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1. Chisinau citizens have remarkable achievements in architecture. 2.

The city was composed of separated districts and badly organized, crooked streets, without a clarified center and official buildings. 3. In 1817 the center of the town was clarified, new districts and quarters were planned, and the buildings were laid out on the west old slope town. 4. Some stages in the evolution of the city were well determined, thus the first light lamps and parks appeared. 5. A lot of integral architectural projects were created in the center of the city. 6. On the project of architect A. Melnikov, in the style of late Russian classicism, the largest building of that time, Cathedral and Bell Tower were erected. 7. The houses were mainly single-storied and in the center there were block of flats with shops on the ground floor. 8. The houses were decorated with pediments, various ornaments of windows. 9. The high quality of the building and the beginning of the true era in the development of the city is indebted to the outstanding architect Alexander Bernardazzi. 10. The construction of the main street and official buildings and many-storied inhabitable houses represented an important event of the post-war period. 11. In October, 2006 it was taken a decision to enlarge the area of Chisinau city and to create new districts (Budestii and Staucenii Noi) with a modern infrastructure, as well as business centers and multiple roads.