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Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness is a poignant account of the horrendous brutalizing effects of colonialism.

The darkness of the title is the darkness inside human feeling. The short novel is based on Joseph Conrads vo age to the Congo !hich revealed a darkness that corrupts. His aim in Heart of Darkness !as to unveil the underl ing horror of colonialism. "n the beginning of the stor # imperialism is at first e$pounded as a variet of brutish idealism redeemed onl b the idea but as the tale un!inds it merel e$poses to the reader the lack of the e$istence of such an idea. Colonialism !as represented as an idealistic venture and it !as e$pounded as the !hite mans mission to aid the savage man. Ho!ever in Heart of Darkness Conrad discloses the truth behind this mission and the fact that the !hite man used his idealism to camouflage his greed. "n the Heart of Darkness imperialism is sho!n as a s stem that is corrupt and corrupting. "t becomes the longing to !ring the heart of the !ilderness and e$terminate all the brutes. Conrads aim is thus to e$pose the illusion of imperialism b providing a glimpse of the truth. %ne of the most significant aspects to the theme is the knitting !omen !ho take over the Compan scene in a silent and ominous !a . The become s mbolic figures !ho reverberate in the mind& a reverberation of 'reek m tholog that controlled the destin of mans fate. The knitting !omen provide the element of inscrutable destin and predetermined fate# !here individual freedom is curtailed. The t!o !omen seem to be guarding the fates of hell or the heart of darkness that often people do not come back from and thus the serve as a prefiguring s mbol of !hat the Trading Compan does to its creatures. The Trading Compan is of course related to the idea and thus is part of the fiction of the !hite mans mission !hich covers the rapacious and vicious state of "mperialism. The ominous effect of the t!o !omen is reverberated at the end of (arlo!s stor !hen he recalls the fat !oman knitting her black !ool& the spinning of darkness that correlates !ith the spinning of the tale of darkness. )ut "mperialism and !hat it stands for triumphs in the end because (arlo! is unable to tell the horrendous truth of !hat *urtz has become and thus the colonial spirit lives on in spite of its horrors.