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10 Deep within a Carpathian forest 12 the ruins of a Transylvanian fortress 9 Mysterious and horrifying 7 filled with death, specters

crying 9 unmistakeable, unrelenting 7 stench of death on baited breath 9 seven coffins and a ghastly laugh 7 embalmed corpses torn in half 10 under the watching eyes of a pale moon, 12 the demonic choirs sing an ominous tune 9 beautiful and so mystifying 7 a putrid corpse, there, laying 9 maggot filled cadavers all around 7 smell of death, yet not a sound 10 a frightening demon cries out to you, 5 "your death will be soon"

The backplot to this is someone, anyone, coming upon an old medieval fortress. T ransylvania/Carpathia is the same thing just 2 different words for it. the perso n, curious, decides to go inside the fortress and check it out. he's greeted by the smell of rotting corpses, and even some dug up bodies(thus the embalmed part ). not done with the lyrics yet obviously but, the person finds out that a group of cannibals have been responsible for the grave diggings in the area as of lat e. they were digging up bodies and bringing them to the ruined fort knowing that nobody goes there so it'd be safe to carry out their deeds. they also murder an yone who happens upon the place, these are the rotting corpses. obviously, being murdered, they would not be embalmed thus the 'stench of death'. since we are d ealing with cannibals, they will eat even the rotting corpses, thus the 'baited breath'. the demonic choirs is in reference to the fact that these cannibals are a group of satanists, and pre-kill they scare the shit out of victims by singing satanic chants. then the singing stops, 'yet not a sound'. then a 'demon' (just a perso n) cries out 'your death will be soon', heavy reverb big room effect as the voic e was coming from the far end of the fortress, just echoing through it. haven't decided exactly how it ends, but I DO want it to be the guy telling police about what happened. look up 'Rhapsody of Fire' they are a prime example of this kind of music, specifically the song The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight (it's j ust over 16 minutes).