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SCHOOL: DATE: TEACHER: CLASS: 12 I LEVEL: ADVANCED TOPIC:WHAT KEEPS US GOING TIME: 50 CLASS MANAGEMENT: frontal,pair work activities SKILLS: reading,listening,speaking,writing MATERIALS/AIDS: board,video projector,CD player SPECIFIC COMPETENCES: 1.2- Identificarea,in texte audiate/citite,a punctelor de vedere,atitudinilor si sentimentelor exprimate. 2.1-Expunerea oral si/sau in scris a unor idei,opinii si puncte de vedere proprii si sustinerea lor cu argumente si exemple. 3.2-Participarea la conversatii folosind un limbaj adecvat functional la context si respectand normele socio-culturale. MAIN AIMS:* express personal opinions,discuss,give arguments on what is called ideal job *complete an exam style task(listening for specific information) SUBSIDIARY AIMS: *develop vocabulary - describing personality *practise listening for gist and main ideas *give and exchange views on personality issues



*Greeting the students *Checking the homework 3

ACTIVITY 1 Aim: develop vocabulary-describing personality Teacher asks the students to look at a job advert and to find words and phrases that describe what sort of person is being looked for. Students are asked to write down some characteristcs which describe a self-starter. 7 ACTIVITY 2 Aim: listen to gist and main ideas The students listen to someone talking about self-starters and take notes on what they hear about the qualities of such people.Then they compare the ideas . 8 ACTIVITY 3 Aim: give and exchange views on the given topic The students are asked to discuss about types of person they consider to be the easiest to work with . *discussion about the jobs they want ACTIVITY 4 Aim:complete an exam style task(listening- multiple choice) Talking about the advantages and disadvantages of acting in a TV soap Listening to a passage and answering six multiple-choice questions-the questions focus on understanding the speakers attitude and opinions. *Brief discussion to round off the activity(the speaker making the right decision) 20 10

EVALUATION Aim: provide students with a sense of achievement and feed back about how well they did in class Teacher evaluates some of the students,the most active are given grades. 2