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One of the ongoing debates about the Manson case centers on this question: Why did some Family members kill while others did not?
By Steve Oney June 22, 2009, B !B ! "O#$, member of the Family. Fifty-seven years old, she is a registered nurse. I think the ones who actually did it might have caused a lot of harm or death to people anyway, even without Charlie. I think they have that in them. Sadie [Susan Atkins , when she was !" #efore she ever $oined the %amily, held a gun on an Oregon cop and said to him when he caught her, &I should have shot you.' (e) *atson did a #urn on a drug deal, and he left a girl as a hostage and split. (hey threatened to kill her, and he didn+t care. So they had it in them to really hurt people. I don+t know a#out ,atricia -renwinkel, #ut .eslie /an 0outen certainly had it in her. %&'(E'$ B)*+&O,&, deputy district attorney. e is !" and the author of several boo#s, including 0elter Skelter $co%ritten %ith &urt 'entry(, the definitive account of the case. .inda -asa#ian was a young girl who was looking for 1esus. She+d #een up to 0aight2 Ash#ury. She+d #een to (aos, 3ew 4e)ico, the American ,sychedelic Circus in Boston5 looking for 1esus. %inally, she found who in her mind was 1esus5Charlie was 1esus. (hat+s why she $oined the %amily. She was cut out of different cloth than the others. She was the closest to a true hippie in the %amily. (he others looked like hippies, #ut they were murderers. ( $"E!&'E ," !E, member of the Family. )i*ty-si* years old, she is a %riter. /ince #elieves there was a #ad seed in the ones who did it. (hat+s where /ince and I differ. I respect him in many ways, #ut we differ here. *e+ve talked a#out it. I know how little willpower we all had left, #ecause I know how little willpower I had left. /ince thinks some were good and some were #ad. I+ll $ust say some were more #rainwashed than others, had less of a personality.

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