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Threat of new entrants Initialy the media and entertainment industry use to be operated under various a gencies of the

Indian government, which were later opened to the private players in various stages. FM radio is one such example where the incumbent All India Radio (AIR) was the s ole player in the medium of both AM and FM radio broadcasting. Limited frequencies of FM broadcast ing Presence of regulatory bodies, which set rules and regulation according to which content can be shown over a medium. With the presence of big players in the urban market it is becoming saturated da y by day, exception to this are the urban areas where in still cable tv and medi a content providers are penetrating. In order to get into this industry the huge capital is required to put forward a nd gain popularity foy a new product acting as a barrier for a new entrant. Threat of new product/services: with the emergence of new segments in the M&E industry, each segment is in a way overtaking the previous one, starting from printing media, now even electronic media is taking over printed content, same goes for online TV social media, anim ation , gaming etc. Bargaining power of buyers: Its high Viewers are no longer limited by cable television, but now have the opportunity to use satellite, broadband, and he internet to access talk shows in higher quan tity in order to match the viewers taste.they have a high bargaining power,with music, internet, movies, and other more easily accessible and higher quality ent ertainment made available through technology Bargaining power of suppliers its low, with a few exception like bigh media and entertainment companies which manage en d to end