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Tae Han Per. 1 Chapter #27: Empire and Expansion Big Picture Themes 1.

. The Spanish-American War saw the U.S. gain Hawaii Puerto !ico "uantanomo Ba# in $u%a the Phi&ippines and other sma&&er is&ands. '. The Phi&ippines pro(ed to %e hard to hand&e since the )i&ipino peop&e didn*t want the U.S. there. The# waged a gueri&&a war and resented American contro& unti& it was turned %ac+ o(er to the Phi&ippines a,ter WW--. .. The U.S. managed to get an /0pen 1oor Po&ic#2 with $hina. This opened the Asian giant to internationa& trade. 3. Tedd# !oose(e&t %ecame a (igorous president who o%tained and %ui&t the Panama $ana&. His /Big Stic+ Po&ic#2 toward 4atin America increased America*s in,&uence %ut a&so increased animosit# toward the U.S. Chapter #27: -denti,ications A&,red Tha#er 5ahan He wrote a %oo+ a%out how contro& o(er the sea wou&d &ead to wor&d domination and greater internationa& power. -t inspired American mi&itarism in the -mperia&ist age. de 4ome 4etter A Spanish minister in Washington whose &etter that contained un,&attering descriptions o, President 5c6in&e# &ed to greater tensions %etween Spain and America. Emi&io Aguina&do The re(o&utionar# &eader o, the Phi&ippines he turned against the Americans when the# %ought the Phi&ippines awa# ,rom Spain %ut was captured and the re(o&ution de,eated. Te&&er Amendment The Amendment that 5c6in&e# agreed to in which the United States wou&d not annex $u%a a,ter the Spanish-American War. !ough !iders !ough !iders was the name o, the arm# &ed %# Tedd# !oose(e&t in a g&orious %att&e in $u%a. -t su,,ered man# casua&ties %ut was high&# g&ori,ied %# !oose(e&t. Anti--mperia&ist 4eague This was the group that was disgusted %# America*s imperia&istic mo(es in the Phi&ippines %e&ie(ing that co&onies were a (io&ation o, American idea&s. )ora+er Act The act that &imited American citi7enship rights to the Puerto !icans which the Supreme $ourt added a,ter the annexation o, Puerto !ico. P&att Amendment

Tae Han Per. 1 This Amendment was made in response to the Te&&er Amendment so that United States wou&d +eep mi&itar# power o(er $u%a and ha(e the "uantanamo na(a& %ase. Spheres o, -n,&uence. 5an# European countries tried to esta%&ish these in $hina to increase mar+ets ,or economic progress reasons something the US didn*t agree with. Phi&ippine -nsurrection This insurrection against the United States caused man# casua&ties ,or the American troops and man# more ,or the )i&ipinos8 e(entua&&# %ro+en with the capture o, Emi&io Aguina&do. 0pen 1oor Po&ic# America promoted this po&ic# to a&& the European imperia&istic powers that were tr#ing to esta%&ish spheres o, in,&uence in $hina. This encouraged economic and commercia& intergrit#. Boxer !e%e&&ion This re%e&&ion was started %# man# anti-,oreign re%e&&ion groups ca&&ed %oxers. The# murdered hundreds o, ,oreigners and resu&ted in $hinese pa#ments to the ,oreign nations. Big Stic+ Po&ic# Tedd# !oose(e&t*s po&ic# o, using mi&itar# power and demonstration in order to +eep order in internationa& a,,airs especia&&# those in 4atin America. !oose(e&t $oro&&ar# Tedd# !oose(e&t corrupted the 5onroe 1octrine to a&&ow America to %e the po&ice o, 4atin America extending its mi&itar# and economic contro& &i+e a %ad neigh%or. Portsmouth $on,erence Here Tedd# !oose(e&t he&ped negotiate a peace %etween the !ussian and the 9apanese parties a,ter the !usso-9apanese war. Both parties were unsatis,ied at the end %ut !oose(e&t won the :o%e& Peace Pri7e ,or this action. "ent&emen*s Agreement this agreement was %etween President !oose(e&t and the $a&i,ornia Schoo& Board that tried to segregate Asians and whites in the education s#stem. This &ed to %etter re&ations with 9apanese.

Chapter #27: Identifications

Tae Han Per. 1 America Turns 0utward 1. What ,actors caused America to turn its attention to the wor&d %e#ond her %orders; )irst and most important&# huge de(e&opments in the industria& and agricu&tura& econom# caused a surp&us o, a&& +inds o, goods. Americans needed new mar+ets in order to maintain economic sta%i&it# during that time. Second missionaries and ad(enture-minded men %oth sought to go o(erseas. A&,red 5ahan wrote a %oo+ that the dominance o(er the oceans was +e# to wor&d contro&. )ina&&# other European nations were competition. Spurning the Hawaiian Pear 6now< =ueen 4i&iuo+a&ani '. Wh# did President $&e(e&and not want to annex Hawaii; Americans wanted to annex Hawaii %ecause there were a &arge num%er o, white sett&ers on it with a thri(ing %usiness. White sett&ers dethroned =ueen 4i&iuo+a&ani ,or protecting her se&,-ru&e and President $&e(e&and sided with 4i&iuo+a&ani and %e&ie(ed that the Americans had wronged her postponing the annexation unti& 1>?>. $u%ans !ise in !e(o&t .. What was happening in $u%a that caused Americans to %e concerned; $u%ans were re(o&ting against Spanish o(er&ords through scorched earth meaning the# %urned &and unti& the Spanish agreed to their independence. Americans were concerned a%out their in(estments and trade in $u%a as we&& as s#mpathi7ing with the $u%ans. 0ther happenings &i+e the 5aine exp&oding suspicious&# in,uriated the American pu%&ic and pressured 5c6in&e# e(entua&&# dec&are war on Spain. 1ewe#@s 5a# 1a# Aictor# at 5ani&a 6now< Tedd# !oose(e&t "eorge 1ewe# 3. Wh# did $ommodore 1ewe# ha(e such an eas# (ictor# o(er the Spanish ,&eet at the Phi&ippines; When President 5c6in&e# dec&ared war on Spain Secretar# o, War assistant Tedd# !oose(e&t ca%&ed $ommodore "eorge 1ewe# to assau&t the Spanish Phi&ippines immediate&#. 1ewe# had an eas# (ictor# o(er the Spanish ,&eet %ecause o, America*s superior war ,&eet o(er Spain*s outdated o&d ships. Howe(er 1ewe# had to wait ,or more rein,orcement troops %e,ore storming 5ani&a Har%or. 0ther concerns &ed to an annexation o, Hawaii as we&&. The $on,used -n(asion o, $u%a 6now< !ough !iders Tedd# !oose(e&t San 9uan Hi&& B. 1escri%e the ,ighting in $u%a. The war in $u%a was re&ati(e&# eas# on the Americans in terms o, the %att&es %ut man# more Americans died to disease. Tedd# !oose(e&t hasti&# organi7ed an arm# o, (o&unteers ca&&ed the !ough !iders. The# su,,ered hea(# casua&ties %ut pushed success,u&&# towards Santiago where the American warship ,&eet easi&# trapped them and caused the surrender o, Santiago. Americans a&so hurried&# descended on San 9uan Hi&& in Puerto !ico

Tae Han Per. 1 and secured it as a territor# %e,ore the Spanish surrendered America@s $ourse C$urse;D o, Empire 6now< Anti--mperia&ist 4eague E. What were the arguments ,or and against the annexation o, the Phi&ippines; The arguments ,or the annexation o, the Phi&ippines usua&&# inc&uded patriotism ta&+ o, ci(i&i7ing %ar%arians and %ui&ding a new success,u& cit#. The arguments against the Phi&ippines the Anti--mperia&ist 4eague were o, (io&ation o, Phi&ippines* desire and (io&ation o, American democratic idea&s. E(entua&&# the $ongress appro(ed the treat#. 5a+ers o, America< The Puerto !icans F. How has U.S. citi7enship caused Puerto !icans to %e di,,erent ,rom other immigrants; US citi7enship o, the Puerto !icans made it extreme&# eas# to migrate to the US %ecause air tra(e& was (er# cheap and there were no citi7enship issues. This a&so &et Puerto !icans (isit ,ami&# in Puerto !ico easi&#. Americans were (er# racist against the Puerto !icans %ecause the# were one o, the poorest groups in America and came ,rom Hispanic origin. Perp&exities in Puerto !ico and $u%a 6now< -nsu&ar $ases P&att Amendment "uantanamo >. 1escri%e American treatment o, $u%a a,ter the Spanish-American War. )irst o, a&& Americans did not grant Puerto !icans ,u&& American constitutiona& rights %ased on the Supreme $ourt*s ru&ing in the Insular Cases. America had to retreat ,rom $u%a %ecause o, the Te&&er Amendment that denied American rights to annex it8 howe(er $u%a was sti&& ,orced to adopt the P&att Amendment into their $onstitution that ga(e America mi&itar# power o(er $u%a as we&& as rights to a twent#-eight-thousand-acre mi&itar# %ase in "uantanamo. :ew Hori7ons in Two Hemispheres ?. What were the outcomes o, the Spanish-American War; The outcome was new martia& spirit in America to %ui&d greater %att&eships and increase the si7e o, the na(# to ,o&&ow $aptain 5ahan*s ca&& ,or sea dominance. Southerners reGoiced at an ex-$on,ederate mi&itar# o,,icer %eing a maGor captain in the war in $u%a which happi&# minimi7ed the gap %etween the :orth and the South. H4itt&e Brown BrothersH in the Phi&ippines 6now< Wi&&iam Howard Ta,t Bene(o&ent Assimi&ation 1I. -n what wa# do the Phi&ippines show the good and %ad sides o, American imperia&ism; The Spanish American war turned America into a )ar Eastern power which wou&d pro(e di,,icu&t in times o, Wor&d War %ecause o, America*s unwi&&ingness to de,end such a ,ar out territor#. America pro,ited &itt&e ,rom the moderni7ation o, the Phi&ippines resu&ting ,rom the Bene(o&ent Assimi&ation %ut did it an#wa# in spite o, man# American casua&ties against insurrection and man# more Phi&ippines. E(entua&&# Americans ga(e the )i&ipinos their &ong-desired ,reedom %ecause their co&oni7ation was (er# i&&-recei(ed e(en though Wi&&iam Howard Ta,t was attached to them as a go(ernor.

Tae Han Per. 1 Hinging the 0pen 1oor in $hina 6now< Boxer !e%e&&ion 11. Was American in(o&(ement in $hina %ene,icia& to $hina; American intentions to he&p $hina were good %ecause its de,eat %# 9apan caused European imperia& powers to tr# and ta+e what the# cou&d ,rom economic in,&uence in the countr#. Howe(er a,ter American*s 0pen 1oor po&ic# o, ,air competition and non(io&ation o, $hinese rights $hinese %oxer groups started a re%e&&ion. The Boxer !e%e&&ion murdered man# ,oreigners and caused the European powers to ,orce mone# awa# ,rom $hina which the United States du&# reduced their sum to he&p education. A&so Secretar# Ha#*s paper %roadside he&ped $hina*s territoria& integrit# and commercia&. -mperia&ism or Br#anism in 1?II; 1'. What issues were important in the 1?II e&ection; The most important issues were the imperia&istic acts o, 5c6in&e# during his presidenc#. Howe(er his most&# popu&ar go&d standard (ictorious war and (er# popu&ar (ice president Tedd# !oose(e&t &ed to an eas# (ictor# o(er Wi&&iam 9ennings Br#an. Howe(er the :ew Jor+ %osses had success,u&&# +ic+ed !oose(e&t out o, :J. T!< Brandisher o, the Big Stic+ 6now< Big Stic+ Bu&&# Pu&pit 1.. "i(e e(idence to show that Tedd# !oose(e&t was an uncon(entiona& president; Tedd# !oose(e&t was an uncon(entiona& president %ecause he %e&ie(ed in strengthening the mi&itar# and na(# which he ca&&ed his Big Stic+. He %e&ie(ed in &eading strong and %# examp&e e(en sa#ing he had no respect ,or the chec+s and %a&ances in the po&itica& s#stem %e&ie(ing that the president shou&d do whate(er is &ega& %# the $onstitution. He was ca&&ed a %u&&# pu&pit %ecause o, his eagerness to ta&+ to an#%od# and e(er#%od#. Bui&ding the Panama $ana& 6now< Ha#-Paunce,ote Treat# Phi&ippe Bunau-Aari&&a 13. Wh# was the Panama route chosen ,or the cana&; The Panama route was chosen ,or the cana& %ecause the o&d )rench $ana& $ompan# had a cost&# ,ai&ure in Panama and so&d its ho&dings in the area ,or a (er# cheap price. -n the Ha#-Paunce,ote Treat# Britain ,ina&&# ga(e in to America*s wish to %ui&d a transcontinenta& waterwa#. Panama wou&d not gi(e up its &and rights to the US %ut !oose(e&t incited a re%e&&ion %# Phi&ippe Banau-Aari&&a who g&ad&# ga(e America the &and in turn ,or %eing the Panamanian minister. T!@s Per(ersion o, 5onroe@s 1octrine 6now< !oose(e&t $oro&&ar# 1ominican !epu%&ic Bad :eigh%or 1B. Exp&ain the simi&arities and di,,erences %etween the 5onroe 1octrine and the !oose(e&t $oro&&ar#; The simi&arit# %etween the 5onroe 1octrine and the !oose(e&t $oro&&ar# was that the United States wou&d pre(ent European powers ,rom in,i&trating the 4atin American nations. $ountries &i+e the 1ominican !epu%&ic were in de%t to European nations &i+e "erman# which &ed !oose(e&t to increase his Bad :eigh%or po&ic# o, pa#ing o,, an# 4atin American de%ts to pre(ent European ,ootho&ds. The di,,erence was that America wou&d %e

Tae Han Per. 1 the po&iceman o, a&& o, the Americas. !oose(e&t on the Wor&d Stage 6now< !usso-9apanese War Portsmouth 1E. How did Tedd# !oose(e&t win the :o%e& Peace Pri7e; The !usso-9apanese War was ignited with !ussia*s c&aims in 5anchuria which resu&ted in a series o, de,eats ,or the !ussians. Howe(er the 9apanese wanted !oose(e&t to negotiate peace %etween the two countries due to &ac+ o, resources. He guided the two parties to a dissatis,#ing sett&ement in Portsmouth :ew Hampshire %ut was awarded with the :o%e& Pri7e an#wa#. This sett&ement e(entua&&# increased the ri(a&r# %etween the US and 9apan and withered a &ong-standing ,riendship with !ussia. 9apanese 4a%orers in $a&i,ornia 6now< "ent&emen*s Agreement "reat White )&eet 1F. How did a schoo& %oard in $a&i,ornia act in a wa# that ,irst hurt and then he&ped American-9apanese re&ations; A schoo& %oard in $a&i,ornia acted in racism and agreed to segregate the increasing popu&ation o, 9apanese $hinese and 6orean chi&dren into di,,erent schoo&s in order to ma+e more room ,or white chi&dren. This %egan an internationa& crisis %ut President !oose(e&t ,orced it to repea& its o,,ensi(e schoo& order ca&&ed the "ent&emen*s Agreement and at the same time ordered a sai&ing o, America*s entire "reat White ,&eet around the wor&d which was recei(ed we&& %# a&most a&& the countries inc&uding 9apan. Aar#ing Aiewpoints< Wh# did America Become a Wor&d Power; 1>. What caused America@s ,ora# into imperia&ism; 1e,end #our opinion. Economic reasons were most o, it %ecause America had such a %ooming econom# that it needed new mar+ets to pour out to or e&se exp&ode in depression. Another reason is America*s high spirit o, nationa&ism during that time especia&&# in !oose(e&t*s presidenc#. American nationa&ism spurred %# their successes in imperia&ism caused them to support ,oreign a,,airs and inter(entions.