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Conduction & Convection Practice Problems

AP Physics

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1. Which way will you pay lower heating bills (because you burn less uel!: "eep your house at #$ %& all the time or "eeping it at #$ %& during the day and at '$ %& at night( )*plain.

+. , you were building an adobe house - rom sun.dried clay bric"s - in the deserts o the southwestern /nited 0tates1 how would you build the walls o the house so that the house would stay as cool as possible during those 112 %& days(

3. 4ou o ten see signs near bridges li"e the ones shown to the right. Why do you need to be more care ul about ice on the bridges than on the road( What could cause the bridges to ice over be ore the road does( )*plain.

5. 6ost o the ood you eat goes into "eeping your body at the right temperature (relatively little is used or physical activity!. 7his raises some important 8uestions: a! Why do people generally eat more during the winter than during the summer(

b! Why do larger people usually east more than smaller people(

2. 4ou are wearing a 1 cm thic" cotton oven glove when you grab a +$2 %C ba"ing dish with your +2%C hand. , your hand touches a 9 cm by : cm section o the dish1 how much energy gets to your hand every second(

'. 7wo people with +2 %C s"in are sitting on bleachers on a day when the air temperature is 1$ %C. )ach o their rumps ma"es contact with a 5$ cm by +$ cm section o the bleacher. a! 7he irst person sits on an aluminum bleacher b! 7he second person sits on a wooden bleacher that is 3 mm thic". ;ow much energy do they that is 5.2 cm thic". ;ow much energy do they lose through the bleacher every second( lose through the bleacher every second(

#. A cooler or carrying soda bottles surrounds the bottle with 0tyro oam to help "eep them insulated. A bottle o soda has a sur ace area o $.$$1+2 m3 and comes out o the ridge at 5 %C. , the li8uid is surrounded by + mm thic" glass and 1 cm thic" 0tyro oam (see e*panded polystyrene!1 how 8uic"ly does it gain energy rom the +2 %C environment(

9. An old church stands 12 m tall1 with a loor that is 1+ m wide and +2 m long. 7he walls are built o is built i 2$ cm thic" limestone covered with +$ cm thic" marble. , the inside o the church is +$ %C on a day when the outside temperature is 5$ %C1 how 8uic"ly does energy pass through the walls o the church(

:. )ven though water is a poor conductor o heat1 a pot o water will boil a ter only a ew minutes o heating. ;ow can you e*plain this apparent contradiction(