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NainaK DVD & Mag Cover With Annotations

NainaK DVD & Mag Cover With Annotations

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Published by: stacian18 on Oct 11, 2009
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Final Plan of DVD Cover

Title of Album This simply helps the person buying the DVD to easily recognize this is her album just by seeing her logo Blurb- introduces the album and the artist. It gives further background information of Naina K Images of the making of the music video as well as an interview with naina k

Track ListThis gives the person who wants to buy the DVD information about what songs are available to them. As it has songs like turn it up this shows that although I’m Gone is a heartbreak song she is more versatile

This heart necklace is representative of Naina K as not only does it appear on this DVD cover but it is also seen within the music video and therefore signifies this overall theme of love and heartbreak which is the theme featured in the main song I’m gone.

Black & Gold Black and gold theme which represents her style. Also black and gold is conventional of the R n B genre.

Billings blockStates all rights are reserved 2009 Star Recording Ltd. The copyright in this sound recording is owned by star recording Ltd

Main Image of artistit represents her simplicity by the fact that its an image of her with this natural look.

Artists logo and signatureThis helps the audience to recognize her as Naina K. The style of it also represent her as a classy and modern RnB artist. The logo in comparison to her signature will be quite light

Rough plan of DVD Cover

Magazine Advert


Here is the first version of our Magazine Advert. However due to some of the conventions it resembled to look like more of a Album advert rather than a DVD advert. Due to this issue I made a few changes by redoing the bottom part of the advert. I added a few extra bits to make it look more like a DVD Advert

We have used all black clothing for the main image and a gold microphone. This is because we wanted to relate back to the colour scheme We have used a Gold typography as it is the colour scheme we will be using throughout all of Naina K’s product. We have kept the Black and Gold colour scheme running throughout the advert. This will allow the audience to recognise and link the products together. We have used an image of a wall because their will be a few scenes in which Naina will be singing against a wall. By using this scene we will recreate the music video in the form of an Advert which would therefore be a “teaser” of the music video for the audience. Here we have added her myspace website. The audience will be able to learn more about their artist as well as looking at her future songs/products We have added the logo to increase the recognition of the artist and her production company. Once again we have stuck to the black and gold theme

We have used a spotlight to show that this DVD is all about Naina K and will focus only on her

In order to make the advert seem more like a DVD Advert I added special features of the DVD itself. This would increase the appeal more to the audience as they get to find out more about their artist. This brings the artist and the audience more closer as the artist is able to share different events with them

We have added a release date in order for the audience to know when our product will be available to buy. This creates a sense of anticipation for the audience as they are waiting to buy it.

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