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Stages in Reading Comprehension Lesson

Three considerations influencing

The match between the content of the text and the students familiarity with that content. The teachers purpose for having students read a text Getting the reader to establish reasons for reading

Three main ways from having an introduction to the topic of an informational text before they begin to read
An introduction helps students to recall any information that they may already know about the topic. Getting the students to start to think about the topic should increase their interest in the topic and thereby motivate them to read the text If the introduction activity is conducted in English it will also review or introduce the relevant vocabulary for that topic.

1. Pre-reading Establishing a purpose for reading

3 Strategies

Activating and building background knowledge Previewing the text to build expectations

Teachers job Help students to understand the specific content and to perceive the rhetorical structure of the text Teacher guidance to ensure that students assume an active questioning approach to the material

Enables students to establish their own expectations about what information they will find in the text and the way that information will be organized

2. While- reading

3. Post-reading To review the lesson content

Put the students in pairs or small groups to compare and verify their responses to the questions or graphics and then check the results with the entire class Exercises could focus on grammar points, vocabulary in context or word roots, or discourse markers The final segment should be devoted to integrating the new information from the text with what the students know