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Woman stuck after two years on toilet

By Martina Smit and agencies Published: 7:01AM GMT 13 Mar 2008 Pre i!us 1 !" 2 #mages $e%t

&!ct!rs had t! rem! e the t!ilet seat "r!m the '!man(s b!dy An American '!man(s b!dy had became attached t! her b!y"riend(s t!ilet a"ter she sat !n it "!r t'! years) *!lice in +ansas said, -She 'as n!t glued, She 'as n!t tied, She 'as .ust *hysically stuc/ by her b!dy)- said Bryan 0hi**le) the sheri"" !" $ess 1!unty, #t a**eared Pam Babc!c/(s s/in had gr!'n ar!und the t!ilet seat) he added, -#t is hard t! imagine, ,,, # still ha e a hard time imagining it mysel",The 323year3!ld initially re"used emergency medical care but her b!y"riend) 34) and *!lice !""icers "inally c!n inced her t! g! t! h!s*ital, -0e *ried the t!ilet seat !"" 'ith a *ry bar and the seat 'ent 'ith her t! the h!s*ital)- Mr 0hi**le said, -The h!s*ital rem! ed it,-

The c!unty att!rney still has t! decide 'hether any charges sh!uld be br!ught against +!ry Mc5arren) the b!y"riend, Mr Mc5arren t!ld in estigat!rs that he br!ught his girl"riend "!!d and 'ater) and as/ed her e ery day t! c!me !ut !" the bathr!!m, -And her re*ly '!uld be) (Maybe t!m!rr!'()- Mr 0hi**le said, -Acc!rding t! him) she did n!t 'ant t! lea e the bathr!!m,The h!use in $ess 1ity had a sec!nd bathr!!m that he c!uld use, 6n 5eb 27) Mr Mc5arren called *!lice t! re*!rt that -there 'as s!mething 'r!ng 'ith his girl"riend-) Mr 0hi**le said) adding that the man ne er e%*lained 'hy it t!!/ him t'! years t! *ic/ u* the *h!ne, 6""icers "!und Miss Babc!c/ sitting !n the t!ilet 3 "ully cl!thed) e%ce*t "!r her trac/suit b!tt!ms *ulled d!'n t! her mid3thigh, She 'as -s!me'hat dis!riented- and her legs l!!/ed li/e they had atr!*hied) the sheri"" said, -She said that she didn(t need any hel*) that she 'as 6+ and did n!t 'ant t! lea e,She 'as ta/en t! a h!s*ital in 0ichita) ab!ut 120 miles a'ay) 'here she is in a "air c!nditi!n,

7!'e er) Miss Babc!c/ has since re"used t! s*ea/ t! *!lice, Auth!rities said they did n!t /n!' i" she 'as mentally !r *hysically disabled, 8ames 9llis) a neighb!ur) said Miss Babc!c/(s m!ther died at a y!ung age and she 'as a**arently m!stly /e*t inside the h!use 'here she gre' u*, -#t really d!esn(t sur*rise me)- Mr 9llis said !" the bathr!!m incident, -0hat sur*rises me is s!meb!dy 'asn(t called in a bit earlier,-