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The French verbs avoir (to have), tre (to be), and faire (to do/make) are the

most important French verbs. They are used in some of the ways that we use them in English as well as in many expressions. Conjugations for all three of these verbs are irregular: Avoir - to have J'ai un livre. I have a book. Nous avons une voiture. We have a car. j' je tu il as a ai suis es est sommes tes sont Conjugations in all tenses Using tre Expressions with tre fais fais fait faisons faites font Conjugations in all tenses Using faire Expressions with faire tre - to be Je suis Paris. I am in Paris. Nous sommes trs contents. We are very happy. Faire - to do, make Je fais mon lit. I'm making my bed. Nous faisons tout ensemble. We do everything together.

nous avons vous avez ils ont Conjugations in all tenses Using avoir Expressions with avoir

Note: Even though tre is the French equivalent of "to be," there are certain expressions in which you have to use avoir or faire to translate "to be." After you've looked over the list of expressions for each of these verbs, see how well you do with this test: To Be - tre, Avoir, or Faire