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NSWCHS Girls & Boys Singles & Pairs Championships Information & Conditions of Play 2014

Events: Open Boys Singles, Open Girls Singles, Open Boys Pairs, Open Girls Pairs Entry: Players must nominate to their Regional Lawn Bowls Convener. Regional Conveners will then select players to represent the Region and forward these entries to the C S Convener. Regional Conveners will contact all players a!out their selection or otherwise. "he C S Convener will email all players who have !een accepted into the event. #ach Region is entitled to $ Singles automatic entries and % Pairs automatic entry. "he Singles draws will !e capped at &$ players. "he Pairs draws will !e capped at %' sides. Regions will !e allocated e(tra positions in the draw !ased on their $)%& position in the State Carnival. Venue: Start Times: *ll events will !e played at +arilla BC. Players are as,ed to chec, in from -am each morning. Cards will !e called at -../am.

Cost: "here is a 0/ administration fee for each event, paya!le on the morning of their first game. +arilla BC will !e providing players with lunch each day at no added cost. Draws: *ll draws are randomly constructed electronically in the presence of another C S representative. "he only constraint is that players1sides from the same Region will not !e drawn against each other in the first round 2this does not apply to late entries used to complete the draw if necessary3. Girls events are open draws. Roll-ups: Dead ends: !e replayed. Format: One end roll4up is permitted prior to each player5s first game and when changing greens. "here will !e no re4spotting of the 6ac,. 7illed ends are declared dead and are to

Singles8 Play will !e ,noc,out with the addition of a Bron9e :edal play4off game. #ach game will !e of %. ends duration, e(cept games !etween previous losers which will !e %$ ends only. ;f games are tied, an e(tra end will !e played. *ll games, including the <inal, will !e played in the one day. Pairs8 Play will !e ,noc,out &4!owl Pairs. Losers will play4off for positions i.e. all players will play the full day. #ach game will !e of %& ends duration, e(cept games !etween previous losers which will !e %$ ends only. ;f games are tied, an e(tra end will !e played. *ll games, including the <inal, will !e played in the one day. he Controlling Body may alter the !onditions in order to ens"re a s"!!essf"l !on!l"sion to the e#ent. Presentation: "he Presentation will ta,e place immediately after the conclusion of the final event on "hursday. =S+C S medals will !e awarded to all % st, $nd and &rd placegetters. * :ale and a <emale Player of the Championships will !e recognised and awarded.

$rder of Play
+ednesday >une . 4 Boys Open Singles +arilla BC Rd of &$ ? Rd of %' ? @< ? S< ? <inal1Bron9e Play4off 4 Girls Open Pairs +arilla BC Rd of %' ? @< ? S< ? <inal A Classification matches

"hursday >une / 4 Boys Open Pairs +arilla BC matches 4 Girls Open Singles +arilla BC Play4off

Rd of %' ? @< ? S< ? <inal A Classification Rd of &$ ? Rd of %' ? @< ? S< ? <inal1Bron9e

NSWCHS Girls and Boys Singles & Pairs Championships

Warilla BC% Wed 4 &"ne 'Boys Singles( Girls Pairs) h"r * &"ne 'Girls Singles( Boys Pairs)

'+ppli!ations to ,egional Con#eners - ."e /ri 21st 0ar!h 2014)

N+01 .+ 1 $/ BI, H H$01 +..,1SS 10+I2 2of parent, or of student with parental permission. "his address will !e used to communicate *LL information, including whether your application was successful, and details and draw for the event. #nsure that this section is completed clearly. ;f you do not receive an email !y %) *pril, contact the C S Convener3 Conta!t Phone SIGN+ 3,1S Parent SP$, S $,G+NIS1, 2or other School contact3 10+I2 2for contact regarding success of the application3 141N S N$0IN+ 1. /$, 2please tic, where appropriate38 Open Girls Singles Open Boys Singles Open Girls Pairs Open Boys Pairs H$01 Prin!ipal Sports $rganiser 0$BI21 SCH$$2 ,1GI$N

=.B. Pairs teams will !e selected !y your Regional Convener Please su!mit your application to your Regional Convener using the details provided !elow. Bour application will !e prioritised !y your Regional Convener and su!mitted to the =S+C S Convener. Bou and your school will !e advised whether your application was successful or not via email !y $/ *pril $)%.. here 5ill 6e a 7* le#y per e#ent for s"!!essf"l appli!ants, paya!le at the event, and the following permission note completed.
,1GI$N unter =orth Coast =orth +est Riverina South Coast Sydney #ast Sydney =orth Sydney South +est Sydney +est +estern C$N41N1, Ronnie Ga6ews,i "B* Gale Smith ;an Groth ;an :orris :argaret Sheean Glenn :asters Peter <oster Gavin ol!urn Ross unter SCH$$2 :ount Ciew Guyra Central "emora +arilla +oolooware >ames Bus!y 7ingswood enry Lawson /+8 .DD%%E$'EED $)&/ 10+I2 ronnie.ga6ews, msheean$$ gavin.hol!

.$DE $-%E D/$E &.%$ D')E $$EE .E&' ')%% '&.& $&EE

Gavin ol!urn =S+C S Lawn Bowls Convener 7ingswood igh School Bringelly Rd 7;=GS+OOG =S+ $E.E 2+3 .E&'%$)% 2:o!3 ).)&%&''E/ gavin.hol!

Complete and ret"rn this form if yo"r nomination is !onfirmed as s"!!essf"l9

NSWCHS Girls and Boys Singles & Pairs Championships :2014

Please outline your transport and care arrangements !elow. "his form :HS" !e returned to Gavin ol!urn either prior to the Championships !y email 2only3 2gavin.hol!, or su!mitted in person prior to commencing the first mornings play. /ail"re to do so 5ill res"lt in e;!l"sion from the e#ent.

,+NSP$, :y child will !e transported to1from the event, as well as to1from any accommodation arrangements, !y8 =ame of Player =ame of Griver Relationship of Griver to Player *ny other relevant Getails

Parent 1 Guardian Signature


C+,1 +,,+NG101N S "he following details relate to the person who will have duty of care over the player !efore and after competition hours 2i.e. after the player is ,noc,ed out of the event and1or completed any presentations reIuired38 =ame of Player =ame of Carer Relationship of Carer to Player *ny other relevant Getails

Parent 1 Guardian Signature