$$$ Reward $$$

Tip+ m/+t -e recei,e= -0 !etro Crime 'topper+<
!"3E !ET&O C&$!E 'TOPPE&' YO & %$&'T C"##

Toll %ree1 1-266-7#OC3 P

Baltimore Police Department CC# 13-3G06277
IF YOUR TIP TO THE HOTLINE LEADS TO AN ARREST AND INDICTMENT IN THIS CASE, THEN YO !"Y BE E#$G$B#E %O& " C"'H &E("&D O% P TO )2*000 If you have information on the above crime/victim please call, text, or e-mail

!etro Crime 'topper+ Hotline ",aila-le 2.-Ho/r+ a Da0 Toll %ree1 1-266-7 #OC3 P 41-266-756-25276 or +/-mit -0 te7tin8 9!C' pl/+ 0o/r me++a8e: to C&$!E' 427.6376 or +/-mit -0 ;e- at ;;;<metrocrime+topper+<or8

Suspect: Unknown male, Black hooded sweatshirt, Black shorts armed with an unknown caliber handgun.

Detectives need your help locating the individual responsible for shooting a man in the 2 !obb St.

Block of

"n Saturday, #uly $%, 2 $% the victim was in the 2 Block of !obb St. when he was shot by an unknown male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black shorts. &nyone with information about this case is asked to please contact the Metro Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-8 -!-LOC"#$%

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