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Stephanie Barb ECE 497 Child Development Capstone Course Jennifer Zaur February 24, 2014

Tonight we are here to talk about the importance of family, community, and your childs development. I have been asked to show you all how to get involved in your school community, and how this will benefit you and your childs academic future. Having a community of information and knowledge will benefit you and your child tremendously.

I am here tonight to show you how your school can gain you access to support services, health care, cultural events, tutoring services, and much more (Charlesworth, 2011). Did you know that you have access to all these services because your child attends Lincoln Elementary? Please give me ten minutes of your time, so I can show you all the resources that are available to you and your family.

Do you think the childs environment and who they are surrounded by has an impact on their development? Bronfenbrenner came up the ecological systems theory that views the child as developing within a complex system of relationships affected by multiple levels of the surrounding environment. Each layer of the environment joins with the others to powerfully affect development (Beck, 2013).

Parent involvement is the most important aspect for the childs future. Parents need to guide their children on a daily basis. Parent education is also important. Tonight there will be pamphlets provided, that will provide you with information of upcoming seminars for parents.

Teachers and parents must communicate with each other throughout the school year. Setting up conferences at least twice a year; is ideal for the teacher, students, and the parents. Please do not let my English and your second language get in the way of not setting up a conference. A translator will be provided if you need assistance with communication. Hand outs and other information can be provided, in a second language, if need be. Contact me and we can go from there on what assistance will be needed throughout the year.

Volunteering in your childs classroom will bring a smile to your childs face. By volunteering in your childs classroom, or on campus, you are showing your child how much you value their education. I know jobs and other responsibilities may not allow you to volunteer as much as you would like. But speak to the teacher and find out different ways you can help. Teachers need as much help as possible.

Each month, I will be sending home a calendar. This calendar will provide all the important dates coming up. Each week I will send home a packet that will have your childs homework. If there is ever a time that you do not understand the homework. Please do not hesitate to call or email me. My phone number and email will be attached to each homework packet. If you notice that your child is struggling in a certain area. I can suggest different resources and books for your child to use at home. I can also provide different websites that will strengthen your childs abilities.

Volunteering at the school will also bring you access to decision making at your childs school. We have committees on our campus that are working on making our school a better school and a safer environment. We need your help. We need to have parents from all walks of life get involved in our school community. Going the PTA and other parent organizations will make an impact in your childs education and their future.

Signing up is the first step to making a difference in your childs education. Going to the conferences, joining a committee and attending seminars will change your family forever. Making these steps in the right direction, will benefit your child and your family for years to come. Take small steps and show your child the commitment you have to their education. Fun activities, memories, laughs, and new friendships will come from these experiences.

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