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Joscelyn Godwin THE MYSTERY OF THE SEVEN VOWELS In Theory and Practice by Joscelyn Godwin PHANES PRESS 1991 © 1991 by Joscelyn Godwin All rights reserved, No par of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, with the exception of short excerpts used in reviews, without the ‘permission in writing from the publisher. 9897969598939291 54321 Published by Phanes Press, PO Box 6114, Grand Rapids, MI 49516, usa. Library of Congtess Cataloging-in-Publication Data Godwin, foscetyn “The mystery ofthe seven vowels: in theory and practice / by Joseelyn Godwin, Pom. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 0:983999-85.2 (alk. paper) — ISBN 0.983999 86.0, (pbk. alk paper} 1. Vowels—Payehic aspects. I Tite BFIA82,V6HGSS 1991 133-—de20 9047432, ce ‘This book is printed on alkaline paper which conforms to the permanent paper standard developed by the National Information Standards Organization, Printed and bound in the United States