Christmas… Merry Christmas instead of winter solstice, A capitalization celebration, Embraced by every fucking consumerist, How can this

be called progress? When we can’t sustain it, A biosphere to maintain, But we refrain from doing it, Built to break technology, Reflects our short term personal policy, Of disposable luxury, Sold by playing on our insecurities, Chasing some unattainable plastic purity, It fills me with fury, There shouldn’t be a dichotomybetween art and technology, Or even mysticism and scientific study, Skilled hands that graft, Wielded by a man, Are being dragged into the past, Along with the life affirminggritty reality of living on the land, Upholding biodiversity, Or as an artisan rebuilding and creating, The timber, metal, masonry, Fabric of society, Habitat of humanity.

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