Kandungan Panitia

A. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Profil Panitia Carta Organisasi Maklumat Guru Notice Board Kalendar Jam

B. Dokumen Pelajaran 1. Sukatan Pelajaran 2. Huraian Sukatan Pelajaran 3. Rancangan Pelajaran Tahunan 4. Pekeliling C. Penilaian dan Peperiksaan 1. PBS 2. SAP 3. SPPBS 4. Bank Soalan 5. Tips menjawab soalan 6. Analisa Peperiksaan D. Pengayaan: 1. Mengikut darjah/ tingkatan(site links)

Go to Quick Launch and click Site. .1.

2. Click New Site. .

3. Give your site a name: eg: Panitia Mata Pelajaran Matematik Write a brief description of your site eg: TAHUN 2013 *Click “Next” when you have done. .

You may upload or import the icon that you want to use from your computer. 5. Choose a theme and icon for your site. *Click “Next” when you have done. .4.

Tick “set this site as a template. .6.”Ignore the other parts.

7. . It will automatically goes to the site that you already created.

.8.Now you can edit the site that you created.Click “Edit”.

.Type in the tabs that you wish to put in your site.9.

10. .Make sure you click save changes after you have done edit.

.(eg:power point. Media.The following widgets are the suggestions that you may use to complete your site. 1.upload photo or scanned file to display to everyone that visit your site.) 2.11.upload the file in your computer. External Link.It can upload video and music too. (eg: PBS. word etc.SAPS) 3.File Drop.Save the link that you often use.

.12. you can share your site to the persons that you wish to share. After you have done everything in your site.

Click share .

. Click Next.13.

Type a teacher’s name that you wish to share your site with her/him at “Who has access”. .14. choose Public/ Can view at Privacy and share. Eg: LIM SHOK KENG  Add  Choose can edit &manage Siaw Chin  Add  Choose can edit &manage Then.

Find the icon of frog and click help. .

The window below will appear. You may click to maximize the window. .

Hopefully it helps you to create a site. Click on every part that shown below “sites” and follow the instructions that given. .Click “Sites” and read the introdiction.

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