SECOND PERIODICAL TEST IN ENGLISH VI Name:____________________________________ Direction: Complete the sentence with the needed pronoun.

Write the letter only. _______1. ____ are the expected to follow the school rules and regulations a. No one a. Anyone a. Nobody a. Few a. Have a. Is b. has b. are b. Someone b. none b. Something b. little c. All c. Anything c. Everybody c. many c. is c. were _______2. _____ caught violating any of these rules will be punished. _______3. _____ should know the rules and regulations by heart. _______4. Only a ___ are expected to wear the uniform. _______5. Each one ___ the freedom to choose his / her own religion _______6. Nothing ______ impossible. If there is a way there’s a will. Complete the sentences with the correct preposition _______7. I want the pictures to be seen by the whole class. Put it _____ the chalkboard. a. Below a. Beside different vegetables are grown. a. Below _______10. _______11. _______12. b. above c. inside Complete each sentences with the correct form of the verb. We are planning to have a picnic this Sunday. The girls _____ sandwiches. b. will prepare b. bringing b. is going c. must c. brought c. preparing The boys ____ cases of soft drinks. We ____ to wear bathing suit in the beach. a. Prepare a. Will bring a. Are going _______13. b. above b. below c. under c. above _______8. I like the girls sitting ______ me. _______9. High above the mountains is a thick forest and ______ it is a green meadow where

Select the correct reported questions with do verbs. Bernadette asked “Does the government make laws to protect the wild animals”. a. Bernadette told me that the government make laws to protect the wild animals b. Bernadette asked if the government make laws to protect the wilds animals. c. _______14. _______15. Bernadette says that the government make laws to protect the wild animals I _____ obey all the school rules and regulations or else I shall be penalized. b. have to b. has to c. must c. must They ____ prepare their packed lunch before leaving for the filed trip. Use the correct expressions have to, has to, must, should a. Has to a. Have to

Select the appropriate expression for each given situation.


Someone sent you a bunch of roses on your birthday.

a. “What a beautiful scene” b. “Lovely!” I love the delicate, lid fragrant. c. “I am happy for you! You did very well, congratulations” _______17. You have just seen an exceptionally beautiful garden. a. “such a beautiful scene to behold” b. “What a surprise! Its more than what I expected” c. “Lovely!” I love the delicate, lid fragrant. Choose the best title to each of the paragraph _______18. When the coldest days come, many animals curl up in their homes for their b. What Animals Hibernate c. How Animals Hibernate winter sleep. When animals sleep all winter, we say they hibernate. a. What Hibernate Means _______19. _______20. a. _______21. _______22. Select the appropriate meaning of the underlined word. He was caught cutting classes. b. not attending some of his classes c. divide by crossing b. end c. race c. time limit The teacher set a deadline for submissions of reports. Death a. Dividing by a knife

Give the correct plural form of the noun to make the sentence correct. The ______ are swimming in the fish pond. b,. geeses b. children c. geese c. childs The ___ have their sport competition yesterday. a. Goose a. Child _______23. _______24. _______25. apparatus. a. Jogging b. calisthenics c. tumbling

Use the clue phrases below to write the noun being described It is a contagious disease like mumps and chicken pox. b. measles b. civic c. heart attack c. Politics It is now a subject for both boys and girls. A systematic exercise performed in rhythm by a group with or without eight hand a. Anemia a. Home Economic

IKALAWANG MARKAHANG PAGSUSULIT SA MSEP VI PANGALAN:______________________________________________________ Panuto: Piliin kung saang pangkat kabilang ang mga instrument at isulat ang titik ng wastong sagot. S- String B - Brasses W- Woodwinds P – Percussion _______1. Tambol ____6. Trumpet _______2. Clarinet ____7. Biyulin _______3. Cello ____8. Oboe _______4. Trombone ____9. Pompiyang _______5. marakas ___10. Bass Piliin ang wastong sagot at isulat ang titik nito. _______11. Ang teksturang ito ay matatagpuan sa lahat ng mga bagay na tunog at lakas tulad ng mga bulaklak at mga gamit ng kaatawan. a. Biswal b. artipisyal c. tunay _______12. Ito ay mga bagay na ginaya o itinulad sa kalikasan at sa mga bagay na karaniwan nating ginagamit. a. Artipisyal b. biswal c. tunay _______13. Nakilala ito sa pamamagitan ng pagtingin,. Ito ay nagagawa sa pamamagitan ng linya, hugis at kulay. a. Artipisyal b. biswal c. tunay _______14. Iba ito sa mga pamamaraan upang maipahayag ang kaisipan, damdamin, kalooban, at imahinasyon sa paglikha ng mga disenyo at paggamit ng ibat- ibang bagay kagamitan sa paglilimbag. a. Pagpipinta b. mural c. paglilimbag _______15. Ang sining na ito ay ipinapakita sa pamamagitan ng pagkulay nang matingkad na kulay at ito’y nasa gitna ng gawaing sining. a. Mahiwagang bagay b. sentro ng kawilihan c. Rangga Valli _______16. Isang kawili-wiling anyo mula sa isang payak na hugis sa pamamagitan ng pagbabago sa anyo nito. a. Mahiwagang bagay b. pilitpit na porma c. magandang tanawin _______17. Ito ay pagpapakita ng pagkamalikhain sa pamamagitan ng pagguhit ng isang bagay habang nakatingin dito hindi sa papel na pinagguguhian. a. Balangkas ng sasakyan b. profile ng mukha c. balangkas ng katawan _______18. Ito ay kuwento ng buhay ng isang tao. a. Talambuhay b. kuwento c. tula _______19. Ito ay isang gawaing sining na nagpapahayag ng kaisipan at damdamin sa pamamagitan ng pagguhit mula sa alaala. a. Balangkas ng sasakyan b. collage c. pagpipinta _______20. Ito ay gawaing nakakalinang at susubok sa kakayahang makapanimbang ng bigat ng katawan. a. Mataas na pagsisid b. istatwa c. dobleng iskuter _______21. Susubok ito sa taglay na hangganan ng iyong katawan sa pagsalo sa bigat ng ibang taong maaaring biglang magkarron ng kapansanan sa katawan. a. Istatwa b. dobleng iskuter c. mataas na pagsisid _______22. Isa rin itong pagsubok sa anking kakayahang umalalay sa bigat ng sariling katawan at sa katatagan o kakayahang pumigil sa kalamnan ng tiyan at puwitan. a. Mataas na V b. mambubuno c. istatwa _______23. Ang tawag sa paghagis ng bola ng baseball na kasingtaas ng ulo. a. Underhand throw b. overhead throw c. sidearm throw _______24. Anong katawagan sa uri ng pag- out sa tagapalo ng bola na tatlong beses pinalo ngunit hindi tinamaan ang bola at nasalo ito ng catcher. a. Strike out b. touch body c. standing out _______25. Ilang out ang kailangan sa larong baseball ang dapat abutin bago ang sumunod na ining? a. Apat b. tatlo c. lima