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SELECT FIRE ——S_— AK-47 TABLE OF CONTENTS cauTION! “The legal construction and posses: sion of a fully autorratic weapon i controled bythe Bureau Alcohol, Tebacco, and Fire ‘erms dvision of the U.S, Treasury Depart- ‘SELECT FIRE AK-47 'AK-A7 HISTORICAL BACKGROUND ‘The curent AC47 and sini designed ‘weapons have evolved from the MP 43, 2 ‘select recaroine charbered or the 7 92mm I, Fussian Troops: SELECTRIRE AK47 SELECT FIRE AK-47 Curent the Soviets have again ‘modifies the basic AK dosign into the AK-7 tis chambered win a new 545 X 39mm round with very high velocty. The AK-7# ‘action ie scalad down somewhat to accom ‘modate the new round and isthe frst AK to have a muzzel brake, ‘Another version olthe AK isthe Swed- INTRODUCTION ‘A-semi auto only AKM is produced in Egypt and pure Kalastiikov design, right ‘This manual contains necessary blueprints