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International Islamic University Chittagong BBA Program Course Title: Financial Analysis Course Instructor: Md.

Shahriar Kabir Contact: 01676-634451 / Course Description: Accurate financial analysis is a fundamental element of growth, strategy and overall success of a business organization. Understanding how to use financial indicators and benchmarks allows the finance graduates to allocate resources and evaluate potential projects for maximum return-on-investment. Financial analysis takes the guesswork out of the planning process and enables you to keep tabs on how your business is performing. In Brief, Financial analysis is all about Making Sense of Accounting Data to make better decisions Course Contents: Mid Term: 1. Chapter 1- Introduction (Corporate Finance Ross,Westerfield &Jordan) 2. Financial Statements (Corporate Finance Ross,Westerfield &Jordan) 3. Working With Financial Statements (Corporate Finance-Ross, &Jordan) 4. Cost Volume Profit Analysis (Cost Accounting-Matz Usry)

Final Term: 5. Financial Leverage (Corporate Finance-Ross,Westerfield,Jordan) 6. Credit Management (Corporate Finance-Ross,Westerfield,Jordan) 7. Standard Costing (Cost Accounting-Matz Usry) 8. Gross Profit Analysis (Cost Accounting-Matz Usry) 9. Leasing-(Financial Management-E.F Brigham) 10. Merger and Acquisition- (Corporate Finance-Brealy,Myers,Marcus) Recommended Texts: 1. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance-Ross,Westerfield& Jordan 2. Cost Accounting Matz Usry 3. Financial Management-E.F Brigham 4. Corporate Finance-Brealy,Myers,Marcus Marking Scheme for the course: 1. Mid Term-30% 2. Final Term-50% 3. Class Attendance-10% 4. Quizzes /Presentation-10%