t t i n g m o r e d e v e l o p m e n t a n d t h a t n e w sophisticated don't yet match their versions of the WebKit browser analogs that run natively on technology on which Chrome is computers. based might cause Google supports WebGL but i n c o m p a t i b i l i t i e s f o r n o w . also is working on a separate, WebGL can be used in the latest higher-level 3D interface for C h r o m e d e v e l o p e r p r e v i e w browsers called O3D. version--but only if "--enableOriginally posted at Deep Tech webgl" and "--no-sandbox" command-line switches are added

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize, Twitter Goes Crazy
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Rock Band coming to the iPhone
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Filed under: Gaming, Software, Odds and ends, Developer, iPhone, App Store, iPod touch, Music It's true -- as leaked earlier this week and confirmed yesterday, EA is bringing Harmonix's Rock Band to the iPhone, and it's about what you'd expect: notes come down the screen set to popular music, you tap in certain places in time to the beat, and get a score based on how well you do. Truthfully, I'm a huge Rock Band(and Harmonix) fan in general, but this doesn't excite me much -- the big draw of Rock Band is actually playing with those instruments, and while yes they're plastic and tiny, when you get four people in the same room together playing them, it actually

feels like you're jamming in a band. Fortunately, the iPhone version will have both online and bluetooth multiplayer, so you will be able to jam with people, but the gameplay is simply reminiscent of Tap Tap Revenge, which you probably already know about and/or have. It looks like they've gotten most of their songs from the actual Rock Band game; twenty songs with the purchase (no price yet), and then there will be 99 cent packs of two songs each coming out soon. The app's been submitted and it should be out in the store next week. TUAW Rock Band coming to the iPhone originally appeared on The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

If you’re wondering why half of the Twitter trends are currently related to US president Barack Obama, news broke recently that he has been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The official site of the Nobel Foundation is dying under the sudden surge of traffic, but the list

YouTube Reaches One Billion Views Per Day
By Stan Schroeder (Mashable!)
billion dollars Google has paid for it, but it definitely makes it up when it comes to visitors. Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:30:04 AM To celebrate the occasion, When your website first reaches YouTube has a special logo today, a million visitors, it’s a great accompanied with the text “1 milestone. However, one billion billion views per day”. Yes, views per day can only be attained they’re bragging, but one has to by the selected few, and YouTube admit they have a lot to brag is now one of them. about. Reviews: Google, According to the official blog, can withstand that much traffic, Y o u T u b e YouTube is serving “well over a and then remember that YouTube Tags: billion views, Google, billion views a day”. That’s at is just one of Google’s many youtube least 11,574 views per second, properties. 694,444 views per minute, and As we wrote earlier this week, 41,666,667 views per hour. YouTube still may not be making Imagine the web server farm that enough money to justify the 1.65


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BARACK41 continued from page
of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates has already been updated, as you can see in the screenshot below. This is a somewhat surprising move by the Nobel Committee, since Barack Obama simply hasn’t had enough time as president to do all that he had set out to accomplish. Still, Thorbjorn Jagland, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, claims that the prize was awarded based on Obama’s work so far. “We are not awarding the prize for what may happen in the future but for what he has done in the previous year. We would hope this will enhance what he is trying to do,” he said. Twitter is currently overwhelmed with tweets related to the event, and is at times unresponsive, but it’s still holding on. Dozens of topics related to the award and Obama are currently extremely popular on Tweetmeme. If Twitter manages to go through this eventful day ( NASA’s LCROSS project, as well as Miley Cyrus quitting Twitter are also popular topics) without a meltdown, it’ll be quite an accomplishment for the service that’s so often troubled with downtime. Tags: Nobel, obama, twitter

Spotify Co-Founder: Notion of Overnight Success "Misleading and Harmful"
By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
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Courtney Lee Out to Prove Magic Wrong
By Ariel Helwani (FanHouse)
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by Ariel Helwani Filed under: Magic, Nets, NBA Videos, FanHouse Exclusive Following his successful rookie year with the Orlando Magic last season, Courtney Lee could have never imagined being traded. But such is the life in the NBA, where the Magic decided to ship one of their bright young stars for the opportunity to team Dwight Howard up with Vince Carter. As a result, Lee enters this upcoming season with the New Jersey Nets with an Epcot Center-sized chip on his shoulder. FanHouse recently spoke to Lee at the NBA Live 10 launch event in New York about how long it took for him to get over the trade and why the Nets shouldn't be counted out before the season

even starts. The video interview is below. FH Preview: New Jersey Nets| Brook Lopez Key for Nets Courtney Lee Out to Prove Magic Wrong originally appeared on Fanhouse NBA Blog on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:30:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

In a surprisingly candid post on Spotify's blog, company cofounder Daniel Ek recently shared his thoughts about where the popular streaming music company stands today and where he hopes it can go in the future. The main point of his post was to clarify that Spotify, despite being a media darling these days, is nowhere near becoming a sustainable company with a stable revenue model. However, that's their end goal, Ek says, and they're in it "for the long haul" with no intention of simply "flipping" the company after the hype reaches its crescendo. But in the meantime, the company struggles with the exorbitant perplay fees enforced by the music industry while not finding success with an ad-supported model. Sponsor Don't Count on Overnight Success According to Ek, the notion of overnight success is "very misleading and actually rather harmful to any hope for long term and sustainable growth in this industry." Despite this fact, he calls out the music industry for doing just that and expecting to see business models proven "within months of inception." That's just not how it works, he says, reminding us how iTunes was not initially the powerhouse it

In addition, another challenge facing the company is how to earn a profit considering the large costs of licensing the music it plays... especially when reliant on an adsupported model.(Spotify offers multiple service levels, one being ad-supported. It also offers subscriptions.) Earlier this year, another streaming service,, had to do away with their ad-supported model for the same reason. The Music Industry Needs is today. In its first year, the to Change If it was up to Spotify, the company missed its revenue targets by 30% and most label m u s i c i n d u s t r y w o u l d b e executives doubted its staying embracing the future instead of constantly fighting against it. Ek power at the time. W h i l e E k r e a l i z e s t h a t says that in order for the industry comparing iTunes to Spotify is to find success, they need to wrong given the very different realize that the new business b u s i n e s s m o d e l s f o r e a c h model is "a mix between adcompany, it does prove the overall supported music, downloads, point: success in this industry subscriptions, merchandising and ticketing where the user comes takes time. Spotify, which is currently first and where the key to hugely popular in Europe, has yet m o n e t i z a t i o n c o m e s f r o m to launch in the U.S. due to portability and packaging access c o n t r a c t n e g o t i a t i o n s o v e r rights." If willing to adapt, the licensing agreements. However, music industry could then have as popular as the service is, it still the potential to become a $40-50 has a long way to go both in terms billion industry and one that could of product and monetization. Ek grow stronger than it ever was. Until that time, it looks like acknowledges that one thing which needs to be addressed is Spotify has a long ahead of them, how difficult it is for Spotify users but it's good to know that they're to actually buy the music they're up for the challenge. "We aren't listening to. Yet despite the fact interested in just trying to hype that nearly 80% of the company's the company and then flipping it," users are unaware that they can Ek says. "We are in this for the purchase the tunes they're hearing, long haul." Discuss Spotify is still one of the biggest affiliates to music downloads.

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Weekly Wrapup: Countdown to The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit
By Richard MacManus (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:00:00 AM

In this edition of the Weekly Wrapup - our newsletter summarizing the top stories of the week - we continue the build-up to our first event: The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit on October 15th in Mountain View, California. You can register here for the low price of $270. Also this week we analyzed applications from The Internet of Things, looked into a new class of tools that surface influencers from Twitter data, questioned whether 'app addiction' is real, reviewed the latest eBook trends, and more. We also check in on our two main c h a n n e l s : ReadWriteEnterprise(devoted to 'enterprise 2.0' trends and p r o d u c t s ) a n d ReadWriteStart(dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs). Sponsor Next Week: The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit ReadWriteWeb's very first event is happening this coming Thursday! The ReadWrite RealTime Web Summit is on October 15th in Mountain View, California. It's a 1-day event that will bring together some of the smartest minds doing real-time work for an industry-changing, face-to-face conversation. In conjunction with the Summit, we'll be releasing our second original premium research report in October. Registration is still open for the The ReadWrite RealTime Web Summit, we hope to

see you there! Web Trends Applications From The Internet of Things - An Analysis of Pachube Last week we reported that Pachube, an open source platform enabling developers to connect sensor data to the Web, had released a real-time notifications feature. We at ReadWriteWeb think that Pachube is an excellent example of one of our Top 5 Trends of 2009: Internet of Things. So this week we explored Pachube in-depth in a 3-part series. In Part 2, we looked at what applications we can expect to see in the coming years. See also Part 3: Business Models of The Internet of Things - An Analysis of Pachube's Open Source Platform Uncovering Connections on Twitter Could Become Big Business If there's a hard-to-reach person you want to meet, one of the best ways to do so is through their friends. A new class of tools intended to surface influencers and the people they are influenced by, is focusing on Twitter. Could analysis of individual behavior on Twitter become a valuable tool for business development and marketing? A growing number of startup companies are making a case that it could. Is App Addiction a Real Thing? Do you jokingly refer to yourself as an "app addict?" That is, are you someone so obsessed with your mobile phone applications that you've filled numerous screens full of apps? USA Today recently asked: " What is app addiction doing to

people's health? What indeed, we wonder. How about nothing at all? Holiday Outlook for eReaders and eBooks: Even Better Than Previously Thought There can be little doubt that eBook and eReaders are having a breakout year. This week, Forrester Research moved its original projection of 2 million US eReader sales in 2009 up 50%. They argue that sales are growing much faster than expected because of falling prices, better retail distribution, and the media buzz that currently surrounds eBooks and eReaders. SEE MORE WEB TRENDS COVERAGE IN OUR TRENDS CATEGORY ReadWriteEnterprise Our channel ReadWriteEnterprise, devoted to 'enterprise 2.0' and using social software inside organizations. Real-Time Collaboration Has Stalled...For Now A Forrester study reports that real-time collaboration has stalled in the enterprise, due in most part to the lack of adoption in technologies such as web conferencing and instant messaging. That may be true with existing technologies but it is important to note the new generation of applications that extend real-time collaboration tools. The report covers devices, productivity, mobility, collaboration, intranet portals, and Web 2.0. ReadWriteStart

Our channel ReadWriteStart, sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, is dedicated to profiling startups and entrepreneurs. Morpheus: Y Combinator-Like Incubator in India (RWS Interview) Morpheus describes itself as "a gang of serial entrepreneurs and around 40 startup founders" who are "trying to make a small contribution towards India's startup revolution." The venture aims to fill the gap in early-stage financing with a decidedly handson approach. We spoke recently with Indus Kaitan, a Valley entrepreneur who returned to India as a Morpheus partner. Read on and listen to find out more about the early-stage scene in India. SEE MORE STARTUPS COVERAGE IN OUR READWRITESTART CHANNEL Web Products Gmail Users Get Real-Time Updates in their Email Messages Recently, some Gmail users spotted a new feature in which small favicons were appearing next to certain email messages in the inbox view. The icons only appear next to commercially sent emails such as those delivered by Netflix. They indicate which messages include what Google is calling "enhanced content" - that is, real-time updates from companies contained within the body of the email messages themselves. Facebook Now Tracking Gross National Happiness; Continues Hoarding Data Facebook announced this week that it is tracking what it calls

Gross National Happiness, based on an analysis of the positive and negative words people use when updating their Facebook status. The new index is interesting, but it's also a frustrating example of just how much value Facebook is withholding by not allowing everyone access to the anonymous, aggregated activity and conversation of more than 300 million people. Shiny, Happy Brightkite: Check Out the Site's New Look, Enhanced Features Last week, we noticed some downtime for location-based web service and TechStars grad Brightkite. We emailed founder Brady Becker and learned that soon, his team would be rolling out a second version of the site. Read on for a glimpse of what the site now looks and feels like, as well as an exhaustive list of new features and improvements. iPhone's Flash Apps: Let the Games Begin This week at the MAX 2009 Conference, Adobe previewed Flash Professional CS5 and announced that the new release will let Flash developers export their files as iPhone apps. In the past, developers have had to create separate iPhone apps and web-based tools. The significance of this announcement is that development time for thousands of Flash-based gaming and music companies will be cut significantly. SEE MORE WEB PRODUCTS COVERAGE IN OUR PRODUCTS CATEGORY WEEKLY page 44


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Ray Ozzie's New Social Lab: What It Means For Enterprise 2.0
By Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:00:00 AM

Now that Ray Ozzie has stepped into the ring with the news that Microsoft is launching a full on social lab, it's clear that the Enterprise 2.0 movement is moving into a new phase. Now comes the question of what effect Microsoft will have on the way Enterprise 2.0 evolves and what roles the early parties to the game will play in its future. Sponsor Ozzie is Microsoft's chief architect and one of the most respected people in tech circles. Lillian Cheng will lead the Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs and report to Ozzie. Cheng is an luminary in her own right, leading a number of research efforts for Microsoft, including the Vista UI. FUSE will combine three labs: The Creative Systems Group, which has been lead by Cheng and the Rich Media Labs and Startup Labs, now commandeered by Ray Ozzie. In an email to Microsoft employees this week, the message was pretty clear about the direction the company will take with its technology development. In essence, the tea leaves say that pretty much every product at

Microsoft will include social or sharing features. FUSE will serve as a resource for the product groups. In Ozzie's words: Myriad scenarios involving the notion of 'social' have now gone far beyond communications and collaboration and are transforming experiences that are key to our customers and key to our business, in leisure & entertainment; productivity & teamwork; experiences extending how we use the OS itself. The three groups being combined have concrete skills and code in areas where 'social' meets sharing; where 'social' meets realtime; where 'social' meets media; where 'social' meets search; where 'social' meets the cloud plus three screens and a world of devices. FUSE Labs will bring more coherence and capability to those advanced development projects where they're already actively collaborating with product groups to help them succeed with 'leapfrog' efforts. Working closely with (Microsoft Research) and across our divisions, the lab will prioritize efforts where its capabilities can be applied to areas where the company's extant missions, structures, tempo or risk

might otherwise cause us to miss a material threat or opportunity. Microsoft's apparent deep commitment will create a rising tide for the Enterprise 2.0 movement, which is already in full swing. A number of best in breed applications are being used by business people. Microsoft's high profile commitment will further fuel interest in these applications. Part of this is just the natural order that is taking place. Corporations have historically relied on document-based systems such as Sharepoint. Web pages reflect the next extension, but they, too, are essentially a form of a document. Enterprise 2.0 is forcing a change by fitting social layers that surface information from traditional data silos. That shows no sign of slowing down. FUSE will push the effort forward in their work with the product groups. It will be a wholly different kind of approach that has its roots in IT more than in the business departments. A Different Development Burden Microsoft faces a different developmental burden than what faces the young, best of breed companies that are building social

applications for their business customers.These companies are building products from scratch that they can quickly change without worrying about software upgrades. Their products will continue to fill a gap for the business manager. This means that the Enterprise 2.0 movement will see a dual form of growth, both from business and IT departments. How Will The Customer Fare? Perhaps more interesting will be the changing dynamics for Microsoft customers. I spoke with Tim Young, CEO of Socialcast about this topic. The advantage of social technologies is their ease of use and how they fit into a line of business. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools can be treated as an expense. They perform a service. Business users like that model. The applications are easy to use and affordable. They do not require an IT team to put in place. Business users have been free to use these technologies at will. They have been pretty much ignored by the IT Department. But recently, Microsoft has been pressuring their IT contacts to upgrade to Sharepoint 2010. People we speak to say that IT

is now starting to ask business users about the social technologies they are using. IT is skeptical to some extent. They have relationships with Microsoft that are important to maintain. But unlike in the past, business users are the early technology adopters and hold a bit of power. They have started using social technologies and are not looking back. They have crossed the chasm and are looking to employ these applications even more. The news from Microsoft just proves that the social enterprise is here to stay. Microsoft is in not such a bad space. Companies are still heavily reliant on spreadsheets and email. Documents still remain the crown jewels of the organization.Their social offering only stands to improve with FUSE now in place. Several companies, like Jive Software, are integrating their products with Sharepoint, providing an edge they previously did not have. We expect Microsoft will play a heavy hand in how Enterprise 2.0 evolves. But the foundation has already been established to some extent without them. They have their own allies in the enterprise. Now it's just a question of how fast the culture shifts. Discuss

WEEKLY43 continued from page
That's a wrap for another week! Enjoy your weekend everyone. Discuss

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Spammers Newest Tactic: YouTube Got Questions About Video Spam Making Online Video? YouTube Says "Shoot"
By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb)
"spam." That moniker should only be reserved for videos which are truly undesirable messages where Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:02:29 AM fraudulent activities are Researchers at Kaspersky Lab underway. The question is, how have recorded a mass mailing of will YouTube know? spam emails containing a link to a Assuming video spam takes off, video advertisement on YouTube. the best thing the site could do to Although in the past, spammers around that video spam is more police the online content is to have have attempted to lure s u c c e s s f u l t h a n t r a d i t i o n a l include a "report spam" button for people into clicking links by methods, there's no doubt that it videos themselves as they now claiming the link would display a will only increase. How Would h a v e o n l y f o r t h e v i d e o YouTube video, this is the first YouTube Handle Video Spam? c o m m e n t s . So what will YouTube do if case in which the link actually Of course, for the potential video spam becomes a real did. In this particular incident, the problem on their network? We victims of video spam, the best video in question is a Russian ad would like to think that they thing to do is to not get duped into promoting industrial real estate. would take the offending content visiting YouTube in the first Sponsor place. Spam filters will simply Two years ago, Kaspersky Lab down, but that could be easier h a v e t o a d a p t t o t h i s n e w said than done. After all, this isn't was predicting that YouTube technique. Unfortunately, that will would eventually become a vector like the copyrighted content that be yet another challenge for their Content Identification tool for disseminating spam due to its Google, who, in addition to worldwide popularity. However, can easily identify and remove. owning YouTube, also offers a this is the first time the video- That tool works by comparing feature in their webmail product sharing site has been used in this unique signatures somewhat like a G m a i l w h i c h a u t o m a t i c a l l y way as far as the researchers can digital "fingerprint" from a embeds any YouTube videos content owner's copyrighted file tell. referenced in the email directly in Says Darya Gudkova, Head of to user uploads across the site. the message itself. That makes it Content Analysis & Research at Then, if a match occurs, the even more convenient for video Kaspersky Lab, "naturally, this copyright holder has the option to spammers who wouldn't have to type of advertising is more have the video taken down. Identifying a spammer's video convince their victims to leave interesting and gets more hits." would be much harder. Just their inbox and launch a new That's bad news for YouTube browser window, only click a because when something works, b e c a u s e s o m e o n e i s u s i n g button on the video embeded spammers keep at it...with a YouTube to sell something, that below. Discuss vengeance. Once word gets doesn't necessarily mean it's video

By Jolie O'Dell (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 8:09:45 PM

YouTube is throwing a bone to content creators with questions about how to do online video right. The mega-video site is partnering with Videomaker magazine to offer free webinars on topics of interest to the wouldbe iJustines and Ask A Ninjas of this world. Topics will cover how to shop for a video camera, microphone techniques, lighting, and all the basics of shooting palatable, watchable online video content. Sponsor We've found out the hard way that shooting video for the Internet can yield mixed results, and the smallest mistakes while the camera is rolling can lead to huge failures once the video is live online. Because different content creators struggle with different elements of online video, YouTube is asking users to vote for which topics the first webinar should cover. Options include shopping for a camcorder, button basics, lighting and filtering, microphone techniques, the art of composition, and handheld camera techniques. Users can also

submit their own ideas and discuss common issues. The first webinar is scheduled to take place October 27, 2009, at 2 p.m. Pacific Time/5 p.m. Eastern Time. The webinar will last for one hour, and interested parties can register here. As we already know, one of the best ways to avoid the brutality that is YouTube comments (which were recently voted the worst thing on the Internet, we will have you know) is to shoot high-quality video content. Even with inexpensive equipment and no formal filmic education, many YouTube heroes have learned to generate stellar videos. All it takes is practice and a few hints from folks who know. Props to YouTube for giving their users a small nudge in the right direction. And if you can't make time for the webinar, just watch this very serious and detailed tutorial on video blogging from Justine Ezarik: Discuss


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Update to Google Sites Demonstrates What the GDrive Could Look Like
By Frederic Lardinois (ReadWriteWeb)
to find any other references to this so far. What makes this dialog Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:23:58 AM interesting is that this is likely the We have been hearing rumors files from almost all of Google's first time Google has brought all about the Google Drive online services and looks a lot like we of these services together and also storage service for years now. would imagine the GDrive to look made it easy to search for This mythical GDrive would give like. documents across all of these users the ability to easily store and Sponsor services. Of course, in the context access all of their files in the Even more interestingly, as of Google sites, it makes perfect cloud. Lots of other services A l e x C h i t u a t t h e G o o g l e sense to see all of these assets in already offer this, of course, but Operating System blog point out, one dialog, but until now, you few of them are at the center of you can use this link to access the couldn't directly access Picasa's our online lives as much as 'document picker' used in Google albums from Google Sites, for Google is. Yesterday, Google Sites directly - though most of the example. Sites, a service that lets users items in it are meant to be inserted We can't be sure if this is really build their own websites without somewhere else and don't open a harbinger of the Google Drive, having to ever touch the HTML or within the standalone dialog but hopefully Google will bring CSS code, just launched an update (yet?). Internally, according to this interface to other services like to its unified 'insert' dialog. This Chitu, Google calls this service Gmail or even Google Wave. By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:00:00 AM dialog brings together all of your OnePick, though we weren't able Discuss

CeeVee Creates CleanLooks Resumes for Web or Print [Resume]
to eat healthfully, but if there's a choice between eating ice cream and spending all day obsessing about eating ice cream, I'm going to eat the ice cream! Amen. Still, if you've got your own rules of thumb for making sure you're sticking to a healthy, balanced diet (maybe you subscribe to Pollan's simple "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." mantra), let's hear it in the comments. Food Rules: Your Dietary Dos and Don'ts[NYT via]

Michael Pollan's 20 Food Rules to Live By [Friday Fun]
By Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:30:00 AM

that rules to live by, but most are actually kind of useful as motivational tools to help you A lot of Lifehacker readers turn stick with healthy habits. For to In Defense of Food author example: Michael Pollan's practical, no• Never eat something that is nonsense advice when they're pretending to be something else. looking to eat better and healthier. • If you are not hungry enough to Over at the New York Times, eat an apple, then you are not Pollan has pulled together 20 hungry. solid—sometimes silly—eating • The Chinese have a saying: rules of thumb. "Eat until you are seven-tenths Photo by Shahram Sharif. full and save the other threePollan asked his readers to tenths for hunger." That way, food submit the food rules they live by, always tastes good, and you don't and over 2,500 responses later, he eat too much. culled together 20 favorites. Some Still, eating really doesn't have of the rules are more folks-isms to be all that difficult, and

shouldn't necessarily require so many rules—which is where the next-to-final rule on the list comes in: After spending some time

working with people with eating disorders, I came up with this rule: "Don't create arbitrary rules for eating if their only purpose is to help you feel in control." I try

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CEEVEE46 continued from page
Resume-making tools are a dime a dozen, but free webapp CeeVee has notable advantages. Autofilling from Facebook profiles, easy print and PDF export, and simple editing tools make it more convenient than manhandling Word for an hour. If you've filled out your work history on Facebook and connect with CeeVee through a Connect log-in, your resume is auto-filled with the most pertinent contact and experience portions. You'll definitely want to tweak those lines a bit, and CeeVee makes that easy, offering sectional editing that leaves the page looking good, even after you yank out that whole section about what a joke your internship was. If you'd like to share your resume online, you get a URL, and embeddable badges for your site. The employer looking at your resume can easily print or save it to PDF, and you control what's seen publicly. All in all, it's a clean-looking edit tool that produces crisp resumes, and it seems worth the small time investment to try out. One complaint from a quick test, though—don't require the "Position at Company" structure. As you can see in the example, it requires freelancers to work "at will," or something similarly creative. CeeVee is a free service, requires a sign-up to save a resume. CeeVee[via Web Worker Daily]

Power Rankings: Early Season Edition
By Adam Gretz (FanHouse)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:00:00 PM

DataMasher Mashes up Government Data at Your Bidding [Mashup]
By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
Education and Health Care Coverage or Federal Spending per Representative in Congress—or Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:00:00 AM you can create your own mashup Mashups can be fascinating, from the thousands of data sets layering data over maps to available. provide insight into trends and DataMasher won't guarantee the patterns. That kind of data s t a t i s t i c a l v a l i d i t y o f y o u r manipulation would seem beyond mashups, if the data sets are the scope of the merely curious, available for number of toaster but thanks to DataMasher you can owners and number of dog instantly create a mashup. owners nothing is stopping you DataMasher pulls from the from creating a mashup of the e n o r m o u s a m o u n t o f d a t a two, but nonetheless the service compiled and released by the U.S. provides a simple and fascinating Federal Government—data which way to access large amounts of often collects dust or makes brief data usually too unweildy and appearances on charts stuffed in tucked away for the average newspaper corners. person to bother with. You can browse through DataMasher[via MakeUseOf] mashups created by other users—like High School

by Adam Gretz Filed under: NHL Power Rankings Ranking the teams after two weeks -- and a handful of games - leads to some bizarre results, especially when, like us, you're ignoring a team's reputation, preseason hype and what happened in the previous season. In our first power rankings of the season we take a look at the power of small sample sizes and how they can turn this thing upside down. The important thing to keep in mind: It's still very, very early. Power Rankings: Early Season Edition originally appeared on Fanhouse NHL Blog on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

Hackintoshed: Life With My “MacBook Nano”
By Clayton Lai (TheAppleBlog)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 11:00:21 AM

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with the MacBook Pro — HACKINTOSHED: page 48

After four months of lugging a


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HACKINTOSHED: continued from page 47
which, at 5.5lb, isn’t exactly light to begin with — I decided enough was enough. Since I’ve been wanting to ease some load off of my shoulder, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy the new 13inch MacBook Pro, the time was right for me to consider a smaller and lighter alternative. To be more specific, it was time to consider a “MacBook Nano.” Opening Pandora’s Box Four years ago, Apple announced a transition from powering its Macs with PowerPC processors to Intel processors instead. The biggest ramification of such an architecture change was an obvious one: Mac OS X, previously written for the PowerPC platform, could then theoretically run on any Intel x86based computer. In the years after, enthusiasts have made much effort in making OS X run on generic PCs by hacking the various drivers — kernel extension, or kext files — so that the operating system can recognize hardware components beyond those used in Apple’s Macs. This has been achieved to varying degrees of success; due to the extremely wide range of configurations PCs ship in, some brands and models sporting certain hardware components run OS X better than others. Do Your Homework First To ensure you get the smoothest ‘Hackintosh’ experience possible, you have to first know which netbooks are the best ‘hackable’ candidates before you make a purchase. Currently, the netbooks most compatible for running OS X — when every component, from Wi-Fi to built-in audio, will be recognized by an OS X installation — are the following four: • Dell Mini 9 (everything works) • Vostro A90 (the OEM version of the Dell Mini 9) • HP Mini 1000 (everything works) • ASUS EeePC 1000H (everything works) Close behind those four are the following models, of which OS X does not have the necessary kext for one particular component in each model. However, each of them can still be considered a suitable candidate for running OS X, depending on what you consider to be non-critical: • ASUS EeePC 901 (everything except sleep) • MSI Wind U100 (everything except audio input, though there’s been recent development in this area which may have solved this) • Lenovo IdeaPad S10 (everything except Ethernet) You may have noticed that these are all older models. That’s the bad news. These models have already been superseded by newer models, and are therefore increasingly harder to find. But the good news is that most retailers are likely to have slashed prices in their bid to clear out existing stock precisely because they are older models. Picking the Candidate Last week, I marched into a local computer mall and found both a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 and a HP Mini 1000 sitting side-by-side in one store, going for $385 and $415, respectively. Talk about luck! Design-wise, I had eyes only for the IdeaPad S10 and the Mini 1000. Its lower price aside, I picked the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 in the end, even though I knew the Ethernet port would not work (I don’t recall having used an Ethernet port in the past year). Not only was it cheaper, the IdeaPad S10 was better-spec’ed than the Mini 1000 in almost every aspect: • Memory: 2GB versus 1GB • Storage: 160GB versus 60GB • Battery: 6-cell (5.5 hours, 56 watt-hour) versus 3-cell (3 hours, 24.4 watt-hour) • Memory card reader: 4-in-1 ( M M C / S D / M e m o r y Stick/Memory Stick PRO) versus SD only The clincher, for me, is that the IdeaPad S10 has an ExpressCard/34 slot, with which I can use my 3G ExpressCard modem, and also a trackpad of which its buttons are positioned beneath it rather than to the left and right as it is on that of the Mini 1000. (Note to Apple: If Lenovo can squeeze a 4-in-1 memory card reader and an ExpressCard/34 slot into a tiny sub-notebook, you can certainly do the same for the 13and 15-inch MacBook Pros. Just admit already you simply don’t want to.) I should note that the one very good thing going for the HP Mini 1000 is that it has a 92 percent keyboard (versus the 85 percent keyboard of the IdeaPad S10), an impressive feat of engineering considering the fact that the Mini 1000 is of about the same width as the Lenovo IdeaPad S10. Installation is an Outpatient Day Op Installation is a breeze. Enough effort by enthusiasts have been made that installing OS X on a PC is a quick weekend exercise. While I will not detail how to ‘Hackintosh’ a netbook, there are essentially two ways to do so: by obtaining an installation disk image already hacked with the appropriate drivers (the easiest way to go), or by installing from the retail DVD and subsequently hacking the drivers (messier and not for the novice). Since most netbooks do not have optical drives, I had to use an external DVD drive. After making sure the BIOS of the netbook has been set to boot first from an optical drive, I popped the OS X 10.5.4 Install DVD in, booted the S10 up and off went the installation. Upon first boot, I had to replace a kext file for the Wi-Fi in the IdeaPad S10 to work. Once that was up and running, all that was left to do was to replace a couple more kext files for functions such as system sleep, two-finger scrolling, internal audio input, ExpressCard, and display hot keys to work. Once I was sure I had all the components working, I did a Software Update to 10.5.8. Doing so killed the Wi-Fi, keyboard and trackpad, but a repeat of replacing kext files restored them to a working state. Overall Impressions How does it fare? The ‘Hackintosh’ is more than capable of handling basic functionality well on a daily basis. Overall speed and performance of OS X on the IdeaPad S10, which is powered by the Intel Atom N270 1.66Ghz processor, is akin to that of an iBook PowerPC G4. There is Always a “But” The one glaring caveat to running OS X on a netbook is the lack of screen real estate. Most netbooks are equipped with either a 9- or 10-inch screen typically running a resolution of 1024 by 600. But the overall UI design of OS X is seemingly based on a minimum screen resolution of 1280 by 800, which is what the lowest-spec’ed Macs run at. This poses some usability issues when it comes to the window size of certain applications. System Preferences, for example, opens a window longer than the screen resolution of the IdeaPad S10 can display. As you can see in the screenshot above, anything beyond the first row of Preference Panes in the ‘Others’ section are obscured. The workaround to this is to click on any Preference Pane, and then click the ‘Reveal All’ buttons to go back. Doing that invokes a scroll bar within System Preferences, which you can then drag to reach the previouslyobscured Panes. The other two issues I have with the IdeaPad S10 are the righthandside Shift key and the tiny trackpad. But these are all small annoyances, really, not showstoppers. While a 1024 by 600 screen resolution means I’d mostly be running one application fullscreen at a time, once I think of this limitation as a way to force me to focus on one task at a time, it’s not so bad. Plus, there’s always Megazoomer; fullscreen is just a Command+Enter keystroke away. And LazyMouse helps mitigate the problem of the tiny trackpad. The Mac Netbook as the Middle Ground I had, from the get-go, meant to use this ‘MacBook Nano’ of mine for only web browsing, email, simple image manipulation and writing. Prior to getting the IdeaPad S10, there were days when I’d go out with only my iPhone 3G, knowing I can do all of the above with it. But there are times when I need to HACKINTOSHED: page 50

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Microsoft Considers Zune On the Mac and Apple Should Offer iTunes Subscriptions
By Liam Cassidy (TheAppleBlog)
Mac OS version of Microsoft Zune Player software appearing one day soon? The latest version, Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:00:14 AM Zune 4.0, is described in a recent Mary Jo Foley reports on her review by Paul Thurrott as ZDnet blog that Microsoft is “…vastly superior to its only real seriously considering making competition, Apple’s iTunes.” Zune services, such as the Ouch. subscription-based Zune Pass, But as Pinero explained, Zune available to other platforms — Pass wielding Mac owners can and that includes Apple’s very already use their web browser to own Mac OS X. listen to their music. What they It’s early days though, as Foley can’t do on the Mac OS is admits, “There’s no guarantee that purchase and manage their music. the Redmondians will end up And that’s where a native version doing this — or timetable as to of the Zune software comes in. when this could happen — but it’s This raises the sticky-sweet one of many strategies under issue of the Subscription Model, active consideration.” and whether Apple ought to adopt She adds, “I’ve been thinking it. It’s a model proven supremely that there might be a number of s u c c e s s f u l b y t h e l i k e s o f Apple iPod/iPhone users who Rhapsody in the U.S. and Spotify might prefer a music subscription in Europe. Let’s take a quick look service over a pay-per-song one. at those services. Spotify (And one that’s better than Spotify is, at its most basic Rhapsody.)” level, completely free (through Jose Pinero, Director of the unpredictable insertion of Communications for Microsoft’s thankfully-occasional unskippable TV, Video and Music Business ads). An optional monthly fee of told Foley that: £9.99 (around USD$15) buys the “…with the addition of the u s e r a P r e m i u m A c c o u n t , ability to stream music from a banishing the ads and allowing browser that is part of the new the user to store streamed songs Zune 4.0 experience, Mac and locally on their desktop computer Linux users already can stream ( and now iPhone) for listening music to their systems if they offline. Rhapsody have a Zune Pass subscription. Rhapsody doesn’t offer a free The streaming capability isn’t service, and at $12.99 its cheapest limited to Internet Explorer; it membership level is relatively works with any browser.” expensive when compared to So does this mean we may see a Spotify. For two dollars more, subscription service from Apple could potentially draw on the vast repository of content found throughout iTunes. So, to Music we can add TV shows, movies, maybe even custom-made “premium” podcasts from high profile celebrities and artists. And Rhapsody users can store music in a post-Tablet 2010, it’s for offline listening. Zune Pass conceivable subscription-based Zune Pass comes in at one price magazines, newspapers, journals only — a hefty $14.99 — and and books could be added in to offers both unlimited streamed the mix. music and a selection of 10 Others might have been first to downloadable tracks each month the Subscription Model party, but that are yours to keep. That’s 120 it’s easy to imagine the Apple songs per year. If you have a PC pitch: “Today, Apple reinvents and a Zune player, you can store the Subscription model…” only, songs for offline playing. y’know, they’d say something Now consider how Apple could way more funky than that. dominate this market. At its I can’t believe I’m excited at the September 9 Press Event Steve prospect of yet another reason to Jobs said Apple manages over one give Apple my money. But I do hundred million active iTunes believe this is a service Apple accounts with credit cards. That’s would do well to consider. The a staggeringly huge number, and Rhapsody’s and Spotify’s of this even if we make some pretty world prove there’s a growing, conservative estimates, we still lucrative market demand for arrive at impressive results. Try streaming content. That Microsoft this on for size; if Apple launched i s s e r i o u s l y c o n s i d e r i n g a monthly subscription service, expanding its Zune Pass service to priced at just $9.99 per month other platforms tells me, beyond a ( c h e a p e r t h a n Z u n e P a s s , shadow of doubt, there’s gold in Rhapsody and Spotify) and if only them thar hills. I wonder if Apple one percent of its credit-card- has noticed? toting iTunes customers signedIt is 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! up… that’s still almost a billion Read our latest reports on the dollars in the bank, per year. future of 3D TV, mobile, There’s more. While Rhapsody, c o m p u t i n g a n d m o v i e s . Spotify and Zune Pass all cater to our (strictly) musical needs, a

Puck Talk: Just How Good Is Ovechkin?
By Bruce Ciskie (FanHouse)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:00:00 PM

by Bruce Ciskie Filed under: Avalanche, Capitals, Sharks, FanHouse Exclusive The NHL season has begun, and it sure was an interesting first week. A scoring binge in Washington, stunning defensive start in Denver, and a stumble out of the gates in San Jose. FanHouse national NHL insider Christopher Botta joins us this week, as we break down the lidlifters around the league. Listen after the jump. Puck Talk: Just How Good Is Ovechkin? originally appeared on Fanhouse NHL Blog on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments



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AT&T Not Ready for Tethering, May Throttle iPhone Data

HACKINTOSHED: continued from page 48
Small, Light, and It Runs OS X. What’s Not To Like? Having used the S10 every day for a week now, taking it instead of my 15-inch MacBook Pro everywhere, I can say with certainly that my MacBook Pro will be relegated to my desk on most days, and that my preferred portable computer from hereon will be this ‘MacBook Nano’ of mine. I can fish it out in places where opening a 15-inch notebook would be a clumsy thing to do; my tired shoulder has never felt better; I have desktop-class computing power everywhere I go, and can do far more than what I can with the iPhone. It is inexpensive, small, light, and it runs OS X. What’s not to like, really? It is 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! Read our latest reports on the future of 3D TV, mobile, computing and movies.

download, review, annotate and then resend certain types of documents neither iPhone OS nor a third-party iPhone app By Liam Cassidy adequately meet the demands of recognizes. Without a notebook (TheAppleBlog) t h e ( g r o w i n g ) s m a r t p h o n e with which to do that, I am pretty market? Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:52:40 AM much stuck. So, until Apple In an article yesterday on All reinvents the sub-notebook with We reported here on Tuesday Things Digital, John Paczkowski its fabled tablet, this ‘Hackintosh’ that AT&T had announced plans reported that a staggering 4.1 fills the gap between the times to make VoIP services available billion text messages are sent when I don’t need to lug around a on its 3G network, great news for every single day in the U.S. (740 workhorse like my MacBook Pro iPhone users who previously billion in the first half of 2009 and when I need to do more than could only use applications like alone). That’s double the number what my iPhone 3G lets me Skype and Vonage via a Wi-Fi in the same period last year. do.“Mac or No Mac, There is No network. So, AT&T sorted out According to the CTIA, there Try” MMS and now it’s sorted out are more than 246 million I’m sure I speak for many dieVoIP. That just leaves tethering, wireless data-capable devices at hard Mac users by saying that, right? Now that it’s upgrading its large in the U.S. today. Of these, being someone who cannot network and fixing everything 40 million are smart phones or fathom using anything other than that was wrong for iPhone PDAs, and more than 10 million Mac OS X, and faced with a customers, tethering has to be just are laptops. Little wonder that p r e s s i n g n e e d t o h a v e a around the corner, yes? wireless data service revenue rose lightweight portable, I’d rather No. According to an article network to make sure that the few 31 percent to more than $19.4 use OS X on a netbook with all of from the Wall Street Journal, an cannot crowd out the many,” he billion in the first six months of the compromises it entails than to AT&T spokesperson says it needs said. 2009. have to use Windows on the same PC World’s Mark Sullivan more time to work on that Chart from CTIA netbook. To me, the Mac thinks this can only mean one functionality: It’s not hard to see that AT&T is experience has always been more Whenever we offer new thing: placing hard limits on the behind the curve when it comes to about software than hardware. features, we want to offer the best total amount of data iPhone (and bolstering its data network to possible customer experience. For o t h e r b a n d w i d t h - h u n g r y meet the demand of its customers. tethering, we need to do some smartphone) owners can consume. So far behind the curve, in fact, In the face of exploding data that its competitors can afford to additional fine tuning to our systems and networks so that we s e r v i c e d e m a n d a n d s c a r c e take legitimate shots at the wireless spectrum, does AT&T c o m p a n y i n t e l e v i s i o n do deliver a great experience. So I won’t mention how, late intend to quietly begin rationing c o m m e r c i a l s . last year at the Web 2.0 Summit, the data usage of bandwidth hogs So what’s the solution for longAT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega like the iPhone? Will AT&T suffering iPhone customers? told Michael Arrington that begin to quietly “manage” the Jumping ship and moving to tethering would be available duration and speed of my 3G Verizon? Or remaining loyal to By David Klein (TheAppleBlog) connection based on how much AT&T, avoiding the hassle of “soon.” Submitted at 10/8/2009 1:30:14 PM Clearly AT&T is struggling to data I’ve used in a given day, or changing contracts and giving the cope with the data demands made on the type of content or services company time to improve its I have always been curious about by modern smartphones on its I’m using the bandwidth to network and expand its services? what kind of tools people have access? creaky old network. Speaking this It’s already had the better part of used to liveblog events (especially AT&T announced in September three years. How much more those involving Apple). As many week at the annual CTIA Conference in San Diego, and that it was working on upgrading patience will customers have? of you readers know, Apple reported by PC World, de la Vega its network, but the process will It's 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! recently held a media event on hinted at possible future steps the take time. Is throttling data a Read our latest report, " 3DTV 9 . 9 . 0 9 . I j u m p e d o n t h e telecom giant may take to lessen necessary solution in the short Market is Ready for Takeoff." o p p o r t u n i t y t o a t t e n d a n d the load. “We have to manage the term, until the network can more r e p r e s e n t

How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event
TheAppleBlog. Naturally, one of my responsibilities was to liveblog everything. Here’s the plan that was put HOW page 51

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HOW page 50 continued from
together: Hardware • Macbook Pro • iPhone • Canon G10 • Eye-Fi Pro card Software • CoverItLive • Text messaging • Email • Flickr • Adium • Eye-Fi Manager Josh Pigford, TheAppleBlog’s editor, manned the computer to keep up a constant stream of updates on Twitter and CoverItLive, an awesome liveblogging tool. Before I had access to a Wi-Fi network, I used my iPhone to send Josh text messages and email photos. I was warned by several other attendees that Wi-Fi never holds up during events. The proof? Everyone there appeared to have a 3G card for their laptops. I was extremely concerned, but at least I had my iPhone as a backup. Once the press were allowed to check in and move closer to the building, I whipped out my Macbook Pro and jumped on the Wi-Fi network. I had to configure the Eye-Fi card so my Canon G10 would automatically upload photos as I took them. Configuring the card was quick and easy (thanks Eye-Fi!). The photos would be uploaded to EyeFi and then immediately sent to my Flickr account for Josh to grab. Eventually we were allowed to enter and take our seats. The end result was a comical combination of high and low tech. While photos were uploading (over the surprisingly reliable Wi-Fi network) I typed out virtually everything said on stage to Josh over AOL Instant Messenger (Adium). It was his responsibility to interpret and publish my neverending stream of consciousness writing style into something you could read through via CoverItLive. I was surprised to see how much he let through (including my comments about Phil Schiller dancing in his seat). I hope you all enjoyed the coverage, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve for next time please leave a comment. It is 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! Read our latest reports on the future of 3D TV, mobile, computing and movies.

iPhone OS 3.1.2 Released Man & Machine Wins Mighty Mouse Moniker
By Liam Cassidy (TheAppleBlog)
line of optical mice that are waterproof, hygienic and “…specially designed for use in Submitted at 10/9/2009 7:34:30 AM medical, industrial and marine Earlier this week, while Apple applications.” was distracted with its objections TechCrunch reports that while o v e r s u p e r m a r k e t c h a i n Man & Machine released a Woolworths new logo, the U.S. statement about the win, they Patent and Trademark Office was didn’t mention Apple by name, busy awarding the name “Mighty though did say, “Others have used M o u s e ” t o p e r i p h e r a l the name Mighty Mouse for their manufacturer Man & Machine. computer mice and have sought According to TechCrunch, Man registration of that trademark, but & Machine was finally granted now the United States government web site and cannot find that the trademark on Tuesday, after has spoken.” (By the way, I’ve statement.) five years of using the name on a been all over the Man & Machine Turns out that, all these years, Apple has licensed the Mighty Mouse name from CBS, the trademark owners of a certain well-known cartoon superhero rodent. That license didn’t extend to computer peripheral hardware, however, and this was a deciding factor in the USPTO awarding the trademark to Man & Machine. It’s unlikely Apple would — or could — license the name from Man & Machine, since it already uses it on a line of pointing devices. So the most logical next step would be to create a new name.

A month after Apple made

And the timing couldn’t be better (or worse, depending on your viewpoint). Recent reports and rumors suggest that Apple is busy working on a brand new pointing device which may be constructed from aluminum and do away with the much-maligned scroll-nub in favor of a touchsensitive interface. An “iMouse Touch,” perhaps? It's 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! Read our latest report, " 3DTV Market is Ready for Takeoff."



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IPHONE 51 continued from page
iPhone OS 3.1 available, version 3.1.2 for the iPhone and iPod touch can now be downloaded via iTunes. Besides achieving version synchronicity (3.1.1 came with the 3G iPod touch), the update addresses issues with waking from sleep, cellular network disruption, and crashes while streaming video. The most notable problem, the “ iPhone coma” issue, resulted in some iPhones becoming unresponsive, touch controls not working, and phone not ringing when called. This required a hard reboot, but that was only a workaround. It’s still too early to tell whether 3.1.2 is a true fix for that pernicious issue. Unfortunately, what was not addressed in the terse update log at all was battery life. That’s a little irritating because the problem has been acknowledged by Apple as “under investigation.” While fixes for issues relating to loss of network connection or random crashing/freezing are always welcome, those issues seem to affect a relatively small number of users. The battery life problem likely impacts most iPhones, if not most iPhone owners, the latter being dependent on how the individual uses the iPhone. Still, one hopes there is an iPhone OS update coming that will address the power management issue, and sooner rather than later. In addition to the iPhone OS update, there is also a carrier update, version 5.6, but no info on what it does. It is 3D Week at GigaOM Pro! Read our latest reports on the future of 3D TV, mobile, computing and movies.

What's On Tonight: Baseball, Clone Wars, Numb3rs, Bill Maher
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:17:00 PM

• MyNetwork TV has a new Smackdown! at 8. • Disney has a new Wizards of • TBS has Baseball Playoffs all Waverly Place at 8. night. • Cartoon Network has a new • IFC has a marathon of The Clone Wars at 8, followed by a Prisoner all night. new Ben 10: Alien Force. • At 8, CBS has a new Ghost • At 9, USA has a new Monk, Whisperer, followed by new followed by a new Psych. episodes of Medium and • Syfy has a new Stargate Numb3rs. Universe at 9, then a new • NBC has a new Law and Order S a n c t u a r y . at 8, then new episodes of • Lifetime has a new DietTribe at Dateline and The Jay Leno Show. 9. • FOX has new episodes of • At 9:30, Cartoon Network has B r o t h e r s , ' T i l D e a t h , a n d a new episode of The Othersiders. Dollhouse. • At 10, HBO has a new Real • There's a new Smallville on Time with Bill Maher. The CW at 8. • Food Network has a new Chefs • PBS has a new Washington vs. City at 10. Week at 8, then new episodes of • History Channel has a new NOW and Bill Moyers Journal. Lock 'N Loaded with R. Lee

Ermey at 10. • E! has a new episode of The Soup at 10. • Also at 10: Comedy Central has a new Comedy Central Presents. Check your local TV listings for more. After the jump, the late night talk shows. Continue reading What's On Tonight: Baseball, Clone Wars, Numb3rs, Bill Maher Filed under: Late Night, Programming, Celebrities, Talk Show, What To Watch Tonight, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

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Matthew Weiner of Mad Men: The TV Squad Interview
By Joel Keller (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:57:00 AM

Fine Living will become the Cooking Channel
By Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:00:00 PM

It's hard to say that a show that's already won a small U-Haul's worth of Emmys and other awards can be having a breakout season, but that seems to be what's happening with Mad Men during its third season. The buzz around the show has been as loud as we've heard since The Sopranos went to black, and that's not a coincidence; the man who created the early-1960s world of Sterling Cooper, Matt Weiner, was a writer on the landmark HBO drama. Weiner just completed shooting season three, and he took time out of his post-production process to sit down with me on Monday and talk about how the season has been going so far. I tried to get him to talk about what seems to be the show's inevitable roll towards the cataclysmic event of 1963, the Kennedy assassination, but Weiner was tight-lipped as usual. However, his observations on how he approaches events like that is an interesting read. Oh, and we also touch upon how he came

TODAY’S continued from page 53
more times this month like he did Wednesday, suddenly $160 million almost sort of approaches sounding reasonable. As he has been for most of the last two months, Sabathia was very efficient in dispatching the exhausted Minnesota Twins by a 7-2 score Wednesday. In the New

up with the idea to run over a British ad exec's foot with a lawn mower, which is a good story by itself... Continue reading Matthew Weiner of Mad Men: The TV Squad Interview Filed under: Interviews, By Brett McMurphy Emmys, Reality-Free, Mad Men (FanHouse) Permalink| Email this| | Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:00:00 PM Comments by Brett McMurphy Filed under: Big East Each Friday, FanHouse's Brett McMurphy will preview the Big East and make his weekly York Times, Tyler Kepner details p r e d i c t i o n s . the Yankees’ long-held crush on West Virginia coach Bill Sabathia, and the change in S t e w a r t q u o t e s T h e o d o r e a p p r o a c h — f r o m m e r e l y Roosevelt on his Twitter page. He spending more to how to spend talks about how he got his fire more intelligently — that his growing up from his mother, who signing heralded. “The Yankees "would drop you like a bad habit in a second." On the Big East's weekly TODAY’S page 54

When you're a cable network and you're only reaching 55 million households and want to reach twice that amount, what do you do? If you're Scripps Networks, you rebrand the channel and give it a new name. That's why Fine Living will become the Cooking Channel in 2010. The way I see this, since Scripps owns the Food Network, the Cooking Channel will be sort of a Food Network annex. Food Network 2.0. Food Network, Two. In actuality, a lot of the programming on Fine Living now is connected to Food Network. Old Iron Chef episodes, Emeril LaGasse and Mario Batali and Wolfgang Puck ... all cooking shows that were once on Food Network.

Today’s Yank Gazillionaires Outpace Prior Yank Gazillionaires
( The Daily Fix)
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Now that it's going to drop the Fine Living angle and concentrate on cooking, all the overflow from Food Network will have somewhere to go. Continue reading Fine Living will become the Cooking Channel Filed under: Food/Home/DIY, Industry, OpEd, Reality-Free Permalink| Email this| | Comments

As stacked as Wednesday’s three -game MLB playoff slate was with telling performances, it was, finally, just one day of baseball. But while it’s not breaking news, Wednesday’s games did at the very least remind viewers of just how good CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee are at pitching. Associated Press If CC Sabathia pitches five

Big East Picks: The Honeymooners
reporters, something that's becoming a rarity these days in the big business of college football. On Monday, Stewart delivered this gem when asked about the significance of senior linebacker Reed Williams returning from an injury: Big East Picks: The Honeymooners originally appeared on Fanhouse NCAA Football Blog on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

conference call, Stewart is genuinely friendly to reporters and provides thoughtful and meaningful responses to every single question. Stewart is a go-to quote for


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TODAY’S continued from page 53
payroll is always an extraordinary advantage, but it matters most when they spend wisely,” Kepner writes. “Questionable investments like Kevin Brown, Kyle Farnsworth, Jason Giambi, Kei Igawa, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright have bloated the payroll in recent seasons and produced no championships. By spending for players in their primes like Sabathia, [A.J.] Burnett and [Mark] Teixeira, while keeping less expensive young players just tapping their potential, the Yankees have more hope now.” Despite the Yankees’ thoroughly dominating win, Adam Peterson comes up with five reasons why the Twins can steal the series at the blog Twinkie Town. Sabathia looked strong on Wednesday, but Philadelphia’s Cliff Lee looked downright dominant. Lee allowed just one run and five hits in a completegame 5-1 win over the Rockies. At Fox Sports, Tracy Ringolsby argues that Lee’s “CG” was nearly as important as the “W.” “It was a godsend,” Ringolsby writes. “On a team in which the bullpen has imploded and [Manager Charlie] Manuel admits his late-inning usage plan consists of his gut-feeling at the time, Lee gave the rest of the Phillies pitchers a day off.” In contrast to the evening’s first two games, the Dodgers’ 5-3 victory over St. Louis was a pain to watch even for non-Cards fans. At nearly four hours, it was a sloppy, sluggish slog. In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bernie Miklasz bemoans the Cardinals’ inability to get a big hit. In the Los Angeles Times, T.J. Simers (kind of) praises the hard-towatch win as a prime example of 2009 Dodgers baseball.* * * Wednesday was an especially interesting day for a pair of enigmatic-but-talented passcatchers. The Cleveland Browns dealt ultra-talented, serial underperformer Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets, and rookie holdout Michael Crabtree finally signed a contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Carl Bialik argued in a very special episode of The Count that Edwards is not all he’s cracked up to be. And Edwards’s throwing of a punch at a FOLJ (Friend of LeBron James) after a round of postgame clubbing on Sunday doesn’t say much for the receiver’s judgment. But Edwards is still a big name, and seemingly a big acquisition for the Jets. In Newsday, Roderick Boone explains why and how Edwards wore out his welcome in Cleveland. At CBS Sports, the very excellent Ray Ratto spins a darkish, half-serious conspiracy theory behind the deal — that the Jets, after being accused of tampering with Crabtree during his holdout, opted for the more proven option in Edwards and thus belatedly sent Crabtree into the arms of the team that drafted him 10th overall. “These two seemingly disparate events intertwine at just the right time for us crafty amateur sleuths, a victory for serendipity that will be denied by everyone involved,” Ratto writes. While Ratto is surely not alone in perceiving the influence of unseen hands on these doings, a major player in the Crabtree affair is better known for having a mind to rhyme and two hype feet than unseen hands. In a blog post of vital national importance, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat’s Matt Maiocco susses out the role of ex-rapper MC Hammer in the Crabtree negotiations. Seriously.* ** There’s not a whole lot of actual news value yet to the reports that Rush Limbaugh is a part of a group headed by former Madison Square Garden president Dave Checketts that’s looking to buy the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. But since Limbaugh is Limbaugh, it has drawn its share of attention. And again, since Limbaugh is Limbaugh, much of the coverage has been negative. “I keep scratching my head and wondering why so many people foolishly believe that at some point Limbaugh’s mouth won’t cause another embarrassing situation for the Rams and the league,” the St. Louis Post’s Bryan Burwell writes. “This isn’t about conservative politics. If that’s all you could say about him, it certainly doesn’t disqualify him to be a potential NFL owner. In fact, that makes him highly qualified to join the club. … But even if he fit in with his politics, let’s hope he doesn’t fit in with his polarizing, racist demagoguery.” Beyond Limbaugh’s personal worth or lack thereof, there’s the more practical question of whether NFL players would want to work for someone who once opined as to how the NFL “all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons” and has riffed on the pragmatic benefits of slavery (”the streets were safer after dark”). If a Washington Post blog post by 12-year NFL veteran Roman Oben is any indication, the answer is a resolute no. “I’m not sure what’s lower,” Oben quips, “Rush Limbaugh’s approval rating in the African American community or JaMarcus Russell’s passer rating.” Speaking of Russell, Jeff Pearlman steps up in sarcastic defense of the Raiders’ quarterback, who continues to plumb the depths of awfulness. “I love his size. I love his arm,” Pearlman writes at his blog. “Mostly, I love how absolutely, positively terrible he is.”* * * You may or may not have noticed that the WNBA Finals are going on right now. But Yahoo’s Kelly Dwyer argues that the relentlessly maligned WNBA deserves a second — or first — chance from basketball fans, and a break from sports pundits like Bill Simmons, who lay into it habitually. “While I wasn’t watching, I was cringing every time I heard sportswriters (including a very prominent one that everyone here knows about, no point in mentioning him) taking gratuitous shots at the league, all for the crime of having commercials for their league show up during NBA postseason games, or the odd bit of David Stern-influenced synergy during some contest nobody cares about during All-Star Weekend,” Dwyer writes. “This league did nothing but create needed cash flow, for thousands of people, on the NBA’s dime. And we’re to rip it because … it’s annoying to see a WNBA ad on the scorer’s table during a Conference semifinal? Pathetic, man.” If you were wondering, the Phoenix Mercury beat the Indiana Fever on Wednesday night, 90-77, to tie the series at two games apiece.* * * For all the debate over their relative merit, one of the lesserknown truths about batterypowered cars is that they can be very fast. It’s that get-up-and-go, rather than any broader green consciousness, that led Stephen Pruitt, owner of a team in the American Le Mans Series, to experiment with a 70-pound battery in his 680-horsepower racecar. The early results have been very promising. “The difference in this car — its electrical system — gives it an advantage,” the Journal’s David Biderman writes. “The small but significant boost in power from the battery is continuously released throughout the event, making his car a hair quicker, especially coming out of turns.” — Tip of the Fix cap to fellow Fixer Garey Ris. Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — write to us at and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. You can email David at

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Cardinals Get Oscar-Worthy Pitching, Horror-Show Result
( The Daily Fix)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 8:29:57 AM

there is no curse in St. Louis today. Only curse words.” It’s this kind of game that St. Louis had to like its chances makes baseball appealing to against Los Angeles in the Sports Illustrated’s Ted Keith. National League Division Series. “This being October, there is no Solid pitching can be the accounting for the bizarre difference in a short series, and b e h a v i o r t h a t d e t e r m i n e s the Cards had two of the best outcomes and renders scouting starting on the road: Chris reports, statistical analysis and Carpenter and Adam Wainwright. common sense moot,” Keith Carpenter wasn’t sharp in the writes. “Sometimes a ball gets lost Cards’ 5-3 loss in Game 1, but in the lights. Sometimes the team Wainwright was brilliant in that should win doesn’t. And Thursday’s game, giving up only sometimes baseball still manages a run in eight innings and leaving to find new ways of capturing our with a 2-1 lead. St. Louis was imagination.” only three outs from tying the The Philadelphia-Colorado NLDS. Reuters Matt Holliday’s series is tied at one game apiece n i n t h - i n n i n g d r o p c o s t t h e after the Rockies defeated the Cardinals dearly. Phillies, 5-4. The Philadelphia But the Cards fell apart after Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan blames leftfielder Matt Holliday dropped the offense for the Phillies’ loss, what would have been the third although the Inquirer’s Bob Ford out in a 1-2-3 ninth and are q u e s t i o n s m a n a g e r C h a r l i e staring at an 0-2 hole in the series M a n u e l ’ s p i t c h i n g m o v e s . this morning, wondering if they In the AL, Torii Hunter rocked can recover from their 3-2 loss. Boston with a mammoth three-run Forgive Bernie Miklasz for h o m e r i n t h e A n g e l s ’ 5 - 0 thinking it’s a cursed franchise thumping of the Red Sox, a team playing the Dodgers and not the that had won nine of 10 games Cards. “Do not adjust your HD while winning their past three TV sets at home, and do not throw postseason matchups against Los a n y h a r d o b j e c t s a t t h o s e Angeles. television screens: These aren’t Starting pitcher John Lackey really the Cubs; they only look deserves much of the credit for like it,” Miklasz writes in the St. the Angels. “With all this up for Louis Post-Dispatch. “They are grabs, you don’t sneak into the the Cardinals, striking out and house. You shatter the windows, dropping balls and loitering on the and Lackey greeted the Bosox bases and blowing saves and with seven and one-thirds innings going all Leon Durham ‘84 on us of precise rage,” Mark Whicker in an epic meltdown. Except that writes in the Orange County

into the game on a 14-game winning streak. The biggest pregame storyline is whether Gators QB Tim Tebow, who suffered a concussion Sept. 26 against Kentucky, will get cleared to play. ESPN’s Pat Forde writes that it’s not worth it to risk Tebow’s health. At CBS Sports, Register. “He walked off, as red Dennis Dodd writes about how s h i r t s e n c i r c l e d h i m w i t h daunting LSU’s Tiger Stadium is deafening thanks, and he took off for visiting teams.* * * Kenny Washington starred at his cap and extended it forward. It wasn’t goodbye, it was see you UCLA in the late 1930s, playing football alongside three other next time.” In the Boston Herald, Ron blacks — a rarity in those days — Borges wonders whether the including Jackie Robinson. But Angels now actually have a despite rushing for 1,914 yards, a record that stood for more than 30 prayer against the Sox. Sticking with baseball, the years, Washington didn’t play in playoffs are barely underway and the NFL until 1946, well after his already the umpires have blown a best playing days were behind few calls, leading Joe Sheehan of h i m . I n S p o r t s I l l u s t r a t e d , Baseball Prospectus to suggest Alexander Wolff explores the taking human error out of calling N F L ’ s i g n o b l e h i s t o r y o f the game. In the New York segregation and why Washington Times, John Branch notices how isn’t as well-known for breaking much shadows come into play the color barrier in football as during afternoon playoff games. Robinson is in baseball.* * * It’s not a news flash that The Journal’s Hannah Karp writes about the loquacious Dodger football is king in Texas. Highmanager Joe Torre. And Gordon school championships routinely Edes of Yahoo Sports has the attract crowds that rival those in story behind Ryan Howard’s the NFL. But many schools in 200th career home-run ball this smaller towns have enrollments season and the 12-year-old girl too low to field a full-sized squad. who caught it, but almost didn’t That’s where six-man football comes into play at small private get to keep it.* * * The biggest game in college schools, Jenny Dial writes in the football this weekend features No. Houston Chronicle. In Washington, D.C., DeMatha 1 Florida visiting No. 4 LSU. The defending champion Gators come Catholic High School is an athletic powerhouse with 28

basketball and 17 football championships despite a lack of facilities at the private school, Kevin Dunleavy writes in the Washington Examiner.* * * Ted Leonsis is one of the nice guys in the sports world. The affable longtime AOL executive, who owns the Washington Capitals among other sports properties, is well-known for writing a blog and interacting with fans, including by answering every email. He’s got some ideas about newspaper sports coverage that would be more engaging for fans who aren’t into those Sports Illustrated essays that his son, Zach, likens to homework. Leonsis’s ideas include analysis and discussion and stories that take readers behind the scenes. Oh, and video-game reviews, too. “Analysis of video games? OMG. Red Smith is dead and I don’t feel too good myself,” Dave Kindred writes at the National Sports Journalism Center. “In my most horror-addled state, I never imagined any creature so evil as to torture me by asking for a column analyzing a video game.” – Tip of the Fix cap to reader Don Hartline and to Fixer emeritus Carl Bialik. Found a good column from the world of sports? Don’t keep it to yourself — write to us at and we’ll consider your find for inclusion in the Daily Fix. You can email Garey at


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Golf, rugby approved as 2016 Olympic sports
By Associated Press (
a-side game -- for 12 men's and women's teams. "I think it's fantastic, an Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:22:23 AM unbelievable day for the game of COPENHAGEN -- After more golf," Jack Nicklaus said. "The than a century on the sidelines, impact is going to be felt all over golf will return to the Olympics at the world, which is what I've the Summer Games in Rio de always felt about the game. The Janeiro. Rugby, last played in game is a mature game in many 1924, is coming back as well. countries, but it never had the Both were reinstated for the opportunity to grow in many 2016 and 2020 Games after a vote others. People of all walks of life Friday by the International will be inspired to play the game Olympic Committee. They are the of golf, and play for sports' first sports added since triathlon highest recognition. For all sports, a n d t a e k w o n d o j o i n e d t h e that has been a gold medal." program for the 2000 Sydney The venue and schedule for both Olympics. sports in Rio de Janeiro has yet to Each sport received majority be decided. The golf tournament support in separate votes after will not necessarily be played leading athletes and officials from Thursday through Sunday, bid both camps gave presentations, l e a d e r a n d P G A T o u r v i c e including a taped video message p r e s i d e n t T y V o t a w s a i d . from Tiger Woods and other top "It might be Wednesday to pros. Woods has indicated he Saturday," Votaw said. "Or it would play in the Olympics if golf might be that the women's were accepted for 2016. competition is first, and the men's "There are millions of young is second. ... All of those things golfers worldwide who would be need to be worked out over the proud to represent their country," next seven years." Woods said from the Presidents British bookmaker William Hill Cup in San Francisco. "It would immediately made Woods the be an honor for anyone who plays favorite in Rio, giving 6-1 odds t h i s g a m e t o b e c o m e a n that he will the gold medal. It Olympian." gave the same odds for any player Golf was approved 63-27 with from Britain or Ireland winning. two abstentions. Rugby was voted Padraig Harrington and in 81-8 with one abstention. Michelle Wie addressed the IOC "We were ecstatic and wanted to in person before the vote. Wie jump on the table, but we sort of talked about taking up golf when restrained ourselves," former New she was 4, but never being able to Zealand rugby great Jonah Lomu dream of an Olympic medal until told The Associated Press. "It was now. just fantastic for the game." "I can dream about doing Golf will stage a 72-hole stroke- something that neither Tiger nor play tournament for men and Ernie [Els] have ever done, and women, with 60 players in each that is to make the final putt to field. Rugby will organize a four- win an Olympic gold medal," Wie day seven-a-side tournament -- said. "If this dream comes true, instead of the more traditional 15- somewhere in the world there will be another 4-year-old who sees me on that podium and perhaps starts her own Olympic dream." Rugby officials touted their sport as a modern game that can attract young fans and new sponsors. "Rugby and Rio were made for each other. A great atmosphere, great sport and a good time. And I think that's what the Olympic Games are going to be all about," said bid leader Mike Miller, the secretary-general of the International Rugby Board. Golf gave a commitment to the IOC that it would not stage any major championships on the Olympic dates. The Rugby Sevens World Cup will be canceled if the sport is added to the Olympics. The vote was a reversal of the IOC's decision four years ago to reject golf and rugby for the 2012 Olympics, and brings the number of summer Olympic sports back to 28. There have been two openings on the program since baseball and softball were dropped in 2005 for the 2012 London Games. Rugby and golf both made their Olympic debuts at the second modern games in Paris in 1900. Golf was played again only at the 1904 St. Louis Games, and 15-aside rugby was featured three more times, its last appearance in the 1924 Paris Olympics. Their status for the 2020 Olympics will be reviewed by the IOC in 2017. "Time will show your decision (on the sports) was very wise," said Jacques Rogge, the IOC president who was re-elected to a final four-year term hours earlier. The 67-year-old Belgian, the president since 2001, was the only candidate. Golf and rugby were put forward by the executive board in August under Rogge's guidance, at the expense of five other sports that were cut -- baseball, softball, squash, karate and roller sports. The selection process angered some IOC members, who wanted all seven sports put to a vote by the entire assembly. Senior Canadian member Dick Pound complained before the vote that the members were never told why the two sports were selected over the other five. "It is not fair to the other five sports," Pound said. "Because you decided the way you did, it is not a transparent process." The new selection system was put in place after the IOC failed to agree on which two sports should be added to the 2012 program, leaving the London Games with 26 sports instead of the usual 28. A similar failure this time would have been a blow to Rogge and the executive board. As expected, golf faced more opposition than rugby. It also faced tougher questioning from IOC members, about the high cost of playing the sport, its accessibility in developing countries and the fact that some top clubs don't admit women members. "There are some serious problems with some clubs where major events are held, in terms of discrimination," American member Anita DeFrantz said. She urged the IOC to "avoid going down a road that may be harmful to our image." Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press

Impressions: 'Alan Wake' runs toward darkness
By Xav de Matos (Joystiq)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:10:00 PM

click to enlarge Previously on Alan Wake... in search of lost manuscript pages for a novel he doesn't recall writing, Alan Wake is searching the Pacific Northwest town of Bright Falls for his missing wife. The pages aren't only a clue as to where Alan must search next, but seem to be the basis of a dark force taking over the small town. In the latest demo of Alan Wake, the title character is without a weapon or the protection of a light source -- the only thing that can slow down the darkness taking over the small town. During this section of the game, Alan must retreat into the darkened forests, pursued by an FBI agent named Nightingale who is sure Wake is to blame for all of the terrible things happening in the town. Sadly, Nightingale may not be wrong. Gallery: Alan Wake Continue reading Impressions: 'Alan Wake' runs toward darkness Impressions: 'Alan Wake' runs toward darkness originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:10:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Sam Theo Fleury: I was Bradford to start Saturday against sexually abused by Baylor Bears junior coach
By Associated Press (
College Football Nation Bradford said earlier in the week that he hoped to play against Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:12:56 AM the Bears (3-1) so he could get a OKLAHOMA CITY -- Heisman game under his belt before next Trophy winner Sam Bradford will week's rivalry game against No. 2 return from a sprained right Texas in Dallas. shoulder and start for No. 19 But he also said there was a Oklahoma on Saturday against chance he could still need surgery Baylor in Norman. on his shoulder in the offseason, Bradford missed the Sooners' creating doubt over how his last three games after spraining recovery was going. the AC joint in his throwing The Sooners have all but fallen shoulder in a loss to BYU. Coach out of the national championship Bob Stoops said Friday that the race since Bradford's injury, quarterback has recovered enough suffering their second loss of the to play in the team's Big 12 season last Saturday night at opener. Miami. "Sam has had a great week of Bradford said he still hadn't practice and is ready to play," given up hope that Oklahoma Stoops said in a statement. "We're could win the national title, the obviously excited to have him goal he set after deciding to skip back." the NFL draft and return to the Big 12 blog Sooners after their run to the BCS's Tim Griffin writes championship game last season. about all things Big 12 in his He said it would be selfish for conference blog. him to sit out the rest of the • Blog network: season just because his team's national title hopes were slim and he could protect his shoulder. "That's big for a guy like Sam to make the sacrifice that he made with the opportunity that he had in front of him to come back and work with us the next year," safety Sam Proctor said this week. "He's a very low-key guy, downto-earth guy and that just says a lot about his character." Bradford, considered a top NFL prospect, has been told there shouldn't be an elevated risk of reinjuring the shoulder by playing. "I really don't think there's much concern for me taking a hit. From everything that I've received from the doctors, it's like taking any other hit. It can't do much more damage," Bradford said. "The odds of me hurting it now are just like the odds of me hurting it before anything happened to it." Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press

By news services (

The Count: Don’t Look for Fielding Gems This October
( The Daily Fix)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 1:47:58 PM

Having a great defense is important in baseball, but it’s not important enough to overcome deficiencies in hitting and pitching. One rough piece of evidence: None of the teams ranked in the top six in one

prominent measure of team defense made the playoffs. The Phillies ranked seventh, and they’re one of just three teams — along with the Angels and Dodgers — to qualify for the playoffs with a team defensive COUNT: page 58

Europe. Fleury writes that "the direct result of my being abused was Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:46:40 AM that I became a f---ing raging, Theo Fleury acknowledges he alcoholic lunatic," according to was sexually abused by junior the report in MacLeans. coach Graham James, a convicted "I no longer had faith in myself sex offender, while he played for or my own judgment," Fleury James, and attributes that to wrote. "And when you come driving him to alcohol and drugs down to it, that's all a person has. during his NHL career, according Once it's gone, how do you get it to a new autobiography making back?" waves in the Canadian media. He wrote that he didn't tell The book, "Playing With Fire," anyone about his ordeal because is Fleury's first comment on the he was afraid it would jeopardize s u b j e c t , w h i c h h a s b e e n his career. speculated about for years. He "I could see how it would play," also writes that he failed 13 drug Fleury wrote. "I would have been tests during his career, but was stigmatized forever as the kid who never prevented from playing. was molested by his coach. The Fleury writes that James forced Victim." himself on Fleury during the Fleury played in the NHL for 16 player's junior days in Winnipeg. seasons, the first 11 with the "Graham was on me once or Calgary Flames before a trade to twice a week for the next two Colorado. Known as a fiesty, fiery years," Fleury writes, according to player, he had 1,840 penalty s e v e r a l C a n a d i a n s o u r c e s , minutes in 1,084 career games i n c l u d i n g M a c L e a n s . " A n and also scored 455 career goals. absolute nightmare, every day of Fleury's last season in the NHL my life." (2002-03) was spent with the James, a well-known Canadian Chicago Blackhawks. junior hockey coach, served 3 Kennedy, according to the years in prison after being Toronto Star, said: "I knew, but it convicted of sexually abusing wasn't my place to say anything. I some of his players, including made a commitment to myself I Sheldon Kennedy, the only player wasn't blowing the whistle on prior to Fleury to go public. James anybody." currently coaches junior hockey in



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COUNT: 57 continued from page
rating that’s above league average. Five of the top six teams did finish with winning records. Getty Images Fielding is a big advantage for the Phillies in their series against Colorado, but will it matter? The defensive rating system in question is ultimate zone rating, or UZR, and it shows that the biggest fielding mismatch in the divisional round of the playoffs is between the Phillies and the Rockies. The Phillies’ D saved 28.5 runs more than the average fielding team would have if facing the same batted balls, while the Rockies’ glovemen gave up 12.5 more runs than average. But fielding couldn’t prevent Yorvit Torrealba from hitting a two-run home run to help the Rockies build a 4-0 lead early in Game 2 of their series. The ColoradoPhiladelphia series also is notable because it shows just how much remains to be determined about how to measure fielding. It was the Rockies’ superior fielding that Joe Sheehan cited in Sports Illustrated as one of two reasons that Colorado would win in four games. Meanwhile, the Yankees-Twins series should feature the worst fielding, as the two teams combined to yield 52.8 more runs than average. At Beyond the Boxscore, Jeff Zimmerman breaks down fielding for the NL and AL playoff teams. At the extremes, though, fielding matters. Consider the AL Cy Young Award race, which is led by Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke. ESPN’s Rob Neyer points out that, according to UZR, Greinke had the majors’ worst defense behind him, while Hernandez had the best. One reflection of that: Balls hit into play turned into hits 28% of the time against the Mariners, a majors-low, but 31.5% of the time — third highest in the majors — against the Royals.

Kiwanuka, Scott Would Not Play for Limbaugh-Owned NFL Team
By Ryan Wilson (FanHouse)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:30:00 PM

Week 5 Picks: Good and Bad Collide
By Dave Goldberg (FanHouse)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:00:00 PM

by Dave Goldberg Filed under: NFL Predictions This seems to be the weekend of the big spreads: there are four that are double-digits in a league that always boasts about its close games. The one that best demonstrates the DIS-parity in the NFL this year is the line on the RaidersGiants game at the Meadowlands -- from 14 1/2 to 17, depending on which Vegas book you look at. It's normally a game that would be off the board because of questions about Eli Manning's sore heel -- when starting QBs are

hurt, the guys who take the bets usually want no part of it. Instead the attitude is "who cares?'' Presumably, the Vegas guys believe the Giants will beat the Raiders easily with David Carr(or even Rhett Bomar, the rookie who quarterbacks -- and

by Ryan Wilson Filed under: Current Events, NFL Rush Limbaugh, radio personality, has made a handsome living out of spreading his brand of conservatism. Bart Scott is an NFL linebacker, outspoken about most things, including politics. During the 2006 mid-term elections Scott, then with the Ravens, spoke about his political philosophy with USA Today's Skip Wood. "We get a break by that, but then our family members are plays other positions -- on the overtaxed. You know, tax cuts for practice squad). Although an the rich. Well, it's a Catch-22. Do ESPNews voice, perhaps in an you want to save more of your effort to hype his way from the money, when you can afford to Worldwide Leader's Triple A pay the taxes, or do you want your team to the majors, promoted a families to save more of their spot early Friday morning by money, when sometimes maybe saying of the Giants: "Find out they're really being burdened? A why they're panicking and it has lot of guys say, 'Now that I've got nothing to do with their defense.'' money, I'm going to have to vote Week 5 Picks: Good and Bad Republican, but I'll go back to Collide originally appeared on being a Democrat when I retire.' Fanhouse NFL Blog on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 13:00:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

To me, that's just selfish." Kiwanuka, Scott Would Not Play for Limbaugh-Owned NFL Team originally appeared on Fanhouse Backporch on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 12:30:00 EST . Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Comments

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Hands-on: Front Mission Evolved
By Xav de Matos (Joystiq)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:10:00 AM

and the game did pose a challenge during my brief demo with the Xbox 360 version -- tapping the Many franchises attempt to 'Y' button slows down time and break apart from familiar genres turns every weapon in your in an effort to expand their fan arsenal to an automatic victory bases. Metroid went first-person, cannon. Halo went RTS and Square Enix's There isn't much to the action: long-standing, tactical RPG Run through a linear level and franchise, Front Mission, has defeat the enemies that get in your turned into a standard third-person way. It isn't the Citizen Kane of action game. gaming, but the demo was For players still clamoring to entertaining. At least half of it r e t u r n t o t h e w o r l d o f was. MechAssault, Front Mission Gallery: Front Mission Evolved Evolved may help cater to their Continue reading Hands-on: needs. While the game's current Front Mission Evolved state looks pretty rough, the Robot Hands-on: Front Mission vs. Other Giant Robot action is Evolved originally appeared on fun, fast and fulfilling. Front Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 Mission Evolved features a 11:10:00 EST. Please see our limited array of weaponry, but its terms for use of feeds. quick pace actually had me Permalink| Email this| hooked while it lasted. If the C o m m e n t s action becomes a little too harsh --

This Just In: Vanishing Elephant at Oak

Rocket Knight trailer sparks our interest
By JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
game: with the wider area and the smaller Sparkster, he seems to have a lot more freedom to fly Two things about this trailer for around. Even the shooter stages the new Rocket Knight(after the h a v e r e t u r n e d , w i t h s o m e break) stand out upon our first interesting dynamic camera work. viewing: If you never paid attention to • The stylized projectile/jetpack this series because of mid-90s effects animal mascot platformer • I t ' s a R o c k e t K n i g h t overload, you should start getting Adventures game familiar with it now. Forget Gex, That last one may seem Aero the Acro-Bat, Punky Skunk, obvious, but we're still a bit Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel, shocked to see Konami bring the Awesome Possum, and Socket. series back after so long -- to be This one's actually good. honest, we're a bit shocked every Continue reading Rocket Knight time Konami announces a game trailer sparks our interest that isn't Metal Gear. Rocket Knight trailer sparks our And, to our delight, what we see interest originally appeared on here is true Rocket Knight: Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 Sparkster has his sword and his 12:40:00 EST. Please see our jetpack, the latter of which is used terms for use of feeds. basically to bounce all over the Read| Permalink| Email this| screen. It's here that the 3D Comments remake actually benefits the
Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:40:00 PM

By blogeditor1 (Material Interest on
Submitted at 10/8/2009 1:47:26 PM

Mark Rein: future Epic games will have 'some' Natal support
By David Hinkle (Joystiq)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:40:00 AM

What's in a name? In the case of Australia's Vanishing Elephant, not much. The year-old company's clothes are deceptively, appealingly simple. Until you take a closer look, that is. A waxed cotton anorak has shades of Penfield, except that it zips on the bias like a motorcycle jacket, adding a little toughness. A plaid button-down at first glance looks like everybody else's plaid button-down, until you notice the ribbon trim on the collar and chest pocket, a detail that punches up a classic without veering into flash. Howard waxed anorak, $238, and Dale double-collared shirt, $168, available at MATTHEW SCHNEIER Photo: Oak

Epic and Microsoft have long been cozy bedfellows, comfortably sharing the covers with each other for years. Now that partnership has extended to Microsoft's proposed game changer, Project Natal. Speaking to Epic's marketing maestro, Mark Rein, OXM asked what Natal's use of the Unreal engine implied for the futures of both companies.

" I think any future Xbox games MARK page 60



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MARK page 59 continued from
we make will have some Natal support," Rein commented. "We always want to have something that exploits the unique capabilities of a platform." While Rein had no idea what type of game Epic would make with Natal, he did have some ideas on how Natal could improve the hardcore experience -- namely, simplifying the controls. An example he used was taking one's hand off the controller to mimic throwing a grenade, or using a hand gesture to signal your squad move to a certain location. On paper it sounds great, but we have to question how much such controls could improve on what is arguably one of the easiest things one could ever do: pushing a button. Mark Rein: future Epic games will have 'some' Natal support originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct 2009 11:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Time to start waiting for White Knight Chronicles 2
By Andrew Yoon (Joystiq)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:40:00 PM

game). In addition to the requisite new areas, monsters, equipment and skills, White Knight Ha! You guys are still waiting Chronicles 2 will also feature a for White Knight Chronicles? brand new female knight, and the That's old news, folks. It's time to ability to have six characters in get hyped about its sequel. your party. Unofficially titled " White Knight SCE didn't reveal when the Chronicles: Awakening of Light second White Knight game would and Darkness" (according to hit Japan, but we do know this: Andriasang), the sequel takes English-speaking fans shouldn't place immediately after the events expect to it see any time soon. of the first game. Leonard and his Gallery: White Knight allies return to a world in chaos, C h r o n i c l e s 2 with the City of Greed, the Time to start waiting for White Kingdom of Barandel, and the Knight Chronicles 2 originally Magic Republic of Foria all in appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct trouble. 2009 13:40:00 EST. Please see You'll create another avatar to our terms for use of feeds. join Leonard on his quest, and this Read| Permalink| Email this| time you'll be able to transform (a Comments power unavailable in the first

Oddworld games coming to PSN, former console-exclusive entries coming to PC
By Ben Gilbert (Joystiq)
exclusive games), available digitally "sometime this Winter." When pressed on a new game in It's been a full four years since the series though, Lanning kept w e l a s t c o n t r o l l e d a n y o f mum, saying "We hope to have an Oddworld's strange inhabitants, announcement soon, but I've been with the most recent entry in the saying that for a while now so I'll series dropping on Xbox. We'll just shut up and hope for the get another chance soon, however, b e s t . " L o o k s l i k e w e ' l l b e as an interview with Bitmob mirroring Lanning's actions for earlier this week with series now, unfortunately. creator Lorne Lanning announced [Via Big Download] the inking of a deal with Sony to Oddworld games coming to release "the original Abe games" PSN, former console-exclusive on PSN "very soon" -- something entries coming to PC originally an ESRB rating at least partially appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 09 Oct hinted at early last month. 2009 13:10:00 EST. Please see Furthermore, the entire series is our terms for use of feeds. getting packaged for digital reRead| Permalink| Email this| release as The Oddbox(including Comments Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath, previously consoleSubmitted at 10/9/2009 1:10:00 PM

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Putting a Ring on it: The Search for the Perfect Wedding Band
By (ELLE News Blog)
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I have a complicated relationship with jewelry. I adore the multifaceted glitter of gems and the glamour of gold, and I appreciate the artistry of a custom-made piece. However, I get all bent out of shape when it comes to weighing the costs of my jewelry to the environment, to those who find and handle the raw materials, and of course, to myself (this economy makes it difficult to justify a splurge). Last year, when my now-husband and I decided to get married, I put strict parameters on the engagement ring: no diamonds, no unnecessary dazzle, and no debt. We decided together on an 18k yellow-gold band with a little clover made of dark red rubies. Designed by Jessica Fields, it reminded us of the stained-glass windows in the cathedrals we’d seen on a recent trip to France. For the wedding ring, I planned to get a plain gold band…until a friend told me about Blanca Monrós Gómez. The Barcelonaborn, Brooklyn-based artist, who has designed jewelry for Nicole Miller, has a wonderfully organic style. I was smitten with her earrings that resemble dried flower buds, and her “seed” rings that look delicate solo, and lovely and wilder when worn in stacks of multiples. I also liked that Blanca uses recycled metals and works with environmentally responsible sources—and lives within walking distance from us, allowing us to “shop locally.”

2010 = 3D TV (Whether You Like It Or Not)
By stylemens (GQ: The Editors)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 4:10:00 AM

When we visited the Blanca at her adorable Park Slope apartment, she offered us wine and beer, introduced us to her cats and her husband, and let us try on her designs. We wished we’d seen her rose gold rings earlier, as they flatter any skin tone, from my husband’s pinky-white to my dusty-beige. We also liked her custom nesting bands: the bride’s ring has a cluster of bubbles on top that fit seamlessly into the underside of the groom’s band. I told Blanca that I was leaning towards a simple 18k band, but she could see the sparkle in my eyes when I tried on her diamond pieces (too bad the black diamonds set in rose gold clashed

If there's one obvious story coming out of CEATEC (Japan's major consumer electronics trade show), it's 3D. Everyone from Sony to Hitachi has some sort of 3D TV system coming out in 2010 involving glasses that are less goofy yet more cumbersome than the paper blue and red cutout variety. And all of them are so badly with my rubies!). She the way the tiny stones at the ends decent—if you like 3D. I don't. In proposed a gold band with a m a k e m e t h i n k o f f l o a t i n g an odd way, the 3D experience is dusting of itsy-bitsy diamonds bubbles. I also love how this one- less immersive—you have to train (chips from larger stones used for of-a-kind piece fits perfectly with your eye to adjust to the depth of other pieces) in different sizes, my engagement ring. We had s c e n e s t o g e t t h e o p t i m a l arranged to look like they were several visits, conversations and experience, you're eyes are sprinkled on randomly. And, even email exchanges with Blanca, constantly wandering around though this would be custom- who made the entire experience looking to see what's popping out made, the price was much more feel more like hanging out with a rather than, you know, paying reasonable than other rings i’d friend than shopping for jewelry. attention to the plot, and objects seen and liked. I couldn’t resist. My husband and I can’t stop have this miniature quality to I’m including a photo of the admiring my ring, and I’ve them as if they're toys in a ring Blanca designed for me. This already started thinking about diorama. Maybe I'll change my is the first ring Blanca has created c o o r d i n a t i n g p i e c e s — f o r mind down the line, (like after I in this style, and although she a n n i v e r s a r i e s , o f c o u r s e . see Avatar in it's entirety) but for admitted that it was tricky to set —Corrie Pikul, Associate n o w , n o t h i n g s e e m s m o r e such small stones, she’s pleased Articles Editor immersive than a plain ol', big-ass with how it turned out. I love that Follow ELLE on Twitter. screen.— kevin sintumuang the band is narrow and elegant but also sturdy, and I’m delighted by



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The most fun you can have in Alabama without a 12-gauge
By blogeditor1 (Material Interest on
Submitted at 10/8/2009 9:14:26 AM

The most attractive aspect of Porsche's new four-door Panamera, which we plugged in our Fall Trend Reports, may well be a feature that debuted in the Carrera last fall: the seven-speed marvel of modern engineering called the PDK. A recent opportunity to try out the PDK on a track (though not, sadly, in a Panamera) left me mighty impressed. Thanks to its racederived double clutch—which basically ensures that the next gear is always spooled up and ready to kick in—shifting was lightning-fast, yet butter-smooth. Also remarkable: the transmission's ability to adapt to your driving habits—say, delaying upshifts when you let off the throttle once it's determined you're a bit of a lead foot. Intrigued, but still a few bucks short of the 100 grand a Panamera will run you? Head to Birmingham, Ala., for a weekend at the Porsche Sport Driving School, which is based next to the hairpin-heavy track where I put the PDK to the test. With luck, you'll have head instructor Cass Whitehead riding shotgun. Along with 20 years' experience racing cars for a living, the guy's got the patience of a kindergarten teacher and constitution of an astronaut.

Links of London's Covetable Friendship Bracelets
By (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:46:54 AM

Despite my giving him ample opportunity to put both traits to good use, Whitehead's calm, authoritative instruction definitely helped make me a better driver, both on the track and—I'd like to think—in the real world (although it bears noting that I'm defining a good driver as someone who's able to execute a proper exit ramp turn-in while doing 60 in an SUV). But wait, there's more. While in 'Bama, be sure to set aside some time to tour the jaw-droppingly cool motorcycle collection that George Barber, who owns the

motor sports park, has on display in a gargantuan museum nestled right next to the track. Built in 2003, the cavernous industrialmodern space is pretty much bursting at the seams with lustworthy bikes. While most collectors tend to focus on a certain era, or maybe a favorite make, Barber's acquisitional philosophy seems to follow a slightly looser set of dictates—namely, if it's got two wheels, he'll take it. I'm told the collection now numbers around 1,500, although fewer than 500 motorcycles are on display at any

In middle school, my signature birthday gift to my friends and foes alike was friendship bracelets, rings, necklaces, key chains, etc. Back then Claire’s was my go-to jewelry boutique for all things pertaining to friendship jewelry. Though it’s been years since I’ve traded a given time (alongside a world- friendship bracelet with anyone, class Lotus collection and a Links of London’s sterling silver, bizarrely awesome assortment of hand-woven friendship bracelets vintage outboard motors). If you have reminded me why I've don't walk out of here dead-set on always loved the legend behind picking up your own vintage t h e s e i n f a m o u s b r a c e l e t s : Triumph (or maybe a Moto originating in Central America, in Guzzi—I haven't yet decided), 1 9 3 5 C o n g r e s s d e c l a r e d you may want to have your head Friendship Day the first Sunday in checked. Whatever make you August and these bracelets have settle upon, take Whitehead's been decorating American kids’ advice and stick to the Porsches wrists for decades. Recall, though, while you're on the track. At least that you aren’t allowed to remove they've got air bags. the bracelet (if you do it signifies Click for a slideshow from the the friendship has made a turn for museum > TYLER THORESON the worse), however, once the Photo: Tyler Thoreson bracelet naturally falls off you’re entitled to one wish. I love the idea of symbolizing a friendship with a simple bracelet, and Links of London has made the necessary LINKS page 63

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Complete Your Halloween Costume, Courtesy of eBay
By (ELLE News Blog)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:27:00 AM

Uniqlo's 'tech support
By blogeditor1 (Material Interest on
that we've taken it for a test run and the stuff does keep you toasty, so why ask why? It's only Submitted at 10/9/2009 9:11:54 AM going to get colder, and these Now that the days are turning pieces will be welcome whether brisk, your ordinary undershirt you're on the subway or, as won't cut it. Head for—where Uniqlo's ads fancifully suggest, at else?—Uniqlo, further cementing the chalet. Best of all, unlike most its all-things-for-all-people status of Uniqlo's garb, you can get with the new Heattech line. H e a t t e c h i t e m s o n l i n e — n o H e a t t e c h ' s t e c h n i c a l f i b e r s fighting the Jil Sander +J crowds actually help generate and retain (though, admittedly, that kind of w a r m t h b y a b s o r b i n g b o d y vigorous exercise would likely m o i s t u r e — i t s m o v e m e n t keep you pretty warm, too). generates heat. (An antibacterial Tees, turtlenecks, and long agent in the fabric helps control johns, $10.50 to $15.50, available odor, too.) We can't explain the a t u n i q l o . c o m M A T T H E W science of it, but we can report S C H N E I E R P h o t o : U n i q l o

It’s October and you know what that means: time to get your Halloween costume! I prefer to make rather than buy, even if it does take more time and effort. I spent three Saturdays wandering around every vintage store/flea market in Manhattan looking for the perfect coat to complete my costume, but I had no luck–until last week. When I loudly whined to my co-workers about my lack of success, someone e-mailed me a link to the perfect coat on eBay. 55 tense minutes and $50 later, this perfect Jordache coat to complete my costume was mine! So, if you’re trying to complete your costume but having no luck,

Join the Gang!
don’t forget vintage stores and By stylemens (GQ: The eBay! And who am I going as? Editors) C r u e l l a D e v i l l e : t u r q u o i s e Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:13:19 AM accessories, eyeliner, and all. Five minutes with Rob —Kristen Shirley, Fashion McElhenney Assistant Crack addiction, incest, Follow ELLE on Twitter. abortion, and child molestation—these are just a few of the patently-offensive themes waved about like a drunk uncle’s your own friendship bracelets unlicensed handgun in the FX sitcom It’s Always Sunny In ($180-$215). —Natasha Clark, Associate Philadelphia, now in its fifth season. Creator Rob McElhenney Fashion Credits Editor catches us up on the deranged Follow ELLE on Twitter. happenings in his City of Brotherly Love.— dan fierman Being fully familiar with the degeneracy that you guys traffic in on a regular basis, I’m curious more American than Hulk Hogan how you plan to mock basic fighting the Russian Bear and the human decency this season. You Iron Shiek. We felt like we had know, how much further can the these troops coming home and line be pushed past “dumpster they aren’t being celebrated, so babies”? [ laughs] [ pause] How much we decide to put on the wrestling show and we enlist the help of more evil can we be? Well, for fuck’s sake. What can we expect? Roddy Roddy Piper. Did you guys really make the Well, right now we’re shooting a scene that is a flashback, which pilot for 85 bucks? we’ve never done, it’s a flashback JOIN page 64 JOIN page 63

LINKS page 62 continued from
tweaks to transform this childhood rite into a staple piece for our modern-day BFFs. So grab your closest friend or frenemy and head to a Links of London store near you or visit now to get

JOIN page 63 continued from
to last October where we sneak into the World Series. Game Five of the World Series when the Phillies win. You shot in the stadium? That sounds high tech for the show famous for its low budget. It certainly is. But the episode we’re really pumped about is an episode called “The Gang Wrestles for the Troops” where we decide that there’s nothing



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JOIN page 63 continued from
Yeah, that’s essentially what happened. I wrote a script that was never supposed to be a TV show—it was just a short film. By that point I had written a few scripts and was sick of writing for other people and then leaving it. So I said, Fuck it. I’m going to write something, bring my friends in, shoot it and who cares if no one understands it. It was a comedy about a guy coming over to his friends house and telling him that he has cancer and all the friend can think about is: I have to get out of this room right now. It was relatively easy. The hardest part was finding a boom mike. We used a mike that you could buy at BestBuy and then taped to a broom handle. We visited the networks. Popped in the DVD and had offers a few days later. And then you get Danny DeVito to co-star. He’s delightful on the show, by the way. I’ve never heard it put that way. I like that. Danny Devito is delightful on our show. DeVito is a delight! What else can you say? How did you get him? Well, after the first season we were really happy creatively, but people had never heard of the show. So FX approached us and said we need to figure out a way that we can generate some kind of word of mouth and the easiest way to do that is to bring in a name. We were really wary of that at first, but we kinda didn’t have a choice. So we said, okay, we’ll go down a list of people who make sense with our sensibility, and Danny was up there on the list. And it turns out that Danny’s kids were big fans of the show. So I basically went over to his house and said what we were thinking and within a few hours of me leaving his house he signed on to the second season. He’s been with us ever since. What do you tell folks who aren’t hip to the show? How do you get them to watch? Well, look, if they’re not hip by now, they’re just dumb-asses, would be my guess. We’re in season five. You know, get off your couch and stop being such a pussy and change the damn channel!

Tech.view: From farm to fork
(The Economist: Daily columns)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 1:42:37 AM

Tech.view Oct 9th 2009 From Bar codes that let shoppers trace their food back to the field DESPITE its preoccupation with hygiene, America’s dirty secret is that it is one of the most dangerous places in the developed world to eat. Every year 76m Americans become ill because they have consumed contaminated food—a staggering 26,000 cases per 100,000 population. In

Britain, where people consume far fewer hamburgers, generally eat out less often and buy nowhere near as many ready-meals, there are 3,400 cases of food poisoning per 100,000 population annually. France is safer still, with only 1,200 annual instances per 100,000 people. Most cases of food poisoning are mild, with victims recovering in a day or two. Sometimes, however, foodborne illnesses kill or cause permanent health problems. In the United States around 5,000 people die and a

Gold: Bullion bulls
(The Economist: News analysis)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 2:26:55 AM

Gold Oct 8th 2009 From A weak dollar explains the rising price of gold GOLD fascinates investors more than any other metal. The latest surge in bullion—nominal prices topped $1,050 an ounce during Wednesday October 7th, a record—has generated headlines that would not have been seen if a less glossy metal such as nickel had reached a new peak. That is because gold was once the linchpin of the global monetary system and is still seen

by many as a hedge against inflation. But if investors are really frightened of price rises, it is hard to see evidence in the government bond market. There has been a modest increase in inflation expectations (measured by the difference between the yield on inflation-linked bonds from that on conventional bonds). But the Treasury bond market is only pointing to average inflation of 1.9% over the next 20 years. Other explanations for gold’s rise are even harder to credit. Some reports cited this week’s decision in Australia to raise interest rates, a classic case of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (just because one event occurred first, that does not mean it caused

the second). Conventional explanations of supply and demand do not work, either. Mining production is slightly up year on year; jewellery demand is down by 13.8%. The main demand has been led by investment. Retail and institutional investors have been buying gold through exchangetraded funds, which allow them to have a pooled stake in bullion. This avoids the extra risk of buying shares in gold mining companies (which might have incompetent managers or shallow reserves) or the complexity of using futures. ETF Securities says its fund now has some 8.4m ounces (worth over $8.7 billion), an 110% increase over the past

two years. But blaming the rise on ETF purchases does not answer the fundamental question; why do investors want exposure to gold at all? The dollar is the prime suspect. Gold’s rise coincided with a fall in the greenback on a report (since denied) that oilproducing countries were talking about replacing the dollar as the pricing currency. When the dollar falls, as it has since March, riskaverse investors tend to buy gold. That decision has little opportunity cost now that interest rates are so low (gold has no yield, of course) Can the trend go further? Christopher Wood of CLSA, a broker based in Hong Kong, has a

long-term target of $3,500 an ounce, the equivalent in purchasing-power parity terms of the metal’s 1980 peak. Mr Wood says investors see gold as a hedge against the depreciation of paper currencies, particularly those in the west. Gold is not just a hedge against inflation, in his view, but a safeguard against financial meltdown; that is why gold and Treasury bonds can do well at the same time. If he is right, we will all be melting down our wedding rings before long. Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views.

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TECH.VIEW: continued from page 64
further 325,000 wind up in hospital each year as a result of food poisoning. The annual cost to the country, in medical treatment and lost productivity, is more than $35 billion. The wave of food scares that has swept America over the past few years has caused a crisis in the country’s $1 trillion food industry. One of the most notorious outbreaks, caused by the virulent Escherichia coli O157:H7 bacterium, happened in 1993. Four children died, dozens of people went to hospital with kidney failure and hundreds more became seriously ill after eating undercooked hamburgers from the Jack-in-the-Box chain of restaurants. Since then, the regulations governing the sale of ground beef have been tightened considerably. The deadliest foods to be found on the stalls in street markets and the shelves of supermarkets, though, are not meat or poultry but leafy vegetables and fruit. That is because unlike ground beef, which is cooked at a temperatures which destroy bugs, fruit and leafy vegetables tend to be eaten raw. The outbreak of O157 in 2006, which killed five people and made a further 205 ill, was tied to raw spinach. Meanwhile, America’s largest epidemic of foodborne disease in over a decade—last year’s Salmonella infection that claimed two lives, hospitalised 250 people and affected more than 1,300 others—was traced back through the supply chain initially to tomatoes and then to jalapeño peppers. Now there are doubts whether either was really to blame. Tracking down the source of a foodborne infection is notoriously difficult. The vast majority of incidents are transitory in nature—a leaky toilet, a wandering animal, a momentary lapse of hygiene in the field or factory. But mounting concern about this lack of traceability has prompted the food industry itself, as well as the American government, to take action. In October 2007 producers in the United States and Canada joined forces to launch a plan called the Produce Traceability Initiative. This uses bar-codes to track fruit and vegetables through the distribution system. Although participation in this particular plan is voluntary, it may soon become compulsory to provide traceability of some sort. That is because lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sweeping new powers to oversee food production. A bill introduced in the House of Representatives by John Dingell, a Democratic congressmen from Michigan, was passed in July, though it has yet to be taken up by the Senate. But with the White House, the food industry and the FDA behind it, the bill could be law before the end of the year. If it is, then companies selling food in America will have to adopt a tracking system that can identify the farmer, the field, the picker, the packer, the shipper, the wholesaler and the shop—all within two business days of a case of food poisoning being reported. The technology for doing so is readily available. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags used for tracking items like shipping containers and pallets of goods have been around for years. The attraction of these tiny passive chips, which emit a stream of digital data only when energised by a radio beam, is that it is not necessary to see a tag to read it. Unfortunately, though simple RFIDs cost less than 30 cents apiece, they are still way too expensive for tagging a bag of cut lettuce or a bunch of grapes. By contrast, the bar-codes printed on supermarket products cost less than half a cent each. Their disadvantage is that they have to be scanned physically by a line-of -sight reading device. It is also tricky to capture the data in the field and stick the bar-code labels on the produce as it is picked and packed. Managing the supplychain database is no trivial matter either. The Consumers Union, which campaigns on behalf of individual customers, wants Congress to require food producers to use an electronic tracking system like the one Federal Express employs for parcels. But tracking produce is not that simple. A parcel delivered by Federal Express, or any other courier service, stays under one firm’s control all the way. By contrast, a bunch of grapes travels from the farm to a packer, to a shipping centre, to a warehouse, to a shop and finally to a consumer’s fridge. Each stage is handled by a different organisation with a different way of doing things. That has created opportunities for new firms like YottaMark of Redwood City, California, and FoodLogiq of Durham, North Carolina. Both have developed sophisticated software for tracing the origin and freshness of food. If their technology is deployed, the next time a big food scare occurs, the damage done to consumers and producers alike should be far more easily contained. But apart from safety, the new traceability software should also allow packers and shippers to combine their tracking functions with marketing exercises. Both YottaMark and FoodLogiq offer systems that let shoppers type a text code into a mobile phone or home computer, or scan a barcode using a phone’s built-in camera, to find out when the tomatoes on the shelf were picked and which field they came from. That can be an attractive proposition for producers. YottaMark’s traceability label (“HarvestMark”) has been attached to almost a billion food items so far. What the food industry has learned in the process is that it not only gives consumers the confidence to buy, but also builds customer loyalty and trust in a particular brand, a region and even an individual producer. Some 85% of consumers polled by YottaMark said that, all things being equal, they would choose a traceable item over an untraceable one. Bringing the farmer electronically into the kitchen this way can make the experience of buying produce as personal as shopping in a local farmer’s market—but with a far wider range of products to choose from. As Elliott Grant of YottaMark observes, marketing foodstuffs these days is becoming more a matter of “locale” and less about being merely “local”. Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views.



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Barack Obama and the Nobel peace prize: Even greater expectations
(The Economist: News analysis)
Obama has proposed holding talks about nuclear affairs, removing a precondition that Iran first Submitted at 10/9/2009 12:00:28 AM abandon enrichment of uranium. Barack Obama and the Nobel Mr Obama made withdrawal of peace prize American forces from Iraq one of Oct 9th 2009 the main pledges of his election From Is it campaign and has since overseen premature to give Barack Obama a slightly quicker run down of the Nobel peace prize, less than a troops than was envisaged by Mr year into his presidency? Bush. Towards North Korea, too, BARACK OBAMA, who has Mr Obama has dangled the been America's president for just prospect of bilateral talks and nine months, has won the 2009 closer engagement. Nobel peace prize. Perhaps the Regarding Russia Mr Obama Nordic judges felt it was a has developed a policy of notably suitable consolation after Chicago warmer ties, dubbed “hitting the lost out to Rio de Janeiro in its bid reset button”. Relations had to host the 2016 Olympic games. become especially frosty towards Or the prizegivers might have felt the end of Mr Bush’s presidency moved by Mr Obama’s personal when war broke out between story: that a mixed-race man is Georgia, an ally of America, and president says much about the Russia. Since coming to office Mr p e a c e f u l p r o g r e s s o n r a c e Obama has also overseen talks relations in America. Instead they aimed at reducing the nuclear e m p h a s i s e d M r O b a m a ’ s arsenals of Russia and America, aspirations and his commitment to while speaking of his ultimate diplomacy, even if, so far, he has wish to “get to zero”—somehow achieved little that is concrete. ridding the world of all nuclear Most broadly, he has sought to weapons. Most substantially (and engage with opponents, saying to the dismay of the Polish and that America would “extend a Czech governments), he has hand, if you unclench your fist”, scrapped an earlier plan to deploy for example to those who were a missile-defence shield on land earlier dismissed as an “axis of in eastern Europe, which had been evil”. Somewhat to the discomfort seen as a provocation by Russia. of Iran’s president, Mahmoud Yet Mr Obama’s main Ahmadinejad, who had bolstered achievement is a change of tone in his domestic support by vilifying foreign policy. A speech given in America as an aggressor, Mr Egypt in June was an eloquent call for a new understanding between America and Islam. It was designed both to assure Muslims, now thought to number 1.6 billion around the world, that America is not set on a crusade. Similarly it was intended to convey to any Americans (and others) who believe in the notion of a “clash of civilisations” that friendly ties between religions is eminently possible. Similarly, American policy towards small and repressive regimes, ranging from Myanmar to Cuba, has shifted in mood, if not yet substance, by offering the prospect of engagement if governments demonstrate progress towards democracy. Some may also see Mr Obama’s push for more action to tackle climate change as a factor—he is urging Congress to pass a cap-and -trade bill and has said that his administration would decree new environmental rules if Congress fails to do so. (Al Gore, another Democratic figure, also won the Nobel prize, for his campaigns against climate change.) Yet critics will have plenty to complain about. The prize-giving committee was at pains to emphasise Mr Obama’s “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”. In the citation, the committee argued that his “diplomacy is founded in the concept that those who are to lead the world must do so on the basis of values and attitudes that are shared by the majority of the world's population.” But is the award premature? Although the prize may be given in the spirit of encouraging Mr Obama’s government, it might have been better to wait for more solid achievements. With so many good intentions, and so many initiatives scattered around the world (and an immensely busy domestic agenda, including health-care reform and averting economic collapse), Mr Obama appears to be racing around trying everything without yet achieving much. One might point to Mr Obama’s lauded decision to close the military prison for terrorist suspects in Guantánamo Bay, and his explicit rejection of the use of torture by American spies and interrogators. Both are welcome, but for now Guantánamo Bay remains open. Carrying through on promises is proving far harder than making them. Similarly Mr Obama made progress in encouraging Israeli and Palestinian leaders to hold talks about peace earlier this year, but as he is distracted by other concerns both parties have since drifted away from negotiations. And so far North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Russia—among others—have offered nothing of substance to demonstrate that a policy of engagement will bring more results than Mr Bush’s tough line. More troubling is Afghanistan. Although the Nobel committee has now rewarded Mr Obama with a title of peacemaker (plus $1.4m or so), he remains a war president. He must shortly decide whether to deploy an additional 40,000 soldiers to fight against Taliban and other insurgents in a conflict that has lasted for eight years. With no obvious means of ending that war, there is a serious possibility that Mr Obama's presidency will become dominated by worsening conditions there. Mr Obama’s aspirations may be laudable, but he has several tough years ahead. The Nobel committee evidently wants to encourage him but it might have been wiser to hold judgment until he has achieved more. In America itself, the decision has already infuriated conservative commentators, ensuring there will be no peace on the home front, at least. Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views.

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This week's top stories [09 October 2009]
(The Economist: News analysis)
into force, the Irish (and all other EU countries) would keep “their” commissioner. Irish voters also Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:00:08 AM received solemn written Ireland and the Lisbon Treaty declarations that Lisbon did not Oct 2nd 2009 | BRUSSELS affect Ireland’s cherished military From Irish neutrality, nor its laws on abortion voters decide the future direction or taxation. of the European Union A year on, opinion polls show a THE fate of the Lisbon Treaty clear lead for the Yes camp. rests in the hands of 3m Irish Ireland’s once booming economy voters on Friday October 2nd. For has slumped into one of the the second time they are being deepest recessions in the EU, and asked to vote in a referendum on a a sense of crisis appears to have new rulebook for the European convinced Irish voters that they Union that would make it harder need to maintain close ties with for individual governments to Europe by voting Yes. No other block initiatives, and that would country has dared to hold a create powerful new posts to popular vote on the treaty, which represent the union around the itself only exists because its world. All 27 countries of the EU earlier incarnation—the grandly must ratify each new treaty and n a m e d C o n s t i t u t i o n a l Ireland is the only one which must Treaty—was rejected by French still hold a vote to approve and Dutch voters in referendums Lisbon. in 2005. Irish voters rejected the treaty in Final results in Ireland will be a referendum just over a year ago, known on Saturday afternoon. amid fears that it would weaken Then attention will turn to the their country’s traditionally Czech Republic and Poland, outsized influence in Europe. In whose presidents have yet to sign particular voters said they were the Lisbon Treaty, completing the unhappy that Lisbon would see ratification process. The treaty has the European Commission shrink, been approved by parliamentary so that not every member of the vote in both countries and club had a commissioner at all Poland’s president has said he times. Following the shock of the will sign once Irish voters have Irish No vote, other European h a d t h e i r s a y . T h e C z e c h leaders issued binding pledges president, the fiercely Eurosceptic that this rule change would be Vaclav Klaus, is less predictable. reversed, and that if Lisbon came On Tuesday a group of senators close to Mr Klaus filed a new legal challenge to Lisbon with the country’s constitutional court, asking judges to decide if the new treaty would turn the EU into a “superstate”, violating the Czech constitution. The highest Czech courted rejected an earlier legal challenge to Lisbon in November 2008. This one could take a few weeks or a few months to resolve, and while the judges are deliberating, Mr Klaus has said he will not sign. Such antics might be little more than a legal curiosity were it not for the fact that the opposition Conservative Party in Britain has said it would, once in office, call a referendum on Lisbon if the treaty has not been ratified by all 27 EU members. With a British general election to be called in the first half of 2010, Lisbon supporters fear that Mr Klaus may withhold his signature long enough to leave Lisbon in limbo until a Conservative government takes power in Britain. But Britain’s prime minister, Gordon Brown, could wait until June before going to the country. Even Mr Klaus, a wily operator, may struggle to find excuses to stall for eight months. Assuming the Irish vote in favour, the next step on the EU agenda is a big summit of all EU heads of government on October 29th and 30th, chaired by Sweden, which is expected to propose selecting the holders of two new posts created by Lisbon. One post is that of president of the European Council, who for a twoand-a-half year term will chair summits and represent national leaders abroad. An existing post of high representative, or foreignpolicy chief, will be greatly beefed up. EU posts are traditionally decided in a frenzy of horse trading that does not favour those who emerged early as favourites. This time early runners for the president’s position include a British former prime minister, Tony Blair, and the Dutch prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende. Conteders for the high representative job include Ursula Plassnik, a former Austrian foreign minister, Olli Rehn, the Finnish EU commissioner, and Carl Bildt, Sweden’s foreign minister, whose brilliance is not matched by his popularity in capitals such as Paris (where he is seen as too pro-Turkey) and Berlin (where officials dislike his tough stance on Russia). Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views.

Europe.view: Old rows, new book
(The Economist: Daily columns)
Submitted at 10/8/2009 12:36:43 AM

Europe.view Oct 8th 2009 From Albania and Macedonia quibble over an encyclopaedia IT IS normally hard to get excited about encyclopaedias. Indeed, in the internet age, it is quite hard to sell them at all. But in Macedonia, a new national encyclopaedia has sparked a row worthy of the 19th century, with furious denunciations, forced resignations, hurried political intervention and appeals to outsiders to join in the condemnation of insulting entries. The row underlines Macedonia’s still-fragile national identity. Here is a non-exclusive list of possible views. One is that Macedonia does not exist at all. It is simply a bit of Bulgaria, amputated by the rise of post-war Yugoslavia and then hijacked by self-interested local politicians (some Romanian nationalists see Moldova the same way). Those who think they are Macedonians are “ethno-politically disorientated” Bulgarians. From another point of view, the country’s existence is not in doubt, but the name is an insult to Greece. Hardline Hellenes think that the “Skopjans” are cheeky Slavs trying to hijack the name of Macedonia, which was, is and will always be an inalienable part EUROPE.VIEW: page 68



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EUROPE.VIEW: continued from page 67
of Greece. Another view comes from Albania, Macedonia’s western neighbour. From an Albanian nationalist point of view, Macedonia is not a state, but a compromise, and perhaps only a temporary one. A much-abused ethnic Albanian minority has finally managed, partly by force of arms and partly thanks to international pressure, to gain some constitutional rights, which must be defended vigilantly. But what about the majority ethnic grouping in this country of 2m people? That is where the encyclopaedia comes in. Published by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, it trod hard on some sensitive toes. For a start, it asserted that the Albanians were relative newcomers to the territory, settling it only in the 16th century. From an Albanian point of view, that is exactly the wrong way round: it was the Slavs who are the newcomers, and who should behave themselves in the company of their hosts. Worse, the encyclopaedia also referred to the Albanians as “highlanders”. That, apparently, is an insult. Another entry describes Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the ethnic Albanian insurgency in 2001, as a war-crimes suspect. Many may query the methods he and his fighters used, but he has never been indicted, and he now heads the junior party in the country’s coalition government. Amid student demonstrations and other protests, Albania’s prime minister, Sali Berisha, called the book “absurd and unacceptable” and complained about “identity based on the forgery of history.” The encyclopaedia is now being hastily rewritten. But it would be nice to think that some of the energy on display could be directed toward bigger issues. One is sorting out the name dispute with Greece. The new centre-left government in Athens may soften the Greek insistence that its northern neighbour drop “Macedonia” before joining international organisations. Macedonia could clear up a couple of troubling human-rights cases, such as that of Spaska Mitrova, a young mother who has lost custody of her two-year-old daughter, in a dispute with strong political overtones (she identifies herself as Bulgarian, and says Macedonians have ill-treated her in retaliation). From the Albanian side, Mr Berisha could be more careful in describing all of his compatriots as members of “one nation”. Silly rows about encyclopaedia entries are not just distracting. They also damage outside perceptions of the region and thus its chances of integration into the rest of Europe. The sensible response to a bad book is to yawn, or to produce a competitor. And by complaining so loudly, critics have given the encyclopaedia publicity that most booksellers could only dream of. Back to top ^^ Readers' comments The Economist welcomes your views.

TV Watch: Late-Night Viewers Look For Late-Night Subject Matter; Letterman Delivers
(MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 11:15:05 AM

MediaDailyNews: Invitation Only: Select Nielsen Clients To Meet On Plan To Integrate Online Viewing Into TV Ratings
(MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 6:45:40 AM

Nielsen has invited a small group of its most influential clients to participate in a "special meeting" next week to discuss how it should handle the way it measures and reports viewing of conventional TV programming accessed via online media. The

meeting, which will be Oct. 16th at the Harvard Club in New York, comes as Nielsen has already begun measuring online behavior in some households in its national TV ratings sample ( MediaDailyNews Sept. 30th), and as Nielsen contemplates expanding that to its entire sample and formally integrating online viewing of TV programming into

its official ratings currency. The meeting, which is separate from a series of conventional national client meetings being held in New York and Los Angeles next week ( MediaDailyNews Oct. 8th), was characterized by Nielsen executives has having the same MEDIADAILYNEWS: page 69

Adult topical material is the stuff of late-night television. In that regard, we can't see TV pressure groups protesting that advertisers like Universal Pictures' "Couples Retreat," AT&T U-Verse, or "Only Vegas" take their commercials off "Late Show with David Letterman." That's just part of the reason TV advertisers probably won't be moving off the Letterman show. The other is how the host himself handled the explosive issue of blackmail and his own indiscretions. He owned the story, his own story-- not TMZ, "Access Hollywood" or And then, of course, there was his humor:"It is fall, and I spent my time raking my hate mail... It's chilly outside my house; chilly inside my house"; and "Getting into my car, even the navigation lady wouldn't speak to me." And then putting himself right among those politicians he regularly jokes up for similar recklessness. "So let's talk about other news: Bill Clinton..." Then, he reconsiders further discussion. "[Former New York Governor] Eliot Spitzer is..." Media analysts say scandal can bring TV shows and celebrities down. But it can also lift them higher. Hugh Grant's apology for being caught with a prostitute was a big moment for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in the early '90s. This propelled the program past "Late Show with David Letterman," with better ratings --

a position it held for a decade and a half. Letterman's caustic humor has always been a draw for viewers. But now he throws in selfmocking. The wild card is what occurs if any illegal activities are uncovered. "Late Show" was already building strong ratings against "The Tonight Show" with new host Conan O'Brien. Initially, Letterman was getting more overall viewers. In recent weeks, he has been besting -- or tying -- O'Brien for the key demo of 18-49 viewers. And, now, in the last couple of days, Letterman even tied "The Tonight Show," in one episode, for younger 18-34 viewers. Detractors might say -- in passing -- that, perhaps Letterman is capitalizing on his actions. But they would be hard-pressed to make a long-term conspiratorial case. Long term, Letterman is probably smart enough not to devote entire monologues to his current problems. Like most veteran TV comedians, he knows how to master and dose his material to viewers. That's why he got the job in the first place. Late-night TV advertisers know the score. Unless Letterman's actions are determined criminal -and/or ratings take a sudden big turn for the worse -- marketers aren't going anywhere. This has never been family television, and that's the exact tone late-night viewers want.

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MEDIADAILYNEWS continued from page 68
importance a seminal meeting it held in the fall of 2006 to determine how to incorporate time -shifted viewing data into its national TV ratings currency. The outcome of that meeting culminated in the creation of the so-called C3 ratings that are currently used by advertisers and agencies to negotiate their national TV advertising buys. "The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the work that Nielsen is doing to develop the capability to measure online video viewing in the national people meter panel and to share our thoughts on potentially aligning that effort with these industry developments. Most importantly, the purpose of this meeting is to get your feedback and input on these plans," Nielsen President-Media Client Services Sara Erichson wrote to approximately 75 clients invited to the meeting. She emphasized that the meeting was "invitation-only." Nielsen currently is measuring online viewing of TV programming in nearly 400 households, and executives say that preliminary findings of that "live," in-panel test, as well as a so-called "convergence panel" that is independent of its national ratings currency sample, have shown no negative impact on compliance of response rates from households that are concurrently reporting both conventional TV and online TV viewing. They say that has encouraged Nielsen to think about expanding the concurrent TV/online measurement into Nielsen's entire 18,000 household TV meter sample, but are now at the point of seriously gauging clients on their sentiment about the implications of doing so. It's unclear what if the meeting will also address TV viewing over other new and emerging platforms, such as the small, but rapidly growing mobile video segment, but Nielsen executives said they don't expect that to be a significant part of the conversation during this meeting. While Nielsen has a separate mobile measurement service, it has not yet begun integrating mobile viewing of TV programming into its TV ratings sample. A couple of years ago, when it looked as if the popularity of video iPods and other hand-held video media devices might become a significant factor for the TV industry, Nielsen developed its so-called "solo" meter for measuring TV content viewed via iPods, but plans to integrate that technology have grown dormant, and the main focus now appears to be on online media, partly because online viewing of TV programming is growing rapidly, and partly because the TV industry - especially cable TV operators such as Comcast and Time Warner - have begun their own "TV Everywhere" and "OnDemand Online" initiatives to provide their subscribers with access to TV programming via the Internet. Nielsen executives do not expect any explicit action to be taken during next week's meeting, and characterized it more as a fact -finding and temperature-taking session in which clients will brainstorm and share their concerns and goals about online viewing of television, and whether and how it should be integrated into the official TV ratings currency. "It's not the kind of meeting that we will put out a press release that we made a decision," a Nielsen spokesman explained. "We're not going to take a vote, or make a decision based on unanimous agreement by proclamation." He said the goal is simply to understand what some of Nielsen's most influential clients TV companies, agencies and advertisers - think about the issues.

MediaDailyNews: Flash: CBS Predicts Big Gains With DVR
(MediaPost | Media News)
Submitted at 10/9/2009 10:59:37 AM

CBS said DVR playback has reached an all-time high -- up 36% versus premiere week last Spinning numbers in a new flash year and up 64% over 2007. -forward TV world, CBS says its With this information, CBS says shows debuting in premiere week top shows such as "NCIS" and will see big gains when including "The Mentalist" will each gain 2 seven days of DVR playback million more viewers. It also results. anticipates that 11 shows will see In an unusual press release, improvements from a 0.5 rating CBS expects results from viewer point or more each in 18-49 and tabulations after seven days of 25-54 demos. DVR playback will kick its shows CBS didn't note how other TV up significantly from its premiere networks programs would fare, week. which, according to previous CBS believes its shows will DVR analysis, would seemingly average 1 million more viewers see gains as well. and that in among key Live plus seven days of DVR demographics -- adults 18-49 and playback ratings, according to adults 25-54 -- will see about a most TV researchers, accounts for half a rating point increase. over 90% of DVR playback. CBS Nielsen will release live plus 7 implored the business media, day ratings for the first week of media agency and others to the season on Monday, Oct. 12. include these results in their Explaining its future ratings analysis, rather than standard gains, David Poltrack, executive daily TV ratings. vice president of planning and research and CBS, said in a Poltrack states: "The industry release: "With the growth of DVR must now switch our collective penetration and usage, we can no focus away from the 'partial' longer evaluate the performance overnight audience reports to the of programs simply based on full audience reports when they ratings delivered the following come out some weeks later." day."

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