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4Winter Holidays Activities Key

4Winter Holidays Activities Key

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Published by: José Ignacio Fandos on Feb 25, 2014
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Generalitat de Catalunya Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de Viladecans Departament d’Anglès Cinquè

Key to Winter holidays activities 1. Rephrase the following sentences so that the negative expression comes first. You might need to make some changes.

a Rarely do you see such an... b Seldom have we met a .... c Under no circumstances should you wander... d At no time did I leave... e Not until the police came would they confess... f On nobody could she rely except him g Nowhere could the keys be found h Not only did we run into fog but it also began to rain

2. Rewrite the following sentences, replacing the clauses of time or reason with an –ing form. a Seeing that she wa on the verge of tears I changed .... b Having been held up in the rush hour traffic he arrived rather late c The weather being unsettled we decided not to venture... d Having heard about the hijack on the news I phoned... e The luggage having been unloaded we all disappeared... f Not having been given the flight number it was rather difficult for me to find out... g Approaching the final bend the car skidded... h Contracts having been exchanged, you will be... i Being unwilling to offer.... j Having received his last minute instructions he ....

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense to express the future. a will see/gets b are to report/comes up c am driving/steps off d will give/have had e aren’t to go/have tidied f will have done/get g arrives/is meeting/will not need h are you doing/is coming/leaves/am trying 4. Complete the sentences by using each of the verbs twice, in two different tenses (two different meanings). Use the correct simple or continuous form in each case. has applied / have never Lockheed / has been seeing / have been depending / has been applying / has held / have seen / have been fitting / has depended have been looping / have been holding / have fitted

the most of. you might need to advertise in the more usual sense of the word. J. a complaint. by public announcement. a profit. room for. is a very fine city to visit. an arrangement.” said Bilbo one day. Each year the Bagginses had given very lively combined birthday-parties at Bag End. R. money. the best of. Remember to put comas where necessary. But if you want to inform a large number of people about something. and Bilbo’s favourite. a mistake. Read the text and fill in the missing information with ONE suitable word Advertising In its simplest sense the word 'advertising' means drawing attention to something' . use of. The woman who lives next door bought an Old English Sheepdog that barks all night. an offer. a journey. You might wish to add a bit of emphasis or even to exaggerate the facts by appealing to people's emotions. or notifying or informing somebody of something. . Make: a suggestion. “You had better come and live here. Twelve more years passed. Toledo. and then we can celebrate our birthday parties comfortably together”. Tolkien. a discovery. a decision. You lent me a tent which was damaged a storm which you heard about on the news. sure. a choice. If you put a notice in a local newsagent's shop. design a poster or take some space in a local newspaper. which gets very cold in summer. Bilbo and Frodo happened to have the same birthday. quite informally and locally and without incurring great expense. Join the two sentences using relative pronouns. Frodo my lad. you are likely to bring the information you wish to communicate to the attention of more people than if you simply pass the word around friends and neighbours. Decide whether the following expressions are use with do or make. was young Frodo Baggins. September 22nd. an attempt. However. The Lord of the Rings 6. And this is of course where all the controversy about advertising in its current form arises. get someone to carry a placard around. certain.Generalitat de Catalunya Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de Viladecans Departament d’Anglès Cinquè 5. R. You could go further and distribute leaflets as well. an effort. fun. even talk on local radio and arrange a publicity stunt. You can advertise by word of mouth. When Bilbo was ninety-nine he adopted Frodo as his son/heir and brought him to live at Bag End. you might not be satisfied to simply convey certain facts and leave it at that. “Advertising as Communication” by Gillian Dyer The eldest of these. 7. an excuse. an enquiry.

is going up again. . which rose only last month. We rented a cottage from a man who has written a novel which has become a bestseller. The letters which I asked you to type for me are full of careless errors. which has been produced by a completely new method. The record that I told you about. The zoo’s most famous giant panda. whose name was Chi Chi. will be released next week.Generalitat de Catalunya Escola Oficial d’Idiomes de Viladecans Departament d’Anglès Cinquè The price of petrol. has died.

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