0 Executive Summary

GIGABYTE is one of the largest and rapid growing company. It was
established in 1986. It is now one of the most successful companies in terms of professionalism. The main business objectives are to prove quality at a competitive price and customer satisfaction.

GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK PC is first imported at the end of 2003 by
SMART Technologies (BD) Ltd. It has five type configured item of NOTEBOOK PC in Bangladesh, these are W451U-T5600, W451UT2080, W552U-T2450, W451U and W552U. All of these NOTEBOOK PC ensure quality, availability and customer satisfaction. GIGABYTE is exporting its NOTEBOOK PC’s to many other countries of the world.

The demand of NOTEBOOK PC is increasing and the demand of Dekstop PC is decreasing day by day. The marketing strategy is based on strong quality of product delight to target market. GIGABYTE will focus on it’s availability of product, competitive pricing and greater value than competitors.

Our marketing objective is to actively support continuos growth and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy.

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2.0 Situational Analysis
GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK PC is heading its third year of operation in Bangladesh. GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK’s portfolio has been well received, and making is now critical continued success and future profitability. It’s maintaining quality to its products at a reasonable price. It offers NOTEBOOK PC with various configaration as well as price. Quality will be key to the development of product and marketing will be key to the development of product awareness and the growth of the customer base.

2.1 Market Summary
It possess sufficient information about the market and consumer needs, wants and demand. It will help to right offer to right customer and can meet consumer’s satisfaction and can make better communication with them. Also they have some important information about customer, which is helps to make delight consumer.

Target Markets
The target market of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK is shown below:

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Target Markets

Corporate User

End Users

2.1.1. Market Demographics
The profile of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK customer consists of the following geographies, demographics and behavior factor:

• Geographic
 GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK has specific domestic geographic target area. They serve the product to domestic market.  They covered the Metropoliton areathrough their own distribution channel.

• Demographics
Demographic has been done on the basis of the following attributes:

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 There almost same featured notebook pc for both the corporate and end users.  University teachers use it for their research work.  High, Middle, Upper middle and middle class use it.

Behavior factor
 NOTEBOOK increase the status and prestige of the users.  Consumer wants products, which is available in anywhere on any time.  Consumer feel that they have a separate image by using GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK.

2.1.2 Market Needs
GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK provides its customers the opportunity to choose NOTEBOOKs with different configeration.
It also fulfills the following benefits which are important to their customer-

o High quality Consumer want high quality product, which is must be high in regard to performance. GIGABYTE meets this need of consumer. o Reasonable price Consumer needs a high quality product at reasonable price, for that reason GIGABYTE try to provide high quality product at a reasonable price.

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o Different flavors Customers’ choice varry from person to person. So GIGABYTE provides different laptop with different features. o Product availability Customer always seek available product sothat they can buy the product at any time they need.

2.1.3 Market Trends
GIGABYTE produces different type of laptop which fulfil quality but a reasonable price. Now NOTEBOOK PC production company is growing and more competitors are coming in the market also customer are more aware about the product for that reason they want different types of product. At the moment market is growing faster, competition are increasing. Thus, GIGABYTE made segments for their product. They divided their customer in to three groups, and give emphasis on each of the group.

2.1.4 Market Growth
Gradually total GIGABYTE company is going upward with a strong competition. With the domestic market, our international market growth statistics is increasing day by day.

2.2 SWOT Analysis
The following SOWT analysis captures the key strength and weakness within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing GIGABYTE.

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2.2.1 Strengths
o Popular brand name. o Strong quality. o Attractive design. o Body made of silver and plastic. o Own distribution channel. o Most of the buyers are satisfy.

2.2.2 Weakness
o Lack of promotional activities. o Insufficient capital. o Legal and political barrier regading import, tax and shipment.

2.2.3 Opportunities
o Increasing the demand of NOTEBOOK PC. o Improved market portfolio. o Increasing sales throught the country. o Promotional activities to increase brand image.

2.2.4 Threats
o Legal & political barriers regarding import duty, tax etc. o New competitors are entrance in the market. o The price of NOTEBOOK is decreasing.

2.3 Competitions
GIGABYTE establish its own market. Also it is facing some competitors. These competitors are following. These are following-

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o HP: HP’s NOTEBOOK has captured the maximum market share of NOTEBOOK PC. It is produced in China. It is holding a leading position for long time in NOTEBOOK PC in our country. o ACER: It is a Chinese producer of NOTEBOOK. ACER has taking cover over the market share of NOTEBOOK PC in Bangladesh. o MITSUBISHI: It is Taiwan Company. At first MITSHUBISHI

produces automobiles. Now it is producing NOTEBOOK PC also. It is also a competetor of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK. o PHILIPS: Basically it produces televisions. But has enhances its business by producing NOTEBOOK PC. It is also a Chinese Company. This is also a competetor of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK.

2.4 Product offering
GIGABYTE offers different type of configeration at different price to our consumer for choose their expected product. These are-

W451U-T5600 W451U-T2080 W552U-T2450 W451U W552U

64,999.00 52,999.00 55,999.00 43,999.00 43,999.00

2.5 Key to success
o Strong quality o o Brand image of the product. Own distribution channel

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o referrals.








o Generate average sales about 800 piece per month.

2.6 Critical issues
Form the inauguration, GIGABYTE is still in the early stage. The critical issues for GIGABYTE are: o o Quality variation of products Excess discounts from other competitors.

3.0 Marketing strategy
The marketing strategy will create awareness, interest and appeal from our target market for what GIGABYTE offers to customers. The marketing strategy is based on superior performance in the following areas: o Different configaration. o Product quality. o Delight user.

3.1 Mission
The mission is to provide quality at a competitive price, growth in diversity, and continue to contribute to the growth in Bangladesh by being the market challenger.

3.2 Marketing Objective

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o To attain quantitative and qualitative leadership in the sectors. o Maintain constant positive sales growth every year than the other competitor. o Increase the market share by market development. o To modify the existing market areas. o To increase product awareness as well as sales by persuasive promotional activities.

3.3 Financial Objective
o Generate average sales about 800 piece per month and 9600 piece per year. o Maintain double digit growth each year.

3.4. Target Market
The potential markets are separated into two segments; “Corporate User” and “End User”. The primary marketing opportunity is selling to these well defined and accessible target market segments that focus on investing discretionary income in these areas: o Corporate User: Corporate users are the users who bye the NOTEBOOK for their official purpose only. The MD, GM, DGM, CEO are the main corporate lavel users. o End User: End users are the users who buy the NOTEBOOK for their personal use. Teachers of University, Students of private University, businessman etc are the End users.

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3.5 Positioning
GIGABYTE will maintain its position in NOTEBOOK company. The position will be achieved by quality product, competitive price, and according to consumer’s demand and delight consumers. They have experienced

manager to make awareness about the product to customer.

3.6 Strategies
GIGABYTE’s main primary marketing strategy will seek to first create customer awareness regarding the products. Our other marketing strategy areo Practicing Total Quality Management (TQM) o Consumer Orientation o Produce and market international standard products o To increase the product line and length as per the expectations of the consumers o To serve the consumer with competitive prices o To ensure the availability of the product

3.7 Marketing Mix
GIGABYTE NOTEBOK’s marketing mix is comprised of the following approaches to price, distribution, advertising and promotion, and customer service.

Brand Name Variety Quality Design Features Packaging Services
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Advertising Personal Selling Sales Promotion Public relation
Marketing Mix

List Price Discount Allowance Payment Period Returns Credit Terms

Channels Coverage Assortments Location Inventory Transportation Logistics PRODUCT
o Brand name The brand name of our product is “GIGABYTE”. o Product variety GIGABYTE has five types of product.Thsee areW451U-T5600, W451U-T2080, W552U-T2450, W451U and W552U. o Quality GIGABYTE always maintain high quality of its products. Total Quality Management (TQM) is practiced here.

o Design

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Attaractive Design, Colors, Comfortable weight. o Features Our product has a Variety of features. o Packaging GIGABYTE supplyes the notebooks to the users in attractive packate. It provides special cartoon to send the

NOTEBOOKs to its dealers. o Size The products’ size varry a little to product to product. o Service GIGABYTE provides after sales service for its products.

o Sales promotion GIGABYTE provide shot-term incentives to encourage and purchase or sale of oits products. Occasionally it gives special discounted price for its products.It also give Tshirts, caps,bluetooth etc. to the customers. o Advertising It gives advertisement for GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK through newspaper, billboard, popular magazine, leaflets, sponsouring on game competition, internet etc. o Personal selling GIGABYTE do not arrange any kind personal selling.

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o List price Price list of GIGABYTE.

W451U-T5600 W451U-T2080 W552U-T2450 W451U W552U o Discount

64,999.00 52,999.00 55,999.00 43,999.00 43,999.00

It allows discount facilities for its retailers and dealers. o Payment period GIGABYTE sells NOTEBOOK on credit to its distributors and retailers and after the sale they the make payment. The payment time is one month.

o Channels GIGABYTE has its own channel for distribute the products. o Distributor GIGABYTE has own distribution channel for distributing the products. o Location GIGABYTE covers district areas of our country to sale the products. o Transport

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GIGABYTE has no own tarnsport facility for its distributors. Distributors are responsible for taking the products to their showrooms.

3.8 Marketing Research
Research is very important for any company to know about current market and predict future needs. Information is collected through the dealer and retailer. o Question – Notes customer responses to the “How did you hear about product?” question. Based on the answer it takes its promotional activities. o Customer suggestion – They take customers’ suggestions to gain additional information. It want to know from the customers about What suggestion do you have to improve our product?  Why do you need a laptop?

4.0 Financials
This sector will offer the financial overview of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK related to marketing activities. GIGABYTE address brake even analysis, sales forecast, expense forecast, and indicate how this activity are link to the marketing activity.

4.1 Break-even Analysis

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The break-even analysis below illustrates the number of single sales, or units, that we must realize to break-even. This is based on average sale and costs per transaction.

Monthly Break-even Point

Break-even Analysis: Monthly Units Beak-even Monthly Revenue Beak-even Assumptions: Average Per-Unit Selling Price Average Variable Cost per month Estimated monthly Fixed Cost Tk. 52,0000 Tk. 42,000 Tk. 70,00,000 700 Unit. Tk. 3,64,00000

4.2 Sales Forecast:
GIGABYTE thinks that the sales forecast will be achieve into the into the five main revenue streams; W451U-T5600, W451U-T2080, W552UT2450, W451U and W552U. It will steadily increase sales as the

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advertising budget allows although the target market forecast listed all of the potential customers divided into separate groups. The forecasted customers group divided into 2 categories: Corporate Users and End Users.

Monthly Sales forecast

Graph analysis: Months July August September October November December January February March April May June Sales(Tk.) 3,50,00,000 3,45,00,000 2,75,00,000 5,25,00,000 4,40,00,000 3,80,00,000 2,90,00,000 5,40,00,000 4,35,00,000 2,50,35,000 2,01,00,920 3,75,00,000

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Sales Forecast:
Sales W451U-T5600 W451U-T2080 W552U-T2450 W451U W552U Total Sales(Tk.) 2006-2007 6,35,98,800 6,23,99,040 7,91,98,200 7,91,98,200 8,06,38,560 36,50,32,800 2007-2008 8,06,38,320 7,39,20,000 9,12,00,000 7,48,80,000 11,99,97,600 44,06,35,920

Cost of Goods Sold W451U-T5600 W451U-T2080 W552U-T2450 W451U W552U Total Sales(Tk.)

2006-2007 5,38,79,040 4,99,19,232 6,33,58,560 6,33,58,560 6,45,10,848 29,50,26,240

2007-2008 6,04,78,740 5,54,40,000 6,84,00,000 5,61,60,000 8,99,98,200 33,04,76,940

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4.3 Expense Forecast
Marketing expense is to be budgeted at approximately 3% of total sales for 2006-07 and 4% for 2007-08. Expenses are tracked in the major marketing categories of newspaper advertisements, printed leaflets,

billboard promotional event and others.

Marketing expense budget Marketing Expense Budget News paper Handbills/Leaflets Magazines Intenet Billboard Total marketing expenses 2006-2007 65,00,000 7,00,000 5,00,000 17,50,000 15,00,000 1,09,50,000 2007-2008 90,00,000 10,00,000 10,00,000 30,00,000 36,25,000 1,76,25,000

5.0 Controls
The purpose of GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK’s marketing plan is to serve as a guide for the organization. This plan is about implementation, changing the business, and making it better. Here we look at specific implementation programs, and the details that it takes to make it happen. The following areas will be monitored to gauge performance:. o Customer satisfaction. o Revenue: monthly and annual. o Expenses: monthly and annual

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5.1 Implementation
The following identifies the key activities that are critical to our marketing plan. It is important to accomplish each one on time and on budget. Milestone
July Newspaper Billboard Internet Magazine Handbill/ Leaflates Yes Yes Yes Yes Aug Yes Yes Sep Yes Yes Yes Yes Oct Yes Yes Yes Yes Nov Yes Yes Yes Yes Dec Yes Yes Yes Yes Jan Yes Yes Yes Yes Feb Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mar Yes Yes Apr Yes Yes Yes May Yes Yes Yes Yes June Yes Yes -

5.2 Marketing organization
Mr. Sydur Rahman (khokon) deals with the marketing department of SMART Technologies (BD) Ltd. The marketing departmentneeded to maintain its professional integrity above and beyond the specific partners, looking out for our marketing goals and implementing the marketing programs as best fits of the strategy.

5.3 Contingency planning
o Difficulties and Risks  An entry into the matketby an already established market competitor.  Problems generating visibility, a function of being an internetbased start-up organization.


Worst case Risks Include

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Determining that the business cannot support

itself on an ongoing basis.  liabilities. Having to liquidate equipment to cover

These five GIGABYTE NOTEBOOK’s are available in Bangladesh:

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Screen Shot from Web Site of Marketing Plan

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