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company on Lhe
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years ago, whlch ls
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gl obal qual l Ly of
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well-belng of Lhelr
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souLh Lo Lhe rlver
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really very pleasanL,
n e x L L o e v e r y
servlces you may
need, lncludlng a
s ma l l s h o p p l n g
cenLer, and subway
s L a u o n a L a
dl sLandce of 100
AlLo Cllval aparLmenLs oñers you an excellenL lnvesLmenL opporLunlLy, as a resulL of
passlon for quallLy and passlon for comforL.
AlLo Cllval comprlses one, Lwo, Lhree, four and ñve bedrroms aparLmenLs. All aparLmenLs have
spaclous lnLerlor areas, and all equlpmenLs, llghLs and cenLral heaung are conLrolled by a
domouc sysLem. ?ou can prepare Lhe comforL of your house, even befor you arrlve home.