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Wien I. Hawk & ‘The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship The Formal Method in Literary Scholarship A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION, TO SOCIOLOGICAL POETICS M. M. Bakhtin/P. N. Medvedev Translated by Albert J. Wehrle Harvard University Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England 1985 Copyigt ©1985 by the President and Felons of Hoerd Clege Allright ered rind in the Unie Stes of Ameria ee ace | ‘Ths Harvard University Pow pperbick ie pblhed | jc trte Seri te ev an pi ingra Ubay a Gaagre anoig a Paani “pad em Ory pet Baar Contents Foreword by Wlad Godtich vt aaa Inroduction: MM. Bakhtin’, N. Medvedev > ‘ANote onthe Translation ¥8xi Part One: The Object and Tashs of Marxist Literary Scholarship, 7 (Chapter One: The Study of Ideologies and es aumedate Tasks 9 (Chapter Two; The Immediate Tasks of Literary Scholarship 16 Pare Two: A Contribution tothe History ofthe Formal Method. Chapter Three: The Formal Method in European Art Scholarship kumeiaouelap) tt (Chapter Four: The Formal Method in Rissa Part Thee! The Formal Method in Poetice ‘ Chapter Five: Poetic Langusge isthe Object of Poetics 78 CChaperS: Material fad Device x Componens ft otic Contraction 108 (Chapter Seven: The Elements of the Artistic Construction (20 Part Foor: The Formal Method ia Literary History ‘Chapter Eight: The Work of Areata Datum External 0 Gontdousnes 145 (Chapser Nine: The Formalisr Theor of the Historia Developmentof Literature 159, Nowe 175 Index 167