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Health Reform Could Boost Economy, Medical Practices

Could Universal Healthcare pull the plug on doctors? While possible, the answer is most likely N !" #n $act, supplying healthcare to everyone can boost medical practices" With more %mericans having the ability to see a regular physician, there may be longer waits at the doctor&s o$$ice" However, through these regular checkups, patients may be given tests and re$erred to other specialists" Without insurance, these patients may have never seen the initial doctor, thus creating '()) business $or the specialists" However, with increased business, the medical practices will need to hire more sta$$, thus stimulating the economy" #t&s a domino e$$ect, and the $irst domino can&t be tipped without healthcare insurance" *urthermore, many o$ the e+penses in medical practices are $i+ed costs,-.# machines, C! scans and other imaging e/uipment, as well as rents associated with the building" !he additional costs to utili0e these assets are very $ractional compared to the initial e+pense o$ the asset" !here$ore, increased tra$$ic 1through universal healthcare2 could better utili0e these assets, bringing doctors closer to covering these costs" With proper business practices, this policy can help to improve the medical practices" Cutting costs can only make things worse" #t is advisable that these practices be cautious be$ore randomly cutting e+penses to compensate $or the lower insurance

payments" Cutting e+penses, such as salaries and sta$$, can limit their ability to handle the increased volume o$ patients due to universal healthcare" 3octors need enough variable costs, such as physicals, +4rays and other tests to cover the $i+ed costs and o$$ice rent" !hese costs cannot be covered with an empty o$$ice" Cutting hours and e+penses is almost like giving up, rather than being advantageous" 5roper decisions can increase revenue $or doctors, rather than su$$er $rom marginally smaller payments" #n turn, they will be available to provide better healthcare to the public, resulting in a healthier nation" % crowded o$$ice $or a couple more hours a day is better than an empty o$$ice with no revenue,$or the doctor and the patients"
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