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In French, there are a number of words which are not actually adjectives but may be used as adjectives.

These "faux adjectives" or "occasional adjectives" are always invariable - they do not agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify. There are three different types of words that may be used as adjectives. Adverbs used as adjectives When French adverbs are used as adjectives, they are invariable. C'est une femme bien - She's a nice woman Ils sont mal ce matin - They are sick this morning La porte avant est ouverte - The front door is open There are only a few French adverbs that can be used as adjectives. If you know of any others, please let me know on the forum and I will add them here. allegro arrire avant bien debout incognito mal allegro (quick, lively tempo) back, rear front nice, decent standing, up incognito

wrong, bad, sick, uncomfortable

Nouns used as adjectives When a French noun is used as an adjective, it is invariable. (Note that this is different fromcompound nouns) des mamans gteau - soft/indulgent mothers les ID utilisateur - user IDs les oprations escargot - rolling blockades les services Web - internet services les cbles vido - video cables la porte sud - south door In addition, noun clauses used as adjectives do not agree with the subject. However, any adjectives in the noun clause will follow the normal rules of agreement within the clause - they will agree with the noun. Ces livres sont bon march - These books are cheap Cette table est meilleur march - This table is cheaper Elle est trs collet mont - She is very straight-laced Nous avons une porte va-et-vient - We have a swing door Il est de bonne humeur - He's in a good mood

Prefixes used as adjectives When used as adjectives, French prefixes do not agree with the nouns they modify. La fte va tre extra ! - The party is going to be great! J'ai besoin d'une jupe maxi - I need a long skirt Tes frres sont super - Your brothers are great There are five prefixes commonly used as adjectives, and they are usually informal: extra hyper maxi mini super great, first-rate, top-quality excessive, to a very high degree maximum, long small great, terrific