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1) Benson starts stepping out in the second bar of his solo (bar 26).

There's an enharmonic spelling, but bar 27 is an A major 7 arpeggio (over F7) 2) Bar 56 contains Ab to Db7 arpeggios 3) Bar 66 suggests Eb to A7 4) Bar 80 is all Ab minor 5) Bars 81 and 82 contain Bmaj7 to Emaj7 arpeggios over G-7 to C7 6) Bar 93 has mixed #s and bs (sorry), but it's all Ab- or Db7 (depending how you want to look at it ... could be B lydian, too) 7) Bar 116 - Eb+ arp. over D7 8) Bar 256 - Amaj7 arp. over F7 (again) 9) Bars 263-264 - I'd say the last 6 beats are just C7alt, but it's an interesting line 10) Check the line that begins just before letter X - Starts with an Emaj7 arp., slips into C7alt, and then back to E major for 2+ bars before arriving at Bb 11) The line approaching letter Y is also pretty wild