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Verizon payroll is preparing to issue the 2013 Attendance Bonus Payment.

The payouts are scheduled for March 7, 2014. Number of Paid or Unpaid Incidental Absences Days Used in the Calendar Year Zero Days More than Zero Days but less than 2 Days At least 2 Days but less than 3 Days At least 3 Days but less than 4 Days 4 Days

Lump Sum Payment 5 days pay 4 days pay 3 days pay 2 days pay 1 days pay

In March 2014 Verizon plans to reward eligible associates for their contributions to the company's financial success with a Corporate Profit Sharing (CPS) award. The CPS award is a lump sum payment and will be paid to eligible associates on March 14 in the employees regularly scheduled payroll checks. The pay stubs will include a separate descriptor for the CPS award in the payment section. The award amount for the 2013 plan year is $700.