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Sometimes I wonder if I could, And that turns into if I should Then all the while Im thinking, That m confidence is shrinking

A woman must !e ca"a!le, E#en more than !eing a!le $er strength of character must come through, And that is the most im"ortant #iew

A""earance is ne#er the issue, If so, all women would !u more tissues %en will alwa s !e &udgmental, And fathers are to sentimental

So strictl as an o!ser#er, 'ou must alwa s learn to endure E#er one alwa s ha#e o"inions, That will alwa s cause indecisions

In the end all that matters, Is at the ta!le what ou "ut on ou "latter And what is e#er ones "oint of #iew, What do ou think a!out ou(

! Tim Tha er