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The Thigh Gap Hack

The Thigh Gap Hack

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80% of women voted 'thighs' as their most disliked body part. Sad, but not surprising, since most women suffer from stubborn lower body fat in their hips/thighs/buttocks that results in undesirable body proportions and makes slimming down these areas miserably difficult.

"The Thigh Gap Hack" is the first and only book that focuses specifically on all of the shortcuts (known as hacks) that makes eradicating stubborn lower body fat easier and foolproof.

Broken down into diet hacks, exercise hacks, outside hacks and motivational hacks, this book consists of 260 pages of real, actionable advice that will introduce brand new techniques, as well as reveal top secrets, to targeting fat loss.

Techniques include Hunger Training (TM), how to increase you're metabolism so you burn more calories/fat throughout the day, miracle foods that will fill you up but and keep you within your calorie goals, exercises to avoid that add bulk to your legs and those to perform that give the appearance of a lengthened limb, and much more!

You will get results in just a matter of weeks and never have to fumble around in the dark or test out conflicting advice as to what works.

This book is simple, straightforward and full of content (no fluff), and anyone can make the techniques work; no special equipment, expensive foods or crazy supplements required.

Even if you don't want to get a thigh gap, but still want to learn once and for all how to slim and trim down your lower body this book is for you!

80% of women voted 'thighs' as their most disliked body part. Sad, but not surprising, since most women suffer from stubborn lower body fat in their hips/thighs/buttocks that results in undesirable body proportions and makes slimming down these areas miserably difficult.

"The Thigh Gap Hack" is the first and only book that focuses specifically on all of the shortcuts (known as hacks) that makes eradicating stubborn lower body fat easier and foolproof.

Broken down into diet hacks, exercise hacks, outside hacks and motivational hacks, this book consists of 260 pages of real, actionable advice that will introduce brand new techniques, as well as reveal top secrets, to targeting fat loss.

Techniques include Hunger Training (TM), how to increase you're metabolism so you burn more calories/fat throughout the day, miracle foods that will fill you up but and keep you within your calorie goals, exercises to avoid that add bulk to your legs and those to perform that give the appearance of a lengthened limb, and much more!

You will get results in just a matter of weeks and never have to fumble around in the dark or test out conflicting advice as to what works.

This book is simple, straightforward and full of content (no fluff), and anyone can make the techniques work; no special equipment, expensive foods or crazy supplements required.

Even if you don't want to get a thigh gap, but still want to learn once and for all how to slim and trim down your lower body this book is for you!

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Published by: sitinpretty on Feb 25, 2014
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The Thigh Gap Hack

By Camille Hugh

PUBLISHED BY: FeminineContour Publishing Copyright 20 !

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om ( )hen I &r%&'e* open your boo' %n* beg%n re%*ing it I st%rte* to &ry$ +hey #ere te%rs o, -oy be&%use ,or % #om%n #ho h%s been bottom he%.y my entire li,e I ,elt ,or the ,irst time I #%s re%*ing something th%t #%s re%l %n* true$ Sin&e implementing some o, the *iet %n* e/er&ise tips in your boo' I &%n noti&e my thighs getting sm%ller %n* I &%n ,in%lly see %n* ,eel bet#een my legs$ 0o# th%t1s se/y$ Be,ore re%*ing your boo' I #%s %pprehensi.e to ,ollo# it be&%use it goes %g%inst e.erything *o&tors2 nutritionists2 %n* ,itness pro,ession%ls re&ommen*$ I mysel, %m %n 3F33 &erti,ie* group e/er&ise instru&tor2 %n* s%t there s&r%t&hing my he%* #on*ering #hy I1m not getting it right %n* #hy I &oul* not s&ulpt the bo*y I *esire %n* help other #omen *o the s%me$ So I1.e trie* th%t %n* its help me lose 24 bo*y ,%t %n* 22lbs in % month$ 0ot th%t I1m big on numbers or %nything be&%use I *re%* getting on the s&%le$ I ,eel goo* being %ble to &ross my legs &om,ort%bly %n* h%.ing % .isible #%istline$ 3n* yes I thin' it1s se/y to be %ble to st%rt to see my thighs g%p$ I %lso stoppe* *oing he%.y #eights on my lo#er bo*y2 %n* the ,or#%r* lunges th%t #ere bul'ing me up$ I1m only 25 ye%rs young6 I *on1t #%nt to be %nore/i& by %ny long shot$ )h%t I #%nt to be is he%lthy so th%t I &%n in&re%se my li,esp%n %n* hope,ully imp%rt some goo* into the #orl* be,ore my time is up$

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om )h%t I li'e %bout you is you %re sm%rt2 %n* you h%.e *one your rese%r&h$ You %re not %,r%i* to go %g%inst the opposition$ You1re not selling #omen % bun&h o, BS th%t le%.es them more ,rustr%te* th%n be,ore they st%rte*$7 8 Br%n*y2 0orth C%rolin% 9:e%l Customer;

(+his is % boo' ge%re* to#%r* #omen #ho #%nt to loo' he%lthy %n* h%.e slim thighs in the pro&ess$ It spe%'s o, he%lthy e%ting %n* e/er&ising$ I bought the boo' be&%use I #or' out % lot %n* #%nte* to 'no# o, e/er&ises th%t &%n strengthen my legs #ithout gi.ing me bul'y2 o.er *e.elope* mus&les$ <i.en the ,%&t th%t &lothes %re ge%re* to#%r* #omen #ho %re .ery t%ll %n* h%.e .ery thin s'inny legs2 it1s no #on*er #omen #%nt to #or' on this p%rti&ul%r bo*y p%rt$( 8 =%ri% L 9:e%l Customer;

(>+he +high <%p H%&'1 re.e%ls m%ny #or'outs th%t you m%y not h%.e other#ise 'no#n to trim *o#n your thighs %s oppose* to s?u%ts %n* leg li,ts #hi&h2 ultim%tely2 -ust m%'e them bigger$ It it % user8,rien*ly instru&tion m%nu%l to %&hie.ing the thigh g%p e.ery girl #%nts #ithout st%r.ing themsel.es to *e%th@7 8 Erin B 9:e%l Customer;


(I ,in* gre%t moti.%tion in your #or' %n* your %m%Aing progress$ E.ery time I ,eel li'e gi.ing up2 I 'no# th%t itBs going to be #orth it i, I 'eep strong$ ItBs be&%use you 'no# #h%t itBs li'e to be so &lose to %&hie.ing your go%ls2 but struggle #ith your o#n bo*y ,or months2 %n* be&%use2 e.en though it is in&re*ibly h%r*2 you &%n %&tu%lly m%'e it@ ( 8 S%m%nth%2 0e# Yor' 9:e%l Customer;

+he +high <%p H%&' )or'out 9Dune 20 E. Pop C%r*io D%n&e Fi*eos 9youtube$&om"thighg%ph%&'.%n&e* noti&e %n* spe&i%l *e%ls on the rele%se o.e up*%tes2 %*.e pro-e&ts2 sign up %t http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om". the %bo. +o re&ei.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om BOOKS BY CAMILLE HUGH +he +high <%p H%&' Diet 8 CIn&lu*es !0 :e&ipesC Lose )%ter )eight %n* Loo' <re%t in 5 D%ys or Less 9Dune 20 E. WORKOUT VI EOS BY CAMILLE HUGH Bye8Bye +hun*er +highs 9=%r&h 20 E.ip .

or your use only2 then ple%se pur&h%se your o#n &opy$ Your support %n* respe&t .en %#%y to other people$ I.or your person%l en-oyment only$ +his boo' m%y not be re8sol* or gi.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Lice!"e #$%e" +his boo' is li&ense* . this %uthor is %ppre&i%te*$ .or e%&h re&ipient$ I.or the property o. you #oul* li'e to sh%re this boo' #ith %nother person2 ple%se pur&h%se %n %**ition%l &opy . you1re re%*ing this boo' %n* *i* not pur&h%se it2 or it #%s not pur&h%se* .

rom the #orl*1s elite .%l gui*e %n* ne#sletter to*%y$ +o sign up .isit ###$the.itness sur. .or getting le%n %n* lo#ering your bo*y .eminine&ontour$&om or ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om".###$thighg%ph%&'$&om YOUR FREE GIFT I1* li'e to re#%r* you #ith F:EE %&&ess to my premium Fitness 0e#sletter$ You1ll le%rn my best &utting e*ge str%tegies .i.ree inst%nt %&&ess to the e/&use proo.%t on % busy s&he*ule2 ho# to reprogr%m your geneti&s2 %n* get (insi*er7 tri&'s pi&'e* up .itness tr%iners$ <et .reegi.t .

ollo#ing the progr%ms %n* opinions e/presse* herein$ Diet%ry in.er .i&e2 but r%ther represent the %uthor1s opinions %n* %re solely . %&ute or &hroni& he%lth problems or psy&hologi&%l illness$ +he progr%ms %n* in.e* 0o p%rt o.or person%l entert%inment purposes only$ You %re responsible . the %uthor$ Un*erst%n* th%t the in.or in.orm%tion e/presse* #ithin this boo' %re not me*i&%l %*.orm%tion is presente* .i&e$ 0or is this boo' to be un*erstoo* %s putting .orm%tion%l %n* e*u&%tion purposes$ +he %uthor is not responsible in %ny m%nner #h%tsoe.or %ll in*i.%l system2 or tr%nsl%te* into %ny l%ngu%ge2 in %ny .orm2 by %ny me%ns2 #ithout the #ritten permission o.orm%tion &ont%ine* in this boo' is %n opinion2 %n* shoul* be use* .or in.or your o#n beh%. this publi&%tion m%y be repro*u&e*2 tr%nsmitte*2 tr%ns&ribe*2 store* in % retrie.orth %ny &ure .or %ny type o.ore st%rting %ny rigorous e/er&ise progr%m or %ltering your *iet$ .i*u%ls$ Consult #ith your physi&i%n be.or %ny in-ury or he%lth &on*ition th%t m%y o&&ur through .ior2 %n* this boo' is not to be &onsi*ere* me*i&%l2 leg%l2 or person%l %*.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Disclaimer: Copyright 20 !2 3ll :ights :eser.orm%tion%l purposes only %n* m%y not be %ppropri%te .



oo*$ .or .%t %n*"or mus&les in the %re% o. the inner %n* outer thighs$ THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR +hose loo'ing .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om WHAT THIS BOOK IS FOR +his boo' is me%nt to gi.%n&e* te&hni?ues th%t #ill help you lose stubborn bo*y .e you in *epth rese%r&he* %n* teste*2 %*.%li*%tion to *e.elop %n e%ting *isor*er2 those #ith %n e%ting *isor*er or unhe%lthy rel%tionships #ith bo*y im%ge %n* .

i*e* by B$ =ostly2 the gol*en r%tio h%s only been %sso&i%te* #ith .i*e* by 3 I 3 *i.ers%lly be%uti. the (<ol*en :%tio7G It is2 in m%them%ti&%l terms2 % &omp%rison o.ers%lly seen %s not$ .%&i%l be%uty$ B%si&%lly2 the i*e% is th%t the hum%n .ormul%$ Logi&%lly2 #e &%n e/pl%in #hy Br%* Pitt or H%lle Berry %re &onsi*ere* uni. *i. you h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART I ' The Thigh Gap e(i!e) THE FEMININE BODY H%.i*u%l is s%i* to be$ )hile e.ul2 %n* others %re uni.initi.e%tures on the .e the in*i.e t#o numbers2 3 %n* B2 it h%s to be su&h th%t 93 H B.er he%r* o.eryone is spe&i%l in his or her o#n #%y2 be%uty2 in the eyes o.ul$ <ener%lly2 the more proportion%te the .%&e h%s i*e%l me%surements %n* r%tios in rel%tion to e%&h other th%t m%'e someone be%uti.e . %ny t#o %spe&ts th%t le%*s us to proportion them in the i*e%l #%y$ 3lgebr%i&%lly2 i. m%ny behol*ers2 %ppe%rs to be re*u&ible to % *e.%&e2 the more %ttr%&ti.e you e.

ie# %s % bo*y th%t pro-e&ts &ert%in &h%r%&teristi&s %n* bo*ily symmetry$ )hen it &omes to the (i*e%l7 sh%pe .i*ing the #%ist me%surement by the hip me%surement #here the #%ist is JK4 to L24 o.er#helming m%-ority o.ery#here$ )e %re %ttr%&te* to it %n* try to &re%te it in *esign2 be%uty2 n%ture2 %nim%ls2 &osmology2 m%them%ti&s2 %n* the list goes on$ +his me%ns th%t #h%t #e &onsi*er % goo* bo*y is re%lly b%se* on #h%t #e .$ Mthers h%.i&e to s%y %s you mo.or #omen2 .y us %s #e try to get this i*e%l sh%pe$ +hin' %bout pe%r sh%pe* #omen2 #here the hips %n* thighs %re mu&h l%rger th%n the upper portion o. %n* proportion%te me%surements reign$ Slen*er shoul*ers2 #i*er bust2 n%rro# #%ist th%t &in&h in2 hips no #i*er th%n the bust2 %n* le%n legs th%t t%per in$ Un..in* your bo*y ple%sing$ Mur br%ins %re progr%mme* to loo' . people . us h%.es.e bo*ies th%t *e.or symmetry %n* b%l%n&e e.e2 surely there is su&h % thing %s %n i*e%l bo*y$ )ell2 %s it turns out2 there is$ +he suppose* i*e%l r%tio is bet#een 0$JK80$L22 *i.e s%i* $L %n* less2 but it is su. the hips 9e$g$2 % L0&m #%ist %n* 00&m hip.in* %ttr%&ti.emininity 9thin' &ur.%&e2 th%t the o.ortun%tely2 m%ny o.e#er %n* .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om I.e %#%y .e#er people #ill . the bo*y2 %pple sh%pe* #omen2 #here the tummy %n* #%ist %re mu&h l%rger th%n the .rom the i*e%l2 . there &%n be su&h % thing %s %n i*e%l .

igure2 m%ny #omen h%. re%sons2 but it &%n be %&&omplishe*$ I &%n s%y this #ith &on.e s%*ly resigne* themsel.orm%tion th%n I &%n re%&h .emininity$ <etting the bo*y to optimum proportions is no e%sy %n* str%ight.i&e %s truth$ 3s % result o.es to belie.em%le .eminine&ontour$&om.%&e to .e .rien*s2 .rustr%ting th%t is to someone #ho 'no#s .%mily %n* &lients2 the .2 *enoting % l%&' o. gr%sp$ C%n you im%gine ho# .es to spe%' o. the &lou* o. &ountless &lients2 through my online bo*y &ontouring %n* nutrition progr%m2 +he Feminine Contour$ 9###$the.rom e/perien&e th%t not to be the &%seG )hile I &%n re%&h my .or#%r* t%s'2 p%rti&ul%rly #hen it &omes to le%ning out the lo#er bo*y %s oppose* to the mi**le be&%use o. &on. In *oing so2 I1.%lse &on&lusion th%t the bo*y they truly #%nt #ill %l#%ys be out o.%&t is more people nee* %n* #%nt this in.%&e p%lme* m%ny % time upon &lients spouting the &r%Aiest myths %n* b%* %*.e &ompletely resh%pe* my o#n #i*er hips %n* thighs2 %s #ell %s those o. .e in the .usion surroun*ing &ontouring the i*e%l2 .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om lo#er bo*y2 %n* b%n%n% sh%pe* #omen2 #here there %re no &ur. % &ompli&%te* host o.eminine2 proportion%te .i*en&e be&%use I h%.

itness boo'G7 my response is2 (+his isn1t %nother *iet %n* .itness boo'@7 Mther boo's on the m%r'et h%. purpose.ersi%l$ Ho#e.e%l % slen*er 9not mus&ul%r2 bul'y2 strong8loo'ing or thi&'.i&e to 'eep it un*er #r%ps$ Furthermore2 it #oul* be mu&h e%sier to re&ommen* this boo'2 r%ther th%n &ontinuing to *ole out the s%me %*. high intensity tr%ining %s % &omplete #or'out is not en .e been shouting %t the top o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om . thigh %n* leg$ Mh2 %n* the ?ui&'er the results2 the better2 o.ting he%.itness #orl* to tr%iners trying to &on.ully not trying to buil* mus&les li.e simply ignore* #h%t #omen h%. &ourse@ 0o#2 I1m #ell %#%re the mere mention o.i&e o.or % &le%r %n* .in&e #omen they shoul* #%nt something they *o not #%nt or to use metho*s th%t #on1t get them #here they #%nt to be$ )hen my -ourney to &h%nge my bo*y beg%n2 my go%l #%s to .er2 in my opinion2 the pen*ulum h%s &ompletely s#ung in the .%&e2 %n* it #oul* be % *isser.er%l times per #ee'$ So #hen I %m %s'e*2 ()hy #rite %nother *iet".y things or *oing 5 minutes o.ogue %t the moment %n* thus %utom%ti&%lly m%'es this boo' &ontro.inite solution to re*u&ing in&hes .rom the inner %n* outer thigh to re. their lungs .er %n* o.er2 se.or eons2 %n* th%t is the nee* .

ine* by most #omen %n* men2 %n* h%.i*ent in your s'in be&%use you #ill loo' the #%y you #%nt to loo'$ Fin%lly2 shoul* you e.e % simple blueprint l%i* out right be.i%te you1ll be &%p%ble o.e to hop on e. resour&es %n* tools me%ns th%t no# you &%n sele&t your #or'outs2 .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om rese%r&h %n* .rom the .e&t bo*yO %s *e.or#%r* %n* t#o steps b%&' simply be&%use you *on1t 'no# %ny better$ You #on1t h%.e been #or'ing to#%r*s % Oper.e le%rne* %n* sh%re it #ith #omen li'e you2 #ho m%y be &urrently stu&' in % .ore you #ithin these .in* the %ns#ers to the ?uestions th%t the .itness tr%iners #oul*n1t e.oun* 'no#le*ge #ith other #omen %n* pre.ent them .rom t%'ing #il* st%bs in the *%r'2 thin' %bout #h%t this me%ns . getting b%&' to .ing some su&&ess .ery b%n*#%gon th%t &omes %roun* be&%use you1ll h%.eels li'e to be h%ppy %n* &on.in%lly stop spinning my #heels$ I1m prou* to be %ble to t%'e %ll I1.er *e.itness rut %n* *esper%tely see'ing *ire&tion$ I.rustr%tions you 'no# only too #ell$ Best o.or you$ +his boo' o. %ll2 you1ll .or time &onsuming %n* *emor%liAing tri%l %n* error #here you m%y t%'e one step . youN.ollo# % *iet b%se* on your spe&i.i& *esires2 %n* get the results you #%nt$ +here is no longer % nee* .en %&'no#le*ge2 mu&h less %ns#er2 so th%t I &oul* .ery p%ges$ You1ll be %ble to sh%re your ne#.in%lly 'no# #h%t it .

eel %n* loo' %#esome in re%l li.%r.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om per.er2 th%t1s only % &%mer% tri&'2 %n* % goo* one %t th%t i.tentimes2 the be.eet %p%rt or sti&'ing out their butto&'s %n* slightly ben*ing . % g%p$ Ho#e.e%t is th%t g%p must be .or#%r* #ith turne* out heels in or*er to &re%te the %ppe%r%n&e o.or only loo'ing goo* in photogr%phs #hen you &%n .ter in this boo' is % more perm%nent solution$ )hy settle .e2 rightG I only mention the imposters be&%use the &riti&s %re ?ui&' to .y o. pi&tures o.irmly together$ M.e slimmer hips %n* thighs in photogr%phs$ )h%t #e %re going %.e&t is in %lignment #ith #h%t I1. your i*e% o.isible #hen st%n*ing &ompletely upright #ith the . you inst%ntly #%nt to %ppe%r to h%.e&t 9i. people on the Internet *ispl%ying their g%ps %re not true thigh g%ps2 but opti&%l illusions$ In other #or*s2 #h%t you m%y be seeing in pi&tures %re #omen %n* girls st%n*ing #ith their legs %n* .$ WHAT IS THE THIGH GAP? 3 thigh g%p is pre&isely #h%t it soun*s li'e2 % g%p bet#een the thighs$ +he &%..eet pl%&e* .eren&ing so . per.e been re.

e2 %n* sin&e you %re not blin*e* by e/tremism2 you1.ten he%r opponents o.e the g%p %n* th%t it #%s % sign%l o.en -ust % 'eyhole %t the top o. g%ps ?u%li.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om p%int #%nn%bes %s % test%ment to the thigh g%p being %n unre%listi& go%l$ +hey &ry th%t the im%ges %re not re%l2 %n* th%t the mo*els %re %irbrushe* %n* sti&'ing out their b%&'si*es to tri&' you into thin'ing this go%l is %&hie. th%t there %ren1t plenty o.er#eight %n* .ery l%st ro# %t %ny .e prob%bly noti&e* th%t %ll thigh g%ps %re not &re%te* e?u%l$ +hey &%n r%nge %ny#here .en re%* o. one Do&tor #ho &l%ime* only pre8pubes&ent girls #ere %ble to h%.e %n* lou* pro&l%m%tions %re h%r*ly proo.e to be s'inny or slim to h%. the thigh g%p st%te the .%&tor in *e.rom e.eminine %n* se/y your legs %ppe%r %n* you . #omen %n* girls #%l'ing %roun* #ith re%l g%ps #ho %re not m%lnourishe*2 pre8pubes&ent or %nore/i&$ 3**ition%lly2 .ies you %n* &%n m%'e %ll the *i.%t #omen #ith g%ps .irst &h%n&e they get$ It1s the i*e% th%t you *on1t h%.t out %n import%nt .e % thigh g%p2 %s there %re o.eren&e in ho# .eel$ Mne l%st point I1* li'e to %**ress is %n %rgument you #ill o.e %s they %ppe%r in print %n* on tele.en the tiniest o.ision$ I le. the thighs$ E.%shion sho#2 %nyone &%n see th%t plenty o.en the . mo*els re%lly %re %s slen*er in re%l li..e e.%ble$ I1.ining the thigh g%p %bo.rom % sm%ll to #i*e sp%&e in bet#een the thighs2 or e. m%lnourishment$ Yet2 these insensiti.

es me be.%tter thighs usu%lly me%ns stret&h m%r's2 *imples2 &ellulite %n* -iggly2 loose s'in h%.%&tor$ .u**le*$ =y &lients %n* most #omen %re not trying to loo' li'e the o.er2 the p%rt #here &riti&s try to &onne&t not *e.oun* on slen*er #omen #ith thigh g%ps$ I suggest you ignore the re* herring %n* tre%t this *i.rom trying to get one be&%use . those metho*s$ +he ones #ho %re %lre%*y .en % bro'en &lo&' is right t#i&e % *%y$ I #holehe%rte*ly %gree th%t h%.e % thigh g%p %re loo'ing .%t #omen &%n h%.ersion t%&ti& .or #h%t it is2 % non8.e &lub o.e them too2 le%.irm inner %n* outer thigh th%t &%n be .ining your .ing % g%p #on1t put you in %n e/&lusi.er the #%y it loo's$ Li'e it or not2 . being present$ =ost #omen *esire the slim %n* .or the trim .el by your g%p to *is&our%ging #omen .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *ue to their #i*er hips$ In*ee*2 e.it %re *oing it be&%use they pre.e % gre%ter li'elihoo* o.itness le. s'inny8only #omen %n* thus shoul*n1t be the st%n*%r* o.er#eight #omen #ith n%tur%l thigh g%ps$ Furthermore2 #omen #illing to #or' out %n* *iet to %&hie. #hi&h thinness"s'inniness is me%sure*$ Ho#e.igure sure to %&&omp%ny the %ppli&%tion o.

er the ye%rs$ E/periment%tion2 re%*ing %n* *e&iphering tons o.elte2 mo*el8li'e bo*y th%t you1.er2 re%ssure you th%t you1re not li%ble to gi.i& stu*ies %n* h%. rules th%t I h%.e# things$ Hope.e to en%ble you to eng%ge %nyone in *eb%te shoul* you &hoose to *o so2 but moreo.ention%l %n* %bility to gener%te results in the . s&ienti.ery tri&' th%t &%n be %pplie* to#%r*s bo*y &ontouring h%s been ?uite liter%lly my obsession$ I li'e to &%ll these metho*s h%&'s *ue to their lesser 'no#n st%tus2 *ep%rture .ten %s'e* ?uestion is % .or le%rning e.e #ill %lso ser.%stest #%y possible2 but you still h%.ollo#s is my %rsen%l o.o&%lly2 the %ns#er to this o.y % .e been *re%ming o.rom the &on.e&te* o.e &re*en&e to people1s opinions #hen it &omes to your bo*y$ )h%t .e2 to see results$ 3*%pt %n* .ollo# these tri&'s %n* you #ill be #ell on your #%y to &ontouring the s.ully the %bo.ere* %n* per.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om You m%y thin' I1m pre%&hing to the &hoir here2 but in the inst%n&e &riti&s *e&i*e to re%* this2 I thought I1* t%'e the opportunity to &l%ri.e *e.$ CAN ANYONE GET A THIGH GAP? Une?ui.ing %n ins%ti%ble %ppetite .elope*2 *is&o.e to put in the #or' nonetheless2 %s #ith %nything in li.

ho# one #oul* 'no# i.e seen #h%t these e/perts s%y is impossible$ +he . in*i.e ne.i*u%ls #ho opt .e the go%l o.. thigh g%ps %n* % plethor% o.%tion or some other .%t$ I #oul* %*.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om resoun*ing yes@ 3&&or*ing to some (e/pertsO2 % thigh g%p is un%tt%in%ble unless you h%.%&t is2 trying to get % thigh g%p is highly .%rying *egrees o.ro#ne* upon %n* *is&our%ge* %s it is un. bo*y .ise not gi. slee'2 thin thighs unless you %re born #ith the bone stru&ture$ M.eniently omit %ny in*i&%tion o. &ourse they &on.or the he%lthy %n* s%.er te&hni?ues$ Peep in min*2 th%t there %re %lso so m%ny .e #i*e set hips2 #hi&h %re geneti&%lly pre*etermine* %n* &%nnot be %ltere*$ +here. e%ting *isor*er to %&hie.. those #ho h%.ing %ny merit in the st%tements o.%irly lin'e* #ith #omen %n* girls #ho i*oliAe %n* #%nt % thigh g%p so b%*ly th%t they %re #illing to go to e/treme lengths2 su&h %s &hroni& e/er&ise &ouple* #ith st%r.i&ult to tell #hen &%rrying %n e/&ess lo%* o.e it$ M.erent %estheti& loo's #hen it &omes . her bo*y #ere in*ee* properly stru&ture*2 sin&e it is *i.e seen %n* I h%. *i.orm o. &ourse2 there is more th%n one #%y to s'in % &%t2 %n* -ust %s some people t%'e unhe%lthy %n* e/treme %ppro%&hes to re%&h their #eight loss go%ls2 there %re e?u%lly % l%rge number o.er su&&ee*e*2 mu&h less %ttempte*2 to *o #h%t you #%nt to *o$ +he impossible is limite* to #h%t #e h%.ore2 they s%y it is #orthless to try %n* %&hie.

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om to the >g%p1 th%t one &oul* be trying to %&hie.e2 th%t %sserting su&h % bl%n'et st%tement is ,r%n'ly2 l%ugh%ble$

+he truth is2 te&hni&%lly2 %ny #om%n &%n get % thigh g%p i, they lo#er their bo*y ,%t %n* get s'inny enough$ Mb.iously2 i, you h%.e n%rro# hips %n* stri.e ,or % sm%ller g%p2 your go%l &%n be more e%sily %tt%ine* th%n i, you h%.e n%rro# hips %n* stri.e ,or % l%rger sp%&e bet#een your thighs$ +he #%y most #omen1s bo*ies #or' is th%t #hen they lose #eight they ten* to see the results in their upper bo*y 9%rms2 ,%&e2 b%&' %n* %bs; #%y be,ore the #eight st%rts to &ome ,rom the lo#er bo*y 9hips2 thighs2 butt2 legs;$ +h%t is #h%t is &ommonly re,erre* to %s >stubborn bo*y ,%t1$

It1s &%lle* stubborn be&%use the ,%t seems to #%nt to &ling on in these %re%s #hile e%sily melting %#%y in other %re%s$ +he best %n%logy I1.e he%r* li'ene* losing stubborn bo*y ,%t to emptying % pool$ Be,ore you &%n tou&h the #%ter in the *eep en*2 you ,irst h%.e to get ri* o, the #%ter in the sh%llo# p%rts$ You &%n th%n' =other 0%ture %n* your hormones ,or this@ =u&h to m%ny #omen1s &h%grin2 the ,em%le bo*y #%nts to store ,%t ,or &hil*be%ring purposes Q e.en i, you h%.e no intention o, be%ring &hil*ren in the ne%r ,uture$

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he tri&' to %&hie.ing % thigh g%p2 or -ust % slimmer2 more proportion%te lo#er bo*y then2 is to obliter%te the stubborn bo*y ,%t$ F%t &ells h%.e t#o types o, re&eptors: 3lph%8 re&eptors2 #hi&h inhibits the bre%'*o#n o, ,%t2 %n* Bet%8 re&eptors2 #hi&h stimul%te the bre%'*o#n o, ,%t$ Un,ortun%tely2 #omen h%.e more %lph%8re&eptors in the hip %n* thigh region$

+o %** insult to in-ury2 #omen %lso h%.e three to ,i.e times more lipoprotein lip%se2 %n enAyme th%t stimul%tes ,%t stor%ge in their lo#er bo*y th%n their upper bo*y$ C%n you no# see #hy these %re%s %re typi&%lly the ,irst pl%&e in #hi&h #omen g%in #eight %n* the l%st pl%&e they lose itG Hope,ully you %re st%rting to re%liAe #hy the best *e,ense is o,,ense #hen it &omes to %&&umul%ting ,%t in the lo#er bo*y$

I, you1.e been o.er#eight %ll your li,e2 you might thin' th%t the girls #ho h%.e %l#%ys been sensible %bout their *iet %n* e/er&ise h%.e it e%sier2 but thin' %g%in$ E.en #omen %lre%*y %.er%ge to thin in their upper bo*y #ill more th%n li'ely still nee* to lo#er bo*y ,%t be,ore the stubborn ,%t is t%rgete* %n* %,,e&te*$ +rust me #hen I s%y th%t losing ,%t be&omes h%r*er the less ,%t you h%.e to lose$

It1s p%in,ully &le%r the *e&' h%s &ert%inly been st%&'e* %g%inst

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om us #omen2 but be,ore you go &ursing the go*s2 -ust remember th%t the pre*isposition o, #omen to store stubborn lo#er bo*y ,%t is s%i* to be ,or the prote&tion o, our repro*u&ti.e org%ns2 %n* it1ll %ll &ome in h%n*y one *%y %s our bo*ies #ill be %ble to nourish itsel, *uring % pregn%n&y2 i, th%t is % go%l$ I, not2 let the &ursing &ommen&e #hile you *o #h%t nee*s to be *one %ny#%y$

)h%t else #ill *etermine ho# e%sy it #ill be ,or you to t%rget %n* er%*i&%te lo#er bo*y ,%t or i, you #ill li'e the m%-ority #ho lose ,%t ,rom e.ery#here else ,irst %n* ,rom their hips2 thighs2 %n* butto&'s l%stG +he %ns#er is geneti&s$ <eneti&s is your D03 th%t #%s inherite* through genes p%sse* on by one or both p%rents2 %n* it mostly *etermines the p%ttern o, #eight loss$

In ,%&t2 s&ientists h%.e *is&o.ere* th%t the *i,,eren&e in ,%t *istribution %mong #omen h%.e % b%sis in the region %n* &lim%te ,rom #hi&h %n in*i.i*u%lNs %n&estors h%.e &ome$ For e/%mple2 in hot &ountries2 su&h %s those #ithin 3,ri&% or in the =e*iterr%ne%n2 #omen ten* to store ,%t in the butto&'s2 hips %n* upper thighs2 #hile in*i.i*u%ls ,rom &ert%in 3si%n &ountries ten* to store ,%t %roun* the belly %re%$

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om It is thought th%t the bo*y stores more ,%t in p%rti&ul%r lo&%tions ,or those in*i.i*u%ls #ho h%.e %n&estry in hotter &lim%tes be&%use it #oul* be more e,,i&ient this #%y th%n &o.ering the entire bo*y #ith l%yers o, ,%t2 #hi&h #oul* %,,e&t the bo*y1s intern%l thermoregul%tion %n* m%'e *%ily li,e unbe%r%ble$

For those in*i.i*u%ls #hose %n&estry &omes ,rom &ooler &lim%tes or E%stern Europe%n &ountries2 the bo*y ,%t *istribution ten*s to be more e.en so %s to insul%te the entire bo*y to be%r the bitter #inter months$ I belie.e th%t &ol* thermogenesis %lso h%s something to *o #ith #hy those #ho %re e/pose* to &ol* store less ,%t %n* I #ill &o.er th%t in more *et%il soon$ For no#2 I %ssure you th%t %lthough geneti&s %n* hormones m%y not be on your si*e2 you *on1t h%.e to resign yoursel, to settling ,or %n uns%tis,%&tory bo*y &omposition$ It is &ompletely possible to m%'e % huge *i,,eren&e in your sh%pe %n* tone your physi?ue through e/er&ise2 *iet2 %n* % ,e# #ell8 pl%&e* h%&'s$

Mn&e the stubborn ,%t goes2 %ll th%t is le,t is the be%uti,ul2 tone* mus&le un*erne%th$ )ithout the e/&ess ,%t on your inner %n* outer thighs2 .oil% Q your thigh g%p #ill m%gi&%lly %ppe%r$ 3n* i, it1s %ny &onsol%tion2 by the time you lose the stubborn ,%t on your inner %n* outer thighs %n* hips2 the rest o, your bo*y #ill loo' %bsolutely %m%Aing$

ore the g%p m%'es %n %ppe%r%n&e$ I.%t into the *%ngerously unhe%lthy r%nge2 typi&%lly in the single *igits .%&tor in #hether or not you &%n get the %estheti& loo' o.%t getting too lo# ..%t lo#ers to the E4 Q R4 r%nge$ =e%n#hile2 some o.or me to %*.e%l the results you #%nt$ Un.o&%te lo#ering your bo*y .ery #om%n is *i. you .en #ith % little more . you shorter %n* .er so slight p%rt bet#een your legs or % #i*er g%p is b%se* on the .ortun%tely2 I &%nnot s%y be&%use e.ery petite girls"#omen m%y nee* to go % little lo#er be.or #omen2 to %&hie.e m%*e sure >+he +high <%p1 &o.ing s%i* %ll this2 it #oul* be irresponsible .e this loo' %n* there.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om H%.%t on the inner p%rt o.in* your bo*y . you h%.iously *o not re&ommen* th%t you *o$ +h%t being s%i*2 I repe%t2 % m%-or . either %n e.%t p%**ing *ue to your bone stru&ture$ .erent$ You m%y see e/&ellent results on&e their bo*y .ers %ll the b%ses$ 0%tur%lly2 you m%y be #on*ering -ust ho# le%n or #h%t #eight you #ill nee* to be to re.e #i*er set hips2 it #ill not be ne&ess%ry to get %s le%n %s those #ith n%rro# hips be&%use the g%p #ill be %pp%rent e.or your t%ste through n%tur%l me%ns2 my &h%pter on outsi*e h%&'s #ill be right up your %lley$ +h%t1s right2 I1. your thighs &ombine* #ith your bone stru&ture2 so i.ore I ob.

e n%rro#er hips2 in bet#een your legs$ I s%y %ll o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he m%in t%'e%#%y is .e this %estheti& #ith .%t ..e no i*e% #hy this is2 but I suppose it h%s something to *o #ith the *e%rth o.ort b%se* on their go%ls$ Shoul* % #om%n #ith n%rro# set hips h%. you she* enough o.rom this p%rt o. % thigh g%p2 -ust %s the n%rro# hippe* #om%n #ho *iets to get her bo*y ..%t %long the inner p%rt o.. her thighs surgi&%lly remo.ise you to@ +he only re%son you *on1t see more #omen le%ning out this %re% o.%t2 you #ill noti&e th%t your legs #onNt rub or tou&h #hen st%n*ing in % &om.e up hope li'e the >e/perts1 %*. the bo*y melts o.i% liposu&tion2 it #oul* result in the e.e* .%rying *egrees o. you h%.ort%ble st%n&e or #%l'ing2 %n* there #ill be % sp%&e2 %lbeit sm%ll i. the .%t is the &ommon *enomin%tor %n* prim%ry *etermin%nt o.%t lo# enough th%t the .$ +his is #h%t is me%nt #hen I s%y th%t %nyone &%n get % thigh g%p$ It m%y not be %s #i*e %s someone #ith the geneti& pre*isposition2 but i.e the .. *oing so2 but be&%use interestingly enough2 h%r*ly %nyone is o. the bo*y #ithout struggling is not be&%use #omen %re in&%p%ble o. . th%t to s%y2 n%rro# hippe* #omen2 *on1t gi.ering the re%l solutions to the problem$ I h%. % thigh g%p$ Both n%rro# %n* #i*er hippe* #omen &%n %&hie.e&t o. e.itness e/perts being men %n* their tr%ining go%ls %n* .

itness >e/perts1 %re un#%.e*2 they #oul* be per.o&use* on buil*ing up the bo*y2 %n* g%ining more mus&le %s oppose* to &ontouring it %n* *%re I s%y2 losing some mus&le$ In pl%in terms2 they -ust *on1t un*erst%n*$ Lu&'ily2 I *o$ I 'no# %ll too #ell ho# .ort%bly .ollo#ing my *ire&tions$ . % #i*e g%p is not %&hie.es ho# #e #%nt to loo' #ill s?u%rely hit these tr%iners in the -%# #hen they st%rt losing business .rustr%ting it &%n be to h%.or sh%bby results$ I #ill gl%*ly listen %n* t%'e the business they &le%rly *o not *eser.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om problem %re%s being st%r'ly *i.i&e see'ing .ollo# b%* %*.in* yoursel.en the &h%n&e to slim out this trouble %re%2 e.or %&tu%lly #%nting to *eliber%tely lose mus&le is met #ith &h%stisement$ Perh%ps the in&re*ulous i*e% th%t #omen h%.e$ B%se* on my &lients %n* #h%t I re%* on the mess%ge bo%r*s2 I #oul* purport th%t the m%-ority o. #omen *on1t #%nt bul'y2 thi&' legs or .i&e th%t only e/%&erb%tes it2 or see' the %ns#ers only to ..e br%ins %n* %re entitle* to *e&i*e .erent to #omen$ I1* e.e&tly &ontent$ +he goo* ne#s is th%t I un*erst%n* your .or oursel.en i.in* them se/y or %ppe%ling$ <i. being tol* th%t you shoul* #%nt (strong7 legs %n* th%t (mus&ul%r thighs7 %re se/y$ Mn top o.e % legitim%te problem %n* .en .rustr%tions %n* the physi?ue you %re trying to s&ulpt2 so you &%n rest &om.eringly . th%t2 it seems th%t %ny %*. the .enture to s%y most o.

m%ss$ .e hips th%t %re #i*e set or n%rro#2 you m%y h%.e tou&he* upon2 .irst thing #e nee* to *o is .erent te&hni?ues one shoul* .%t2 or losing mus&le in the thigh region$ +here %re *i.igure out your uni?ue problem so th%t #e &%n %**ress it %ppropri%tely$ +he t#o ro%*blo&'s to %&hie.or % . your thigh is s?uishy to the tou&h %n* t%'es up % lot o.in* out no#$ )hether or not you h%.e&ti. thinning out their inner %n* outer thighs by .ollo# *epen*ing on the imme*i%te go%l you %re trying to %&hie..o&us .e to the thigh g%p$ +hus2 to e. m%ss2 #hile mus&les2 espe&i%lly i.e$ )hi&h %pplies to youG Let1s .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Yes2 I 'no# . .ing the thigh g%p %re2 %s #e1.irst on one thing2 either losing .%t o.%&t th%t e.ely slim *o#n your thighs you %re going to #%nt to ..e noti&e* th%t the inner2 %n* possibly outer2 p%rt o.eryone is &%p%ble o. there is % l%rge l%yer o.2 %n* to % lesser *egree mus&le$ F%t t%'es up % huge %mount o.ollo#ing the te&hni?ues in this boo'$ IDENTIFYING YOUR UNIQUE PROBLEM +he .%t 9%*ipose tissue.er them2 &re%tes % thi&'2 bulging loo' th%t is not &on*u&i.

enting you .or you$ +he #%y you .e est%blishe* your issue is h%. you1re still not sure2 . it -iggles loosely %n* mo. the bul' o. their thighs %n* legs2 'no#n %s the &ir&um.e some gre%t tips in the *iet se&tion o.in&e*2 i. their unh%ppiness$ +his test #ill *etermine i.%t &ells %n* %*ipose tissue2 so I1m sure you #%nt to 'no# -ust ho# you shoul* go %bout obliter%ting those . you .ing slen*er legs %re *ue to .ing too m%ny .ingers rel%ti.%t %n* &%nnot see the &uts in your %bs2 or i. stom%&h .li&' th%t %re% %n* i.o&us so mu&h on ho# to lose mus&le but on ho# to t%rget your bo*y .e too mu&h mus&le$ :%rely is th%t the re%l &%use o.rom h%.%t is the &ulprit$ I.ol* your %rms %t the elbo# %t % ninety *egree %ngle %n* your b%t #ings #iggle %n* -iggle2 you *on1t nee* to . your thigh in&lu*ing the upper2 mi**le2 si*es2 b%&' %n* lo#er$ I. you %re %ble to g%ther % lot o.ten2 the .en or tighten your mus&les$ Pin&h %ll %roun* the %re% o.irst &on&lusion m%ny #omen &ome to #hen they %re unh%ppy #ith the siAe or %ll %roun* m%ss o.. your -ourney to % thigh g%p2 %n* I #ill h%. the m%ss on your thigh th%t is pre.%t &ells$ Diet is going to be % big p%rt o. the boo' .ely e%sily2 . you h%. s'in in bet#een your .es %roun* e%sily2 %g%in .eren&e2 is th%t they h%.%t or mus&le$ First2 e/ten* your leg %n* sti.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 3ll too o.%t$ )e1.e % lot o.%t is your problem$ I. you %re still not &on.

loor #or' #here you .oi* buil*ing up more leg mus&les2 % &ommon i*eology %n* pr%&ti&e typi&%lly %mong beginners %n* no.2 %n* then2 on&e the .urther stret&h %n* tone the mus&le un*erne%th i. you so *esire$ I h%. .oo* th%t pro. mus&les un*erne%th the stubborn .er%ll bo*y .uel .e been tr%ining the #rong #%y or h%. m%-or import%n&e2 espe&i%lly i. the right &%r*io %n* some resist%n&e tr%ining2 %*opt % *iet pl%n #hi&h #ill put you in % C%lorie *e. energy to get your he%rt r%te up2 #hi&h is non8negoti%ble #hen it &omes to burning bo*y . you h%.e%ling your mus&les you &%n .%t$ Doing this #ill only le%* to the buil* up o.en1t been tr%ining %t %ll be&%use you1.%lent mist%'e o.ts %n* .%t %n* th%t mus&le #ill push the .%t . re.i&it 9% C%lorie is % unit o.o&us on resist%n&e tr%ining your legs be&%use *oing so #ill not be enough e/ertion o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om tr%in #ill %lso be o.%t st%rts melting o.irst through &opious %mounts o. en*less leg8li.or #omen2 % m%-or sour&e o..e to &%ution you %g%inst the pre.i*es . %&tion #ill be to re*u&e your o.%t out . energy &ont%ine* in our .i&es$ Your m%in pl%n o.e been trying to %.urther &re%ting bul'y2 s#ollen loo'ing legs$ +he other thigh g%p inhibitor .or our mus&les.

in* themsel.elopment o.e %s e%sily$ +hus2 #omen #ho %re b%ttling mus&ul%r legs .%t2 but *espite their %&ti.%bri&2 mus&les %re more &omp%&t %n* *o not mo. 9 . hours in the gym using he%. &lothing #ith the prime e/%mple being the s'inny -e%n$ P%rti&ul%rly #hen it &omes to -e%ns2 #hile .es h%.inition. the thighs th%t m%y h%.ere* #ith .ery little to no &%r*io$ +hese #omen %re %lre%*y pretty .e pl%ye* sports th%t %re t%/ing on the leg mus&les2 li'e so&&er or gymn%sti&s2 or log % lot o. leg mus&les$ +his is typi&%lly % problem in #omen #ho *%bble in bo*ybuil*ing2 h%.y #eighs %n* resist%n&e tr%ining #ith .e *e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ontention2 is %n o.er%ge to belo# %.estyle2 .ing to pur&h%se bigger -e%n siAes th%t m%y .our l%rge mus&les %t the .er%ge bo*y . %n*"or 92.oi* *ue to its m%s&uline li'e %ppe%r%n&e %s #ell %s other neg%ti.%t2 &re%te % loo' th%t most #omen #%nt to %.elopment o.e % prominent &ur. syn& #ith their upper bo*y$ =us&ul%r thighs %re represente* by %n o.%tty thighs &%n be s?ueeAe* into the popul%r . the ?u%*ri&eps2 #hi&h %re .er*e.e li.in* their hips %n* thighs proportion%lly out o.it the thigh %re% .er *e. the thigh$ +hese %re%s2 espe&i%lly #hen &o.it by most people1s st%n*%r*s #ith %.ront o.it tren*y styles o.e bypro*u&ts2 su&h %s not being %ble to . the h%mstrings2 #hi&h %re the mus&les %t the b%&' o.

you tense your legs %n* % .e % lot o.ter %ll some o.ely *etermine th%t mus&ul%r thighs is your issues$ 3lso2 i.e gotten % proper #or'outG 3.e to *o it to get your *esire* result$ I.e to *r%sti&%lly re*u&e the lo#er bo*y resist%n&e #or' %n* str%in you m%y be use* to putting your legs through #hen #or'ing out %n* opt to *o other . s'in2 then you &%n s%.ine* &ur.%ture &%n be seen in your ?u%*ri&eps %n* h%mstrings2 it is li'ely th%t you #ill #%nt to . room in the #%ist or %re b%ggy in the groin$ 0ee*less to s%y2 this is not % goo* loo'$ I. e/er&ise$ It m%y be h%r* to resist the urge to &ut b%&' on tr%ining2 espe&i%lly #hen you get % high .ery *e. you %re not %ble to pin&h or -iggle % lot o.o&us on losing the mus&les in your legs prim%rily2 %n* put .eeling the burn in your legs2 but you #ill h%. the bo*ies .rom . the thighs %n* outer thighs$ I. you #%nt to be sure mus&ul%r thighs %re your problem2 tense your leg %n* try to pin&h %t the s'in %ll %roun* the thigh region2 in&lu*ing the ?u%*s2 b%&' o.eel li'e you1.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %n* le%.orms o. you %re %**i&te* to #or'ing out2 li'e me2 you m%y be #on*ering #h%t you %re suppose* to *o to re%lly .%t loss in the b%&' se%t$ +o re*u&e mus&ul%r thighs %n* legs2 you #ill h%.

or yoursel.e % thigh g%p2 *on1t let their i*e%s o.e$ You #ill still be #or'ing out %n* m%int%ining your mus&les2 but in other %re%s o. %t the i*e% o.$ FINAL NOTE E. %n* your .e&ti.or strength %n* po#er purposes$ You &%n *iet %n* e/er&ise #ith the sole intent to loo' goo* n%'e* .e to #orry %bout your #or'outs be&oming so e%sy they be&ome ine.%s&ul%r tr%ining %n* less hypertrophi&$ Fin%lly2 your m%in .erent %estheti& %n* #hile there %re some #omen #ho m%y s&o.o&us #ill be on your *iet %n* #h%t you &onsume %..es #ill be more ge%re* to#%r*s &%r*io.e *eeper in the up&oming &h%pters2 but you *on1t h%.eryone h%s % *i.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om l%rgest mus&les %re in the lo#er bo*y %n* %&&ount . be%uty *is&our%ge you .rom s&ulpting the bo*y th%t #ill m%'e you h%ppy$ Don1t let them s#%y you #ith t%l' %bout ho# tr%ining %n* *iet shoul* solely be .er the mo.or the biggest opportunity to burn &%lories$ I #ill *el. %n* en&our%ge &%t%bolism 9mus&les getting sm%ller. the bo*y$ Doing so #ill 'eep your met%bolism humming %long ni&ely$ You #ill %lso still be in&orpor%ting lo#er bo*y#or' in your #or'outs to burn e/tr% C%lories2 ho#e.. trying to %&hie..ent %n%bolism 9mus&les getting bigger.ter your #or'out to pre.

er e.%t %&&ept%n&e &%mp th%t en&our%ges embr%&ing your bo*y2 e.ity %g%inst those #ho #%nt to lose mu..ing th%t loo' #ithout being *estru&ti.e no su&h neg%ti.em%le >.in tops %n* b%t #ings or get si/ p%&' %bs be&%use they .%&t th%t you pre. it1s putting your li. hypo&rites #ho l%sh %g%inst the thigh g%p2 yet h%.rien*s1 ri**en #ith +%ll Poppy Syn*rome %n*"or .ort%ble #hen you try to &h%nge be&%use it1s % &onst%nt remin*er o.en i.er the physi&%l %ttributes you *o is -ust %s .%t %&&ept%n&e rhetori&$ +hey %re un&om.%li* %s long %s you go %bout %&hie. there %re people %roun* you #ho -u*ge you or &h%stise you ..in* those %estheti&s %ppe%ling$ +he .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om signi..e* st%n*ing someho#$ :emember th%t #hen they men%&ingly try to *er%il your *iet or o. you %re &urrently %t %n unhe%lthy #eight$ +he .e to your bo*y2 #hi&h is #h%t I1m here to help you #ith$ I emph%siAe th%t there is nothing %t %ll #rong #ith stri.i&%nt other@ Mne o. their short&omings or % thre%t to their per&ei.erything but support$ 3lso be#%re o.e %t gre%t ris'2 perme%tes our so&iety li'e % pl%gue$ I.ing to loo' % *i.%tter or s'innier .or #%nting to loo' % &ert%in #%y %n* you 'no# th%t you %re not h%rming yoursel.erent #%y th%n you *o no#2 espe&i%lly i.2 you m%y #%nt to re&onsi*er #hether or not they #%nt . the gre%test *eterrent to #omen su&&ee*ing in their *iets is their .

e been #%iting .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the best .or 8 Let1s get to the br%ss t%&'s o.e$ So .e* the ro%*blo&'s2 #hi&h in&lu*e* *is&re*iting the ob-e&tors2 .ere* #hy %nyone #oul* #%nt one2 tou&he* on the b%si& steps to %&hie.e one *epen*ing on your uni?ue problem %n* remo. you nee* those people in your li. h%&'ing the thigh g%p$ .or you to begin your -ourney$ Fin%lly2 the moment you h%.%r #e h%.or you %n* i.e bro'en *o#n #h%t the thigh g%p is2 &o.

epa.e re%&he* your go%l o.er go b%&'$ It is &ru&i%l th%t you t%'e % be.ter pi&tures$ It1s un*eni%ble2 t%ngible proo. to others th%t getting slimmer thighs %n* legs is %&&omplish%ble by .ore %n* %.ollo#ing the h%&'s %n* te&hni?ues outline* in this boo'$ Plus2 on&e you h%.er your be. the ..%ting p%rt o.eren&e point is #here you begin$ I *on1t 'no# %bout you2 but the most . Succe"" GETTING STARTED 3s #ith %nything2 in or*er to see #hether or not progress h%s been m%*e you nee* % re.ore pi&ture %n* #ee'ly or monthly progress pi&tures o.i*u%ls to ne. your bo*y #e%ring the s%me &lothing2 %s #ell %s t%'e me%surements o.ruits your l%bor h%s .ten % &onst%nt remin*er to those in*i.ore %n* %.eren&e point$ +ypi&%lly2 the re. slimming *o#n your stems2 you shoul* #%nt to sho# o. your bo*y so th%t you &%n see the subtle impro.i!g -$. o.ter pi&tures %s proo.%r someone h%s &ome %n* o.%s&in%ting %n* moti.ements to g%uge #hether or not you %re on the right tr%&'$ 3nother goo* re%son to *o this is so th%t you &%n sen* o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART * + &. someone1s triumph%nt #eight loss story is seeing be. ho# .

uture re.or %n %&&ur%te pi&ture o.or % .ery time .le/ible 'in* use* . the leg you shoul* me%sure is the ?u%*ri&eps$ +he best #%y to *o this is to t%'e % t%pe me%sure . this pro&ess2 or more pre&isely2 see the losses@ You #%nt to m%'e sure to me%sure the s%me %re%s e.e some2 &%n be .irst p%rt o. you *onNt %lre%*y h%.or g%rments. this is #e #%nt to &le%rly be %ble to see the g%in th%t you m%'e %t the en* o.e the 'nee1 .e the 'nee$ )r%p the t%pe %roun* the 'nee #ithout &ompressing the s'in or *r%#ing the t%pe too tight$ +here shoul* be no bulging s'in nor shoul* the t%pe be too loose$ Use % m%gi& m%r'er or pen %n* l%bel the t%pe >%bo. the tr%ns. the leg you #ill me%sure is *ire&tly %bo. p%per t%pe th%t #onNt pull your s'in #hen remo.eren&e$ +he se&on* p%rt o.or e%sy .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om merite*$ MEASURING YOUR THIGHS You #ill nee* % me%suring t%pe 9pre.or surgi&%l purposes %n* i.er%bly the .e*$ P%per t%pe is use* .orm%tion th%t #ill be o&&urring in your legs$ +he . %n* % roll o.oun* %t your lo&%l ph%rm%&y .e# *oll%rs$ +he purpose o.

the thigh2 %t the .or the %re% right %bo.ollo#ing my proto&ol %s #ell$ +he . you #oul* li'e to be more pre&ise2 you &%n %lso t%'e the me%surement .ery top o. the thigh you #ill be me%suring$ I &hose the pel.rom your pel.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %n* hol* it . the leg$ 3g%in2 this is %n ob.ery top o. the 'nee %s #ell$ I. you &hoose to go #ith the pel.or the upper inner thigh %n* the mi**le o.e$ 0e/t2 note #ith % m%r'er the points on the thigh #here you #ill t%'e your me%surements$ You #ill #%nt to t%'e *o#n the me%surement . the leg2 st%rting .eeling %roun* your hips2 but you &%n %lso me%sure .irm up the %re%2 you #ill be %ble to see the in&hes melt %#%y$ +hese %re%s %re the m%in spots #e #ill be t%rgeting to re*u&e .eel .e or in*ent%tion in the bone %n* pl%&e the t%pe me%sure right into this groo.i& bone to *etermine the e/%&t lo&%tions o. the ?u%*ri&eps$ I.%t is store* %n* h%r* to get ri* o.erti&%lly %long the length o.rom the .in* by simply .$ 3s you lo#er your entire bo*y .ious po&'et #here .%t %n* &on*u&t t%rgete* e/er&ises to .i& bone be&%use it isn1t going %ny#here %n* is e%sy to .in%l p%rt o.or the groo.i& bone %s your b%se2 . the leg th%t #e #%nt to me%sure is the %re% right %t the beginning o.e the 'nee be&%use you #ill see losses in this %re% .

the pel. the &ir&um. the progr%m2 there.is bone$ You then *etermine you #ill subse?uently be me%suring the %re%s J in&hes 9upper inner thigh..eness o.eminine stems th%t you1ll #%nt to sho# o.ery time you up*%te your me%surements you #ill use those e/%&t m%r'ers 9J72 07 %n* 27 .ore . your legs.%t stores %n*"or mus&le m%ss th%t h%. %ll *%y long$ Here1s %n e/%mple o.%ry *epen*ing upon your height %n* the length o.e in&re*ibly stre%mline* %n* .eren&e o. .2 0 in&hes 9mi**le o. %long the thigh$ =%'e % *ot on the thigh #ith % m%r'er in %ll three %re%s %n* then pro&ee* to me%sure those %re%s #ith p%per t%pe or % .$ MEASURING YOUR BODY FAT 3g%in2 #e #%nt to 'no# #h%t your bo*y1s st%rting point is so th%t #e &%n me%sure the e.e&ti.e o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the .or e/%mple$ Your numbers &%n %n* #ill .%t *is%ppe%r you #ill h%.e %&&umul%te*$ )hen the pools o. the thigh %long #ith the &orrespon*ing lengths$ Your notes shoul* loo' something li'e this: J in&hes Q 22 &entimeters2 0 in&hes Q 2! &entimeters2 2 in&hes Q 2 &entimeters$ E. the ?u%*ri&eps.e the 'nee.le/ible t%pe me%sure$ 0ote the &urrent me%surements o. #h%t you shoul* be *oing$ St%rt by hol*ing the t%pe me%sure into the groo..2 %n* 2 in&hes 9%re% right %bo.

%&t %n* trying to get %s &lose to the re%l numbers %s possible$ Belo#2 I h%.or error #hen you %re plugge* into % .e your bo*y .ee$ . one per&ent2 this test in. your beginning o.or % sm%ll .%t %s possible$ +he problem #ith most bo*y .e % bo*y &omposition test %*ministere* 'no#n %s the hy*rost%ti& test$ )ith % m%rgin o.e pro.e to #or' %roun* the errors by re&ogniAing this . %ssumptions %bout the st%n*%r* &omposition o.ormul%2 but you h%. error o.ormul% b%se* on % lot o.in* out your le%n m%ss %n* bo*y .er%ge2 3meri&%n m%le or .%t tests is th%t your st%ts %re being plugge* into % .i*e* multiple #%ys .%t per&ent%ge re%*ing$ +he &ost o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #e #%nt %s %&&ur%te % re%*ing o. room .ersities use this test prim%rily #ith %thletes %n* #ill li'ely %llo# you to try it too2 .%t per&ent%ge is to h%.%t re%*$ HYDROSTATIC TEST Mne o.or you to h%.ol. the most %&&ur%te #%ys to . %n %. su&h % test #ill set you b%&' %roun* S200$ =%ny uni.es being submerge* in #%ter2 not unli'e % b%ptism$ You %re re?uire* to blo# out %s mu&h %ir %s possible2 %s %ny %ir &%n s'e# the numbers %n* in&re%se your bo*y .em%le$ +here is % lot o.er%ll bo*y .

ree i. % s'in .%t %n%lyAe* %t no &ost to you$ I. % gym2 % little tip to get % ..%ries *ue to the m%ny *i.ol*s th%t g%ther #ith &%lipers$ +he *egree o.erent .%il%ble %t %lmost %ll 3meri&%n High S&hools %n* gyms$ It in.ol* test$ You %re prob%bly .e you %&&ess to the gym .ol*s on *i.erent p%rts o. %&&ur%&y .e your bo*y .tentimes .%t re%*ing is to stop into % gym %n* %&?uire one o.e# *%ys up to % #ee'$ +his #ill usu%lly %..erent gyms %n* t%'e the %.es pin&hing s'in .e % &onsult%tion #ith % person%l tr%iner %n* you #ill h%.or % . the three re%*ings$ . the . the &%lipers %n* ho# mu&h s'in is pin&he*$ +he &ost o.e h%n*les %n* me%suring the .ol* test .er%ge o. you belong to % gym$ Simply re?uest th%t % person%l tr%iner t%'e your bo*y .ree guest p%sses th%t #ill gi.ree bo*y . the bo*y su&h %s the b%&'2 %rms2 lo.ol.or the results o.%mili%r #ith this test %s it is re%*ily %.or* you the opportunity to h%. you %re &urrently not % member o.%ri%bles2 su&h %s the person %*ministering the test2 the ?u%lity o. the test is o...%t re%*ing %n* #ithin 0 minutes or so you #ill h%.e % result$ I.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om SKIN FOLD TEST +he ne/t test is the s'in . possible2 try to get re%*ings %t 2 or ! *i.

ol.in* lo&%tions th%t o.i&e #ill sen* % p%inless sign%l through your bo*y$ +he test #or's be&%use le%n bo*y m%ss is mostly #%ter %n* thus % goo* &on*u&tor o.olume$ +he &ost is %ny#here .or your &ity %n* st%te into %ny se%r&h engine$ .rom S!0 to SE0 %n* you &%n . the &urrent2 #hile .es sitting insi*e the &lose* egg in nothing but your un*er#e%r #hile the *e.oot$ 3.re?uently o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om BIOELECTRICAL IMPEDANCE TEST Spe%'ing o.or % .%t h%s little #%ter %n* slo#s *o#n the sign%l$ +he result #ill be less %&&ur%te *ue to .ter being still .ere* there %re bioele&tri&%l impe*%n&e tests$ For %bout S20 you #ill h%.oo* int%'e2 resulting in % higher re%*ing$ BOD POD +he Bo* Po* uses %ir *ispl%&ement to me%sure bo*y &omposition$ +his test re?uires you not e%t2 *rin' or e/er&ise t#o hours prior %n* in.%&tors su&h %s hy*r%tion %n* .e %n ele&tro*e %tt%&he* to your h%n* %n* .er it by entering >Bo* Po*1 ..e# se&on*s2 the h%n*hel* *e.. gyms2 %nother test .i&e me%sures your .

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om INTEGRATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL BODY COMPOSITION +he Integr%ti.enient %n* less in. your bo*y .or the p%st si/ months$ +his te&hni?ue is s%i* to be &omp%r%ble in %&&ur%&y to hy*rost%ti& #eighing2 more %&&ur%te th%n Bo* Po*2 %n* is more &on.r%me$ Users get %&&ess to He%lth Pro.rom *e&%*es8ol* S#e*ish rese%r&h th%t %lso loo'e* %t bo*y m%'eup %s % me%ns to *etermine % he%lthy #eight$ =e%suring #rists or 'nees helpe* rese%r&hers re%&h &on&lusions %bout #hether someone h%* % l%rger or sm%ller .e$ BATHROOM SCALES +here %re b%throom s&%les #here bioele&tri&%l impe*%n&e %n%lysis h%s been %**e* th%t promise to gi.e you re%*ings o.er%ge e/er&ise regimen .ile Institute1s so. #rist me%suring &%me .%t simply by sen*ing % h%rmless ele&tri&%l &urrent .t#%re to %** me%surements su&h %s height2 #eight2 %ge %n* %.e Bo*y Composition tool &osts S2R5 %n* in&lu*es % #%ist8me%suring t%pe %n* &%liper to me%sure the #rist$ +he &on&ept o.%si.

.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om up through your bo*y to (re%*7 the %mount o.or %bout ten minutes #hile % s&%nner me%sures your bo*y .y %n* you #%nt the most %&&ur%te metho* %.%t bo*y m%ss %n* le%n bo*y m%ss$ +hese s&%les r%nge .ore h%n* or your menstru%l &y&le &%n thro# your number o.ersities #ith soli* e/er&ise physiology rese%r&h progr%ms h%.er by 542 plus or minus@ I #oul* re&ommen* you steer %#%y or be .lui* in your bo*y2 &%n inter.e these units %s they %re use* 9%n* #ere origin%lly *e.ere #ith the %&&ur%&y o.elope*.i*e e. your re%*ing$ Little things li'e t%'ing % sho#er be.%lu%tions to the publi&$ Mther#ise2 some he%lth&%re .es l%ying on %n T8r%y t%ble .rom S50 to S 002 but %g%in hy*r%tion2 or ho# mu&h . to me%sure bone miner%l *ensity$ +he &ost r%nges .oo* or *rin'$ DEXA SCAN Fin%lly2 i.ore ingesting %ny .%t2 mus&le %n* bone miner%l *ensity$ =ost m%-or uni.e these units2 %n* #ill gl%*ly pro.ery *iligent %bout t%'ing % re%*ing right upon #%'ing %n* be.%&ilities h%.or (*u%l energy T8r%y %bsorptiometry7 %n* is the s%me im%ging te&hnology *o&tors #ill use to me%sure bone *ensity$ +he test in. your po&'etboo' is .eeling % little he%.rom S!00 to S500$ .%il%ble2 you &%n turn to DET3 s&%nning$ DET3 st%n*s .ol.

iously2 this me%ns th%t you shoul* h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om TRACKING YOUR PROGRESS E.%gue o.%st7$ +h%t is -ust too .or$ Mn&e your go%l is in pl%&e2 #riting *o#n your progress #ill *o t#o things$ First2 it #ill hope. % go%l$ Ho# .or the times they run inste%* o.irst pl%&e$ Some o.%st2 in or un*er #h%t %mount o.ery #ee' you %re oblig%te* to #rite *o#n your progress until you re%&h your ultim%te go%l$ Mb. time2 %.ully you #ill be en&our%ge* enough to st%y .e % go%l in the .e &on&rete numbers2 *%t% %n* ben&hm%r's %long the #%y #hen trying to %&hie.e numeri&%l go%ls .ter ho# m%ny #ee's or months *o you #%nt to be %ble to *o it in2 ho# m%ny *%ys per #ee' #ill you tr%in to get to th%t pointG +h%t is the 'in* o. su&&ess2 #hi&h is only .e % thigh g%p@ I &ompletely un*erst%n* the logi&2 but it1s %l#%ys better to h%.e .ully 'eep you %&&ount%ble %n* on tr%&'2 so th%t you *on1t -ust stop *oing the progr%m$ =ost people %re %&tu%lly moti. you m%y s%y2 #ell2 my go%l is to -ust h%. *et%ile* go%l setting you shoul* stri. -ust s%ying2 (I #%nt to run re%lly2 re%lly .%te* by results2 %n* %t the sm%llest hint o.e % go%l$ +h%t1s #hy runners 'eep tr%&' %n* h%.isible through tr%&'ing %n* *o&umenting2 hope.

ollo#e* the progr%m %n* *i* #h%t you #ere suppose* to *o$ You &%n tr%&' #here you m%*e g%ins %n* #here you e/perien&e* setb%&'s %n* then repli&%te the things you *i* to get progress %n* %.e up %s in&rement%l &h%nge &%n be h%r* to spot #ith the n%'e* eye$ Se&on*2 i. you lose #eight too r%pi*ly2 this &%n le%* to s&re#ing up your met%bolism #hi&h #ill le%* to more problems *o#n the ro%*$ )e #ill &o..orts2 so inste%* o.i&s o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the &ourse %n* not gi.i&it shoul* not e/&ee* 000 C%lories per *%y$ . stri. this pro&ess you &%n go b%&'2 %ssess %n* e/%mine i.ine* to #h%t is suggeste* %s the he%lthy r%te o.ty 0 poun*s per #ee'2 'eep the numbers &on.ing to lose %n unre%listi& %n* *r%m%ti& lo. &%lorie int%'e % little bit l%ter2 but -ust 'eep in min* th%t your *e.e go%ls &%n un*ermine your e.erly %ggressi.er the spe&i. you *onNt get the results %t the en* o. you lose more2 gre%t2 but i. losing #eight2 #hi&h is no more th%n 8 2 poun*s per #ee'$ I. you %re unsure #h%t your go%l shoul* be these tips #ill &ome in h%n*y$ First2 re&ogniAe th%t unre%listi& %n* o.oi* those things th%t &%use* you to regress$ I. you truly .

.rom R%m to K%m$ +hen2 %.ter you1.e .i%ting *o#n the .i&it go%l2 %s #ell %s #hi&h *%ys o. sti&'ing to your pl%n inste%* o.oo* h%&' th%t #ill re?uire you to shi.or #or'ing out *o#n to the e/%&t hour Q . the #ee' you #ill *o #hi&h e/er&ises %n* #hi&h *%ys #ill be your rest *%ys$ Pl%n the times you %re going to *esign%te .y ho# m%ny miles %n* ho# long you %re going to po#er #%l' e%&h #ee' to meet your &%lorie *e.e the opportunity .inishe* your #or' out m%'e note th%t you &omplete* your t%s'$ E/pli&it go%l setting #ill %lso %pply to your . *e. the minuti%e up. #h%t you nee* to *o2 the better your &h%n&es %re o.oo* &onsumption$ In the &h%pter (Foo* H%&'s72 I #ill &o.ery e.e&ti.rom 5pm to Jpm or .ine *et%ils %n* #or' out the numeri&%l %mounts per *%y$ +he purpose behin* %ll o.or you to m%'e the #rong *e&ision %s you go$ +he more %utom%ti& you %llo# the pro&ess to be&ome2 %n* the less unsure you %re o.t your C%lories %roun* per *%y2 %s #ell %s some other te&hni?ues th%t #ill be .e .ery e.e&ti.er % . ho# m%ny C%lories you %re to &onsume per #ee'2 you nee* to get *o#n to the ..e in .%&ilit%ting % lo# bo*y .%t per&ent%ge$ 0ot only #ill you nee* to set % go%l o.ront is to remo.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om You shoul* %lso m%'e your go%l me%sur%ble$ For e/%mple2 spe&i.

oo* &hoi&es2 su&h %s #hole . you 'no# ho# m%ny C%lories you h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om slippery slope o.2 throughout the *%y %n* %.e ne.ter being .e to m%'e % &hoi&e bet#een goo* .ery *%y *e&ision m%'ing$ In . *e&ision .ol.e the opportunities .%tigue2 this is the un*erlying re%son #hy you #%nt to set your go%ls in %*.ille* pro*u&ts2 %ll *%y Q *e&ision .er he%r* o.e % sm%ll list o.%n&e$ +he me&h%ni&s o. e. you h%.ly %s possible$ I.eget%bles2 et&$ %n* b%* .%tigue st%tes th%t the more *e&isions you m%'e2 the #orst your *e&isions be&ome$ +hus2 i.%tigue st%tes th%t #hile your initi%l *e&isions #ill be to go . your %llo#e* .%&e* #ith more %n* more *e&isions2 your &hoi&es #ill st%rt to get poorer$ )e *o not #%nt this phenomenon o.or the goo* stu. *e&ision .oo*s2 su&h %s s#eet2 &%rb . you h%. *e. your me%l is prep%re* %n* %ll you h%..or you to m%'e the #rong &hoi&es$ I.ity tri&' 'no#n %mongst us li.er your &%lorie limit$ Better yet2 i.e to *o is e%t it2 you #ill h%.e %s m%ny opportunities to m%'e *e&isions on the .e % mu&h e%sier time turning *o#n those .%&t2 one pro*u&ti.e h%&'ers is to remo.ing *e&ision m%'ing to o&&ur in this progr%m2 so #e %re going to remo.oo*s2 . you h%.e to e%t on =on*%y or i.oo*s th%t #ill put you o. %ll o.

e%ting .ul %n* en-oy%ble *%ily %&ti. you ne..ior%l &h%nges &%n help put %n en* to the #%r %g%inst your #illpo#er %n* %llo# e%ting %n* e/er&ise to be he%lth.e %&tu%lly sho#n th%t #e ten* to e%t the s%me .%riety in bet#een2 the less &h%n&es .%t o.e&t to your he%lth %n* %ppe%r%n&e2 you #ill .oo*s"me%l &ombin%tions2 %n* stu*ies h%. your thighs %n* legs2 you &%nnot go b%&' to *oing #h%t you #ere *oing be.er %g%in #ith . .ore 9or not *oing.oo*s o.er ?uite get there %n* you1re still sne%'ing in the b%* .oo*s e.ul %n* get the bo*y you re%lly #%nt2 you %re going to h%. sust%ine* %&ti.er &h%nge your min* %bout the purpose o.ollo# the pro&e*ures l%i* #ithin these p%ges %n* %re %ble to .e to your ultim%te go%l o.in%lly get the stubborn ..orm % h%bit$ But2 i. you ne.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .oo* %n* its rel%tionship %n* e.ert to the #%y you loo'e* be.e to &ommit to perm%nent li.e to *it&h the *iet ment%lity th%t relies on #illpo#er %n* your %bility to resist tempt%tion$ Inste%*2 you %re going to h%.oo*s2 th%t #ill be your h%bit or #%y o.or you to m%'e % &hoi&e th%t #ill be &ounterpro*u&ti. lest you re.ities$ Lu&'ily2 it t%'es %ppro/im%tely t#enty8one *%ys or three #ee's o.ore$ Beh%. thin %n* slim thighs$ Fin%lly2 I &%nnot stress enough2 th%t in or*er to be su&&ess.ity to .er$ 3**ition%lly2 i.ery #ee'2 or e%ting (repl%&ement7 .estyle &h%nges$ +h%t me%ns on&e you .ore.er %n* o.ery little .

eel li'e you &%nnot en-oy goo* . slimming *o#n your thighs only to yiel* the &omplete opposite results or none %t %ll2 %n* %re set to *o #h%te.ort .ery no# %n* then #ill be h%rmless$ I *on1t #%nt you to . high .%&e *e&ision .oo*s$ Peeping these .oo*s %roun* or e%ting (repl%&ement .ree i&e &re%m2 #ill &%use your &r%.ight the urge to go b%&' to your ol* &om.ings .ely &le%n2 but thin' e%ting b%* .in%lly re%*y to st%rt$ I.oo*s h%.%t2 high sug%r2 high &%rb .en to &%use %**i&ti.oo*s72 li'e sug%r8 .ings .ore you 'no# it you1ll be e/er&ising % lot o.%iling2 %s you . #illpo#er %n* potenti%lly .oo*s e.er it truly t%'es to .rom the .e &r%.oo*s2 #hi&h is #h%t m%'es them %nything but h%rmless$ Be.e prob%bly trie* %ll the &on.oo*2 but those >h%rmless1 .e *one %ll your initi%l me%surements %n* embr%&e* the min*set th%t results #onNt &ome m%gi&%lly %n* this *esire you h%.ention%l #%ys o.or the re%l thing to sti&' %roun* longer th%n h%* you bu&'le* *o#n %n* st%ye* %#%y . the s%me 'in*s o.e been pro.oo*s %ll together$ Mn&e you h%.or more o.or your bo*y #ill t%'e #or'2 p%tien&e %n* *iligen&e2 you %re .e . youNre re%*ing this I 'no# th%t you h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om go right b%&' to your ol* e%ting h%bits sooner or l%ter$ Some people m%n%ge to e%t rel%ti.%tigue in trying to .

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om get the s.i*ent th%t you #ill put your %ll into this progr%m %n* .r%n'ly2 I &%n1t #%it to be bomb%r*e* by %ll o.eminine %n* proportion%l lo#er bo*y you *esire$ I1m &on. your su&&ess stories@ .elte2 .

ol's #ill prob%bly still be %t it the . Mi"c$!cep%i$!" THE 80/20 RULE )%l' into %ny gym in 3meri&% %n* you1ll inst%ntly re%liAe there is no short%ge o. the gym you .ortun%tely2 those s%me . people ..s %bout the role o. their misgui*e* belie. gym subs&riptions$ )hen D%nu%ry st rolls %roun*2 goo* lu&' . the boo'2 I1ll &ome b%&' to the 0e# Ye%r1s :esolution 0o$ : Lose )eight2 Doresett2 P%therine2 C00 ###$&nn$&om"20 0"HE3L+H"*iet$.ollo#ing ye%r2 %n* the ne/t2 be&%use o..re?uent2 but I #oul* submit e%&h gen*er m%'es up %n e?u%l number o.ision bet#een men %n* #omen m%y m%'e it *i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART .ort to burn . ' &$pula.or . e/er&ise %s % &ure8%ll .%t %n* lose #eight$ +he st%r' *i.%t loss$ In the e/er&ise h%&'s portion o.i&ult to tell *epen*ing on #hi&h %re% o.uriously e/er&ising in %n e.itness" 2"! "lose$#eight$ne#$resolutio n"in*e/$html .in*ing %n empty tre%*mill2 %s losing #eight is reporte* to be the number one 0e# Ye%r resolution $ Un.

ting"toning e/er&ises you m%y *o2 you #ill not get the s.%t loss$ Don1t get me #rong2 there is %bsolutely nothing #rong #ith e/er&ise2 but it is not the only or the most import%nt &omponent o. being repetiti. #omen on the &%r*io m%&hines %n* Pil%tes"Yog% m%ts2 but our m%in &on&ern %t the moment is un&o. the gym to h%. o.%t2 *espite %ll o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om propensity .ree p%ss to %b%n*on your #or'outs$ 3&&or*ing to the =%yo Clini&2 e/er&ise is % 'ey element to m%int%ining #eight loss %n* 'eeping your met%bolism high22 but you shoul* 'no# th%t #hile &%r*io %n* resist%n&e tr%ining pl%y % role in burning some .elte legs you #%nt$ Ple%se note I1m not gi.or one h%l.%&t2 % gener%l rule o.%t %n* toning the bo*y2 your *iet is the re%l st%r o. there is too mu&h bo*y . s&ulpting your *re%m bo*y$ +o obt%in your *esire* physi?ue2 %t the ris' o. thumb is th%t losing .e the m%-ority o.e2 #e &ome b%&' to F3+$ I. the Pil%tes2 Yog%2 #eight li.ting #eights %n* the other h%l. #ith the m%-ority o.ing you % .ering #hy e/er&ise is not the holy gr%il . the sho#$ In . men li.or your .%t is R04 8 K04 *iet %n* 204 to 04 e/er&ise$ 3m%Aing2 huhG It %ll m%'es 2 =%yo Clini& 8 ###$m%yo&lini&$&om"he%lth"#eight8loss"300 J K .

.or %bout 04 8 204 .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om sense on&e you un*erst%n* th%t % non8negoti%ble element to #eight loss is burning more &%lories th%n you &onsume$ Sin&e !2500 &%lories e?u%ls %bout poun*$ poun* 90$E5 'ilogr%m.eel %.in* someone #ho h%s lost % signi.i&%nt %mount o.e2 you #oul* nee* to #%l' JE minutes to burn o. e/er&ise$ For most people2 itNs %lmost impossible to elimin%te the %mount o. the &%lories &onsume* by e%ting one Big =%& or -og !2 minutes . to *e%th2 espe&i%lly #hen e/er&ising is only going to %&&ount .or #eight loss %n* bo*y &omposition in spite o. #eight through e/er&ise #ithout &ontrolling his or her *iet$ I lo. &%lories through e/er&ise th%t you &oul* through *ieting$ Hen&e2 it1* be e%sy to .orts .in* in*i..e to e/er&ise mysel.ter % goo* #or'out2 but I #oul* mu&h r%ther e%t &le%ner th%n h%.e ho# I .i&ult to .i*u%ls #ho h%.. Cheese .e lost % lot o.ries$ <r%nte*2 you shoul*n1t be e%ting those things i. o. e%ting one *oughnut2 &y&le R2 minutes to burn o.or one or*er o.. #eight through *iet %lone2 %n* mu&h more *i. you #%nt to get % thigh g%p2 but hope.ully you &%n see ho# *iet &%n s%bot%ge your e.%t2 you nee* to burn !2500 &%lories more th%n you t%'e in to lose +o put things into perspe&ti..

rom e/er&ise resulting in .erly stimul%te your mus&les2 #hi&h &%n le%.e into shortly$ +here %re e. my results$ 3lso2 there %re so m%ny t%sty &hoi&es #hen it &omes to &le%n .i& p%ttern su&h %s &%lorie &y&ling2 #hi&h #e #ill *el.or % +high <%p7 %.%il%ble %t ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om2 th%t you *on1t e.oo* &hoi&es2 %nother point to &onsi*er is the possibility to lose #eight -ust .%ster .oo*s$ You he%r* me right2 it is possible to .e to gi.e up on one o. reigning in your *iet inste%* o. trying to out e/er&ise poor .oo*s th%t &%n boost the . #hy you shoul* put more #eight2 pun inten*e*2 on your *iet 8 too mu&h e/er&ise %n* e/er&ise o. the best things #e h%.oo* re&ipes to be .e2 goo* .un&tion o. s#ollen2 bigger thighs$ Don1t . . th%t isn1t % &ompelling enough %rgument in . the #rong 'in* &%n &%use you to o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om o.orget %bout the possibility o. too mu&h stress .ree ne#sletter2 (+he :e&ipe .oo*$ I.e8&%lories2 me%ning you &%n e%t %s mu&h %s you #%nt$ Su&h e%ting str%tegies &%n *r%sti&%lly she* poun*s th%t you #onNt be %ble to e%sily %&&omplish #ith e/er&ise$ Fin%lly2 roun*ing out my &%se o.%.or o.ee* your bo*y .oun*2 one su&h sour&e being my .%t loss by e%ting your me%ls in % spe&i.oo*s you &%n e%t #hi&h result in neg%ti. your met%bolism2 %s #ell %s in*u&e .rom e%ting &ert%in types o.e you #ith the *re%*e* %ppe%r%n&e o.en h%.e to en-oy in this li.en .

en to re.%st$ )h%t I %m %bout to re.or&e yoursel. to e%t e.e te&hni?ues %n* tri&'s th%t h%.%tion$ You #onNt h%.ery ..%t is store*$ I1m sure m%ny #oul* %gree2 there is nothing more . your 'i*neys2 being rele%se*2 #hi&h &%n le%* to % perpetu%l &%t%boli& st%te #here mus&le is bro'en *o#n2 %n* .%t2 #hile still %llo#ing you to e%t he%rtily %n* not .e lost some o.e# hours2 nor get too &r%Ay #ith &ounting C%lories i.eel li'e you %re going to *ie o.%t loss6 the problem is sti&'ing to su&h % rigi* *iet gets boring %n* unbe%r%ble . hunger or st%r.rom no# on you &%n only e%t .ul hormone th%t is pro*u&e* in the %*ren%l gl%n*s positione* on top o.e%l %re honest %n* e.e up hope$ In &%se I %m losing or h%.eget%bles %n* *rin' lots o.ront2 I *onNt #%nt you to thin' .e to . up the met%bolism %n* burn more .%&e this &h%pter by st%ting up .$ 3&tu%lly2 .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ortisol2 % po#er.e&ti.rom.rustr%ting th%n putting in the #or' in the gym only to see your problem %re% get #orst$ It &%n be *is&our%ging %n* &%use m%ny #omen to gi. you2 I shoul* pre.or you to &hoose .e been pro.i*e multiple options .ery . you *on1t #%nt to 9I pro. #%ter$ You %lre%*y 'no# *oing those things #ill le%* to .

or nourishment$ +he problem %rises #hen #e pi&' (b%*7 .e struggle* #ith % .ings .ere%ting %t in*i.irst h%&'2 Hunger +r%iningU2 &%n pro.in* your hunger p%ngs %n* &r%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #h%t #ill li'ely h%ppen is th%t you #ill . you1re re%*y2 let1s *i.oo*s either by o.%t %n* its rel%tion to our hunger be.i*u%l me%ls or o.oo*s %n*"or %buse . not better2 results th%n going the &on.i*e % reme*y$ .%t in our bo*ies$ )e %re me%nt to e%t %n* en-oy .or thinner thighs2 lo#er bo*y . you h%.%t %n* ultim%tely % slee' %n* slim physi?ue$ I hope you1re e/&ite* be&%use %s % bu**ing h%&'er2 you1re %bout to le%rn ho# to *o things sm%rter2 not h%r*er to get the s%me2 i.er%ll &%lories$ I thought it1* be best then2 to gi.l%&'2 but the truth is #e nee* some .oo* .in%lly begin to &ome un*er &ontrol$ I.e you the s'inny on .ention%l route$ FROM FOOD TO FAT F%t gets % lot o.or%&ious %ppetite2 you1ll see it ste%*ily *e&re%se %s you tr%in your hunger$ I. .e into the h%&'erNs #%y to e%ting .ore going into ho# our .oo*s2 %s #ell %s use .

orm%tion o.%t &ells %re import%nt org%ns #ith .rom 25 billion to 2L5 billion$ F%t &ells %re mi&ros&opi&2 0Q20 times sm%ller th%n . testosterone %n* some . e.%tty %&i*s &onne&t together #ith % mole&ule &%lle* gly&erol2 it1s &%lle* % gly&eri*e$ +rigly&eri*es2 three .%tty %&i*s$ )hen &h%ins o.%tty %&i* &h%ins &onne&te* to % gly&erol mole&ule2 %re the m%in type o.rom the &ol*2 p%*s %n* supports our .er%ge person h%s %roun* !5 billion .e .it%l org%ns2 mus&les2 %n* bones2 %n* is p%rt o. the stru&ture o.oo*s #e e%t %n* in our bo*ies$ Mur bo*y . . .e org%n2 too$ F%t &ells beh%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om WHAT IS FAT? F%t is %n oily &ompoun* &ompose* o. the elements &%rbon2 hy*rogen2 %n* o/ygen$ C%rbon2 hy*rogen2 %n* o/ygen mole&ules bin* together li'e lin's to .or2 %mong other .%t ser.un&tions th%t help our bo*ies run smoothly$ +he %. estrogen$ In short2 .ery &ell membr%ne$ It1s %n %&ti.it%l regul%tory .%t in the ..erent subst%n&es #hi&h %re responsible .ous system %n* hormon%l sign%ls2 gene e/pression2 %n* the .%t &ells stores in their bo*ies2 but hum%ns &%n h%. .ery mu&h li'e en*o&rine gl%n*s2 se&reting m%ny *i.orms o.e %ny#here .orm &h%ins o.un&tions2 &ontrolling %n* regul%ting %ppetite2 bloo* pressure2 some ner.es m%ny roles$ It insul%tes us .

ully you &%n see #hy the &l%ims o.erre* to %s . only *iet%ry . %n %pple sh%pe$ WHERE DOES FAT COME FROM? Forget %bout the #i*espre%* mis&on&eption o.%t %n* .rom e%ting 200 C%lories % *%y %re pure rubbish$ I. you go hungry .ities2 %n* *ire&tly bene%th the s'in 9&%lle* sub&ut%neous .%t.2 but they %re p%&'e* #ith energy$ +he %.%t &ells$ Your genes *etermine #here .er%ge person h%s more th%n 002000 C%lories store* %s .rom protein2 .ing them more o.%t on his bo*y6 th%t1s theoreti&%lly enough .emor%l p%ttern obesity$ =en ten* to %&&umul%te it in the %b*omen2 gi.or % little #hile your bo*y h%s % &ontingen&y pl%n$ F%t is store* in t#o prim%ry #%ys 8 *eep in the bo*y &%.ten re.rom %ll the . &onne&ti.em%le p%ttern is %lso &%lle* gynoi*2 or glute%l8.%tion mo*e .e %ny input or &ontrol o.uel to -og &lose to R00 miles$ Hope.2 %n* %re 'ept in spe&i%l &omp%rtments &%lle* %*ipo&ytes2 % type o.ing them more o.%t *e&i*es to settle on your bo*y$ You *on1t h%.e tissue o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the *i%meter o.oo*s #e e%t6 th%t in&lu*es e/&ess &%lories .er it$ )omen ten* to %&&umul%te it in the %*ipo&ytes on the hips2 butto&'s2 %n* thighs2 gi.%t g%in$ F%t &%n &ome .%t resulting in . % pe%r sh%pe$ +his . % hum%n h%ir 9#hi&h is %bout 00 mi&rons. the bo*y entering into st%r.

you go on %n e%ting spree2 e%ting more .er2 or in the %*ipo&ytes on your hips2 thighs2 butto&'s2 or %b*omen$ 3*ipo&ytes lo.%t$! I.e*$ +he rest is #r%ppe* up %n* p%&'%ge* together #ith proteins to .oo* th%n your bo*y nee*s in one sitting be&%use your . them goo*$ First2 o.er2 .e to store . your he%rt2 in your li.%t$ E.ery time you e%t % .%t &ells %n* &oul* ! Di%betes Sel.m%n%gement$&om"%rti&les"e/er&ise"burningV.oo* #ill either get store* in the %rteries o.%t is the m%&ronutrient th%t is most e%sily store* %s bo*y .%t$ +hey gobble it up li'e there1s no tomorro#2 %n* #ith the &opious %mounts m%ny o.oo*2 bile %n* p%n&re%ti& enAymes in the sm%ll intestine *igest it$ +he resulting .ere%ting in&re%ses the siAe o.%tVthr oughVe/er&ise"print" .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &%rbohy*r%tes$ Ho#e.er #here essenti%l nutrients %re remo. your .ull sign%l *oesn1t 'i&' in or you simply &%n1t stop2 % .%tty %&i*s %re then %bsorbe* %n* tr%nsporte* to the li.el through the bloo*stre%m to %ll the org%ns %n* &ells th%t nee* it$ +he .or . us e%t2 most %*ipo&ytes in the Unite* St%tes %re not l%&'ing .orm &hylomi&rons2 so th%t it &%n tr%. =%n%gement 8 ###$*i%betessel.e# things h%ppen2 none o.

orms: &%rbohy*r%tes 9sug%rs.or l%ter %s .uels2 but *o so %t *i.%lse i*e% %mong *ieters th%t #hen the &lo&' stri'es t#el.%t$ Hum%ns %re &%p%ble o.or energy$ Fuel . o.ings .erent times2 r%tes2 %n* .ollo#e* by % r%pi* *rop in bloo* sug%r2 le%*ing to &r%.%t &ells$ +%'e my #or* #hen I s%y re. .ersing ..e surge in insulin2 le%*ing to more .ere%ting %t %ny me%l &oul* &%use %n e/&essi.%t$ +h%t1s not ?uite ho# it #or's$ Inste%*2 your bo*y t%'es #h%t it nee*s .or the *%y %n* then burns th%t %mount o.e it %n* sets the rest %si*e .rom the .2 protein2 %n* .oo* you gi.%t$ You1ll un*erst%n* the *%ngers o.%t . in is resisting these types o.e2 the bo*y &%l&ul%tes your *e.%t %n* #eight2 the one position you *on1t #%nt to put yoursel.or sug%r %n* &%rbohy*r%tes$ )hen %ttempting to lose bo*y .%t &ell enl%rgement is e/tremely *i. burning %ll three o.%t pro*u&tion2 .en more trouble o&&urs #hen your bo*y *e&i*es to &%ll upon its energy stores2 be&%use the bo*y oper%tes in re%l8time %s oppose* to % 2E8hour perio*$ +here1s this .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &%use you to g%in more ..or the hum%n bo*y t%'es three b%si& . &r%.i&ult$ It shoul* %lso be mentione* th%t o.ings$ E.ere%ting on&e you re%liAe the bo*y *oesn1t *e&i*e to only burn store* .i&it . these .

erent &ir&umst%n&es$ 3lmost %ll the &%rbohy*r%te e%ten #ill be &on.i&ient .ull &ir&le2 #hen you e%t more th%n your bo*y nee*s in the moment2 the e/&ess gets store* %s .rom % l%rge .uel sour&e$ Protein1s m%in purpose is to buil* %n* rep%ir tissue2 not to pro.iber$ In gener%l2 the bo*y1s pe&'ing or*er .or energy is glu&ose 9&%rbs"sug%rs.%t stores . its store* .erte* into glu&ose in the bo*y$ +he only &%rbohy*r%tes not &h%nge* to glu&ose %re those th%t &%nnot be *igeste*2 li'e .%t$ 3s the bo*y &ontinues to be unne&ess%rily .2 then .or energy #hen it is being spoon8.i&it or #hen youNre e/er&ising %n%erobi&%lly. the bo*y burns .e* %ll *%y longG Se&on*ly2 the spi'e in insulin2 % stor%ge hormone2 ..irst be&%use it is e%sier .e*2 it #ill not be en&our%ge* to burn %ny o..%t .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om un*er *i.%t2 %s it is %lso % ri&h energy store$ +he bo*y #ill burn protein %s % l%st resort %s it is not %n e.i*e .%ts2 %n* then proteins$ <lu&ose is burne* .or our bo*ies to bre%' *o#n the mole&ules %n* *igest them$ Un*er the right &ir&umst%n&es 9#hen &%rb stores %re *eplete* %n* there is % &%lorie *e.or energy$ )hy shoul* it bother *igging out the .uel or energy$ +o bring things .

ee*2 it1s e%sy to un*erst%n* ho# you &%n put on #eight #hen your hunger is bro'en %n* you #in* up e%ting %t % &%lorie surplus$ Ho#e.e % ten*en&y to o.ter e%ting. it #ill be .t behin*$ <i. your .$ You &%n surmise the more .%t stores$ +h%t me%ns o.ee*ing &oul* possibly result in some o..ere%t %t in*i.e &onse?uen&es liste* . you #on*ering #h%t h%ppens #hen you h%.or #h%t &%n h%ppen #hen you o.i&itG )hile the &onse?uen&es %re not %s b%*2 you still *on1t get o. th%t #%sn1t enough2 th%t insulin spi'e %lso inter.%t getting le.er. e/&ess &%lories th%t #%s store* %s .en %ll o.oo* pre. using up energy2 %n* this gets e.rom o&&urring %n* *ri.%t &ells th%t shoul* tell the bo*y to stop e%ting$ Fin%lly2 #hen your bo*y *oes enter % met%boli& st%te o.ree2 be&%use %lthough you m%y #in* up losing #eight2 not %ll o.%t2 protein2 mus&le2 et&$ &%n be use* %s oppose* to 004 o.%t burning .er2 there %re prob%bly some o. .er.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %mount o. s&ot&h .ents . the neg%ti.en more e/%gger%te* #hen e/er&ise is thro#n into the mi/2 gly&ogen2 .eres #ith leptin2 the hormone se&rete* by .i*u%l me%ls but still m%int%in % &%lorie *e.oo* you e%t in one sitting2 the longer the insulin sti&'s %roun*$ 3s i.%t$ .es bloo* sug%r *o#n &%using reboun* hunger 9you get hungry %g%in soon %.

en i.%t2 more8so th%n #eight loss2 is p%r%mount to your su&&ess$ E.els &ommon in the .%t *o#n to E854 .els o.%t2 bones2 org%ns2 et&$ Losing .or %bout 224 o.er%ge #om%n2 #hile %n obese person h%s bet#een E04 %n* 504 bo*y .%t %n* le%nness %re typi&%lly not sust%in%ble ye%r roun*$ +o get % thigh g%p2 espe&i%lly i.%t . the %.%t le.%t1 %re inter&h%nge%ble terms2 but th%t is not the &%se$ Losing #eight me%ns lo#ering your bo*y #eight2 or the sum #eight o.or men %n* 2 Q E4 .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om LOSING WEIGHT VS LOSING FAT =%ny people thin' >losing #eight1 %n* >losing .%t . you #ere born #ith #i*er hips but your thighs .er%ge m%le1s bo*y #eight %n* 2R4 . .er2 these lo# &ompetition le.or the %. you #ere not born #ith n%tur%lly #i*er hips or #ere *e%lt shorter limbs2 .%t$ Bo*y .%t your bo*y &%rries$ F%t %&&ounts .itness in*ustry is 04 bo*y .%t loss %n* lo# bo*y .e bo*y buil*ers %n* tr%ine* %thletes %ble to get their bo*y . your mus&les2 bo*y . bo*y .%t is lo#ering the %mount o.or #omen &ome &ompetition time$ Ho#e.or men %n* 54 bo*y .or #omen2 #ith m%ny &ompetiti.

i*es bo*y #eight in 'ilos by height s?u%re*2 #hilst t%'ing no %&&ount o.%t in tot%l bo*y #eight2 is &onsi*ere* to be % more *epen*%ble sour&e$ . the personNs ..rom one %nother *ue to one h%.luen&e* by #%ter loss %n* retention2 mus&le loss %n* g%in2 your stom%&h"bo#el"bl%**er &ontents %n* . use* to be the st%n*%r* *o&tors relie* on #hen *etermining #hether % bo*y #%s % he%lthy siAe$ B=I is % metho* th%t *i.e per&ent%ges o.%t to le%n bo*y m%ss r%tio to *etermine #hether their #eight #%s to lo#2 high or -ust right$ +h%t l%st line is one o.e % more tone* %n* *e.%t #ill h%.i*u%ls o. le%n bo*y m%ss %n* bo*y .lu&tu%te *%ily sin&e it is in.%t loss is going to be the 'ey to getting your *esire* i*e%l trim loo'ing lo#er bo*y$ )eight loss #ill un*oubte*ly &ome %s you lose .erent .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %re too big .%t$ +he person #ith the lo#er bo*y .%t loss %n* g%in$ B%&' in the *%y2 the bo*y m%ss in*e/ 9B=I.or your li'ing2 .%t2 but simply relying on #eight loss %lone is *i&ey$ +he re%son being th%t your bo*y #eight is unreli%ble$ It &%n . the s%me #eight %n* height #ho loo' entirely *i. the m%in problems #ith B=I$ Consi*er t#o in*i.ine* bo*y &omposition$ 0ee*less to s%y this metho* is h%r*ly use* no#$ Inste%*2 bo*y &omposition2 or the rel%ti.ing lo#er bo*y .

enting .e* o. you lose2 the lo#er your met%boli& r%te$ +he lo#er your met%boli& r%te2 the lo#er your &%lorie *e.ere%ting on % &%lorie surplus h%ppens: l%rger %n* in&re%se* .rom %ll #e1. the *%y %n* o.or .%t"#eight$ +hen #hen there is too l%rge % surge o.ere%ting #hile still m%int%ining % *e.%t stor%ge2 %n* 004 o.%t not being burne* #hen the bo*y is in % met%boli& st%te$ I s%y %ll o. you %re e%ting %t % *e.%t$ +he more le%n m%ss 9mus&le.%t &ells2 huge insulin spi'es pre.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om <oing b%&' to the &onse?uen&es o.iously mentione* .or the *%y but o. time$ It &oul* turn to mus&le .e le%rne* th%t the most . . o.%t burning until %ll insulin is &le%re*2 higher propensity .oo* %t on&e2 e.i&it 9. .or o.or energy be&%use it re?uires more to m%int%in th%n store* .ere%ting %t me%ls %n* e%ting %t % &%lorie surplus$ +hus #e &%n &on&lu*e .i&it2 your bo*y %*-usts to being *epri.oo* int%'e.i&it but re%&t to hunger by *enying it .ere%t %t me%ls2 you nee* hunger tr%ining -ust %s mu&h %s the person o. th%t to illustr%te ho# you &%n lose #eight %n* not lose .or % m%-or portion o.or % long perio* o.ere%ting %t one or t#o me%ls$ I m%'e the bol* %ssertion th%t i.%t #hen you1re in % *e.i&it .oo* . nee*s to be to lose .erything I pre. .

%t in the . %.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om sensible #%y o.ious me%l be. m%'e sure you use up %ll or most o.ent &%lories being store* %s .ore e%ting %g%in2 %n* 9&. e%ting is to 9%. e%t in % m%tter th%t in&re%ses your met%boli& r%te to m%'e sure you %re burning up the &%lories th%t you put in your bo*y$ . the energy .oi* o. th%t is un%ble to be use* by the bo*y on % me%l by me%l b%sis to pre.rom your pre.erlo%*ing on energy 9&%lorie int%'e.irst pl%&e2 9b.

#ith . us #ho h%.ere%t %t in*i. min*.i*u%l me%ls or in gener%l$ Ho#e.i&ult t%s' o.or the l%ter$ I. you sometimes e%t *espite not being truly hungry 9e$g$ 8 &om.$ +here %re those o.e been .erent &lini&%lly me%sur%ble2 pro.eel hungry or not hungry.or #hy you shoul* no longer o.e been %ble to m%'e % &ompelling &%se .%&tors th%t m%'e us stop e%ting.elope* into % progr%m to t%&'le %n* &on?uer the *i.%tion6 it is the inter%&tion o. se.ulness be&%use your .e %l#%ys been o. e%ting in mo*er%tion %s #ell %s le%rning ho# to e%t .%&ing re%l or per&ei.oo*. or e%t p%st the point o. %n* s%tiety 9.ere%ters$ Hunger tr%iningU is .er%l *i.or s%ti%tion 9.er2 it1s e%sier s%i* th%n *one #hen you1re .%bly *istin&t ment%l %n* physi&%l pro&esses$ Hunger tr%iningU is % term I &oine* %n* *e.e* hunger$ +h%t1s #here Hunger +r%ining enters the pi&ture$ First2 #h%t is hungerG Hunger is not % singul%r moti..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART / ' Thigh Gap Hack" HUNGER TRAINING™ I hope I1. us h%..ull sign%ls h%.ort yoursel.e ne.er h%* issues #ith 'no#ing #hen to stop e%ting2 #hile others o.%&tors th%t &%use us to .

#ith the .ere%t on them2 the s&%le #on1t bu*ge in the *ire&tion you #%nt it to$ +here.%t loss progress2 tr%ining your hunger #ill in. % thigh g%p #ill rem%in -ust th%t$ Mn the .e to .i*u%l me%l &%lories in % t%ilore*2 &%l&ul%te* .eeling o.lip si*e2 your *iet &oul* &onsist o.ollo#ing your &urrent hunger sign%ls st%n* to *er%il your .ore2 you h%.in* % #%y to reset your hunger so th%t you %re no longer hungry %ll the time %n* only see' nutritious .2 but you #ill get the gener%l i*e% behin* the &on&ept %n* tips to tr%in your hunger %s #ell %s *etermine the %mount o.ol. 004 (&le%n7 #hole .e %lre%*y *etermine* th%t your *iet is the integr%l lin' to losing . ho# mu&h e/er&ise you *o2 your *re%ms o.or %lerts on this up&oming pro-e&t.eminine&ontour$&om"pro*u&ts to sign up .e reorienting yoursel.%shion$ Hunger tr%ining is su&h % ri&h topi& th%t I &%n1t .ull boo' on the sub-e&t is in the #or's 9.oo*s6 i. true hunger %n* &%pping your in*i.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ompromise*2 this h%&' is right up your %lley$ Sin&e .%t$ I. your *iet isn1t in &he&'2 reg%r*less o.it e.oo* #hen your bo*y nee*s it$ .isit ###$the.erything %bout it in this &h%pter2 #hi&h is #hy % . you o. &%lories to &onsume per me%l$ )e1.

%tes2 &ommuni&%ting you h%..e#er leptin re&eptors %re stimul%te*2 the hypoth%l%mus triggers our hunger %n* &%uses us to e%t more E )oo*%ll2 :obin Phipps$ )eight8Loss 3po&%lypse: Emotion%l E%ting :eh%b +hrough the HC< Proto&ol .luen&e our hunger %n* s%tiety le.%t2 strongly in.e %*e?u%te .ent th%t is &ontrolle* by %n %re% o. the br%in &%lle* the hypoth%l%mus$ )hen % spe&i.ull$ 3n e%sy #%y to *istinguish bet#een the t#o is ghrelin gro#s your %ppetite %n* leptin lo#ers it$ 3s bloo* leptin le.eel hungry %n* leptin &%uses you to .erent %re% o.els rise2 %n* leptin in&re%ses in the br%in2 the hunger &enter o.uel2 %n* *iminishing the urgen&y to e%t$ E Mn the other h%n*2 #hen .i& region o. the hypoth%l%mus is stimul%te*2 %ppetite suppression o&&urs$ +hree hormones2 insulin2 leptin %n* grehlin2 in.els2 %n* the m%&ronutrients you e%t2 &%rbohy*r%te2 protein %n* . the hypoth%l%mus is stimul%te*2 hunger results$ )hen % *i. the br%in *e%&ti.eel .luen&e them$ <hrelin m%'es you .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om ALL ABOUT HU#GER Hunger is % bio&hemi&%l e.

eeling emotion%l %n* stresse*$ Mne #%y to tell the *i.oo*2 #hi&h repl%&es our . it$ Ph%ntom hunger #ill *ri.oo*$ Some &ommon triggers %re #hen you %re .ing % bro'en hunger system2 #hether in.er re&ei.or % spe&i.%t stores$ 3**ition%lly2 % *rop in leptin &%n sign%l the bo*y to slo# the met%bolism$ +he s&%ry p%rt o.eren&e bet#een the t#o types o. you only e. h%.or .erything else #hen .e you to go to %lmost %ny length to s%tis. hunger is ph%ntom hunger &omes on ?ui&'ly2 'no#s pre&isely #h%t it #%nts 9e$g$ Q &r%.ely sm%ll %mounts o.i& .2 %n* #%nts % lot o.ie* #ith rel%ti.oo*.luen&e* by ghrelin or leptin2 is hunger is % .. .eeling th%t is h%r* to ignore2 %n* it is ?uite *i.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .i&ult to *istinguish bet#een true biologi&%l hunger %n* e.oo* is -ust %n %rms length %#%y$ Biologi&%l hunger is in your stom%&h %n* is e/presse* through hunger p%ngs or rumblings %n* grumblings$ I.y it$ Mn the other h%n*2 biologi&%l hunger &omes on gr%*u%lly %n* &%n be s%tis..e* this sign%l o. your biologi&%l re?uirement . hunger2 youN* be thin$ +he other (hunger7 is ment%l or % ph%ntom stom%&h th%t sen*s out sign%ls o.oo*$ .ings . hunger in spite o.

.iguring your hunger to re?uire you i*enti.oo* .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om It is &ommon .oo* &hoi&es th%t promote s%tiety2 #hi&h in&re%ses &ompli%n&e2 #ill result in the bo*y %*-usting to its .y bet#een #hen you %re truly hungry %n* #hen you1re *e%ling #ith ph%ntom hunger$ For e/%mple2 you might be %*. re%liAing they %&tu%lly %ren1t hungry$ +he >h%&'1 in hunger tr%ining &omes into pl%y be&%use you pre8 *etermine in % pro%&ti.or your nee*s %n* be.or other proto&ols th%t in.e %n* pre&ise m%nner #hen your bo*y shoul* be hungry 9#hen you shoul* nee* energy.e#er %ppe%r%n&es$ C%pping me%l int%'e . the %ppropri%te %mount o.e their ph%ntom hunger is re%l #hen it *oesn1t subsi*e %s ?ui&'ly %s they1* li'e$ Besi*es2 this *oesn1t re%lly help those #ho h%. e%ting %long #ith .ol.or % .ely$ Coupling this #%y o.irm%tion o.ill their biologi&%l hunger or e%t reg%r*less o.ise* to #%it out the ph%ntom hunger until it gr%*u%lly subsi*es2 but I thin' this metho* h%s some short&omings sin&e people still ten* to belie.ere%t to .e# months ensures some empiri&%l &on.ee* it -ust #h%t it shoul* nee* retro%&ti.ee*ing s&he*ule %n* ph%ntom hunger m%'ing .e re&on.ore you 'no# it2 you #ill be %ble to listen to your hunger &ues n%tur%lly$ .e the ten*en&y to o. %n* .

&%lories you burn throughout the *%y %n* be the m%in in*i&%tor .i& %ppro%&h p%ire* #ith .oo*s #ill soon &h%nge th%t$ I.%lue o..e# more h%&'s2 your pre.2 %s #ell %s the perio* o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om HU#GER TRAI#I#G0 &ROTOCOL In or*er to begin Hunger +r%iningU you1re going to nee* to in. your me%ls$ Simply put2 your in*i. %n* % .oo* s&%le #ill be use* to *etermine the nutrition%l .ious &%lories supplie* in the l%st .ious hunger p%ttern might in*i&%te you %re (hungry72 but this s&ienti. %ll o.i*u%l me%l 9-ust enough &%lories your bo*y nee*s.e burne* %n* you #ill be re?uire* to #%it until your H:= s%ys you1. Hunger +r%iningU2 step by step$ . the pre.illing .est in % re%lly goo* he%rt r%te monitor 9H:=.or ho# m%ny &%lories sh%ll be ingeste* %t %n in*i. time bet#een me%ls$ +he .er upon bre%'ing *o#n % . &%lories your H:= s%ys you1ll h%.oo*s2 #hi&h #e #ill &o. 9glori.ore you #ill be permitte* to e%t %g%in$ Be min*.i*u%l me%l &%lories #ill not e/&ee* the %mount o.ul th%t #ithout the proper . you1re o'%y #ith the b%si& &on&ept2 let1s go through e%&h p%rt o.ee*ing2 be.e burne* o.ie* pe*ometers %n* #%t&hb%n*s #on1t &ut it.oo* s&%le$ +he he%rt r%te monitor #ill be use* to tr%&' the %mount o.

the most note* he%rt r%te monitors on the m%r'et to*%y %re the Fitbit %n* the Bo*yBugg by bo*yme*i%$ I use Bo*yme*i%2 but both %re goo* . 0utrition$ KRK$ =%r6 J 92.e&ti.ity %n* li.oun* th%t the use o. in*ire&t #hole8bo*y &%lorimetry5$ Mn&e I le%rne* the rese%r&hers use* %n %mbul%tory he%rt r%te monitor th%t pro.: L58RJ$ . He%rt :%te =onitoring in the Estim%tion o.ting #or'outs e.i*e* minute8by8minute he%rt r%te throughout the *%y to %&&ur%tely pre*i&t the stu*y p%rti&ip%nts1 &%lorie e/pen*iture2 #ith sleep energy e/pen*iture use* to e?u%l b%s%l met%boli& r%te2 it %ll -ust &li&'e*$ I1m sure you %re it&hing to le%rn the inner #or'ings o. energy e/pen*iture #%s % .%li* me%ns o. rese%r&hers .or our purposes$ )h%t sets these H:=1s %p%rt . he%rt r%te monitoring in the estim%tion o. 0utrition2 #here % group o. hunger tr%ining &%me to me #hen I &%me %&ross % stu*y publishe* in the British Dourn%l o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he i*e% o.. Energy E/pen*iture : 3 F%li*%tion Stu*y Using In*ire&t )hole8Bo*y C%lorimetry2 British Dourn%l o.rom others is the %bility to me%sure energy output through &h%nges in s'in temper%ture$ Mther &%lorie &ounters2 su&h %s the 0i'eH Fuelb%n*2 &%n1t me%sure *oing both light %&ti.ely2 sin&e those 5 S%n% =$ Cees%y2 3n*re# =$ Prenti&eC2 Penneth C$ D%y2 Peter :$ =urg%tryo*2 <%il :$ <ol*berg 30D )en*y S&ott2 +he Use o. this h%&'2 so let1s *is&uss the he%rt r%te monitors I re&ommen*$ +#o o.

oo* on % pl%te %n* t%re out e%&h item$ +%ring -ust me%ns bringing the s&%le b%&' to 0 be.%nt%ge o.i&es *on1t 'no# the *i.oo* s&%le #ith % 58poun* limit %n* I1. you pl%n to me%sure .err%l .eren&e bet#een pi&'ing up % .ore %**ing % ne# item$ I.e in$ You %re %lso .e % .ter th%t time your ne# hunger p%tterns shoul* be soli*i.er@ <ener%lly2 it t%'es only three #ee's to *e...or my re%*ers$ Simply .ull *is&losure2 I get % sm%ll re. is #hen you %re sho#ering$ I &%n he%r your mo%ns %n* gro%ns no#2 but it #on1t be .or the . you *o not %lre%*y o#n %ny o. the promotion$ In the interest o.e ne.elop % h%bit2 so %.ore.er nee*e* it to go higher$ You prob%bly #oul*n1t #%nt to get % s&%le #ith lo#er #eighing &%p%bilities th%n 5 poun*s i.isit ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"*e%ls to t%'e %*.ollo#s belo# is % *et%ile* . .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *e. you *e&i*e to buy2 but you shoul* 'no# I #oul*n1t re&ommen* % pro*u&t I *i*n1t truly belie.oo* s&%le2 %lmost %ny . these items2 I #%s %ble to get spe&i%l *e%ls .ie*$ )h%t .erent pro*u&ts$ You %re re?uire* to #e%r the he%rt r%te monitor %ll *%y2 e.ree to pur&h%se *i.e%ther or %n Mlympi& b%rbell$ 3s .oo* s&%le #ill *o$ I h%.ery *%y$ +he only time you %re permitte* to t%'e the monitor o.ee i..

%&t2 *oing so #oul* mirror %nother h%&'2 &%lorie &y&ling2 th%t #e &o.or mo*er%te #eight loss2 %n* 2 .irst me%l #ill *epen* on this number 9it &%nnot e/&ee* it.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e/%mple o.i%teG 0o2 some *%ys you &%n e%t 0/2 #hile others *%ys you #ill e%t / or 2/$ In .%ster #eight loss2 .igure2 you #ill nee* to 'eep it in min* so th%t you *o not &ontinue to e%t on&e it h%s been re%&he*$ Upon %#%'ening2 you #ill be re?uire* to reset your H:= %n* not e%t until it h%s sho#n % siAe%ble &%lorie burn$ +he &%lories o. &%lories per subse?uent me%l %&&or*ing to ho# mu&h you h%. you #%nt .2 %n* *etermine the other times you shoul* e%t %s #ell %s the %mount o.er in gre%t *et%il l%ter on$ Mn&e you %rri.e %t your .er *e. ho# one #oul* use this proto&ol$ 3g%in2 the e%siest #%y to implement Hunger +r%iningU is #ith % he%rt r%te monitor th%t #ill *ispl%y ho# m%ny &%lories you h%.e burne* on % s&reen or #%t&h on % minute8by8minute b%sis$ First2 t%'e your bo*y #eight %n* multiply it by 0 8 2$ Use 0 i.e burne*$ .or slo#er #eight loss$ +his is the %mount o. your . &%lories you #ill be e%ting per *%y$ Does this me%n th%t you &%n ne.

.ree to e%t up to E00 &%lories %g%in$ I.or l%st so th%t it #oul*n1t get lost in the shu.e m%nner ensure her bo*y h%s use* up the energy pro..ter 5 hours %n* e%ts her l%st me%l &onsisting o. she #%nts to spee* things up she1ll be more %&ti.$ Upon #%'ing she resets her H:=$ She e%ts % m%/imum E008C%lorie bre%'.%st %t %m #hen her H:= s%ys she h%s burne* E00 &%lories$ Mn&e her H:= sho#s %nother E008C%lorie burn2 she #ill be . your E008C%lorie me%l2 m%'e sure you stop e%ting %t Lpm$ )hen you1re sleeping %n* .ore being supplie* more .i&it h%s been %&&ounte* .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om For e/%mple2 % 008poun* #om%n *etermines she nee*s to e%t 200 &%lories .i*e* by e.rom your l%st me%l$ +hus2 i. 2 to *etermine slo# #eight loss$ +here1s one more element to Hunger +r%iningU th%t I thought I1* s%. you 'no# th%t you #%nt to go to sleep %t pm %n* it1ll t%'e %ppro/im%tely E hours to burn o.2 %t #hi&h point she h%s %nother E00 C%lorie me%l$ She then burns th%t E00 &%lories %..le$ +his l%st rule #%s put in pl%&e to pre. E00 &%lories %t Lpm$ E%ting in this retro%&ti.ery me%l be.e$ +o &ontinue our e/%mple2 she m%y burn E00 &%lories in ! hours 92pm.ent you .e .or the *%y 9slo#er #eight loss.ore you h%.oo*2 plus the *esire* *e.rom e%ting too mu&h2 %n* it is: Do not go to be* be. %ll the &%lories .e burne* o.or by using the multiple o.eel hungry2 your bo*y #ill .

e to &%l&ul%te your bo*y .%ry$ B=: is me%sure* .ery *%y %&ti. you #ho %re un%ble to get % H:= %n* still #%nt to try Hunger +r%iningU2 there is %nother2 %lbeit less pre&ise2 #%y to *o it$ First2 *etermine ho# m%ny &%lories you burn per *%y %t rest by %**ing your b%s%l met%boli& r%te to the %mount o. &%lories you burn .er%ll &%lories by t#enty8.ely e%ting on&e the %ppropri%te %mount o.ity thermogenesis or 0E3+ 9&%lories burne* .rom your e.our$ Simply .%rious tests %n* tools #e &o.e been burne*$ +here %re % .ollo# the rest o. the proto&ol th%t outlines retro%&ti.i% e/er&ise %sso&i%te* thermogenesis or E3+ 9&%lorie burne* through e/er&ise.ities.%t stores$ ALTER#ATIVE &ROTOCOL HU#GER TRAI#I#G0 For those o. &%lories h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om turn to its .$ Mn&e you %&&omplish this you &%n tell roughly ho# m%ny &%lories your bo*y burns per hour by *i.i*ing your o.2 %n* non8e/er&ise %&ti.ere* %bo.e# #%ys to &%l&ul%te your B=:2 0E3+ %n* E3+$ =u&h li'e the .%t2 %&&ur%&y #ill .

&h%rge %n* &%n be . o.oun* by se%r&hing .ie#s .or (intermittent .i& (B=: online &%l&ul%tors72 but %lso .isiting ###$ per&ente*ge$&om"i..oo* logging so.ree o.&%l&"$ It1s one o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om using o/ygen &onsume* or using % met%boli& &h%mber %n* is the pre&ursor to .iguring out your +ot%l D%ily Energy E/pen*iture 9+DEE.ery rough estim%te th%t &%n be &lose to your re%l numbers or &ompletely miss the m%r'2 #ith most missing the m%r'$ 3n e/&ellent %n* %&&ur%te online &%l&ul%tor 9%&&or*ing to those #ho h%.i*u%ls #ill be %n online &%l&ul%tor2 in&lu*ing not only spe&i.%t into %&&ount$ Despite the gre%t re.e &omp%re* the results o.$ ONLINE CALCULATORS +he most %&&essible tool .or most in*i.%sting &%l&ul%tor$ +his &%l&ul%tor is .e you % .t#%re %n* #eight loss #ebsites th%t see' to %ssist you in your t%rget &%lorie int%'e$ +hey %re going to gi.or the Intermittent F%sting C%l&ul%tor2 I1* strongly en&our%ge you to try other &%l&ul%tors .%sting &%l&ul%tor7 in google$&om or by . the r%re online &%l&ul%tors th%t t%'es your le%n bo*y .i&i%l tests to this online &%l&ul%tor. is the intermittent .ree .

er to %ssume the lo#est numbers #ill be the &losest to being &orre&t$ =ore &%ution%ry %*.e or %&ti.estyle2 ho#e.ormul% .ery %&ti.ery #or'out h%.i*u%ls #oul* be %t % *is%*.%ri%bles in the .or using online &%l&ul%tors is to m%'e sure you input the proper .e2 mil*ly"mo*er%tely %&ti.e li.ing .erestim%te2 r%ther th%n un*erestim%te2 your +DEE$ +hus2 it is s%.or your %&ti. #h%t1s going on insi*e your bo*y$ Be %#%re th%t m%ny #ill grossly o.i&e .ise you to sele&t se*ent%ry inste%*$ Im%gine t#o in*i.i*u%ls #or'ing out E times per #ee'2 but someone gi.e# times per #ee'2 &h%n&es %re you #ill #%nt to m%r' *o#n le%*ing % mil*ly %&ti.e you %n i*e% o.ing the s%me numbers %s someone #ho b%rely bre%'s % s#e%t *uring their #or'out$ Cle%rly2 both in*i.or %rri.rom multiple &%l&ul%tors #ill gi. the m%in .ing 004 e.er I #oul* %*.le&t their energy e/pen*iture$ .e2 et&$ +his is one o.ity le.%ri%bles .el$ +he &hoi&es #ill norm%lly be se*ent%ry2 lightly %&ti. you #or' out % .%nt%ge #hen it &omes to ho# m%ny &%lories they &%n &onsume i.in%l numbers$ +hus2 &hoosing the %ppropri%te option is 'ey$ I.ing %t your .e2 . they go #ith those numbers th%t *o not truly re.igures .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om out %s #ell$ H%.

%ti.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Besi*es this .%&t2 the re%lity is most people le%* .ine i.es outsi*e o. #or'out2 %n* %ge"#eight"et&$ %n* the progr%m #ill spit out ho# m%ny &%lories you1.ery %&ti.ery time you #or'e* out2 you burne* the s%me number o.ree to use this . e%&h *%y %n* e. ho# m%ny C%lories you burn spre%* out o.e me2 buy % pe*ometer %n* prep%re* to be sho&'e*$ 3nother .el o.eel . you *on1t belie.e# times they e/er&ise$ Mur -obs re?uire us to sit %roun* %ll *%y2 %n* #hen #e get home2 #e %ren1t su**enly be&oming .ery se*ent%ry li.e burne* in the s%me %mount o.estyle@ +he intensity le. time.rom your #or'out &%lories burne*2 %n* .in%l .e li.e estim%te to#%r*s your &%lories burne* #hene.er%ge o. &%lories you #oul* h%.ity2 length %n* intensity o.or #eight loss$ I. by subtr%&ting this number . your #%l' is prob%bly not resulting in huge C%lories being burne*2 %n* most 3meri&%ns simply %re not #%l'ing enough to *o %nything .%&tor %g%inst &hoosing %ny other %&ti.el besi*e se*ent%ry2 is to &onsi*er the numbers %re %n %.ity le.rom the &ou&h or 'it&hen2 or to the tr%in"bus h%r*ly &ounts %s %n %&ti.or net &%lories burne* 9the %mount o.er the #ee'$ +his #oul* be .e$ By the #%y2 #%l'ing to get to %n* .er you e/er&ise$ +here %re online progr%ms #here you &%n plug in your %&ti. C%lories2 but you *on1t$ 3 better %ppro%&h is to m%'e % &onser.e burne*$ 3&&ount . the .

or your m%inten%n&e C%lories$ +he =et%boli& 3n%lyAer is %n in*ire&t &%l&ul%tor %n* is &onsi*ere* to be the gol* st%n*%r* .or 08 5 minutes$ +he &ost &%n r%nge . you #%nt to get e. C%lories you #oul* burn i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om number to g%uge #hen to e%t your ne/t me%l on the Hunger +r%ining Proto&olU$ I.ersities$ . you #ere to be %t rest .or 2E hours$ +his is &%lle* your :esting =et%boli& :%te 9:=:.es bre%thing through % mouthpie&e .rom %s little %s S 5 %n* is %*ministere* %t numerous uni.i*u%l #ithout estim%tes or pre*i&tions$ +he test t%'es only 08 5 minutes to &omplete$ But the results %n* the interpret%tion o.en more %&&ur%te th%n %n online &%l&ul%tor %n* &%nnot use the he%rt r%te monitors I re&ommen* in the origin%l Hunger +r%ining Proto&olU2 &onsi*er +he =et%boli& 3n%lyAer test$ It %&&ur%tely &%l&ul%tes the number o. the results might t%'e %lmost E5 minutes$ +he test in.or &%l&ul%ting m%inten%n&e C%lories %s it &%n %&&ur%tely &%l&ul%te the C%lories burne* *uring % *%y .ol.or %n in*i.

ing yoursel.e hours #ithout e%ting 9e$g$8 R p$m$ to R %$m$ or .or % longer .%t2 you nee* to go %t le%st t#el.oo* p%ssing our lips$ St%ying up %n* e%ting l%te is % . or % .ul in helping both #omen %n* men she* un#%nte* bo*y .e* %s not e%ting .$ It is b%se* on the premise th%t by &utting out one me%l % *%y 9e$g$ bre%'. %t .%st.or religious purposes$ )e %lso %sso&i%te .%sting %n* thin' it is %bnorm%l2 unne&ess%ry or e. me%ls #here you .ull *%y o.i&it #hile %llo#ing .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om STRATEGIC FASTING +he ne/t .or 2E hours2 you &re%te % &%lori& *e.%st2 #hi&h is % 'ey time .%sting me%ns th%t you liter%lly .ery night #ithout .er be.ore ele&tri&ity %n* *iners th%t st%ye* open 2E"L2 hum%ns use* to spen* % long stret&h e.ery su&&ess.%sting #ith st%r.or % *%y or multiple *%ys .en *%ngerous2 ho#e.%&t2 ne# stu*ies re.%st intermittently 9not %ll the time. %n* being e/tremely h%r*$ Intermittent .or your bo*y to burn .%t$ F%sting is gener%lly per&ei.%st .%t burning perio*$ =%ny people s&o.e%l th%t to burn the most .ery re&ent phenomenon in hum%n history2 so our met%bolisms %re %&tu%lly h%r*#ire* to e/pe&t % nightly ..%t$ In .%t loss h%&' h%s been .

erre* metho* o.%st .%sting is one #here you e%t in %n eight8hour to ten8hour #in*o# %n* .ourteen8hour .%t burning perio*2 it is %n e/&ellent #%y to restri&t C%lories or pre.ee*ing perio* to #or' the best$ Either #%y2 restri&ting .oo* both *%y %n* night2 #hile the other group h%* %&&ess .ere%ting2 thus resulting in impressi. intermittent .rom si/teen to .oo* to % #in*o# &%n in&re%se #eight loss$ In one stu*y &%rrie* out by biologist S%t&hi*%n%n*% P%n*% %n* &olle%gues %t S%l'Ns :egul%tory Biology L%bor%tory2 mi&e #ere .i*u%l s#eet spot$ +here h%.%t loss$ For inst%n&e2 there is only so mu&h you &%n e%t #ithout .%sting pro.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om K %$m$ to K p$m$.er night #hile you %re sleeping.e* in %n eight8hour e%ting #in*o#$ I.or mi&e.ourteen hours 9typi&%lly o.ter Rpm2 %s %n e/%mple2 there is % gre%t &h%n&e th%t you #ill be %ble to %*here to your C%lorie go%ls$ =y pre.or only eight hours %t night 9the most %&ti.e .or %ny#here .$ In hum%n terms2 this #oul* me%n e%ting only .in*ing the . you %re not permitte* to e%t %.or R .ort%ble %n* stu.2 #ith si/teen hours being my in*i. intermittent .e* % high8.i*ing % prime .e perio* .en %&&ess to .%sting or ten8hour .ent o.e %lso been stu*ies %n* %&&ounts th%t support m%ny #omen .eeling un&om.2 so itNs sm%rt to time your &%lorie int%'e %&&or*ingly$ Mn top o..%t2 high8&%lorie *iet #ith one group gi.

ely ne# &on&ept2 h%s been so ingr%ine* in our e.%st$ +he i*e% o.or only eight hours st%ye* le%n %n* *i* not *e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om hours *uring the *%y$ Despite &onsuming the s%me %mount o.%st2 &h%n&es %re you #ill be s'ipping bre%'.ery *%y routine th%t you %re prob%bly %lso thin'ing you #oul*n1t sur.ee*ingX is % non8 ph%rm%&ologi&%l str%tegy %g%inst obesity %n* %sso&i%te* *ise%ses$O )hether you *e&i*e to *o % t#el.i.%st2 #hi&h is % rel%ti.e8hour2 .%st %s most intermittent . bre%'.irst thing in the morning$ 3s % ?ui&' %si*e2 &ere%l is nothing but &%n*y2 %n* sug%r in your system &ompletely stumps your . &%lories2 mi&e th%t h%* %&&ess to .e* en*ur%n&e motor &oor*in%tion on the e/er&ise #heel$ +he %ll8*%y %&&ess group be&%me obese %n* #%s pl%gue* #ith he%lth problems$ +he rese%r&hers &on&lu*e*2 OW+ime8restri&te* .%sters *o$ )hen I mention intermittent .%sting to others I get the &r%Ay loo's %n* protests %g%inst s'ipping bre%'.en h%* impro. &ere%l the .e the *%y #ithout % bo#l o.elop he%lth problems li'e high bloo* sug%r or &hroni& in.ourteen8hour2 si/teen8hour or longer .l%mm%tion$ +hey e.%t loss go%ls 9%s #e #ill soon .oo* .

e %&&ess to .orm %n* respon* %&&or*ingly$ +he more in *epth e/pl%n%tion is <hrelin se&retion in your bo*y h%ppens on % s&he*ule b%se* on your e%ting s&he*ule$ In other #or*s2 the more o.rom your *iet is one o.2 so getting ri* o.eel (hungry7 out o.ine #ithout it$ +hey simply h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e/plore. the best things you &oul* *o i. h%bit$ +he .un&tion$ 3**ition%lly2 some &hil*ren %n* %*ults &%n1t e%t bre%'.eminine&ontour$&om Consi*er the .%&t is people m%y (.ten you #%nt to e%t$ It h%s nothing to *o #ith ne&essity .e se%r&h (&ere%l re&ipe7 on +he Feminine Contour Blog %t ###$the.%st %t L:!0%m e.or th%t e%ting p%ttern$ Mur bo*ies get use* to p%tterns %n* h%bits #e .%st in the morning #ithout .eel7 hungry the .e* %roun* th%t time %n* you #ill .irst thing in the morning be&%use their ghrelin 9hunger hormone.ten you pro*u&e ghrelin2 %n* the more o.ery morning2 your bo*y #ill &ome to e/pe&t it #ill be .e no %ppetite$ I.ten you e%t2 the more o. you1re trying to get % thigh g%p$ For % gre%t %ll n%tur%l &ere%l %ltern%ti.oo* upon %#%'ening %n* they #ere %ble to .e&tly . you e%t bre%'. h%s been entr%ine* .%&t th%t m%n'in* *i*n1t %l#%ys h%. &ere%ls .or nutrients$ .eeling ?ue%sy %n* go %bout their morning per.

%st is be&%use gr%pe.eel hunger outsi*e o. % gr%pe.%sting$ I.ee"te% %n hour be. in gr%pe.er you e%t something #ith &%lories2 your met%bolism h%s to in&re%se moment%rily to pro&ess in&oming &%lories2 but the net e.%t burner$ +he re%son you shoul* t%'e it be.. gr%pe.eine #or' better$ .ruit 9n%ringen.irst me%l$ )hene.%st2 e%t h%l. you #ere to s#it&h to e%ting t#i&e % *%y 9%n* I1m not suggesting you *o.ore your .er%l *%ys or m%ybe % #ee'2 your hormones #oul* %*-ust %n* youN* no longer get hungry on your ol* e%ting s&he*ule$ +h%t1s ho# #e %re %ble to retr%in your hunger #ith the Hunger +r%ining Proto&olU outline* in this boo'$ +he s%me %pplies to intermittent . those times$ B !"#$%& '(! F")' )hen it &omes time to bre%' the .ery *%y ..2 %. % .ruit #ith &o..ruit is th%t o. &%n possibly m%'e &%.or % E Q R hour #in*o# e. you #ere to .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om I.e&t o.%st .or % #ee'2 you #oul* simil%rly %*-ust %n* not .ter se..ruit h%s &%rbohy*r%tes but *oesnNt stimul%te insulin li'e most other &%rbohy*r%te .or % 0 to J hour #in*o# %n* .ore bre%'ing the .ee* .oo*s$ 0ot to mention the stu.

urther2 your met%bolism #ill try to %*-ust to the %mount o.er your #ee'ly &%lorie m%/imum .eren&e bet#een &%lorie &y&ling %n* &%rb &y&ling2 %lthough these terms %re o. C%lories you &onsume2 #here some *%ys you e%t higher C%lories %n* other *%ys you e%t lo#er C%lories2 %s long %s you *o not go o.or the %mount o.erre* metho* ..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *IG+*AG CALORIE SHIFTING C%lorie &y&ling2 #hi&h is %lso 'no#n %s Aig8A%g &y&ling %n* sometimes e.%t loss h%&'s$ Ho#e.or burning stubborn thigh .ten use* inter&h%nge%bly$ =y pre.rom o&&urring #ith your met%bolism2 thus m%/imiAing .en &%lle* &%rb &y&ling is ne/t up on our list o.%t burn$ Bro'en *o#n % bit .er % &onsistent perio*2 your bo*y .%t is &%lorie &y&ling %n* I1ll e/pl%in #hy$ +he #%y &%lorie &y&ling #or's is by t%'ing % #ee'ly sum %ppro%&h .e to note there is % m%r'e* *i.or #eight loss$ +he premise behin* &%lorie &y&ling is th%t &ontinu%lly s#it&hing up the %mount o. C%lories or energy you pro.i*e it #ith o.er time$ So2 #hen you e%t less o. C%lories #e int%'e on % *%ily b%sis pre.ents homeost%sis . .er2 it is imper%ti.

ten$ You1ll burn % set number b%se* on tot%l &%lories$ )h%t *o you *o #ith th%t in. .ing2 to &onsi*er%bly e%ting less the ne/t *%y or so2 your met%bolism is still oper%ting %t th%t higher le.rom % higher %mount .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %*-usts by burning less$ Mn the &ontr%ry2 your met%bolism rises slightly #hen you pro.$ +hus2 you %re e.ely %ble to tri&' your bo*y into burning more &%lories %n* h%.e&ti.or % .ee*ing 9+EF.or %ll its #orth2 I shoul* note here th%t +EF is *etermine* by your tot%l energy int%'e$ It #on1t in&re%se simply by e%ting more o.er2 -ust in &%se you m%y be thin'ing you shoul* st%rt e%ting more o.oo* int%'e th%n's to something &%lle* the +hermi& E.el %n* you burn more C%lories th%n you norm%lly #oul* h%* you e%ten lo#er &%lories &onse&uti.e *%ys #here you &%n e%t he%rtily$ . %s you e/pen* energy to bre%' *o#n2 *igest2 %bsorb2 %n* utiliAe the .orm%tionG )ell2 #hen you %ltern%te bet#een s#it&hing your &%lori& int%'e ..i*e it #ith more C%lories on % &onsistent b%sis$ Your met%bolism %lso goes up #ith more ..or the lessene* .ely 9your met%bolism #oul* h%..ten or *e&re%se by e%ting less o.e# *%ys2 #here you get your met%bolism re.uel.e slo#e* to &ompens%te .e&t o.e&t ..ten to mil' this e.oo*$ Ho#e.

e%ting % high &%rb me%l2 %s the &%rb lo%* pro.or our purposes$ C%rb &y&ling is %lso 'no#n in the bo*ybuil*ing #orl* %s &%rb b%&' lo%*ing %n* is use* %s % me%ns .or m%'ing mus&le g%ins #hile rem%ining le%n$ It re?uires he%.y li.e# hours be.ting % .el$ C%rb &y&ling *i.ers in th%t you %re m%'ing sure to e%t more &%rbs on &ert%in *%ys th%n on others2 #hi&h I *o not &on*one . until you re%&h your go%l #eight or go%l bo*y &omposition %n* s#it&h to e%ting %t % m%inten%n&e le.%t suppressing re&eptors in the thighs 9%lph% %*renergi& re&eptors %bun*%nt in the sub&ut%neous .%t o. &ourse2 i.or &%lorie *ense .ore 9%n* sometimes %. you &ontinue e%ting % lo# %mount o..ter.em%le lo#er bo*y. by rele%sing insulin$ . this te&hni?ue opting .ity in the .oo*s .ille* #ith simple sug%rs li'e &%'e2 *oughnuts2 piAA% %n* the li'e to meet their &%rb re?uirements2 &%rbs in*ire&tly &%use in&re%se* %&ti.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om M.i*es energy to &omplete more intense #or'outs$ Besi*es m%ny proponents o. the . C%lories2 your met%bolism #ill un*oubte*ly %*-ust *o#n#%r* %g%in2 so the &y&le &ontinues 9hen&e the n%me C%lorie Cy&ling.

i% &%rb &y&ling2 so unless you #%nt to g%in in&hes on your legs %n* thighs2 st%y %#%y$ )ith &%rb &y&ling2 on the *%ys #hi&h you e%t more &%rbs2 you #ill subse?uently burn less .%rious nutrients %n* &hemi&%ls %n* %s % result rele%ses insulin into your bloo* stre%m$ Insulin tells your &ells to %bsorb the sug%r out o.%t %*%pte* by tr%ining your bo*y to prim%rily burn .ore store* . the bloo* %s sug%r %n* %ny other nutrient must be &%re.%t to burn be&%use there %re %lre%*y &%rbs in the bloo* to burn$ Sin&e your bo*y #ill burn &%rbs be.%t2 n%tur%lly the less &%rbs your bo*y h%s to burn through be.ore turning to .%t &ells not to rele%se %ny .%t .%t %n* more &%rbs #hi&h is the l%st thing #e #%nt$ Be&oming .eren&e on %rms2 &hest %n* legs .%t %s oppose* to gly&ogen l%ter is % mu&h better i*e%$ S&r%t&hing your he%* yetG It1s ?uite simple %&tu%lly$ )hen you &onsume &%rbohy*r%tes2 they %re r%pi*ly bro'en *o#n into glu&ose 9sug%r.inition %n* in&re%sing in&hes in &ir&um.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 3nother thing to 'eep in min* is %ne&*ot%lly2 m%ny h%.e been %ble to rem%in the s%me (#eight7 #hile seeing more mus&le *e. in the bo*y$ Your bo*y #or's h%r* to m%int%in bloo* &on&entr%tions o. . it gets too high$ It %lso tells your .e* ?ui&'ly i.ully regul%te* %n* remo.

.ersely in&re%se or *e&re%se the protein".ery *%y %n* simply in&re%sing %n* *e&re%sing the &%rb %mounts2 #hi&h me%ns you in.%t &ells2 the ?ui&'er %n* higher your #eight loss #ill be$ +o put it pl%inly2 the less &%rbs present2 the more .%rious *%ys$ +he *i. .er%ll C%lories bet#een these t#o metho*s &%n %** up %n* m%'e % huge imp%&t on your #eight loss %s C%lories in %n* C%lories out #ill %l#%ys *etermine the %mount o.%t burne*$ +his is #h%t is &%lle* being .%t %*%pte*$ 3nother m%-or *i. C%lories &onsume* on .i&%lly in&re%sing %n* *e&re%sing the %mount o. Cycling .or#%r* e/%mple to illustr%te my point: C" .%t &ontent o.erenti%tor bet#een &%rb &y&ling %n* &%lorie &y&ling is th%t #ith &%rb &y&ling2 you m%y be e%ting the e/%&t s%me %mount o..eren&e in o.%t you burn %n* #eight you lose$ Here is % str%ight. C%lories e.oo*s$ )ith &%lorie &y&ling2 you %re spe&i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %n* store* . your .

.%t"#eight$ C"-.eren&e o. 02500 C%lories per #ee'$ You shi.or % tot%l o.e$ Sin&e it t%'es !500 C%lories to lose one poun* o.%t .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Let1s s%y you &onsume 500 C%lories per *%y . energy2 ho#e. this2 your met%bolism %*-usts to this pre*i&t%ble %mount o. it in the . *%ily energy input so th%t it is more li'ely th%t you #ill m%int%in your &urrent #eight o. $! C/0-$%& You m%y &onsume 200 C%lories on ! non8#or'out *%ys in #hi&h you *on1t re?uire %s mu&h energy2 %n* 500 C%lories on E #or'out *%ys #hen you *o2 resulting in % tot%l o.orm o.ious &%rb &y&ling e/%mple %bo. KJ00$ +h%t1s % *i. gly&ogen stores in the .%t2 you #oul* lose %n %**ition%l .or energy2 #hi&h it &%n only *o i. &%rbs you &onsume on #or'out *%ys %n* non #or'out *%ys %n* m%y be %ble to #or' out h%r*er on #or'out *%ys gi.en &%rbs %re % sour&e o. K00 C%lories %s it &omp%res to our pre. . pl%te%u %s oppose* to losing . there is not % lot o.t the %mount o.irst pl%&e$ Mn top o. your higher &%rbs$ )e *on1t #%nt this$ Inste%*2 #e #%nt the bo*y to turn to your .er your bo*y #ill be *oing -ust th%t Q burning &%rbs or gly&ogen be&%use it h%s plenty o.

or your met%bolism to %*-ust to th%t ne# setting$ So #h%t you get is the bene.i&it you #oul* h%. %n in&re%se* met%bolism th%t results in higher &%lorie *%ys2 thus burning more .%nt%ge o.%t th%n you #oul* other#ise on lo#er &%lorie *%ys$ It m%y %ll soun* % bit &ompli&%te*2 but &%lorie &y&ling is % highly e. the *e.or$ +o summ%riAe2 &%lorie &y&ling or &%lorie shi. % higher met%bolism burning through your .%t on your hips %n* thighs$ 0o# th%t you 'no# the m%-or *istin&tion bet#een &%lorie %n* &%rb &y&ling %s #ell %s ho# it #or's2 let1s turn to ho# go %bout implementing &%lorie &y&ling the proper #%y$ .en better$ +he *%ys #hen your o.e&ti.e %lre%*y been &re%ting #ith your &%lori& int%'e$ It gets e.e#er C%lories on &ert%in *%ys %n* more C%lories on other *%ys to t%'e %*.e o.ting me%ns to *eliber%tely e%t mu&h .e# *%ys .er%ll C%lories %re higher2 your met%bolism #ill rise to %*-ust to the higher &%lori& input$ )hen you then su**enly s#it&h to % lo#er &%lorie *%y2 it t%'es % .e %n* re&ommen*e* te&hni?ue you &%n use to t%rget the stubborn bo*y .. m%nipul%ting your met%bolism in your .%t stores thus meeting our ob-e&ti.%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om poun* per month2 on top o.it o.

se.er the &ourse o. E00$ 3.ore i.itness in*ustry is to t%'e 20 Q !04 o.i&it o. %bout 500 C%lories per *%y2 o. your tot%l *%ily energy e/pen*iture to &ome up #ith your &%lorie *e. .i&it %n* lose bet#een one %n* t#o poun*s o.or % *%ily *e.i&it o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om CALORIE CYCLI#G &ROTOCOL +he . .irst p%rt o. your st%rting #eight is lo#er2 the sm%ller your &%lorie *e.e % &%lori& *e.en *%ys you #oul* h%.ely e%t in or*er to st%y in % &%lorie *e. su&h % *e. energy2 204 o.%t2 %s !500"E00 I R$L5$ .eeling &onst%ntly hungry$ 3s *is&usse* in % pre.igure out the tot%l %mount o. you e/pen* 22000 C%lories o. 2000 #oul* be E002 thus you #oul* e%t J00 C%lories . #eight per #ee'$ I.e to restri&t &%lories to the point o.i&it$ For e/%mple2 i.ious &h%pter2 one poun* o.%t is e?u%l to %ppro/im%tely !500 C%lories6 there.e e%ten %t % *e.ter %bout R or K *%ys o.or the entire #ee'$ +his is the m%/imum number o. !500 C%lories2 #hi&h #oul* tr%nsl%te to % one8poun* loss on your s&%le$ +he st%n*%r* gui*eline in the .i&it shoul* be so th%t you *on1t h%. C%lories you %re %ble to s%.i&it o. C%lories you #ill be %ble to &onsume .i&it you #oul* lose one poun* o. C%lorie Cy&ling re?uires you to . you h%. .

or the purposes o.en *%ys #ill e?u%l !500 C%lories. energy per *%y 9your B=: H +DEE.in%lly2 &ome up #ith the #ee'ly C%lories$ For e/%mple2 let1s s%y th%t your b%se met%boli& r%te is 200 C%lories2 you burn L00 %**ition%l C%lories through eng%ging in your *%y to *%y %&ti.er se.e you #ith % tot%l #ee'ly sum o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om CRU#CHI#G THE #UMBERS +o get to the m%/imum number o.igure out the %ppropri%te *e.oun* in the 3ltern%te Hunger +r%ining Proto&olU se&tion$ )e #ill then .2 less 500 C%lories per *%y 9be&%use 500 C%lories o.e you #ith % b%l%n&e o. L *%ys #ill gi.i&it o.i&it to meet your re?uire* #ee'ly #eight loss go%ls %n* . #ill le%.oo* C%lories o. &%lorie &y&ling2 %s long %s you *o not . . your B=: %n* +DEE2 #hi&h &%n be .er the &ourse o.ities %n* e/er&ise %n* you #%nt to lose one poun* o. E00 C%lories per *%y$ E00 C%lories per *%y o. !500 . C%lories you #ill be %ble to e%t per *%y %n* #ee'2 #e must &%l&ul%te or get % &lose estim%te o. the #ee'$ E/pen*ing K00 C%lories o.er the &ourse o.%t or en* up #ith % *e. KR00 C%lories th%t m%y be &onsume*$ +hus2 .

ery *%y$ 3** % &onser.e to %*-ust your &%lorie int%'e or energy e/pen*iture to meet your . you %** %ll the numbers up you still re%&h KR00 C%lories$ +o iter%te2 i. .or your %&ti.or the spe&i.en .er%ll +DEE$ +his me%ns your +DEE #ill be .or C%lorie Cy&ling to #or' e.e estim%te o.itness"#eight loss go%ls$ L%stly2 in or*er .%ster %n* .or the #ee'2 your *%ily C%lories &oul* loo' something more li'e this: 22002 E002 E002 2002 J002 2002 R00$ 0oti&e2 i.or your o.ery time you lose 5 to 0 poun*s2 so your B=: #ill nee* to be re8e.%lu%te* %n* re8&%l&ul%te* perio*i&%lly %s you #ill not nee* %s mu&h energy to &%rry less bo*y #eight %roun*$ Subse?uently2 you #ill h%.er % high ?u%lity he%rt r%te monitor2 sele&t se*ent%ry .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om go %bo.i& #or'out you *o th%t *%y .e&t.%ti. &%lories 9t%'ing into %&&ount the net &%lorie e. .. you &hoose to use %n online &%l&ul%tor o.e KR00 C%lories per #ee'2 you #ill be %ble to e%t more or less th%n E00 C%lories on % *%ily b%sis$ In other #or*s2 inste%* o.o&using on limiting your C%lories %t E00 per *%y to re%&h KR00 C%lories .lu&tu%ting *%ily2 %s it shoul*$ It is import%nt to note here2 your b%s%l met%boli& r%te #ill &h%nge e.el to *etermine your st%rter +DEE e.ity le.

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om more e,,e&ti.ely2 eng%ge in more intense e/er&ise on the higher C%lorie *%ys %n* either rest or *o lighter e/er&ises su&h %s #%l'ing or lo# intensity ste%*y st%te &%r*io on the lo#er C%lorie *%ys$



Do not *epen* on the numbers gi.en to you by #or'out m%&hines2 %s they %re notorious ,or o.erestim%ting your energy e/pen*iture$ Dust ho# o,, %re the C%lories burne* numbers gi.en by m%&hinesG +he Uni.ersity o, C%li,orni% %t S%n Fr%n&is&oNs Hum%n Per,orm%n&e Center2 #hi&h spe&i%liAes in physiologi&%l %n%lysis2 uses % FM2 test to tr%&' ,%t burning *o#n to the l%st &%lorie$ +he test #or's by me%suring the m%/imum &%p%&ity o, %n in*i.i*u%lNs bre%thing #hile e/er&ising$

+he FM2 %n%lyAer %ssesses % userNs C%lories lost *uring e/er&ise by tr%&'ing bre%thing p%tterns$ First2 the user puts on he%*ge%r simil%r to % s&ub% m%s' %n* snor'el$ +he snor'el is %tt%&he* to % long tube th%t is hoo'e* into the FM2 %n%lyAer$

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Fin%lly2 the %n%lyAer re&or*s the userNs bre%thing p%ttern %s he or she inh%les %n* e/h%les *uring e/er&ise$ Depen*ing on the ?u%lity o, bre%thing2 the FM2 %n%lyAer &%l&ul%tes ho# h%r* the user is #or'ing %n* &ombines th%t *%t% #ith the userNs bo*y st%ts: height2 #eight2 %ge2 %n* bo*y ,%t$ +he FM2 %n%lyAer &%n then &ompute ho# m%ny C%lories %re burne* *uring the e/er&ise$

<=3 te&hnology &ontributor Be&'y )orley use* the FM2 test on % tre%*mill2 st%tion%ry bi'e2 st%ir &limber2 ellipti&%l m%&hine %n* ,itness #%t&hes2 e%&h ,or ,i.e minutes$ In e%&h &%se2 %&&or*ing to the FM2 test2 the number o, C%lories burne* #%s o.erestim%te*2 #ith %n o.erestim%tion o, K4 by m%&hines %n* 2R4 per&ent by #%t&hes on %.er%ge$ +he *et%ile* bre%'*o#n o, the in*i.i*u%l m%&hines #ere %s ,ollo#sJ:

+re%*mill: M.erestim%te* C%lories burnt by !4 St%tion%ry Bi'e: M.erestim%te* C%lories burnt by L4 St%ir Climber: M.erestim%te* C%lories burnt by 24 Ellipti&%l: M.erestim%te* C%lories burnt by E24





+h%t l%st per&ent%ge #%s not % typo$ L%*ies2 &%n you im%gine b%sing your *%ily &%lorie int%'es on %n o.erestim%tion o, E24@ Inste%* o, t%'ing in 500 C%lories you %&tu%lly nee*2 you1* en* up #ith %n e/tr% J!0 C%lories per *%y2 %n* g%in poun* e.ery 5 or J *%ys 9!500 *i.i*e* by J50;$ I, you #ere li'e most people2 you1* bl%me the #eight g%in on % bro'en met%bolism or something else e?u%lly silly %n* insigni,i&%nt sin&e you1* be &on.in&e* you #ere *oing e.erything right$

3.oi* the %bo.e s&en%rio by in.esting in the most %&&ur%te he%rt r%te monitor on the m%r'et$ 3t the moment Pol%r2 =io 3lph% %n* Bo*yme*i% %ppe%r to be the m%r'et le%*ers2 but you &%n be sure to ,in* the most up*%te* re.ie#s %n* re,err%ls by .isiting ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es$

You m%y %lso %ssume the numbers gi.en to you by m%ny *e.i&es %re going to s'e# up2 so t%'e pre.ent%ti.e me%sures by roun*ing your re%*ings *o#n by 04$ 3 ,in%l #%y to try to get %s &lose to your &%lories burne* *uring e/er&ise is to plug your st%ts into online progr%ms %n* ,ormul%s th%t pro.i*e &%lories burne* per e/er&ise %n* t%'e the %.er%ge or lo#est number spit out$ Sele&t progr%ms %n* &%l&ul%tors th%t t%'e st%ts su&h %s height2 #eight2 %ge2 %n* bo*y me%surements into &onsi*er%tion

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om to get more reli%ble ,igures$


3s pre.iously mentione*2 *o remember to *istinguish bet#een #hether your &%lories burne* %re represent%ti.e o, gross or net &%lories burne*$ Fitness e?uipment2 he%rt r%te monitors %n* the li'e *o not %utom%ti&%lly *o the &%l&ul%tion ,or you %n* not 'no#ing the *i,,eren&e bet#een gross %n* net C%lories is % &ru&i%l misstep th%t result in o.erestim%tion o, C%lories burne*$

Sin&e you #ill %&tu%lly be *etermining ho# m%ny C%lories you &%n e%t gi.en these numbers2 e.ery *et%il &ounts$ 0et &%lorie burn2 ,or %ny gi.en physi&%l %&ti.ity2 is the %mount o, &%lories burne* only to per,orm the physi&%l %&ti.ity2 %n* no more$ 0et &%lories is simply ,iguring out ho# m%ny &%lories you #oul* h%.e burne* *uring the time you #or'e* out %n* subtr%&ting it ,rom the &%lories %&tu%lly burne* *uring physi&%l e/er&ise$

<ross &%lorie burn is the %bsolute tot%l %mount o, C%lories burne* #hile per,orming %ny gi.en %&ti.ity$ It in&lu*es the C%lories th%t your bo*y burne* spe&i,i&%lly to per,orm the

i*e gross &%lorie burn estim%tes2 but some &%l&ul%tors pro.ity th%t your bo*y must &ontinu%lly burn %t %ll times to *igest .un&tion o. the physi&%l %&ti.ersus8 gross8&%lorie8burn$%sp/ .e2 %n* support the .oo*2 'eep tissues %li.itness8e/er&ise"%rti&les"net8.ity itsel.it%l org%ns$ 3s oppose* to gross &%lorie burn2 net &%lorie burn *oes not in&lu*e C%lories burne* to support your :=:$L +ypi&%l &%lorie burn &%l&ul%tors2 in&lu*ing those usu%lly built into tre%*mills2 st%ir &limbers2 bi'es2 ellipti&%l m%&hines2 et&$2 pro.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %&ti.i*e net &%lorie burn estim%tes$ 3s long %s you 'no# #h%t numbers you1re #or'ing #ith2 you &%n use either one$ L Sh%pesense 8 ###$sh%pesense$&om". .2 plus the %**ition%l C%lories burne* throughout the *ur%tion o.

ort%ble2 o.oun* th%t *e&re%se* thermogenesis m%y in itsel. #hether it is %&&omplishe* by %rti.%t.ention. bro#n %*ipose tissue$ +he l%tter #oul* seem to be the more physiologi&%l2 %n* the more &om.%tion o. he%t pro*u&tion in m%mm%ls$ Col* +hermogenesis is he%t pro*u&tion stimul%te* by e/posure to &ol* temper%tures$ Mne stu*y .en #ithout *iet%ry inter. B3+ 9bro#n .. promoting thermogenesis$R +he m%gi& behin* C+ is in %&ti.e o.textid=6406180 .%tion o.org/produc.uel %t %l%rming r%tes$ Un&oupling Proteins 9UCP8 .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om FAT FREE*E +hermogenesis is the pro&ess o.e o. these me%ns o. obesity6 &orrespon*ingly2 >in*u&e*1 thermogenesis &ounter%&ts obesity 9e.ering2 or re&ruitment %n* %&ti. thermogenesis is %n %nti8obesity tool irrespe&ti.$ +hus2 %&ti.%tion o.cambridge. #hi&h %llo#s the mito&hon*ri% to burn through . &re%te % huge imp%&t on R journals.i&i%l un&oupling2 e/er&ise2 shi. %n* Un&oupling Proteins$ B3+ burns &%lories to &re%te he%t2 th%n's to % little guy &%lle* un&oupling protein8 9UCP8 . be &%us%ti..

er2 the mito&hon*ri% o. bro#n .%t is bro'en *o#n is rele%se* %s he%t$ B%bies %re born #ith lots o.or &ellul%r pro&esses$ Ho#e.urn%&e on %n* #e he%t up the &ore %n* to % lesser *egree2 the rest o. % b%ttery2 #hi&h then pro.%ting B3+ % goo* thingG For st%rters2 B3+ %&ts %s % n%tur%l he%ting system %n* &ont%ins lo%*s o.olt%ge simil%r to th%t o. our bo*y$ .%t$ In *oing this2 they norm%lly gener%te % .ull ste%m %he%* %ll the time$ +he energy rele%se* #hen the .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om met%bolism . &ellul%r %&ti.%l$ )hy is %&ti. mito&hon*ri%2 mini%ture po#er st%tions2 #hi&h %mong other things &%n NburnN .ery ?ui&'ly #ithout this me&h%nism$ )hen our &ore temper%ture st%rts to *rop2 the thermost%t 'i&'s the .i*es energy .e % short &ir&uit$ +hey go .%t &ells h%.or sur. B3+6 they #oul* get &ol* .%r longer th%n the time e/pose* to &ol*$ 3nything you &%n *o to in&re%se your e/posure to &ol* temper%tures #ill in&re%se your met%bolism$ +his is be&%use your bo*y #%nts to m%int%in itNs intern%l temper%ture %roun* KR$J *egree F%hrenheit$ )hen it senses &ol*2 it #ill in&re%se the r%te o.i.ity to 'eep the &ore temper%ture optim%l .

%t %&tu%lly uses regul%r .e rel%ti.%t Z perh%ps be&%use #ith less mus&le m%ss2 they nee* bro#n . B3+ %re le%n2 #hile obese people h%.%t burns it$ +his h%ppens se%son%lly in %lmost e. #e h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om It #%s pre.erybo*y %n* is tie* to light &y&les %n* temper%ture2 though more to light &y&les$ HOW TO O IT K ###$ne-m$org"*oi"p*.e % nee* .rom #hite. %&ti. B3+ in the ne&'2 supr%&l%.%t2 #hi&h stores energy2 &hestnut8&olore* bro#n .in*ings h%.ely little B3+$ )omen %re %lso t#i&e %s li'ely %s men to h%.i&%nt %mounts o. the bo*y to .rom )hite 3*ipose +issue2 it is then &%lle* B:I+E 9bro#n .%t to st%y #%rm$ B3+ &%n be re&ruite* .ter e/posure to mil* &ol*$ K I.e sho#e* th%t %*ults h%." 0$ 05J"0ED=o%0R0RL R .uel itsel.e more though %n* one su&h re%son is &hroni& e/posure to &ol*$ It is #i*ely sho#n th%t people #ith lots o.iously thought th%t B3+ #%s lost #ith %ge but re&ent .$ In other #or*s2 bro#n .$ Unli'e #hite .i&ul%r region2 &hest %n* %b*omen un*er PE+8C+ s&%ns only %.e % *eposit o.%t .or it2 #eN* h%.e bro#n .rom the rest o.e signi.

ill % b%sin #ith i&e &ol* #%ter 9%** i&e i.or %t le%st !0 se&on*s %n* let it run o.igorous metho*s$ +his %lone #on1t get the -ob *one2 but % si*e bene.ely2 you &oul* use %n i&e p%&' or t%'e &ol* b%ths .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om It is re&ommen*e* th%t to e%se into &ol* #%ter ther%py2 you shoul* *o . . %n* simply *un' your .%&e #ill loo' %m%Aing@ +o %&ti.$ You &%n e%sily get %n hour out o.er your shoul*ers2 ne&' %n* b%&'2 buil*ing up the minutes you e/pose yoursel.e# things you &%n %n* shoul* *o$ You &%n t%'e % &ol* sho#er . %n i&e p%&' li'e this$ =%ny h%.el$ Simply .e been 'no#n to pl%&e the p%&'s %roun* the ne&' 9%bo.e the &oll%rbone.or 20 minutes or more *epen*ing on your toler%n&e le.eet in E58*egree #%ter %s *oing so .it is th%t the s'in on your .ell into &ol* #%ter %n* #ill prep%re you .er time$ 3ltern%ti.or most %bout 20 se&on*s$ :epe%t this ! to 5 times$ Your bo*y #ill thin' you .ull #ith i&e &ubes %n* % little #%ter2 %n* mo.%te the B3+ there %re % .ill % g%llon siAe pl%sti& b%g h%l.%&e *un's2 #here you . your t%p #%ter *oesn1t get &ol* enough.%&e until you &%n1t be%r it %nymore2 . to the &ol* #%ter o.or the more .e the i&e p%&' %roun* #hen it st%rts to turn your s'in re* 928! minutes.2 &hest %n* &oll%rbones %s #ell %s the %b*omen %n* the thighs$ You &oul* %lso so%' your .

in* yoursel.rom those #ho h%.2 %s the mus&les t%'e o.eeling o. hunger by .ering2 b%&' o.ering the B3+ turns o.ten$ +he go%l is to gi.%r %s ho# long you shoul* be &ol*2 the best #%y to %&ti.eringO$ Mn&e you st%rt shi.oi* &%lorie *ense .i/ing % l%rge2 &%lorie8 restri&te* me%l 9%. 8 it1s too &ol*@ +he %bo. to the &ol* more o.en Enerb[&'2 % me*i&%l geneti&ist %t the ..$ Be sure to pl%n . %he%* o.oo*s. you %re shi.%te B3+ is to rem%in %s long %s you &%n in the temper%ture Aone bet#een Ogetting goosebumpsO %n* Oshi. time$ +here %re those #ho s%y th%t *oing this proto&ol #ill not #or'2 but rese%r&h2 plus %ne&*ot%l e.er #%rming the bo*y2 so i. thermo*yn%mi& he%t 9store* energy2 not temper%ture..in* other #%y to e/pose yoursel.e your bo*y % re%son to re%&t to the &ol*$ 3s .i*en&e .ter su&h % l%rge *umping o.%te B3+$ +he stu*ies suggest N#interN isnNt sense* until you %re e/pose* to %ppro/im%tely 50 *egrees F%hrenheit$ You &%n *o one metho* or %ll three %s #ell %s .e shoul* be *one on %n empty stom%&h be&%use you #ill .or this ..e&ts %re re%l$ 3 te%m le* by S.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .or 5 minutes h%s been sho#n on Pet s&%n stu*ies to %&ti. hungry on&e you #%rm b%&' up %s your bo*y tries to put you b%&' to Aero %.e trie* &ol* ther%py2 supports the e.

%t in 2! out o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Uni.%t to lose R to K poun*s per ye%r$ Dut&h rese%r&hers .in%l ti*bit o. %&ti.e bro#n .e bro#n .or gi.oun* th%t #hen sub-e&ts spent 2 hours in % &ol* room #e%ring thin &lothing %n* intermittently so%'ing their . <othenburg in S#e*en2 .%1' 23)' D $%# W"'! You1. #%ter % *%y2 but i.%t &oul* burn !00 to 500 &%lories % *%y$ Here1s one . 2E sub-e&ts #hen they #ere &ol*2 but not #hen they #ere #%rm$ :ese%r&hers estim%te th%t -ust 2 oun&es o.e you % boost in met%bolism %n* &%lorie burn2 it1s not % &ure %ll .oun* %&ti. this boo' rightG I &ompletely %ppro. goo* ne#s: the more B3+ is %&ti.e2 the hotter your met%bolism #ill run$ =%'es you #%nt to stop re%*ing right no# %n* i&e your #%y through the rest o.%t burne* 5 times more energy th%n it *i* %t room temper%ture$ Mne sub-e&t h%* enough bro#n . you #%nt to in&re%se your met%bolism %n* burn more &%lories .e he%r* %bout *rin'ing R &ups o.eet in i&e #%ter2 their bro#n .ersity o.ter$ HACK TI& D.e2 the more it gro#s %n* the more B3+ you h%.e@ Dust remember th%t #hile &ol* ther%py #ill gi.ing us the &ontoure* bo*ies #e %re %.

inely &rushe* i&e %n* s#%llo# the i&e %long #ith the #%ter .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om you1* be better o. 2008!00 e/tr% &%lories burne* per *%y$ Use . *rin'ing i&e &ol* #%ter$ Drin'ing i&e #%ter %ll *%y is %n e/&ellent #%y to in&re%se your met%bolism to the tune o..

oo*.%nt%ge #hen it &omes to st%ying thin$ +o n%me % .entions .igure &%n be emul%te*$ +h%t is 0on E/er&ise 3&ti.erything #e *o th%t is not sleeping2 e%ting or sports8li'e e/er&ise$ 0E3+ &oul* burn up to 000 e/tr% &%lories per *%y #hen properly in&orpor%te* throughout the *%y$ 3s pre.%n&es %n* in.%tors2 mi&ro#%.es$ You &%n th%n' the remote &ontrol2 ele.%&t th%t is l%rgely responsible .e th%t gi.el be&%use % m%-ority o.2 &%nnot be &opie*2 but one .ity +hermogenesis or 0E3+$ 0E3+ is pre&isely #h%t it soun*s li'e6 the energy e/pen*e* .or e.or m%ny % thin person1s lithe .e#2 possessing gre%t genes2 h%.ing % n%tur%lly slen*er buil* or % ri*i&ulously . mo*ern hum%n beings le%* se*ent%ry li.or #hy #e mo.e2 *ish#%sher2 &%rs2 the Internet %n* m%ny more te&hnologi&%l %*.iously mentione* in the se&tion on &%l&ul%ting your B=: using online &%l&ul%tors2 most people #ill nee* to &hoose se*ent%ry %s their %&ti.ity le.e them % uni?ue %*.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om N4 E4 A4 T +here %re things some people n%tur%lly h%.%st met%bolism2 being t%ller 9thus burning more &%lories %n* re?uiring more .e less in gener%l$ .

D%n R62R!95!KK.%t g%in in hum%ns$ S&ien&e$ 9 KKK. the %&ti..e li.ities %n* hobbies 9e$g$ hi'ing or *%n&ing.ine D3 et$ %l$ :ole o.ely &he%p beeper8siAe* *e.i&tim to *oing$ You2 too2 &%n re%p the bene.or&e yoursel.i&es #orn on the bo*y2 typi&%lly on the #%ist2 #hi&h tr%&'s the number o. e/er&ise$ St%rt using them %n* see the *i.or their in&re%se* %&ti. &ourse2 one %spe&t o.ity they *o2 %s .ere%ting or tre%ting themsel. re&re%tion%l %&ti.ollo#ing h%&'s %re #%ys to .i*u%ls *o not o.i& e/er&ise %&ti.$ M. non8e/er&ise %&ti.ing s%i* th%t2 it shoul* &ome %s no surprise th%t one stu*y .ity thermogenesis by h%&'ing your se*ent%ry ten*en&ies$ +he .e outsi*e o.eren&e$ WEAR A PEDOMETER Pe*ometers %re rel%ti.e %n*"or .ity 0$ You m%y 'no# % person or t#o li'e this #ho &%n1t 'eep still2 is &onst%ntly on the mo.ity thermogenesis in resist%n&e to .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om H%.%ll .or %ll o. to be more %&ti. n%tur%lly thin people is th%t they le%* %&ti. none/er&ise %&ti.i*geting2 or in.oun* % h%bit o.%r too m%ny people #ho e/er&ise .e* in % lot o.ity be o.its o.er&ompens%te . this e?u%tion is th%t these in*i. 0 Le.ol. spe&i.es .es outsi*e o.:2 28E$ .

e %n* .or yoursel. %n* then meet it no m%tter #h%t$ I.e *one it2 #e %ll *o it$ )h%t1s >it1G Pull up to .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om steps %n in*i. #e%ring % pe*ometer en&our%ges you to t%'e more steps2 espe&i%lly i.or % #%l' %roun* the blo&'$ <ener%lly2 I1. time2 by p%r'ing .oun* th%t the simple %&t o. the en* o.e .isible e.%mily or -oining groups &%n m%'e in&re%sing steps &ompetiti. the *%y is %ppro%&hing %n* you h%. you log your step &ount some#here .riger%tor *oor.or #h%t seems li'e *%ys on en*2 -ust to get the &losest p%r'ing sp%&e possible to your *estin%tion$ Use these opportunities to r%&' up 0E3+ points2 %n* in some inst%n&es s%.i*u%l t%'es e%&h *%y$ Set *%ily go%ls .urther %#%y %n* #%l'ing -ust % little bit longer to get to your *estin%tion$ TAKE THE STAIRS .%let p%r'ing2 &ir&le %roun* % p%r'ing lot or #%it in the &%r .e % ton o.en1t met your step &ount2 then you1ll 'no# it1s time to go .$ Enlisting others in your .un$ PARK AWAY I1.ery *%y 9li'e on % p%per on the re.e *one it2 you1.

you #%nt to s%.ision to . you re%lly #%nt to t%'e %*.lights %s possible %n* then s#it&h to %n ele.eel .ree to *e*i&%te some br%in po#er to .%tor up or *o#n one single .i&e be.iguring out things you &urrently use th%t %re suppose* to m%'e your li.ery *%y$ +he .ore2 but it1s #orth repe%ting$ I.e gro#n %&&ustome* to th%t lo#er your 0E3+ points e.e* to re*u&e 0E3+$ I..e ser.e e%sier2 th%t &oul* be %n opportunity to in&re%se your 0E3+$ Fo# not to use the remote &ontrol %n* set your tele.ery simple %n* e.e h%&' to le%ning out your bo*y2 t%'e sto&' o. to t%'e the st%irs going *o#n e.ollo#ing %re -ust some i*e%s2 but .e2 I1* be on the &o.ery time I1.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 0o Doubt you1.or e.ery time@ )%l'ing *o#n st%irs h%r*ly re?uires %ny e/ertion$ E. the things you1. I h%* % *oll%r .e time %n* get more 0E3+ in2 &h%llenge yoursel.loor in my li.e seen someone #%it .er o.or %n ele. it is tot%lly .e&ti.%nt%ge o.. Forbes$ I.entions sin&e the #heel h%.ine to t%'e the st%irs up %s m%ny .entu%lly2 you #%nt to %*%pt this h%bit #hen #%l'ing up the st%irs %s #ell2 but to st%rt o.e he%r* this %*. this .%tor or es&%l%tor$ TAKE A NEAT INVENTORY =ost mo*ern in.

e through &%r #%sh2 mi&ro#%.oo*$ Buying .$ Dit&h the bi8#ee'ly or monthly bul' gro&ery shopping trips .e2 *rop o.ing 9e.or&e you to get up %n* mo.e more &on.or you %n* elimin%te them$ E/%mples %re the *ish#%sher2 ele&troni& toothbrush2 b%throom tile spr%ys th%t *on1t re?uire s&rubbing2 *ri.resh .ery !0 minutes to .i&es2 et&$ :e%lly t%'e sto&' o.enient %n* then go b%&' to the origin%l #%y o.or *%ily or #ee'ly trips to the .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om turn o. the things th%t %re suppose* to m%'e li..%rmer1s m%r'et$ Buying in bul' me%ns . *oing th%t thing2 #hi&h is more th%n li'ely to help r%ise your 0E3+$ LUNCH DANCE PARTIES .en i..i*ing % gre%t opportunity to in&re%se 0E3+$ +o re%lly r%mp things up2 &%rry your gro&eries home$ See' out those items th%t %re me%nt to *o things . it1s -ust to turn the +F b%&' on.oo* *%ily2 or %s you nee* it #ill le%* to you &onsuming less %s #ell %s pro."pi&' up l%un*ry ser. %utom%ti&%lly e.e#er trips to the gro&ery store %n* more e%sy %&&ess to .

lo#ing bu.er.. lest you spoil the %*.. *ishes$ =%ny %lso ser.ter your lun&h bre%'2 %n* sho#ing up inebri%te* m%y not be the best i*e%$ I. .or %n hour2 %re h%ppening in &ities %ll %&ross the #orl*2 %n* is %n e/&ellent #%y to .oun*e* by =olly :%nge2 #ho #%s inspire* by (Fight Club27 D%.orm se&ret so&ieties to te%r one %nother up$ +here %re more th%n 50 Lun&h Be%t &h%pters %roun* the #orl*2 in&lu*ing 0e# Yor'$ 3nother p%rty series2 Lun&h :o&'s2 #%s st%rte* by +hom%s :u*y %n* his #i.ilm %bout #hite8&oll%r #or'ers #ho . people per e.e %l&ohol2 but you %re not re?uire* to imbibe 9%n* I *on1t re&ommen* you *o.. one o.et o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Lun&htime *%n&e p%rties2 % *%ytime p%rty .i&e$ .i* Fin&her1s .ent$ Both Lun&h Be%&h %n* Lun&h Bre%' &h%rge bet#een S 0 %n* S 5 per ti&'et$ Despite the n%me2 these p%rties t%'e the emph%sis o.ely2 t%'ing % !0 8 E5 minute *%n&e &l%ss in the %re% on your lun&h bre%' #oul* %lso su.it more non8e/er&ise %&ti.e2 3m%n*% +%n2 %n* *r%#s hun*re*s o. your in&re%se* 0E3+ by ingesting li?uor &%lories$ Plus2 you1ll h%.e$ Lun&h Be%t2 one su&h p%rty2 #%s .e to return to #or' %.oo* %n* pl%&e it on *%n&ing2 so *on1t e/pe&t %n o.ity into your li. these est%blishments is not &urrently in your %re%2 you &oul* be the one to open % ne# &h%pter$ 3ltern%ti.%nt%ges o.

in* one th%t1s not % gimmi&' th%t %*.%t loss results$ But #hi&h one is best . .ine* &%rbs$ =%ny *iets &%n be re*u&e* to lo# &%rbs2 mo*er%te to high protein %n* mo*er%te to high .i&e %n* &l%ims2 yiel*ing #eight %n* .tentimes #ith tot%lly &on.oi* sug%rs2 highly pro&esse* . h%&'ing your thigh %n* stubborn lo#er bo*y . things in &ommon2 su&h %s %.o&%te* *oing %ll o.e % lot o. those *iets2 o. you noti&e2 plenty o.or our purposes o.%tG I.li&ting %*.%t$ M. &ourse some *iet pl%ns out there s%y you &%n e%t high .oo*s %n* re. the %bo.e yet to .%t2 or high protein2 or high &%rb or e.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART 1 ' Ea% S%u22$.en e%t %ll you #%nt2 but I h%.%t loss *iets2 . *iets out there promising results$ +here %re e?u%lly %s m%ny people on e%&h o.rom 3t'ins to the Slo# C%rb2 to the South Be%&h Diet2 to the ne#est %n* hottest 'i* on the blo&'2 P%leo or Prim%l e%ting2 h%.e$ .! -a% A3ay THE THIGH GAP DIET™ +here %re plenty o.

in* yoursel.rom m%ny *iets th%t #ill 'eep you .oo* groups2 you #in* up #ith lo#er o. . %n* meeting it by &utting out %s mu&h sug%r %n* highly pro&esse* .i&it.ull %n* s%ti%te* so th%t you %ren1t %l#%ys hungry %n* thin'ing %bout .e to e%t less o.or the high . in th%t &%mp2 try to sti&' to the b%si& tenets o.er%ll C%lories2 #hi&h is % &riti&%l &omponent o. you #ho .iber %n* #%ter throughout the *%y2 %n* you shoul* see some pretty . the best pr%&ti&es . .ree to *e.iguring out your &%lori& nee*s 9your &%lorie *e.%sting %n*"or &%lorie &y&ling .er2 not %ll m%&ronutrients %re e?u%l %n* some *iets %re h%r*er to .eel .en .oo*s by *e&re%sing the other m%&ronutrients$ 0ot surprisingly2 #hen you h%. %ny m%&ronutrient or st%rt &utting out .or e.eg%ns.oo*$ 3s % result2 it #ill be e%sier to meet your lo#ere* &%lori& go%ls %n* &ontrol your hormones$ +he *ieting str%tegies I %m %bout to outline shoul* be use* #ith hunger tr%ining2 intermittent . % goo* *iet by .eget%ri%ns or r%# .or %ny re%son you %re pre.%ster results$ I.i%te2 but *oing so m%y m%'e %*heren&e to the &%lorie *e.%t % little h%r*er$ For those o. .or this e/%&t re%son$ I re&ommen* % m%sh up o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +ypi&%lly the *ieter h%s to &ompens%te .%t2 protein or &%rb .oo*s %s you &%n$ +%'e in % goo* %mount o.ollo# %s #ell %s sust%in .rom e%ting %s I re&ommen* 9e$g$ Q .ente* .i&it nee*e* to she* . #eight loss$ Ho#e.ruit%ri%ns2 .

the imit%tion .oo*s or .or m%ny o.es2 %**e* ingre*ients %n* minim%l pro&essing2 %n* no to lo# *%iry$ Losing . your *re%ms #ill be lo# &%rbohy*r%tes2 high .ine* &%rbohy*r%tes2 &heese2 sug%r2 oil2 s%lt %n* not ne%rly enough #hole pl%nts %n* protein$ 0o one is s%.e thing to *o be&%use the .%t %n* %&hie.%si.%t loss %n* bo*y &omposition o.ements in your .e to #%t&h out .%lent in our so&iety &ont%in too mu&h re.or lo#ering your bo*y .e2 not e.iber2 .%t is su&h % seemingly e.in* your protein sour&es some#here besi*es me%t2 %n* you h%. preser.en .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om gre%t impro.er time$ IET OVERVIEW +he best *iet .ery lo# sug%r %n* s%lt2 mo*er%te .ing the thigh g%p o.oo*s th%t %re &%lorie *ense %s #ell %s .eget%ri%ns or . you %re .eget%ri%n or .%t2 mo*er%te to high protein2 high nutrition2 #hole .oo* th%t &ome to us by n%ture #ithout % lot o.oo*s th%t %re pre.eg%n2 you #ill nee* to .eg%ns$ I.ille* #ith sug%r"&%rbs %n* oil$ I *on1t e%t re* me%t or por'2 so I &ompletely un*erst%n* %n* respe&t not #%nting to &onsume me%t or %nim%l bypro*u&ts2 but .%ti.

those #ho .ollo# the 3t'ins DietU2 m%*e .e he%r* the su&&ess stories o.e &l%ime* th%t it is in&re*ibly *i.er s%ys it is in&re*ibly *i.in* yoursel.e *ue to the *e%rth o.i&ult to sust%in % *rug .%mous .. the numerous &riti&isms o..i&ult to sust%in % lo# &%rb *iet *ue to the *e%rth o. *rugs th%t %re %roun* us2 rightG +he point is2 i.oo*s th%t %re %.%t #on1t be *oing mu&h bu*ging$ LOW CARBOHYDRATES You1.ree li.oo*s be&%use you %re tire* o.e prob%bly %lso he%r* o. you 'no# something is b%* . yummy high &%rb .in* this to be % &op out$ 0o one e.or its lo# &%rb2 high protein &ontent$ You h%. the *iet %s #ell$ Some h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om i.in* your &hoi&es limite*2 your stubborn . you .rien*s %re %l#%ys b%'ing &ho&ol%te &%'es2 you *on1t &onsume those things %n* you &ert%inly *on1t see' them out$ Let me b%&' up % little bit %n* st%rt %t the beginning$ )h%t %re &%rbs2 #hy *o they get su&h % b%* rep %n* #hy %re they %lso so . #hether your &o8#or'ers %re %l#%ys or*ering piAA% or your .eget%bles %n* . .or you2 reg%r*less o.%il%ble to us2 but I . turning to highly pro&esse* &%rbs %n* sug%ry .

e no %bsolute re?uirement$O )h%t #e no# 'no# to be true is th%t %t the &enter o.or #hi&h hum%ns h%.erything to *o #ith it being the one nutrient th%t is &he%p %n* %men%ble to &ommer&i%l m%ss pro*u&tion$ Ho#e. &%rbs being % ne&ess%ry p%rt o. %ll C%lories.e sin&e been %&&omp%nie* by %n e/plosion o. the obesity uni.ruit2 -ui&e2 &%n*y2 beer2 %n* s#eetene* *rin's Zb%si&%lly %nything th%t isnNt protein or .%t$ 3&&or*ing to USD3 *iet%ry re&ommen*%tions2 they %re not only he%lthy but %re suppose* to m%'e up the m%-ority o. H%r.ie* %s st%r&hes %n* sug%rs2 %n* m%'e up the essen&e o.$ M.%t2 *espite s&ien&e ne.%r* *o&tors 9one %n en*o&rinologist %n* one %n epi*emiologist. the .oo* #e e%t 9E5 to J5 per&ent o. bre%*2 &ere%l2 &orn2 pot%toes2 &oo'ies2 p%st%2 . thinner thighs$ C%rbs %re &l%ssi.i&e &%me %bout %s e%rly nutrition s&ientists r%llie* %roun* the misgui*e* m%/im th%t e%ting too mu&h . obesity %n* *i%betes$ +he %*.ul in helping people lose #eightG I1ll %ns#er these ?uestions %n* tell you #hy I strongly re&ommen* you go the lo# &%rb route to %&&omplish your go%l o.er2 %s % p%ir o. the . &ourse2 these gui*elines #ere est%blishe* in the KL0s %n* h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om su&&ess.er be%ring this to be true$ =ore th%n li'ely2 the pro&l%m%tion o.erse .oo* pyr%mi* prob%bly h%* e. #rote in the Dourn%l o. the 3meri&%n =e*i&%l 3sso&i%tion2 &%rbohy*r%tes %re O% nutrient .%t m%'es you .

or .or % .%t youNre burning$ <r%nte*2 it *oes t%'e % sm%ll perio* o.e h%ppen #hen you %re trying to lose stubborn . protein2 le%.%t . this pre8 <%lile%n .oo* to this *%y be&%use o.or energy inste%* o.%t %s energy %n* in .%t2 &ombine* #ith the . time to %*-ust to burning .e&tly h%ppy to m%'e .y green . nutrition$ Mne &ompletely .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om lie &%rbohy*r%tes2 not .%lse &riti&ism th%t seems to h%.uel out o.%t being &%rrie* %roun* on our bo*ies$ +he e/&ess .e %lre%*y &o.%il to re%liAe th%t the bo*y &%n %lso use store* bo*y . .%t %*%pte*.%t$ ItNs ho# you sleep through the night #ithout e%ting .uel 9being .ere* the %bun*%n&e o. &%rbohy*r%tes2 %n* #e h%.e us l%sting energy .eget%bles2 %n* the %nim%l .e perme%te* the br%ins o.%t stores . &ourse2 the people #ho s%y this .%&t2 this is e/%&tly #h%t #e #%nt to h%. the m%ss publi& is th%t lo# &%rb *iets &%use people to be&ome leth%rgi& %n* s'ip #or'outs be&%use &%rbohy*r%tes %re % m%in sour&e o.e %&&ess to2 is enough to gi. m%ny %ttitu*es rem%ins un&h%nge* to#%r* . energy th%t the bo*y %n* the br%in nee*s$ M.%bri& o.2 but your #or'outs &%n be -ust %s goo* #hen your bo*y turns to its .oo*s #e %l#%ys h%.%t$ Still2 the .ie# o.or eight hours$ +he bo*y is per.ery long time@ .

%ns o. %n* promotes .%t loss be&omes ine. .ing up &%rbs #ill result in ?ui&' #eight loss *ue to the %mount o.e been stressing %ll %long2 %n* #h%t I #ill &ontinue to stress so th%t you &%n see #h%t is st%n*ing bet#een you %n* your thigh g%p$ C%rbohy*r%tes promote .%t stor%ge by pro.ironment 9insulin.en in % *e.els o. #hy #e %ren1t su&h big .e the l%rgest imp%&t on insulin se&retion$ In &omp%rison2 protein h%s the se&on* gre%test %n* .2 %s #ell %s the hormon%l en.%t stor%ge$ C%rbohy*r%tes sign%l your bo*y to rele%se insulin to get the to/i& sug%rs out o.it%ble$ +he truth %bout &%rbs is2 #hen st%&'e* up %g%inst the &ompetition2 &%rbohy*r%tes h%.i*ing the m%teri%ls 9gly&erol.%t h%s little to no imp%&t on insulin se&retion$ 3ll th%t re%lly me%ns is #h%t I h%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 3nother mis&on&eption %bout lo# &%rb *iets is th%t they *o not le%* to true .%t loss %n* inste%* only &%use #%ter loss$ +he r%pi* #eight loss th%t lo#8&%rb *ieters e/perien&e is s%i* to be simply *ue to #%ter #eight being she*$ )hile it is p%rti%lly true th%t gi.i&it.or . high le. the system %n* the in*i.%t stor%ge$ 3s % ?ui&' re.%t 9e. the bloo* stre%m %n* into the mus&les$ Some people %re %lso insulin . #%ter &%rbohy*r%tes store2 #hi&h is pretty %#esome in my opinion2 on&e the &%rbs %re out o.ie# o.i*u%l &ontinues to limit &%rb int%'e2 . insulin2 it sign%ls the bo*y to stop burning .

re?uent sug%rs %n* insulin spi'es th%t it stops respon*ing %ppropri%tely to the spi'es resulting in the bo*y pro*u&ing e.ter your &%rb or sug%r . you #onNt &r%.or our purposes$ I.e2 potenti%lly more so th%n &o&%ine@ But unli'e &o&%ine2 &%rbs %re &he%p2 e%sy to get your h%n*s on %n* *oes more th%n re#ire your neurologi&%l system6 it #ill short8&ir&uit your bo*y$ 0ot only #ill % *iet .ings in your br%in %n* intrusi.e you % gre%t rush le%* to &r%.lush #ith &%rbohy*r%tes reprogr%m your met%bolism2 lo&'ing your .e %nything but more o.%st burning &%rbohy*r%tes th%t gi. &%rbohy*r%tes %n* sug%rs you int%'e is %bsolutely ne&ess%ry .i*en&e %g%inst &%rbohy*r%tes %n* sug%rs %boun*$ Stu*ies %lso suggest th%t those .%t2 #hen you get hungry %g%in 9#hi&h #ill be shortly %.ille* me%l. you thought th%t #%s %ll there is to it2 thin' %g%in$ +he e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om resist%nt2 #hi&h me%ns their bo*ies get so use* to .%t burning *re%ms goo*8bye2 so limiting the %mount o.e thoughts #hen you go too long #ithout % . the .en more insulin to get the -ob *one$ 0ot goo*$ 3s long %s th%t insulin is in your system2 you &%n 'iss your .oo* %#%y %s unburn%ble .i/$ In other #or*s2 simple &%rbohy*r%tes %re %**i&ti.

oo*s you gi.iber2 both o. su&h &%rbohy*r%tes %re &omple/ &%rbohy*r%tes .rom 5 to 20 gr%ms % *%y *uring % t#o8#ee' in*u&tion ph%se %n* subse?uent #ee'ly ph%ses to bring %bout 'etosis2 #hi&h met%boliAes store* . you e%t % lo# pro&esse* &%rb *iet2 you %re %ble to rem%in s%ti%te* bet#een me%ls2 be&%use the bo*y #ill t%'e longer to bre%' *o#n the . .eget%bles %n* .ent insulin spi'es .e it$ +he ne/t logi&%l ?uestion then is #h%t is % lo# &%rb *iet %n* ho# mu&h shoul* you limit your &%rbohy*r%te int%'e to pre.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om s%me .rom o&&urring %n* blo&'ing your .ibrous .%t loss %ttemptsG Cle%rly2 not %ll &%rbohy*r%tes %re &re%te* the s%me$ 3.eget%bles"greens %n* root .eget%bles su&h %s s#eet pot%to$ Some *iets2 li'e 3t'insU2 re&ommen* limiting net2 not tot%l2 &%rb int%'e .oun* in green2 le%.oo* th%t st%rte* you *o#n the p%th to *epen*en&y$ Mn the &ontr%ry2 i.ter %ll2 I re&ommen* you get plenty o.%t$ +he i*e% behin* 3t'insU is you get to slo#ly reintro*u&e &omple/ &%rbohy*r%tes b%&' into the *iet2 so th%t ultim%tely you g%in &ontrol o.$ +he t#o8#ee' in*u&tion ph%se . #hi&h tr%nsl%te to some &%rb int%'e$ +he %&&ept%ble sour&es o.y2 .er insulin 9the problem not being insulin itsel.2 but too mu&h insulin.

er e%t &%rbs by themsel.oo*s #ith % lo# <ly&emi& in*e/ or <I r%ting$ Foo*s %n* their <I s&ores &%n be . .es$ I. you e%t % bit o.oun* by entering (gly&emi& in*e/ o.oo*s7 in the se%r&h t%b %t ###$pennme*i&ine$org" PAIRING FOODS 3nother metho* is to ne. % &h%n&e o.oi* insulin spi'es by e%ting . % l%rge spi'e in insulin$ .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %&ts %s the *eto/ perio* to 'i&' your simple &%rb %**i&tion$ )hen you intro*u&e b%&' &omple/ &%rbs2 insulin is r%ise* more gr%*u%lly %n* you %re less li'ely to e/perien&e %n in&re%se* %ppetite$ Comple/ &%rbs %re %lso li'ely to &ont%in . . &%rb #ill not result in the bo*y rushing to p%&' %#%y %ll the sug%rs in your bloo* into your &ells2 resulting in lo#8bloo* sug%r %n* %n in&re%se* %ppetite$ CARB HACK TI&S CURBING INSUILIN SPIKES You &%n %.%t %n* protein #ith your &%rbs there is less o.it%mins %n* other import%nt nutrients$ Fin%lly2 unli'e simple &%rbs2 this type o.

pro&esse* &%rb he%.in* themsel.erely limite* in #h%t he or she &%n e%t %n* this presents the prime opportunity to .er i. you #ent . you #ill . piAA% or &%'e %n* not the #hole pie2 or se&on*s %n* thir*s$ +his is the only e/&eption to the rule %n* shoul* not be %n e.ing simple &%rbs %g%in %. you .%&ing % so&i%l situ%tion #here you 'no# th%t &%'e2 piAA% or other &%rb he%.ery #ee' o&&urren&e2 lest it be&ome the rule$ Mb.es in$ ..ruit or %ny other n%tur%l #hole .iously2 #hen e%ting out I1* pre.in* yoursel.oo*s %n* l%&' o. he%lthier options %.en e. the situ%tion m%ny o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om CARB+HEAVY FUNCTIONS Mn&e you &h%nge your *iet2 get re%*y to be&ome in&re%singly %#%re o.es &r%.ter one p%ss$ I. .ents$ Someone trying to sti&' to % lo#8pro&esse* &%rb *iet is usu%lly se.%ll o.or the s%l%* or .oo*s #ill be present %n* not mu&h else2 there is something th%t you &%n *o to be %ble to in*ulge % little bit$ In*ulge here me%ns % sli&e o.y .un&tions %n* e.%il%ble %t most .in* yoursel.i*e you #ith % #%y to m%'e the most o.y . the #%gon %s some people . the %bun*%n&e o.ery*%y or e.oo*s th%t h%sn1t gone through mu&h pro&essing2 but 'no#ing hum%n n%ture I %m %#%re % &%l&ul%te* &he%t is ten times better th%n % non8 &%l&ul%te* &he%t2 so I1ll pro.

el #ill spi'e to shuttle &%rbs"sug%rs in the bloo* to the mus&les th%t you h%. your gly&ogen stores in the mus&le %re *eplete* #hen you *o % he%. being &on.esti.%t$ )h%t h%ppens is your insulin le.ily2 but r%ther the upper bo*y be&%use this te&hni?ue is &ommonly use* .$ +his *oesn1t me%n you nee* 000 lb *umbbells2 5 poun*s %re .ille*2 %ny e/&ess #ill be store* %s .%t$ Un.y #eight tr%ining #or' out session$ 3 lot o.y resist%n&e"#eight tr%ining #or' out session2 so #hen you &onsume sug%rs"&%rbs %.ine6 -ust m%'e sure you %re tr%ining the upper bo*y #ith #eights to .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he only time #hen &onsuming % simple &%rb #ill not hin*er your .oo* #ill %&tu%lly go to#%r*s rep%iring the mus&le tissue inste%* o.e -ust #or'e*$ Peep in min* though th%t on&e the mus&les %re .ities$ +he 'ey to %pplying this h%&' the right #%y is to m%'e sure th%t you *o not resist%n&e tr%in the legs he%.or mus&le buil*ing purposes 9see &%rb &y&ling .erte* *ire&tly to .%t loss progress so mu&h2 #ill be %.oo*s ten* to be mu&h more &%lorie *ense2 hen&e #hy this h%&' is being re&ommen*e* %s % on&e in % blue moon te&hni?ue .ortun%tely2 these .s$ &%lorie &y&ling.ter su&h % session2 your .ter % h%r* %n* he%.or #hen you #%nt to -oin in on the holi*%y"#or' .

oo* .i*e* by %n online &%l&ul%tor #ith % se*ent%ry %&ti.%t$ 0ot only *oes it help #%r* o. &%lories you h%. #hi&h &%n be %bsorbe* by the bo*y$ +hey h%.. .e le.oo* int%'e %t me%ls$ Fiber in gener%l is goo* . you *o e%t %g%in try to .er you *o2 *on1t e/&ee* your +DEE %s sho#n by your H:= or the numbers pro.or energy$ HIGH FIBER High8.i*u%l #or'out &%lories burne* .%ilure$ You %lso nee* to be &ogniA%nt o.ollo# the Hunger +r%ining Proto&olU to #%it until %ll the .ore helps 'eep our bo#el mo.e .iber *iets %re e/&ellent .or the *%y$ Fin%lly2 i. m%ny *ise%ses2 it h%s been sho#n to %i* in #eight loss by re*u&ing .rom your &he%t h%s been use* up .iber2 soluble %n* insoluble .or *igesti.el plus your in*i.ity le.e he%lth %s it is % subst%n&e th%t our bo*y &%nnot bre%' *o#n %n* %bsorb %n* there.t in your *%y"e%ting #in*o# %n* #h%te.or those see'ing to lose .ements regul%r$ +here %re t#o types o.iber2 neither o. the %mount o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .

%t in the stom%&h &%rrying it out #ithout *igestion$ So i. &%rbs %n* 0 gr%ms o. #here you1ll get the most *iet%ry . the &%lories th%t go into your mouth %s mu&h o.er%ll &%rbohy*r%tes to *etermine the net &%rbs$ For e/%mple2 i.iber *oes not %bsorb or *issol.it%mins2 miner%ls %n* other nutrients th%t .iber int%'e2 you en* up %bsorbing less o.iber supplements %n* get it .rom . % .iber2 it is .els %n* &oul* re*u&e or *el%y ho# your bo*y %bsorbs other nutrients .iber . th%t is .orm$ )hen *etermining the &%rbohy*r%te &ontent o.oo*s inste%*2 be&%use supplements *onNt pro..or energy$ In terms o.ruits %n* .iber bin*s % sm%ll %mount o.oun* only in pl%nt pro*u&ts$ +hus2 nuts2 legumes2 .iber$ I #oul* &%ution you to st%y %#%y . .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *i.e in #%ter$ It p%sses through our *igesti.oo*2 you shoul* subtr%&t the %mount o. .rom the o.rom #hole .rom . it #ill be lost in the b%throom$ Insoluble .e system in &lose to its origin%l .eget%bles2 #ill be your best sour&e o. % . you %mp up soluble .i*e the . protein %n* .oo* h%s 25 gr%ms o.oo*$ .erent properties #hen mi/e* #ith #%ter2 hen&e the *esign%tion bet#een the t#o$ Soluble .iber8ri&h .iber2 you only &ount 5 net &%rbs2 be&%use th%t1s %ll the bo*y #ill be %bsorbing .oo*s *o2 m%y re*u&e bloo* sug%r le.

rom *i. b%si& t%ble sug%r2 the #hite &ryst%ls use* in most homes %n* in mu&h &oo'ing$ +his sug%r is &%lle* su&rose %n* &omes .y #h%t sug%r is so th%t #e %re %ll on the s%me p%ge$ Sug%r is the gener%liAe* n%me . you nee* % ?ui&' remin*er$ +here %re .ore* subst%n&es2 most o.e&t the bo*y in *i.e* .ru&tose %n* g%l%&tose$ =ost people he%r sug%r %n* thin' o. simple &%rbohy*r%tes2 #hi&h the bo*ies . sug%r *eri. &hemi&%lly8rel%te* s#eet8.%ttening$ First2 let me &l%ri..erent #%ys %n* sug%r is uni?uely .oo*$ +hey %re &%rbohy*r%tes2 &ompose* o.rom sug%r beets or sug%r&%ne$ Su&rose is % *is%&&h%ri*e 9in the bo*y2 su&rose hy*rolyses into .oo*s %.ie#s %s sug%r2 but it1s not #ithout goo* re%son$ :e8re%* the lo#8&%rb se&tion i.erent ...l%. #hi&h %re use* %s .ru&tose %n* glu&ose.%rious types o.erent sour&es$ Simple sug%rs %re &%lle* monos%&&h%ri*es %n* in&lu*e glu&ose 9%lso 'no#n %s *e/trose. %n* is bro'en *o#n to glu&ose %n* .%n o. &%rbon2 hy*rogen %n* o/ygen$ 3s you %re #ell %#%re %t this point in the boo'2 I %m not % big ..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om LOW SUGAR (NO ADDED SUGAR) Di.2 .ru&tose %lmost .or % &l%ss o.

leptin 9the hormone &riti&%l . %bsolutely ne&ess%ry opt . to your me%ls$ I.i&i%l s#eeteners h%.rom %**ing sug%r 9#hite2 bro#n or other#ise.erent subst%n&es m%y %lso h%..%t stor%ge %n* #eight g%in2 *e&re%ses your bo*y1s pro*u&tion o. sug%r trigger the s%me en*orphin response %s h%r* *rugs$ It is in&re*ibly *i. %ll this2 high *oses o.or sug%r *es&ribe* %s %rti.i&ult to remo..eren&e %n* %rti.er2 #hen prep%ring your o#n me%ls .oo* substitutes .ruits %n* other #hole .or r%# honey or &o&onut sug%r2 but be %#%re th%t &oo'ing or he%ting 'ills the goo* stu.e sug%r .oun* in .or %ppetite regul%tion.e % s#eet t%ste2 but %re not &l%ssi.2 spurs insulin resist%n&e2 %n* is pro8%ging *ue to o/i*%ti. )i'ipe*i% 8 en$#i'ipe*i%$org"#i'i"Sug%r ..oo*s$ Ho#e.ie* %s sug%rs$ Some %re use* %s lo#er8&%lorie ..http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om imme*i%tely$ Mther *is%&&h%ri*es in&lu*e m%ltose %n* l%&tose$ Chemi&%lly8*i.e stress on the bo*y$ Mn top o.rom home it is entirely possible to %bst%in .rom your *iet 0042 %s it is .e been sho#n to gener%te %n insulin response simil%r to sug%r$ +here %re .ery little re*eeming ?u%lities to sug%r$ 3mongst the list o. *estru&tion sug%r bo%sts2 it promotes .i&i%l s#eeteners$ It is import%nt to note here th%t the bo*y *oesn1t %l#%ys 'no# the *i.

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om in honey$ +he best #%y to be&ome %&&ustome* to the t%ste o.oo* #ithout sug%r is to stop .ise you to p%y %ttention to the o.ruits2 but I #oul* %*. .or % numeri&%l number .er%ll sug%r &ontent be.oo*s2 li'e ..ee*ing the sug%r t%ste bu*s &ol* tur'ey$ It1s up to you ho# stri&tly you #%nt to %*here to sug%rs th%t n%tur%lly %ppe%r in more nutritious . losing o.orm o.er .es to *i.ore nutrition%l bene.its %n* tre%t . ele&trolytes in the bloo*$ +o b%l%n&e the ele&trolyte &on&entr%tion in your bo*y2 'i*neys ret%in #%ter$ +his in&re%ses the #%ter &on&entr%tion in the bloo*6 it mo.or e/%&tly ho# mu&h sug%r to t%'e in2 lump it un*er &%rbs2 #hi&h shoul* be 'ept %roun* 50g2 %n* no more th%n 00g per *%y$ LOW SODIUM You 'no# th%t #%ter #eight lo# &%rb *ieters %re %&&use* o.ery re%l6 but #eight g%in in the .ruit #ith higher sug%r &ontent %s % g%rnish or tre%t$ 3s . #%ter retention"#%ter #eight h%s %nother &ulprit %n* s%lt2 #hi&h is m%*e up o. so*ium2 is its n%me$ So*ium triggers one1s thirst me&h%nism %s it re*u&es the &on&entr%tion o.erent bo*y tissues2 m%'ing them s#ell$ .%tG It1s .

it%bly be %&&omp%nie* by tr%ns .e insulin sensiti.i&i%l ingre*ients2 %n* s%ltG Filling %n empty stom%&h #ith s%lt #ill h%.en*ers &ontributing to the s'y8high s%lt int%'e %re .eine$ +oo mu&h s%lt in&re%ses %n %ppetite .er*osing in sug%r or &%.rom %ges 2 %n* up is !2E00 mg$ +he #orst o.er%ge 2 so*ium int%'e .lour$ It1s %n en*less &y&le th%t #ill un*oubte*ly le%* to o.rom R08500 mg %n* the re&ommen*e* le..oo*s2 is lin'e* not only to in&re%se* bloo* pressure2 but %lso to *e.els %n* thereby obesity$ 2 U$S$ Dep%rtment o.%ts or pro&esse* .or 3meri&%ns 20 0$ )%shington2 DC: <o. 3gri&ulture$ Diet%ry gui*elines .resh #ithout %rti.oo*s prep%re* %t rest%ur%nts %n* sol* %s o.e&ti.i&es2 U$S$ Dep%rtment o.rom stu*ies suggests th%t e/&ess *iet%ry s%lt %n* &%lori& int%'e2 &ommon in *iets ri&h in pro&esse* .el is set %t 25002 &urrently the %.e the s%me e.er8pro&esse* gro&ery pro*u&ts %s m%y items m%r'ete* %s lo# in &%lories2 m%'e up .or more s%lt2 #hi&h #ill ine..e&t on your %ppetite %s o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om )hile our *%ily so*ium nee*s r%nges .i*en&e ..i&e2 20 0$ .ernment Publishing M.ter %ll2 ho# else &oul* they st%y ..ere%ting %n* blo%ting$ Furthermore2 e.ity2 bloo* glu&ose le. He%lth %n* Hum%n Ser.or it in &%rbs %n* so*ium$ 3.

.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om For those o.or % more .oo*s %ll *%y in hopes o.or mo*er%te .%t$ 3 prim%ry bene. you %**i&te* to s%lt2 thro# out the pro&esse* .it . insulin rele%se$ 0ote th%t this &%tegoriA%tion *oes not %pply to type I *i%beti&s2 #ho %re not %ble to pro*u&e insulin %t %ll$ By no me%ns shoul* you pig out on high .i&%nt %mount o. .oo*s m%*e up entirely or pre*omin%ntly o.%t is the only one o. losing #eight though$ C%lories still &ount %n* you1ll noti&e2 the *iet re&ommen*%tion is .ore2 .l%.erbo%r*$ It m%y seem pretty ob.oo* th%t *oes not &%use %ny or % signi.%t .oo*s2 use se% s%lts .%t is the only type o.%.%t int%'e %n* not go o. s%lt$ MODERATE FAT Diet%ry .orite herbs %n* spi&es in substitute o.ul se%soning in &oo'ing %n* b%'ing2 repl%&e s%lte* nuts #ith r%# nuts %n* try %**ing your .%t$ You %re still to #%t&h your .or.ious2 but #hen you lo#er one m%&ronutrient2 you ten* to repl%&e it #ith %nother$ In this inst%n&e2 #e1re *oing th%t #ith &%rbs %n* . the three m%&ronutrients th%t *oes not &%use insulin rele%se$ +here.

e le%n mus&le2 #hi&h is import%nt in 'eeping % higher met%bolism$ +hose #ho *o not %gree #ith mo*er%te to high protein *iets %rgue th%t protein &%uses %n insulin spi'e -ust li'e &%rbs %n* thus e%ting too mu&h o.s$ ste%'$ .er high &%rbs2 null$ )hile it is true th%t protein #ill rele%se some insulin 9%lthough mu&h less th%n &%rbs.or .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om . it #ill &%use the bo*y to turn it into sug%r2 thus m%'ing the mo*er%te to high protein suggestion o. glu&%gon2 % hormone th%t *oes mu&h o..e the most e.er time2 %n* hen&e2 you %ren1t e%ting %s m%ny &%lories$ F%t in *iet %lso %llo#s the bo*y to %bsorb .%t le%*s to gre%t s%tiety %n* . this2 some proteins %re more e%sily %ssimil%te*"*igeste* th%n others$ Fin%lly2 protein h%s been sho#n to h%.or relying on .or &%lories o.%t"#eight loss be&%use it helps preser.%t .ere%t on &hips .2 protein results in the rele%se o.e&t on s%ti%tion$ +hin' %bout ho# e%sy it is to o.ullness o.er pre*omin%tely relying on &%rbs is th%t e%ting more .it%mins$ MODERATE TO HIGH PROTEIN E%ting mo*er%te to high protein is import%nt . the opposite o. insulin$ Mn top o.

ely2 r%&'s .rom to%ster o..ine*2 or pro&esse* %n* re.en r%&' %n* putting your me%t right on it2 %s #ell %s pl%&ing % p%n right belo# the me%t to &%t&h %ny *rippings$ 3ltern%ti.t grill by spr%ying % little non8sti&' spr%y on your o.2 inste%* o.%&turing m%ny he%lthy nutrients %re remo.it%mins2 .ore being &onsume*$ It1s not -ust .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om HACK TI& COOKING MEAT By the #%y2 'eep in min* % Ogre%syO burger2 #hether #e1re t%l'ing bee.ruits2 but &hoosing % s'inless &hi&'en bre%st o.l%t top sin&e .er better nutrition th%n pro&esse* .%t &oo's o. being &oo'e* in$ =%'e % m%'eshi.oo*s %re .oo* %n* its highly pro&esse* &ounterp%rt$ )hole .e*$ For e/%mple2 #hole .eget%bles %n* .ens pl%&e* %top % sh%llo# b%'ing p%n or pot #oul* #or' %s #ell$ HIGH NUTRITION / WHOLE FOODS )hole .oo*s %re lo%*e* #ith .ine* %s little %s possible2 be.er pro&esse* &hi&'en nuggets is one e/%mple o. % #hole ..2 &hi&'en2 or %ny other me%t2 &oo'e* on %n %&tu%l #ire grill #ill %l#%ys be better th%n one &oo'e* on % .oo*s th%t %re unpro&esse* %n* unre.oo*s be&%use *uring m%nu.oo*s o.

%lue1 goes up the more you %** to % .%t *%iry . .ish2 non.oo*s %re those #e 'no# to be re%lly goo* .oo*s2 sin&e monet%ry >.%t %n* lo#8.$ LOW TO NO DAIRY D%iry h%s .eget%bles$ +hese %re the .in%l pro*u&t is li'ely to be less nutritious th%n the origin%l$ Furthermore2 the other stu.%il%ble e..or us: org%ni& me%t2 eggs2 .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om miner%ls2 .i&i%lly %**e* b%&' into .ibers %n* phyto&hemi&%ls 9the n%tur%l &ompoun*s in pl%nts th%t prote&t &ells %g%inst *%m%ge.es %n* &hemi&%ls2 &%n be % huge problem #ith pro&esse* .ruits %n* .oo*s2 %n* lots o.%&turing pro&ess2 but the .s$ %pple -ui&e.oo*s lost in the m%nu. th%t gets %**e*2 li'e s%lt2 sug%r2 preser.$ Sometimes2 nutrients %re %rti.ery#here %n* mu&h &he%per th%n pro&esse* . the gro&ery %isles$ +hey %re %lso %.i& insulinogeni& %n* %ppetite in&re%sing .%ti.oo* 9e$g$ 8 %pple .ery spe&i.oo*s$ +he e/tr%s &%n le%* to &%lories ?ui&'ly %**ing up$ High8nutrition .oo*s th%t %re prim%rily on the perimeter o.

. mil'$ +h%t #oul* %ll be #ell %n* goo* i.%irly signi.$ Spe&i.%&tor hormone.ully *igeste* by your bo*y #ithin %n hour$ +hus2 bo*y buil*ers %n* those trying to get bigger mus&les suggest its use in %&ute st%tes o. most *%iry %re #hey protein %n* &%sein 9proteins .or ! the insulinemi& response o.en1t m%*e my position &le%r2 %ll o.e r%tings %n* . sin&e it t%'es ten poun*s o.: 5208J$ . i&e &re%m h%s 2 times2 %n* e..e is % &omplete re&ipe .er Spring.e to other proteins2 %s #ell %s % . your . mil' 9I<F8 . in&re%se* *%iry &onsumption on %ppetiti. h%r* &heese h%s ten times #h%te.$ 200L Dun6 59J. the .oo* int%'e2 Mbesity 9Sil.%t mole&ules in % sip o.er is in % sip o.%tter2 but I highly suspe&t you %ren1t$ )hey protein is %lso one o.ter % #or'out or upon #%'ing in the morning$ +h%t me%ns i. &heese2 e%&h bite o.oun* in mil'. you #ere trying to get bigger %n* .i&%nt I<F8 9insulin gro#th .ery s#ipe o.er is &ont%ine* in the . butter 2 times #h%te. mus&le &%t%bolism2 e$g$ %.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om properties $ +he &ulprits p%rti%lly2 or #holly2 responsible . mil' to m%'e one poun* o.%t %n* &%lorie *ense2 e%&h bite o.or *is%ster #hen it &omes to ! E.%t8burning s#it&h2 youNll be hungry %g%in #ithin %n hour$ Dust in &%se I h%.e&t o. you *rin' #hey in the morning2 %s most people &onsume mil' #ith their &%n*y 9&ere%l. response2 #hi&h &%uses %ll tissues to gro#$ Besi*es being high .%il%ble %n* is .i&%lly2 they &%use %n in&re%se* insulin response rel%ti. the %bo.2 not only #ill your insulin spi'e %n* turn o.%stest %bsorbing proteins %.

e$ It is higher in nutrients2 lo#er in .ree &heese2 gums %n* st%biliAers %re use* to simul%te the &re%my te/ture %n* ri&h t%ste o.ree imit%tion &heese$ :emember2 #e #%nt #hole2 n%tur%l .e been *omesti&%te* .%t8.%t %n* *igests mu&h e%sier in our systems$ Still2 sp%ringly is the oper%ti.erbo%r* %n* pile go%t &heese on to e.e *%iry2 %n* %lthough it1s truly not helping your &%use2 #%nt to 'no# i. option$ 3s .ery me%l$ .e #or*$ In other #or*s2 *on1t go o.or mu&h longer th%n &o#s h%. there %re %ny e/&eptions %t %ll to my no"lo# *%iry rule$ +here is % #%y . regul%r &heese$ I re&ommen* go%t or sheep &heese be&%use the &%sein is usu%lly mu&h better toler%te* th%n &o#Ns &%sein %s go%ts h%.oo*s %n* not .or you to get your mil' .%t8.oo* m%*e in % s&ien&e l%b out o. you m%y lo. subst%n&es our bo*ies %re not physi&%lly %ble to pro&ess$ In the &%se o. &heese %n* .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ontouring % thigh g%p$ 0o#2 I un*erst%n* some o.i/ by turning to &o&onut mil' or %lmon* mil'2 #ith &o&onut mil' being the lo#er &%lorie %n* t%stier 9in my opinion. .or &heese2 sp%ringly using go%t or sheep &heese2 #hi&h %re lo# l%&tose2 %re going to be better th%n other types o.

%t.oo*s is intriguing2 sin&e #e %re use* to %sso&i%ting .oo* #ith supplying energy2 in m%ny &%ses too mu&h energy 9hen&e #hy #e get .in*ing out ne# lo# &%lorie *ense .er h%.i*u%l .oo*s you &%n en-oy #hile 'eeping your #eight in &he&'$ I urge you to go out %s soon %s you &%n %n* m%'e the items th%t you li'e st%ples in your *iet@ For those o.in* th%t in*i.oo*s th%t . neg%ti.e 9or Aero.oun* %t ###$the. you #ho m%y #%nt more in *epth gui*%n&e in terms o. #h%t I e%t2 I %bsolutely lo. *eli&ious .eeling *epri.eminine&ontour$&om2 #here you &%n %lso sign up .or e%sy %n* .oolproo.e .%&e o. shopping lists %n* re&ipes2 those *et%ils &%n be .e*$ In my opinion2 the .or &ustom #ee'ly me%l pl%ns$ #EGATIVE CALORIE -OO S +he thought o.oo*s %n* tri&'s .oo*s2 but they only b%rely s&r%t&h the sur.ill me up %n* ne.oo*s I %m %bout to *is&lose belo# %re mir%&le .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om MIRACLE FOOD HACKS H%. implement%tion %re gre%tly %ppre&i%te*$ I lo.ing the b%si& gui*elines to your *iet is %ll #ell %n* goo*2 but I .e me .e to &oo' %n* *espite m%stering the b%si&s o. &%lorie .$ For the .

pe%nut butter$ Sin&e the &elery is so lo# &%lorie2 #hile you #oul* still nee* to &ount the pe%nut butter 9%n* &elery &%lories. the neg%ti.uller th%n e%ting % t%blespoon o.eel .it o.e this neg%ti.oo* you %re e%ting is true2 it is theoreti&%lly possible th%t this phenomenon &%n e/ist$ E.i*en&e th%t *igestion #ill re?uire %s m%ny &%lories %s the .oo*2 e%ting lo# &%lorie .e t#o t%blespoons o.uller %n* e%ting less$ It shoul* be note* th%t the only truly neg%ti. pe%nut butter2 you #oul* . high &%lorie .e &%lorie .e &%lorie %spe&t #%sn1t ?uite right2 %n* you #ere to e%t % &lose to Aero &%lorie .i*e in &%lories$ +hese . .oo*s only h%.oo* is &elery$ Shoul* you e%t &elery #ith one t%blespoon o. the neg%ti.e &%lorie e.oo*s in pl%&e o.e &%lorie be.e been &ompelle* to h%.i*e nutrition%l &ontent your bo*y nee*s$ For e/%mple2 the poster &hil* o.ull$ )ithout the &elery sti&'2 you might h%.en i.er%ge is i&e #%ter2 #hi&h h%s no &%lories2 but re?uires the bo*y to e/pen* some energy to r%ise the li?ui* to bo*y temper%ture$ .oo*s #ill .e &%lorie .oo*s suppose*ly t%'e more energy to *igest th%n they pro. &l%rity2 neg%ti.ill you up %n* typi&%lly pro. pe%nut butter %lone %n* thus more s%tis..http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om s%'e o.ie*". you #oul* re%p the bene.i& e.e&t #hen &onsume* #ithout e/tr%s %**e* to them li'e butter2 sug%r or *ips$ )hile there is no s&ienti.eeling .

e you % little bit o.e&t is *ue to mir%&ulin2 #hi&h is use* &ommer&i%lly %s % sug%r substitute$ +he berry itsel.ruit is su&'e*2 &he#e* or e%ten2 this mole&ule bin*s to the tongueNs t%ste bu*s2 &%using bitter %n* sour . the . is t%steless %n* h%s % lo# sug%r &ontent2 #hi&h me%ns no &r%Ay insulin spi'e2 but #hen the . both #orl*s: % 'i&' o.i&um2 %lso 'no#n %s the mir%&le .leshy p%rt o.. s#eetness #ithout the C%lories %n* huge insulin spi'es$ MIRACLE FRUIT BERRIES Synsep%lum Dul&i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om MIRACLE HACKS -OR SUGAR LOVERS 3s you 'no#2 sug%r is %**i&ti.e %n* I en&our%ge you to go &ol* tur'ey sin&e %rti.i&i%l s#eeteners %re -ust %s b%* %s the re%l thing$ Ho#e.ight2 I #%nt to tell you % true mir%&le h%&' th%t &%n gi.oo*s 9su&h %s lemons %n* limes. the best o.rom )est 3.er2 i.oo*s to t%ste s#eet .ruit berries2 origin%tes .ri&% %n* is % pl%nt #ith % berry th%t2 #hen e%ten2 &%uses sour . you insist on putting up % . subse?uently &onsume* to t%ste s#eet$ +his e.

ernight .est2 I me%n it6 It &%n be % &ostly e/perien&e #ith one berry &osting S2$50$ 3&&or*ing to the 0e# Yor' +imes2 !0 o.% 9up to %bout J0 minutes.or the t%blets2 but % ?ui&' se%r&h on the Internet #ill pro.rom Flori*% #ill run you SK0$ +hey %re %lso .i*e you #ith other suppliers$ +o use them2 simply &he# the berries be.e #ith no si*e e.$ Some report the mir%&ulin loses its poten&y sooner i.ore your me%l$ You &%n %lso t%'e them be.ruit is n%tur%l2 %n* tot%lly s%.ore h%.or it e.ing #%ter #ith lime"lemon .e&ts2 so i.oo*2 %s the poten&y goes %#%y %s .e in % #%rm &lim%te li'e Flori*%2 or &onsi*er pur&h%sing the t%blets inste%*$ +hin'gee'$&om %n* =ir%&let%ste$&om %re reput%ble sour&es .. you use it #ith .%st %s mu&h you %re O#%shingO your mouth$ +his . sourness until the protein is #%she* %#%y by s%li.ery perish%ble2 ?ui&'ly turning bro#n %n* un%ppe%ling$ +here. you #%nt % h%&' to help you gi. you li.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #ithout % tr%&e o.ying your t%ste . them shippe* o.est in these berries$ )hen I s%y in. you use it #ith % *rin' th%n i.e up the sug%r2 #hile still s%tis.ore2 you might #%nt to pur&h%se % pl%nt to gro# your o#n i.ery no# %n* then2 in.or % .

illing sug%r .or % s#eet %n* lo# &%lorie s%l%* *ressing or &hop up % gr%nny smith %pple #ith Brussels sprouts$ For *essert8li'e tre%ts2 you might %lso try &o&onut or %lmon* .or .i%ble2 m%y result in only 'eeping your &r%.or % lime mo-ito or &rushe* i&e %n* str%#berries or blueberries #ith groun* .in%l &%ution is to use this h%&' sp%ringly2 not only to s%.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om -ui&e style *rin' or uns#eetene* te% #ith lime"lemon sin&e you shoul* not be *rin'ing your C%lories other#ise$ Some %lre%*y lo# &%lorie items to try the mir%&le berries #ith in&lu*e tom%toes2 004 pl%in yogurt2 %n* rhub%rb$ Pour some lime o.lour p%n&%'es #ith lemon2 lime %n* or gr%pe.ings going strong$ HACK TI& .lour &up&%'es #ith go%t &heese2 &ott%ge &heese or &re%m &heese spre%*ing to repl%&e the .ruit -ui&e in the b%tter to .l%/see* .e your #%llet2 but %g%in be&%use &h%sing the sug%r *r%gon2 e.orgo honey %n* syrup2 or &o&onut or %lmon* .rosting$ For #%rmer months2 &ombine lime -ui&e2 &rushe* mint %n* #%ter . it1s te&hni&%lly nutrition%lly .en i.er your s%l%* .ree smoothies$ =y .

%n* this is % r%te8limite* pro&ess$ 3bo.er$ E 3 tip .s8%8 mo*er%te8n%tur%l8.erte* to .%&t %lmost Aero in&oming .8t#o8energy8restri&te*8*iets8%8lo#8.or %**e* sug%rs in your *iet$ Inste%* o.resh8&ut %pples2 b%n%n%s or pe%&hes$ Fru&tose is met%boliAe* %lmost e/&lusi.%t in the li.e&t8o.e % &ert%in point2 .ille* (-un' .ru&tose st%rts being &on.y your t%ste .or sug%r #ithout h%.ie#$html .oo*s through s%ut\ing or ro%sting$ For e/%mple2 ro%sting or s%ut\ing butternut s?u%sh2 s#eet pot%toes2 bell peppers2 g%rli& %n* onions until bro#ne* #ill bring out the n%tur%l s#eetness in them$ +his shoul* help s%tis.ru&tose8*iet8rese%r&h8re.ie#"the8e.. %**ing sug%r2 honey or other s#eeteners to &ere%l %n* o%tme%l2 .or those o.ely in the li.ing to turn to sug%r .er 9?uite in .ing #ith .ruits .or e/%mple2 top your ser.ru&tose8*iet8. you use* to *rin'ing s#eetene* -ui&e is to repl%&e them #ith Celesti%l herb%l te%2 the 'in* #ith the blueberry2 &herry2 r%spberry %n* or%nge l%&'ets in&lu*e*$ You #on1t nee* sug%r #ith these te%s %s they is n%tur%lly s#eet$ 3nother #%y to get % s#eet t%ste #ithout %**ing sug%r is to &%r%meliAe .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om NATURAL SUGAR SUBSTITUTES Substitute .ru&tose #ill e.er re%&h the bloo*stre%m in hum%ns.oo*s7 E Bo*y :e&omposition 8 ###$bo*yre&omposition$&om"rese%r&h8 re.

e your p%st% %n* e%t it too2 li'e Dre%m.ortun%tely2 m%ny report th%t not being the &%se2 %n* &ountless stu*ies %n* person%l testimonies h%. re&ipe %n* m%nu. the biggest gripes you h%.oo*s$ Sure2 there %re some p%st% br%n*s out there th%t %re selling you on ho# you &%n h%.e your p%st% %n* one o. subst%n&e in shir%t%'i noo*les$ E%ting lots o.iber2 .er he%r* o. *iet%ry .iber m%*e .e prob%bly ne.e #ith +he +high <%p DietU is th%t in or*er to meet your .iel*sU2 #hi&h &l%im their (p%tent8pen*ing7 9sin&e 200E.rom the roots o.%t loss nee*s you %re going to nee* to *it&h st%r&hy2 high &%rb .er route to get your p%st% .%&turing pro&ess prote&ts &%rbs .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om li'e &%n*y b%rs$ MIRACLE HACKS -OR CARB LOVERS SHIRATAKI NOODLES You lo. the 3si%n Pon-%& pl%nt2 m%'e up the m%-ority o.$ <lu&om%nn%n2 % #%ter8soluble *iet%ry .rom being *igeste*$ Un.i/$ Sometimes &%lle* 'onny%'u noo*les2 Shir%t%'e noo*les is % Aero &%lorie2 Aero &%rb mir%&le th%t you1.e sho#n insulin spi'es mimi&'ing norm%l p%st%$ +hus2 I suggest you go % s%.

urther thing .ullO .e&t re&ipe . h%s no C%lories %n* is p%sse* through your *igesti.e no t%ste %n* #ill %bsorb #h%te.er spi&es %n* s%u&es you put on them$ You &%n prep%re them by boiling them brie.or % . .iber8 ri&h .iber %bsorbs #%ter2 it pro.l%.its2 e%ting lots o.or$ KELP NOODLES .u2 g%rli&2 spin%&h2 tom%to s%u&e2 or soy s%u&e to enh%n&e the . the p%&'%ge$ +hey h%.rom your min* %n* #hen you %re e%ting less but still s%ti%te* th%t is the per.eeling$ )hen you .%t loss$ Shir%t%'i noo*les %re p%&'%ge* O#etO in li?ui*2 %n* %re re%*y8 to8e%t out o.oo*s li'e Shir%t%'i noo*les &%n help you lose #eight %s .e system int%&t$ Ho#e.er2 be&%use .ore %**ing things li'e to.e m%ny he%lth bene.oun* only in pl%nt .oo*s su&h %s #hole gr%ins2 .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #hi&h is .e# minutes be.iber itsel.its$ In %**ition to the numerous he%lth bene.ly or running them un*er hot #%ter2 then ro%sting them in % *ry p%n .ull2 e%ting is usu%lly the .eel .ruits2 .en to h%.eget%bles2 be%ns2 see*s %n* nuts2 h%s been pro.or #eight %n* .i*es % O.

physi&%l sp%&e in your belly2 &ontributing to th%t O.orm %m%Aingly #ell in soups2 r%# noo*le *ishes %n* e.eget%bles th%t you &%n prep%re %s you #oul* p%st%2 but o.rom your min*$ 3t -ust J &%lories per ser.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om =u&h li'e Shir%t%'i noo*les2 #hen e%ting Pelp noo*les2 &%lories &%n be the .ers out there is to *is&o.e&t m%'ing you .ullO . &oo'e* s?u%sh only tr%nsl%ting to % me%sly ! &%lories %n* %ppro/im%tely 2 net &%rbs$ Mne #hole me*ium siAe* sp%ghetti s?u%sh #ill set you b%&' %roun* E2 &%lories %n* .%lue2 su&h %s sp%ghetti s?u%sh$ Sp%ghetti S?u%sh is lo# in &%lories2 #ith %n oun&e #orth o.ill you up .. se% 'elp2 %n* p%&'e* #ith #%ter$ Yet they per..en It%li%n8style *ishes li'e sp%ghetti$ +hey t%'e up % lot o.e %n e.urthest #orry .ere* in tom%to s%u&e2 #hi&h *oes h%.or you p%st% lo.eeling th%t remin*s you to stop e%ting$ SPAGHETTI SQUASH 3nother option .eel %s though you %re in*ulging in the re%l thing$ .ing2 these noo*les %re m%*e out o.or hours$ Plus2 the str%n*s loo' %m%Aingly simil%r to %&tu%l sp%ghetti2 espe&i%lly #hen &o.er .er mu&h lo#er &%lories %n* mu&h higher nutrition%l .

ten$ *UCCHINI SQUASH Mne o.ing o. %n* s&oop out the see*s %n* inn%r*s be.or' or spoon$ I li'e to then s%ut\ it g%rli&2 b%sil2 peppers2 onions %n* one ser.e you returning to this *ish o.ore pl%&ing it .en . (noo*les7 by ?ui&'ly s%ut\ing them #ith % little oli.lesh2 then using the s%me peeler2 m%n*olin or spir%liAer to m%'e long strips o.ing o. #%ter$ 0e/t2 put the bo#l in % E008*egree o.ore turning the s?u%sh .ettu&&ine p%st%$ You #%nt to strip the s?u%sh until you &ome %&ross the see*s %n* then stop$ Coo' the str%n*s o. the s?u%sh to re. tom%to s%u&e lo# in sug%r %n* &%rbs$ Depen*ing on ho# you &oo' the s?u%sh2 there m%y be % s#eet t%ste to the str%n*s th%t #ill h%.eget%ble peeler on the green outer s'in o.or one hour$ :emo.or %n %m%Aing *ish #hen shre**e* %n* &oo'e* in light p%st% s%u&e$ 3ll it t%'es is running % . Au&&hini ribbons th%t resemble .e%l the .orite p%st% %ltern%ti.%&e si*e up %n* s&ooping out the s?u%sh #ith % .%.e %n* let &ool be.e oil2 g%rli&2 peppers %n*"or herbs %n* spi&es$ +hen2 %** one ser.es is _u&&hini S?u%sh$ 3t only 5 C%lories per oun&e2 this lo# &%lorie %n* lo# &%rb summer s?u%sh m%'es .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he best #%y to prep%re sp%ghetti s?u%sh is to &ut it in h%l. my %ll time . lo# sug%r"&%rb"&%lorie tom%to s%u&e or pesto %n* en-oy@ .%&e si*e *o#n in % bo#l #ith % ] to ^ % &up o.

oo* you en-oy$ It %lso %**s .oo*s so th%t they *o the s%me thing bre%* *oes2 only .e he%r* %bout #hole #he%t bre%* being better .$ You &%n repli&%te the e.e#er &%lories %n* less insulin spi'e$ =y go8to bre%* substitutes %re ro%ste* or grille* eggpl%nts sli&e* in the sh%pe o. the m%tter is the e.or .eel .ious #e%'nesses2 seems *%rn ne%r impossible$ Ho#e. *is&s2 ro%ste* bell peppers sli&e* length#ise2 Portobello mushrooms #ith the gills &ut out %n* .i*es % shuttle . #hole #he%t r%nges bet#een JR %n* R52 9high.er2 #hen you thin' %bout it2 bre%* simply pro.oi* both$ I re%liAe s%ying &ut out bre%* to someone #ho li.olume to your me%l 9m%'es you ..els .es .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om BREAD SUBSTITUTES Surely2 you1.or you th%n #hite bre%*2 but #hen put to the test2 the gly&emi& in*e/ o.e #ith other .e&t on insulin le.or en*less bre%*b%s'ets %n* g%rli& 'nots2 e/%mples o..e&ts o.erent th%n #ith #hite bre%*2 so i.. you &%n2 %. -ust li'e th%t o. my person%l pre. t#o o.uller.rom e%ting #hole #he%t bre%* isnNt %ny *i. bre%* by getting % little &re%ti.%t2 you 'no# Q the re%l . #hite bre%*$ +he truth o.or protein %n* .

ter e%ting$ 3lthough I1* mu&h r%ther pre.e gi.ull me%l I un*erst%n* e.iber2 %n* lo# &%rbohy*r%tes2 sug%r %n* s%lt$ Sin&e your go%l #ith sn%&'ing is .or #hen those times o&&ur$ I*e%lly2 your sn%&'s shoul* be in %&&or*%n&e #ith the gui*elines I h%.oo*s th%t shoul* hol* you o.el2 #hi&h le%.elop %n* %*-ust to the +high <%p DietU2 you #ill .in* your &r%.e mo*er%te"high protein2 . the best options .illing .ery soon %.%t %n* .er bet#een me%ls$ Sn%&'s %re synonymous #ith high &%rb *iets be&%use on&e % high insulin spi'e gets to #or' on remo.oo*2 h%. the to/i& sug%rs out o.t #ith %n unb%l%n&e* bloo* sug%r le.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Chinese &%bb%ge .ing %ll o.en you %bo.ings .er you prep%re % .e$ It shoul* be % #hole .ery no# %n* then you might -ust #%nt % ?ui&' sn%&' %n* so here %re some o.illing hunger bet#een me%ls %n* #e 'no# th%t protein .or sn%&'s *r%sti&%lly *iminish be&%use you1ll be getting nutritious %n* . your bloo*2 you %re le.or tortill% rolls$ HACKS -OR S#ACKS <ener%lly2 #hen you *e.es you hungry .ul.

orite herbs"spi&es be.%. s%lt 9%lthough not ne&ess%ry.irgin oli.ery e%sy to m%'e yoursel.$ Sep%r%te '%le .e oil %n* % pin&h o.or blunting hunger2 protein is the most import%nt element o. or %s % shuttle .ery time I go to my gro&ery store l%ter th%n K%m the '%le se&tion is gu%r%ntee* to be b%re2 %n* there is % goo* re%son$ P%le is lo# in &%lories %n* p%&'e* in nutrients$ It %lso t%stes *eli&ious %n* is super simple to &oo'$ +he l%test sn%&' &r%Ae is '%le &hips$ +hese goo*ies sell .or protein %s oppose* to .e you *is&o.rom the stems2 *riAAle #ith % little bit o.orme* to your *esire* &rispiness$ MULTI+COLORED BELL PEPPERS H%. your sn%&'$ KALE +he se&ret %bout P%le is out$ E.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om trumps &%rbohy*r%tes %n* .or %roun* SL to SR per b%g2 but %re .ere* the yummy goo*ness2 bell peppersG :o%ste* bell peppers %n* ?ui&' %n* e%sy to &oo' %n* t%ste *eli&ious by itsel.or 5 or so minutes or until the le%.en . %n* your .%t . e/tr% .es %re .ore b%'ing in the o.

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om bre%*$ You &%n sli&e % bell pepper in h%l, %n* &r%&' %n egg #hite insi*e it be,ore b%'ing it2 or simply e%t it #ith % pie&e o, le%n me%t$ You &%n %lso e%t the peppers r%# #ith hummus$


Pop&orn is % #hole gr%in ,oo* th%t is not only lo# in &%lories2 but %lso % goo* sour&e o, ,iber$ +his me%ns it t%'es longer to &he# %n* m%'es you ,eel ,ull longer$ Comp%re* to m%ny sn%&' ,oo*s2 pop&orn is lo# in &%lories$ Mne #hole &up o, pop&orn is % ser.ing2 #ith %ir8poppe* pop&orn pro.i*ing only !0 &%lories per &up %n* oil8poppe* &ont%ining only 55 &%lories$









&%rbohy*r%tes %n* most people &%n only toler%te 5 gr%ms o, net &%rbs per me%l2 there,ore I re&ommen* &onsuming no more th%n ! &ups o, poppe* pop&orn %t % time other#ise bloo* sug%rs #ill st%rt to go up$ 3lso2 be sure to &he&' the ingre*ients in pop&orn %n* steer &le%r o, pop&orn th%t is not org%ni&2 %s it &oul* be geneti&%lly mo*i,ie*2 mi/e* #ith .eget%ble oil th%t isn1t org%ni& %n* %ny s%lt other th%n se% s%lt 9i, you pop your o#n pop&orn *on1t bother %**ing the s%lt or butter;$



)e1.e %lre%*y &o.ere* s%lte* nuts not being so goo* ,or you2 but r%# nuts %re gre%t by themsel.es %s % sn%&' or in % s%l%*$ +here %re too m%ny 'in*s to &ount2 but some o, the better8 'no#n %n* more popul%r ones in&lu*e %lmon*s2 &%she#s2 h%Ael nuts2 Br%Ail nuts2 #%lnuts %n* pe%nuts$ Interestingly2 some %re ,ruits in %n* o, themsel.es2 %n* others %re the see*s o, other ,ruits$ )e &%ll them %ll nuts$ )hile nuts %re re%son%ble &hoi&es ,or % #hole ,oo* sn%&'2 they %re .ery high in &%lories %n* e%sy to o.ere%t2 there,ore they must be #eighe* %n* limite* to one oun&e per ser.ing$


Fin%lly2 one o, my me%l st%ples th%t &%n %lso be e%ten %s % sn%&' is ro%ste* s#eet pot%to$ S#eet pot%toes b%'e* in the s'in #ithout s%lt e?u%ls 2J &%lories per oun&e$ +his is ho# I pre,er to e%t my s#eet pot%toes2 but the E58minute to one8hour &oo'ing time m%y not meet the re?uirements o, % ?ui&' sn%&'2 %lthough you &oul* %l#%ys prep%re them in %*.%n&e %n* rehe%t in the o.en$

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om I, you %re running short on time there is % #%y to en-oy s#eet pot%toes %s % sn%&'$ Dust peel one s#eet pot%to2 &ut into #e*ges 9the sm%ller %n* thinner the #e*ge2 the ,%ster the &oo'ing time; %n* *riAAle #ith % bit o, e/tr% .irgin oli.e oil$ Chop up liber%l %mounts o, g%rli& %n* %** to the b%'ing *ish %long #ith &inn%mon 9you1ll see #hy in % minute; %n* your ,%.orite herbs %n* spi&es$ B%'e or ro%st ,or 20 to !0 minutes2 let &ool %n* e%t up$


Mne o, the gl%ring omissions I see in &lients1 ,oo* *i%ries is th%t o, &oo'ing oil$ I1m pretty sure most people %re not ste%ming their me%ls %n* in ,%&t *ren&hing them in t%sty oils2 so le%.ing this essenti%l ,%t2 #hi&h hol*s K C%lories per gr%m 9by ,%r the most o, the m%&ronutrients;2 out o, their ,oo* logs is in my opinion2 s%&rilegious$

Be,ore I in&lu*e* &oo'ing oils the C%lories o, my me%ls #ere 504 un*erestim%te*@ +h%t1s be&%use one t%blespoon o, oli.e oil is 20 C%lories$ So2 my 508&%lorie me%l #%s %&tu%lly more li'e !00 C%lories@ 3n* #e h%.e %lre%*y &o.ere* the *%nger in

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #or'ing #ith #rong numbers$ +h%t is #hy I %m going to &%ution you to le%rn to me%sure your &oo'ing oil be,ore in&lu*ing it in your me%l@ 0one o, this #hirling the bottle #il*ly into your p%n %s though you #ere one o, the &he,s on +he Foo* 0et#or'$

Some help,ul short&uts in&lu*e me%suring ho# mu&h one &%p,ul o, oli.e oil is one time %n* ,ore.er 'no#ing ho# m%ny &%p,uls you shoul* use in your me%l$ For e/%mple2 one &%p,ul o, my br%n* o, oli.e oil me%sures out to be 5 gr%ms$ Sin&e one te%spoon 9 20 C%lories; is %ppro/im%tely 5 gr%ms2 I 'no# I &%n %** up to ! &%p,uls o, oil per me%l2 ho#e.er I shoot ,or more li'e one$

3nother #%y to h%&' the oil &%lorie ,est is to pl%&e ,oo*s in % Aip lo&' b%g2 %** se%soning %n* % me%sure* %mount o, oli.e oil be,ore sh%'ing .igorously$ +his e.enly *istributes the %mount o, oil %ll o, your ,oo* %n* #or's p%rti&ul%rly #ell ,or grille* .eget%bles$

Fin%lly2 you &%n turn to &oo'ing spr%ys2 but note &oo'ing spr%ys in %n %erosol &%n in&lu*e propell%nts #hi&h is #hy I re&ommen* loo'ing into +he =isto$ +he =isto #or's #ith %ir pressure so there is nothing but org%ni& oil going on your ,oo*

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 9or #h%te.er type o, oil you &hoose to ,ill it #ith;$ It spr%ys -ust li'e %n %erosol2 you -ust h%.e to pump the li* e.ery on&e in %#hile to buil* up the pressure$ +he =isto &%n be ,oun* in my store2 %t ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"pro*u&ts


<3:LIC Q )hen it &omes to #eight loss2 g%rli& is % mir%&le ,oo*$ It &ont%ins the &ompoun* %lli&in2 #hi&h h%s %nti8b%&teri%l e,,e&ts %n* helps re*u&e unhe%lthy ,%ts %n* &holesterol$ It %lso boosts your met%bolism2 elimin%tes ,%t ,rom the &ell2 is %n e,,e&ti.e *iureti& %n* regul%tes sh%rp ups %n* *o#ns in your bloo* sug%r le.els th%t &%use &%rbs %n* s#eets &r%.ings %n* ,%t storing$

:%# g%rli& nee*s to inter%&t #ith o/ygen to ,orm %lli&in2 the %&ti.e ingre*ient th%t helps the most #ith your he%lth$

+here,ore2 to m%'e sure you re%p %ll the he%lth bene,its o, g%rli&2 &rush it %n* let it sit in the open %ir 0 minutes be,ore using it$ <ener%lly2 the stronger the t%ste2 the higher the he%lth bene,its o, g%rli&$ It shoul* %lso be note* th%t %lli&in is *estroye* in &oo'ing2 but other help,ul &ompoun*s %re ,orme*2


###$thighg%ph%&'$&om so &oo'e* g%rli& is still he%lthy$ Ho#e.er2 you &%n p%ss on pro&esse* g%rli& po#*er or g%rli& s%lt2 %s most o, the he%lthy ingre*ients %re long gone by then$

CI003=M0 8 In % re&ent %rti&le in the Dourn%l o, 3gri&ultur%l %n* Foo* Chemistry2 &hemist :i&h%r* 3$ 3n*erson &o8 %uthore* % stu*y #ith &olle%gues %t the Belts.ille 9=%ryl%n*; Hum%n 0utrition :ese%r&h Center %n* t#o uni.ersities$ In test tubes &ont%ining ,%t &ells2 the Opolyphenoli& polymersO %sso&i%te* #ith &inn%mon b%r' #ere ,oun* to in&re%se sug%r met%bolism % #hopping 208,ol*$ J Ho# soG

3n Insulin =imi&'er &re%tes the %rti,i&i%l %ppe%r%n&e o, insulin to your bo*y2 still es&orting the sug%r you ingest into the %ppropri%te %re%s o, your bo*y2 but #ithout the h%rm,ul spi'e th%t &%n le%* to ,%t stor%ge2 insulin resist%n&e2 %n* e.en possibly +ype 2 Di%betes L$

Sprin'le &inn%mon o.er ,ruit or s%.ory items su&h %s b%'e*

9Sour&e: Unite* St%tes Dep%rtment o, 3gri&ulture 3gri&ultur%l :ese%r&h


Unite* St%tes Dep%rtment o, 3gri&ulture 3gri&ultur%l :ese%r&h Ser.i&e

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om s#eet pot%to or mushrooms %n* o, &ourse you &%n %** it to your green te% e%&h morning in pl%&e o, % &up o, &o,,ee to get the %ntio/i*%nts you nee* to rem%in he%lthy %n* 'eep th%t insulin in &he&'@

3 #or* o, C%ution 8 DonNt t%'e &inn%mon ,irst thing in the morning %s your bloo* sug%r is %lre%*y lo# upon #%'ing %n* you *onNt #%nt to ris' % hypogly&emi& re%&tion2 &%using you to p%ss out *uring % morning #or'out$


Follo#ing the *iet I1.e l%i* out ,or you %n* using some o, the spe&i,i& ,oo* h%&'s %bo.e ser.es t#o prim%ry ,un&tions: to help you re%&h s%ti%tion2 %n* 'eep you s%te* longer #hen you e%t your me%ls$ +o %&hie.e s%ti%tion ,illing up the stom%&h2 %long #ith some other ,%&tors2 #ill *o the tri&'2 #here%s s%tiety is %&hie.e* by pro.i*ing the bo*y #ith ?u%lity nutrients %n* ,uel th%t burns slo# %n* ste%*y ,or % longer time$

<ener%lly2 it is mu&h e%sier to be s%ti%te* th%n s%te* sin&e it t%'es %bout ! hours ,or the nutrients to re%&h the sm%ll intestine th%t tell us #e *o not nee* %ny more ,oo*$ +hus2 #hile it is

%ts2 suggesting th%t hi**en .e&tly estim%te the nutriti. hi**en . thought %n* rese%r&h into th%t . .e %lre%*y put % lot o.er&onsumption$ +he e.e &ontent o.i&%nt$ R It goes to sho# our per&eptions *o not per.e M.e&t #%s R8K42 minor but signi.isible %s oppose* to hi*ing them in your me%ls$ In the stu*y2 Hi**en F%t F%&ilit%tes P%ssi..%n Dongen2 Cees *e <r%%.e&te* by ho# R =irre Fis'%%l8.%ts m%y &ontribute to o.2 Els Siebelin'2 %n* Fr%ns D$ Po'$ Hi**en F%t F%&ilit%tes P%ssi.isible .%t .ery thing$ DON1T HIDE FATS Mne h%&' pro.ol$ !K no$ 2 !KE8!KK .o&us on getting the most nutrient %n* energy *ense .oo*s$ EAT SLOWER AND TAKE SMALLER BITES 3nother stu*y sho#e* th%t s%ti%tion is %lso %.en to m%nipul%te s%ti%tion is m%'ing .%ts2 energy int%'e #%s lo#er th%n in the presen&e o.er&onsumption$ D$ 0utr$ Febru%ry 200K .oo*2 % true h%&'er #oul* try to m%nipul%te s%ti%tion$ 3s it turns out2 I1.e M. ..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om goo* to .er&onsumption2 it #%s &on&lu*e* th%t in the presen&e o.

i&%ntly *e&re%ses .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .%st #e e%t %n* ho# big o..$ E.le/ible$ It &%n shrin' %n* stret&h . % bite #e t%'e$ In this stu*y2 not e%ting slo#ly %n* t%'ing sm%ll bites le* to people e%ting up to 504 more th%n #hen they #ere limite* to sm%ll bites e.ery nine se&on*s$ +hus2 the rese%r&hers &on&lu*e* (<re%ter or%l sensory e/posure to % pro*u&t2 by e%ting #ith sm%ll bite siAes r%ther th%n #ith l%rge bite siAes %n* in&re%sing MP+ Wor%l pro&essing timeX2 signi.er$ )hen you e%t l%rger me%ls the stom%&h stret&hes more$ In .its to e%ting sm%ller me%ls is th%t o. bite siAe %n* or%l pro&essing time o.oo* int%'e$7 K EAT SMALLER MEALS Mne o. re8stret&hing their surgi&%lly %ltere* stom%&hs b%&' to their 9ne%rly.e o.leu2 %n* Cees *e <r%%.e&t o. % semisoli* .ery e%sily$ Mur stom%&hs shrin's less %n* more slo#ly th%n it &%n stret&h ho#e. the huge bene.er8e%ten to the point o.ol$ K0 no$ 2 2JK82L5 . norm%l siAe$ 3s you &%n im%gine2 % tummy th%t is sm%ller #ill sign%l th%t you %re .oo* on s%ti%tion$ 3m D Clin 0utr 3ugust 200K .%&t2 some g%stri& byp%ss p%tients h%.er time2 *oing so #ill *e&re%se the stom%&h$ )h%t *oes this me%nG 3 hum%n stom%&h is e/tremely .%ster th%n % tummy th%t is l%rger$ K 0i&olien _i-lstr%2 :en\ *e )i-'2 =oni&% =%rs2 3nnette St%.ull .

ery *ense .oo* 20 or up to 2$5 lbs o.oo*2 #%ter or both$ It1s #orth noting th%t i.eel .oo* in your stom%&h$ Slightly rel%te* to e%ting sm%ller me%ls2 not e%ting more th%n % &ert%in .oo* int%'e2 espe&i%lly sin&e .olume o.ery #ell hol* more th%n 2$5 poun*s o.e %lre%*y &o. this metho* is to e%t no more th%n poun* o.olume p%rti%lly *etermines #hen #e .ery .er%ge hum%n stom%&h &%n hol* 2 to E liters o. . is % gre%t i*e%2 e%ting by . times you &hoose to e%t per *%y 9I re&ommen* !. you #ere to e%t .ery little *epen*ing on the .ere*2 ho# mu&h the stom%&h h%s been stret&he*$ It h%s been purporte* the %.i*ing up &%lories %&ross the %mount o.or !00 to E00 &%lorie me%ls but th%t &oul* go .oo* %t % sitting"me%l 9n%tur%lly you &%n ele&t to stop 20 Curtis2 Helen% ` 0$ Sue B%rnes$ Invitation to Biology$ 5th E*ition$ 0e# Yor': )orth2 KKE: 52K$ .oo* in one sitting is % pre&ise #%y to &ontrol .ull2 %n* help shrin' the stom%&h$ For e/%mple2 I &oul* s%y %im .oo*s or li?ui*s2 you &oul* .olume is %n e/&ellent tri&' one &%n use to %ssist #ith *iet %*heren&e$ B%si&%lly2 the gist o. .%r or .olume2 %n* %s #e1. .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om VOLUME EATING +he &%p%&ity % stom%&h &%n hol* is b%se* on . . .oo*$ )hile *i.

oo*s %re more nutrient *ense th%n pro&esse* . you implement this rule .or yoursel.eeling o. #%ter 0 or so minutes be.ine2 espe&i%lly sin&e #hole . $5 poun*s$ 0o2 this *oes not me%n you &%n e%t #h%te.er&%ll &%lories m%tter Q but using this sel.ere%t2 e.$ DON1T DRINK AND EAT )hen you *rin' #hile e%ting2 espe&i%lly &%rbon%te* be.oo*s$ M. s%tiety %n* in&re%se the &h%n&es th%t you #ill e%t more$ Fin%lly2 the g%s rele%se* .or&es . %n* %pply them to the #hole .%ster$ +h%t me%ns .er%ges su&h %s seltAer #%ter2 it .er%ge m%y &%use the .or&e* through the pou&h to enl%rge your stom%2 #hi&h %g%in #oul* %llo# you to e%t more .oo* .ere* in the &h%pters %bo.rom the &%rbon%te* be.ore &onsuming your me%l$ Mne poun* e?u%tes to J oun&es o. #%ter e?u%tes to R oun&es o.en on the goo* stu.er you #%nt %s long %s it is less th%n J oun&es$ I.oo* through the stom%&h pou&h .oo* %n* one &up o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e%ting be.8impose* rule &%n help 'eep you in &he&' so th%t you *o not o. li?ui*2 .or % tot%l o. %n* to *rin' %t le%st one &up o. . &ourse2 it is import%nt to remember th%t o.oo*s I &o.e you #ill be ..ore re%&hing th%t number.oo* *oes not st%y in your pou&h %s long %n* you lose the .

isite* Chin% % .eget%bles2 si*es2 et&$ )hen .ets %n* &%. trying % little bit o.er%ll2 but not #hile e%ting$ 5 FOODS/INGREDIENTS RULE )hen I .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %t one sitting$ +his is #hy I *o not re&ommen* e%ting %n* *rin'ing %t the s%me time2 or e.e e. th%t$ You m%y rel%te i..e* up huge me%ls on L%Ay Sus%ns$ +he sele&tions r%n the g%mut o.e# ye%rs %go2 e.$ By %ll me%ns2 *rin' %s mu&h i&e &ol* #%ter 9see &ol* ther%py.eteri%s or %ll you &%n e%t rest%ur%nts$ +he only re%son I prob%bly *i*n1t b%lloon up on my trip #%s be&%use o.ery rest%ur%nt ser. %s you #%nt throughout the *%y %n* % . this %n* % little bit o. these options I .en *rin'ing %nything besi*es #%ter %n* te% 9you shoul* not be *rin'ing %#%y your pre&ious &%lories.rom . me%ts2 .er gotten .e# minutes be. s#eets in Chinese me%ls$ +he st%n*%r* *essert #%s sli&e* or%nges %s oppose* to &ho&ol%te mousse or &%'e .%&e* #ith %ll o. %ll the e/er&ising"#%l'ing #e #ere *oing %s tourists %n* the l%&' o. you1.ore me%ls to help you e%t less o.oo* bu.oun* mysel.oo* .

e%ting$ It1s hum%n n%ture to e%t #h%te. you so *esire$ MEAL PLANNING +here %re t#o %ppro%&hes you &%n t%'e #hen it &omes to me%l .2 %n* % sm%ll %mount o. your *%ys *oing the e/%&t opposite 9sitting in . is one m%nner o.or 3meri&%ns in&lu*e % lot o.i/ing yoursel. I *o not re&ommen* this #%y o.eget%bles 9% s%l%* #oul* &ount %s one item2 %n* % .ore us %n* en* up o. &omposing your me%ls %&&or*ing to this h%&'$ You &oul* %lso ele&t to h%.oo* is presente* be. % &omputer.%riety o. .$ Sin&e most o. .ere%ting until our pl%tes %re &le%n$ +hus2 limiting the %mount o.ineg%r.ront o. &hoi&e .er .e h%&' %g%inst o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 9typi&%l *esserts o. .eget%bles su&h %s re* %n* green peppers #oul* &ount %s one item.er .%t2 &%rbs %n* sug%r.oo*s is %n e. grille* .%&t spen* the m%-ority o. % pl%te o.oo*2 in&lu*e one le%n me%t or protein2 one lo# &%rb st%r&h2 su&h %s s#eet pot%toes or .oo*sG )hen .oo*s on your pl%te to no more th%n three .e less th%n ! items i. . you re%*ing this in .e&ti.ere%ting$ )h%t *o I me%n by no more th%n three ..%t 9e$g$ Q hummus2 go%t &heese2 oil o.

or the *%y$ She m%y then gr%b % *rin' .in* hersel.%n&e$ H%&'ing your #%y to thin thighs #ill me%n th%t you nee* to be pre&ise %n* use the best metho* to bring %bout our results in the ?ui&'est %mount o. time$ =ost people t%'e % &%l&ul%te %s you go %ppro%&h #hi&h ent%ils not pre pl%nning your me%ls or ingre*ients %n* %**ing your C%lories up throughout the *%y %s you go %long2 #hile trying to st%y #ithin your &%lori& limit . &ourse you .enient &%lorie8tr%&'ing progr%m su&h %s my.or the *%y$ +hen2 the s%me #om%n goes to #or' %n* buys % s%n*#i&h &ont%ining E00 C%lories$ +h%t brings her *o#n to J00 C%lories le.t$ 3s she is home trying to prep%re *inner %n* .it*%y$&om She #oul* then *is&o.it it into E00 C%lories she m%y .or e/%mple2 % #om%n #ho h%s 500 C%lories to #or' #ith in the *%y might %#%'e %n* *e&i*e to m%'e bre%'.t .rom the store th%t &osts her !00 C%lories$ !00 le.t #ith 000 .er th%t her me%l h%s &ost her 500 C%lories %n* she is le. struggling to *o so$ Do you #%nt to 'no# % better %ppro%&hG )hy2 o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om pl%nning: &%l&ul%te %s you go or prep%re in %*.itnessp%l$&om or .%st$ She #oul* then get her ingre*ients out2 #eight them2 %n* either #rite them *o#n m%nu%lly or using % &on.or the *%y$ So2 .

oo*s .e# st%ple me%ls th%t you #ill e%sily be %ble to &re%te %n* 'no# .ly %n* then trying to &%l&ul%te your C%lories2 you #ill h%. the *%y %n* not h%.or spe&i. C%lories you %re %&tu%lly &onsuming$ Unsurprisingly2 typi&%lly those %lter%tions #ill tr%nsl%te to % higher &onsumption o.ing to log C%lories or loo' up C%lories . C%lories$ .its in&lu*e not h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *o@ HOW TO O IT Pre8&onstru&ting your me%ls simply me%ns pl%nning #h%t you %re going to e%t b%se* on your %llotte* C%lories %n* sti&'ing to it2 but inste%* o. &oming up #ith #h%t you %re going to e%t on the .i%te2 %s this #ill %lter the %mount o.i& .or sure ho# m%ny C%lories you %re &onsuming$ +he bene.ery se&on* o.ery single me%l$ :emember2 the e%sier you &%n m%'e this pro&ess the more li'ely you #ill sti&' to it %n* get the *esire* results$ +he tri&' is to 'eep on t%rget #ith re&ipes %n* not *e.or e.ing to thin' %bout #h%t you %re going to e%t e.e % .

% *%y #ill .or #hole me%l re&ipes %&&or*ing to the %mount o.er t%'ing the time to plot e.e 200 C%lories to &onsume .iguring out the . C%lories in the me%l on the Internet$ Loo' out .ery *et%ile*2 ho#e.or re&ipes th%t in&lu*e &%lori& bre%'*o#ns or .ree up so mu&h o.y me%ls$ Mn&e you %re .inishe* you #ill h%.iguring out the C%lories yoursel.%lues$ 0o#2 you &%n .or the *%y %n* being %ble to e%sily sele&t t#o E00 .lip through your boo'2 bro#ser or through your e/&el"#or* *o&uments %n* pi&' %n* &hoose #h%t to e%t #ithout the *%ily t%s' o.e%ture 2002 !002 %n* E008&%lorie me%ls$ In the me%ntime2 *e*i&%te one *%y to .erything out o.$ Boo'm%r' these re&ipes in .or e%sy %&&ess$ I #oul* re&ommen* you try to in&lu*e ! or E re&ipes .%lues on my . your *et%ile* re&ipes %n* their nutrition%l . rese%r&h online .ery *%y$ Pno#ing you h%.or my ne# boo' &oming out #hi&h #ill .itness p%l or %ny other simil%r #ebsite$ +his m%y seem .or light2 me*ium %n* he%.er the &ourse o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he e%siest #%y to %&&omplish this is to se%r&h . &%lorie &ounting %n* loo'ing up or logging nutrition%l . your time in the long run %n* t%'e %#%y the te*ium o.ol*ers un*er 2002 !00 or E00 &%lorie l%bels . h%.oo*s you #oul* li'e to e%t %n* then *oing % bit o.e m%*e m%'e your o#n person%liAe* re&ipe boo' #here you store %ll o.ing to *o this e.

rom their .%riety to 'eep you .ul2 -ust re%liAe th%t most o.rom getting bore*$ Plus2 these #ill be me%ls %n* .or the *%y #ill s%.e the option o. pre8 pl%nne* me%ls soun*s *re%*. 50 #hen &re%ting your .or the #ee'2 gro&ery shopping #oul* be % breeAe th%t #oul*n1t in.en number in in&rements o.er #h%t you %re going to e%t ne/t$ 3lso2 i.ol. us e%t the s%me me%ls *%y in %n* *%y out %ny#%y$ +here re%lly is . you1re re%*ing this %n* thin'ing the monotony o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &%lorie re&ipes %n* one !00 &%lorie me%l . you #ere to go %he%* %n* pre pl%n your me%ls .e impulse buys$ I. time %n* #orry %s #ell %s get you to stop obsessing o.oo*s th%t you en-oy so you #on1t get tire*$ Fin%lly2 you #ill %l#%ys h%.oo*s$ 3 gre%t tip .ery little .or %&&ounting .%riety to our *iets %n* so h%. %**ing ne# re&ipes to your %rsen%l %t %ny point in time #ith % ?ui&' se%r&h engine in?uiry$ HACK TI&S ROUND UP 3 notorious re%son people g%in #eight is th%t they un*erestim%te ho# m%ny C%lories they %re truly &onsuming .ing 5 or so pre8pl%nne* me%ls is %&tu%lly more th%n enough .or this is to roun* up to %n e.e you % lot o.

oi* the urge you m%y get to e%t the se&on* me%l in the .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om re&ipes$ MEAL FOR TWO Sin&e most people #or' *uring the *%y %n* %re un%ble to prep%re % .irst sitting2 p%&' up the *esign%te* proportions in % &ont%iner2 se%l it %n* put it in the . sight th%t #ill re?uire e.2 one shoul* m%'e their .ri*ge to get &ol* or some#here out o.ull me%l e.ort to get to$ ..ery time they e%t 9p%rti&ul%rly *uring lun&h.irst me%l l%rge enough to %&&ommo*%te 2 sep%r%te me%ls$ Yes2 th%t me%ns you #ill be e%ting the s%me thing t#i&e2 but th%t shoul*n1t m%tter$ +o help %.

% sto&'y loo' .oi* bul'y legs th%t %re not &on*u&i.%t in the hips %n* thighs to re.ersus % lithe loo'$ +hey %lso . you #%nt to %.ity to %ppetite8suppressing hormones li'e leptin %n* insulin more so th%n by burning &%lories$ Ho#e.ity re*u&es #eight by in&re%sing the br%inNs sensiti.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART 4 ' E5e.e&t opportunity to %**ress the term >bul'y12 sin&e m%ny #omen %re #%ry o.%thom the simple &on&ept o.e #or* th%t .e to the thigh g%p$ )hile #e1re on the sub-e&t2 this is the per.%ries %&&or*ing to e%&h #om%n$ )omen &%n in*ee* get bul'y2 %s *e.ine* %s more mus&les th%n one #oul* li'e2 #ithout t%'ing steroi*s"*rugs %n* possessing %s mu&h testosterone %s men$ For some re%son m%ny >tr%iners1 %n* >e/perts1 li'e to pl%y *umb %s though they &%nnot .er2 %ny ol* e/er&ise #ill not *o #hen it &omes to *iminishing stubborn bo*y .ci"e Hack" EXERCISE OVERVIEW Physi&%l %&ti. the bul' but tol* it is %s mythi&%l %s the E%ster Bunny$ Bul' is %n ob-e&ti.e%l % thigh g%p$ For our purpose2 #h%t you *on1t *o is -ust %s import%nt %s #h%t you %&tu%lly *o i.

%&t is2 so m%ny #oul*n1t e&ho this &on&ern i.r%n'ly2 too m%s&uline .eren&e is most men2 %n* some .2 #hen you tell them your tr%ining sessions %re le%.ing you #ith l%rger legs th%n you1* pre.. it #%sn1t % re%l one$ +here %re % . e/er&ise is best . tr%ining styles in the .er$ 3s % gross gener%liA%tion2 #omen &%n buil* lo#er bo*y mus&le %t r%tes &omp%r%ble to men #hile men &%n usu%lly buil* upper bo*y mus&le .en the n%tur%l .t he%.erly *e.em%le bo*y buil*ers #ho *on1t -ui&e2 but li.%riety o. #omen .or the %bs %n* thighs$ +he .itness %ren%$ Be.in* un*esir%ble %n* .%ster th%n #omen$ +he *i.em%le bo*ybuil*ers2 s%y >bring it on@7 to in&re%se* leg mus&les$ E.or you %n* #hy2 let1s t%'e % loo' %t the m%in options$ CARDIOVASCULAR/CARDIO .i&s o.elop the mus&ul%r shoul*ers2 h%r* lines %n* o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om pl%y blin* %n* *e%.y2 *e.ore #e get into the spe&i. #hi&h types o.ine* mus&ul%ture in their ?u%*s %n* h%mstrings th%t plenty o.or person%l t%ste$ +hus2 time %n* time %g%in2 #omen rebu'e mus&les2 espe&i%lly .

e the s%me results: impro.our8mile -og2 running on % tre%*mill . time th%t ele.ine* %s e/er&ise th%t promotes % gre%ter o/ygen int%'e %n* &%r*io e/er&ise is e/er&ise th%t promotes % gre%ter he%rt r%te$ Still2 you &%nnot *o one #ithout the other2 %s there is no #%y you &%n in&re%se your respir%tory r%te #ithout %lso m%'ing your he%rt pump h%r*er %n* .erent origins2 %&hie.rom *i.orme* to musi& %n* in&lu*es impro.or % .or t#enty minutes2 %re %ll e/%mples o.e lo# intensity th%t you &%n *o .or %n hour2 using the ellipti&%l .ing .i&e . &%r*io.%tes your he%rt r%te$ :egul%r %erobi&s2 going .or % prolonge* perio* o..e* ..%s&ul%r e/er&ise$ C%r*io is &onsi*ere* to be %erobi& #or'$ AEROBICS 3erobi& e/er&ise %n* &%r*io e/er&ise %re the s%me thing %n* %lthough the #or*s stem .%s&ul%r me%ns he%rt2 thus %ny e/er&ise th%t gets your he%rt r%te pumping &%n be &onsi*ere* &%r*io$ +his is %nything #ith rel%ti.ers%$ 3erobi&s is usu%lly per.itness by in&re%sing both your o/ygen int%'e %n* he%rt r%te$ +he te&hni& *i.eren&e bet#een the t#o is %erobi& e/er&ise is *e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om C%r*io.

#or' %n* re&o.or % minimum o.%l$ I.or perio*s o.ol. 20 to !0 minutes2 %n* % &ool8*o#n ph%se$ You shoul* be %ble to &%rry on % short &on.ort is re?uire* then the #or' inter. %n inter.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .le/ibility strength %n* he%rt %n* lung .%l is shorter$ .. intensity is rel%te* to the length o.%tigue %s the re&o.or %ir #hile t%l'ing2 you %re prob%bly not #or'ing %erobi&%lly2 but %n%erobi&%lly$ INTERVAL TRAINING Inter.%l tr%ining in.%l tr%ining #or'out #oul* be sprinting . the #or' inter. -ogging2 %n* repe%ting this &y&le .%l tr%ining$ 3n e/%mple o.or !0 se&on*s .es %ltern%ting sessions o.ery %n* #or's both %n%erobi& %n* %erobi& energy systems$ )hen you run2 bi'e2 use the ellipti&%l2 et&$2 .ers%tion #hile *oing %erobi& e/er&ise$ I.oi* .ery perio*s %n* the le. you %re g%sping .itness2 +he m%in &omponents %re % #%rm8up2 % &on*itioning ph%se using the s%me l%rge mus&le group2 rhythmi&%lly2 #here % J08R04 m%/imum he%rt r%te is m%int%ine* .el o.ollo#e* by perio*s o. rest2 you %re inter.or 208!0 minutes$ +his tr%ining %llo#s you to #or' intensely but %.ollo#e* by K0 se&on*s o. spee* %n* intensity . more e.

%l tr%ining$ 3t the moment2 HII+ is the holy gr%il o. bo*y &on*itioning or resist%n&e tr%ining using high8intensity %erobi&s$ It t%rgets strength buil*ing %n* mus&ul%r en*ur%n&e by h%.%l tr%ining is &onsi*ere* to be %l%&ti& %n%erobi& #or'$ CIRCUIT TRAINING De. us #or'ing to#%r*s % thigh g%p$ Inter.iA2 Len 9 KKJ800800.erlo%* or . there is %nything HII+ h%s to o.ersity o.er to some %mount *epen*ing on intensity$ 3n e/er&ise O&ir&uitO is one &ompletion o.e .ter &ompleting the re?uire* repetitions$ +his type o.$ O0e# Insights into Cir&uit +r%iningO$ Uni. #or'ing out2 but #e #ill soon e/%mine i.%ilure %n* then %llo# the energy systems to re&o.or e%&h %&ti.er those o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +here %re *i..%l tr%ining one &%n *o$ For e/%mple2 there is high intensity inter.elope* by :$E$ =org%n %n* <$+$ 3n*erson in K5! %t the Uni.2 me*ium intensity inter.els o. tr%ining relies he%.re?uen&y2 intensity2 time %n* type.ing p%rti&ip%nts mo.%ilure or ne%r .ersity o.%l tr%ining 9HII+.$ +he %im .rom one %&ti. %ll pres&ribe* 2 a % b Pr%.ity is to e/er&ise to o.ily on the FI++ prin&iple 9. inter..orm o.ity to the ne/t %.e* 200J8 8 J . Lee*s in Engl%n*2 2 &ir&uit tr%ining is % .%l tr%ining %n* lo# intensity inter.erent le. 0e# =e/i&o$ :etrie.

to oppose the .ement to the ne/t e/er&ise$ RESISTANCE / WEIGHT TRAINING )eight tr%ining is % &ommon type o.eloping the strength %n* siAe o.%t %n* #eight loss #ill &ome .orm o.or *e.or the ne/t &ir&uit$ +r%*ition%lly2 the time bet#een e/er&ises in &ir&uit tr%ining is short2 o. your . strength tr%ining .rom the .%riety o.i& mus&le groups %n* types o. mo.ement %n* is &onsi*ere* to be %n%erobi& #or'$ WHAT TYPE OF WORKOUT TO DO )hile R04 o.irst e/er&ise %g%in .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e/er&ises in the progr%m$ )hen one &ir&uit is &omplete2 one begins the .ten #ith r%pi* mo. spe&i%liAe* e?uipment to t%rget spe&i. #eighte* b%rs2 *umbbells2 #eight st%&'s or bo*y #eight.or&e o. s'elet%l mus&les$ It uses the #eight .or&e gener%te* by mus&le through &on&entri& or e&&entri& &ontr%&tion$ )eight tr%ining uses % . gr%.uel your bo*y2 e/er&ise pl%ys % role in le%ning out your thighs$ 3s I1m sure you %lre%*y 'no#2 your #or'out &%n *r%sti&%lly %lter your progress$ .oo* you ultim%tely *e&i*e to use to .ity 9in the .

high intensity inter.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Un.or ho# to buil* up the legs"thighs on those . you %re not &%re.rom the Holly#oo*2 mo*el8li'e loo' th%t #e %re trying to %&hie.e .%&t th%t I1.e the e/%&t opposite results o. .y2 going &r%Ay #ith s?u%ts %n* lunges or *oing 5 minute HII+ #or'outs2 %n* you #ill ?ui&'ly re%liAe they *o not embo*y the physi?ue you #%nt$ +heir thighs %re usu%lly thi&'er th%n you %n* I #oul* . you se%r&h .orm%tion2 h%l.in* lots o.or %ppro/im%tely 5 to 20 minutes tot%l$ +he problem is2 t%'e one loo' %t the #omen #ho tr%in by li.y #eights #hile s?u%tting %n* lunging$ Funnily enough2 i.in* lots o.ery s%me mess%ge bo%r*s you1ll &ome %&ross the s%me %*.l%t out myths"lies spre%* on % *%ily b%sis th%t i.. you #%nt slim thighs you nee* to li.%l tr%ining progr%ms li'e Cross Fit %n* the li'e2 #here you tr%in %t m%/imum &%p%&ity %n* then %t % mu&h lo#er &%p%&ity2 on %n* o.ting he%.8truths2 poorly &on*u&te* rese%r&h %n* . proponents o. #h%t you %re hoping to %&&omplish$ For e/%mple2 you m%y .e$ Perh%ps no# you &%n un*erst%n* #hy I stress the .ortun%tely2 there is so mu&h misin.%r &ry .in* i*e%l or *o#nright mus&ul%r2 #hi&h is o'%y i.t % lot o. he%.i&e$ You #ill %lso . th%t1s #h%t they li'e2 but % . people touting on mess%ge bo%r*2 espe&i%lly men2 th%t i.ul you &%n h%.

###$thighg%ph%&'$&om put in the #or' be.en by the (.i&it$ 3s you get stronger %n* progressi. steroi*s %n* th%t li.%tigue2 #hen it rep%irs it #ill *o so % little bit stronger %n* bigger in % &%lorie surplus2 or h%r*er %n* more *e. you *o enough tr%ining on your legs %n* (te%r7 the mus&les .ine* %n* mus&ul%r th%n you m%y *esire$ +he bo*y respon*s in . time it use* to .ore presenting my .itness mess%ge bo%r* gurus7 %n* see ho# it st%&'s up to the truth belo#$ +here %re those #ho #ill try to &on. you ob-e&t to #%nting to g%in m%ss2 something is #rong #ith you$ +hey %ssure you th%t #omen &%nnot bul' up #ithout the help o.i&e gi.ely %** #eights2 or *o more reps in the s%me perio* o.y #eights #on1t &%use you to g%in mus&le or in&re%se* in&hes on your legs %t %ll$ +he truthG )hen you tr%in % mus&le in % &ert%in m%nner2 espe&i%lly #ith resist%n&e2 it is boun* to gro# in siAe %n* in some inst%n&es %ppe%r more *e.in*ings to you$ Mnly the most &re*ible %n* pro.en in.orm%tion h%s m%*e its #%y into this boo'$ Let1s go through the m%ny mis&on&eptions %n* .itness e/perts7 %n* (.r%n'ly2 terrible %*.ine* in % &%lorie *e.ting he%.ery spe&i.rom .i& #%ys to tr%ining$ I.in&e you th%t i.

the more *e. or ret%ining le%n mus&le 9*uring % *e.ting #eights solely #ill not &ontribute to % *e.ortun%tely2 it1s not true$ First o.or&e* to *o % million inner thigh leg li.ine some terms so th%t #e %re %ll on the s%me p%ge$ Lo# reps %re &onsi*ere* to be reps in the 85 r%nge t%'en to . %ll2 let1s *e.en #orst th%n #hen you beg%n$ 3&&omp%nying the li.%ilure2 %s tr%*ition%lly use* by bo*ybuil*ers$ 3nything %bo.%t out2 resulting in % #i*er thigh %n* m%'ing your problem e.eel the s%me burn %s be.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om t%'e to *o % &ert%in set2 or e/er&ise longer be&%use you *on1t .i&it.i&it %s e. %rti&les t%rgeting #omen$ Un..$ 3s #ell2 i.*s #here you1re .y m%ntr% is the notion o.e 2 reps . you %ren1t getting ri* o.or strength tr%ining$ =i* reps %re in the J8 2 r%nge t%'en to .ortun%tely2 or .ironment prime .i&it2 9li.or mus&le gro#th 9*uring % surplus. rep tr%ining %n* the i*e% th%t to m%'e the legs sm%ller2 one h%s to *o tons upon tons o. reps$ +his is &onst%ntly perpetu%te* on #or'out *.ts to (.elope* or ne#ly built mus&le #ill push the . the mus&les through % &%lorie *e.i&iently %s &%r*io.%ilure2 %s typi&%lly use* by po#er li.%t on top o.eel the burn72 %s #ell %s in % plethor% o.ore2 you &re%te %n en.ters .t he%. the l%yer o. .

lui* buil*8 up 9the s%r&opl%sm"&ytopl%sm o.ery use.er%ll mus&le gro#th %n* rele%se o.ent them . the initi%l siAe you put on #ill be intr%&ellul%r .or *epleting gly&ogen stores #ithin the mus&le$ +he bo*y #ill re%&t to this *epletion by in&re%sing mus&ul%r gly&ogen stores$ In the long run this #ill %llo# &ells to stret&h %n* le%* to gre%ter o.lui*2 in&re%se* gly&ogen stor%ge2 e*em% %n* -ust o.els o. %n%boli& hormones$ It m%'es sense #hen you thin' %bout it6 *oing lots o. the mus&le &ells.rom getting tire* %s e%sily$ So2 #hen you emb%r' on % high rep progr%m you #ill loo' bigger in the short term be&%use most o. &%use* by high .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om t%'en to .er%ll s#elling . phosph%te %n* hy*rogen ions2 #hi&h enh%n&e the gro#th pro&ess$ )hile not being %ble to stimul%te mu&h gro#th2 high reps %re . reps #ill tire your mus&les out %n* theyNll st%rt to %*%pt in #%ys to pre.rom the tr%um% in.ul .li&te*$ You1ll %lso get bigger in the long term$ .olume routines$ High rep r%nges stimul%te mus&ul%r en*ur%n&e2 by in&re%sing mito&hon*ri%l *ensity #ithin the mus&le &ell %n* pro*u&es high le.%ilure2 #e1ll &%ll high reps$ In&re%se* mus&le siAe is %ttribute* to s%r&opl%smi& .

lo# rep %n* high rep tr%ining$ +he he%.y lo%*s stimul%te myo.en you %n e/%mple o. the %&tin %n* myosin .ibrill%r hypertrophy 9%n in&re%se in the number %n* siAe o. reps2 %mount o.e &onsistently been pro.en *e&re%sing rest time bet#een sets is p%rt o.e o. lo# rep r%ngesG Lo# reps %re s%i* to &ontribute to strength g%ins$ Ho#e. #eight2 number o.e me%n th%t you shoul* *o lo# or mo*er%te reps to %.olume 9number o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Does the %bo.e been p%ying %ttention2 you1ll noti&e I1. .y is$ Progressi.erlo%* is the most import%nt prin&iple behin* mus&le hypertrophy$ Progressi.er%r&hing point is th%t the bo*y #%nts to %*%pt to the stress you %re putting it un*er2 #hi&h is e/%&tly #h%t li.en to le%* to the gre%test %mount o.e -ust gi.ely in&re%sing intensity2 time un*er lo%*2 .y enough2 %n* *o enough sets %n* guess #h%tG You #ill see some gro#th$ I.er2 m%'e the lo%* he%.il%ments #ithin mus&le tissue.2 %n* the in&re%se* time un*er tension stimul%tes s%r&opl%smi& hypertrophy$ )h%t o. %n* e. you1. sets.ting he%.i*es you #ith the bene. gro#th$ +he re%son is th%t it pro.oi* m%ssG 0ot e/%&tly$ =o*er%te rep r%nges h%.its o. ho# %ll three rep r%nges &%n le%* to m%ss %n* mus&le gro#th$ +h%t1s be&%use the o.

or gro#th %n* buil* siAe %n* strength more e.ibers #ith the gre%test potenti%l .e%te* #omen2 is to embr%&e your strong legs be&%use it1s se/y %n* #ho #oul* #%nt >s'inny2 thin legs1 %ny#%yG )ell2 th%t1s e%sy Q most #omen$ Strong2 big2 mus&ul%r thighs %re usu%lly %sso&i%te* #ith men be&%use th%t1s the buil* th%t they #%nt$ +r%in li'e them %n* th%t1s e/%&tly #h%t you1ll get$ )omen2 on the other h%n* usu%lly #%nt the &omplete opposite$ It1s the #hole ying"y%ng &on&ept$ H%. #is*om$ +he .e&ti.erlo%*$ )omen %n* men utiliAing he%.en %**ress the problem besi*es trying to &%mou. &hoi&e$ Lo# .e solution to si*e8stepping the %&tu%l problem o.or #omenG .ing s%i* %ll th%t2 #h%t is the ultim%te tr%ining regimen . siAe %n* strength is not your go%l2 he%.l%ge it$ 0ee*less to s%y2 #e &%n s%.i&e2 #hi&h *oesn1t %&tu%lly o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om progressi..y tr%ining t%rget the mus&le .e o.rom both men %n* *e..y tr%ining shoul*n1t be your tool o.in%l type o. b%* %*.ul nugget o. #%nting thinner thighs2 #hi&h is to buil* up your l%ter%l mus&les so th%t your lo#er bo*y %ppe%rs sm%ller$ +here is nothing I &%n re%lly s%y %bout this be&%use it *oesn1t e.ely ignore this unhelp.ely th%n light tr%ining$ +hus2 i.olume2 lo# sets %n* lo# reps2 on the other h%n*2 #ill be$ +hen there is the &re%ti.er % solution but &omes .

e* into &omp%risons o.e more (i*e%l7 physi?ues %n* thus the %erobi& #or'out .ol.uele* by o/ygen2 %erobi& tr%ining &%n l%st . the sprinters %n* the m%r%thon runners$ )hile m%ny sprinters *o h%.or % short %mount o.or % mu&h longer time th%n %n%erobi& tr%ining$ +he sprinters #ere s%i* to h%.ery le%n %n* rippe* bo*ies2 the bo*y loo's .ore the KK01s the gener%l popul%tion o.or long hours 9%erobi& or (#ith o/ygen7.olution%ry mess%ge h%* elbo#e* its #%y into the spotlight: %erobi& #or' #%s % time8#%ster th%t *iminishe* strength2 po#er %n* mus&le gro#th$ 3rguments %g%inst %erobi&s *e.i*eos #ith the brightly &olore* leot%r*s be&%me % thing o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om AEROBIC VS4 ANAEROBIC Be. the US3 embr%&e* %erobi& tr%ining %n* running$ +hen &%me the 20001s %n* % re. m%r%thon runners #ho typi&%lly tr%ine* .$ Sin&e the bo*y is better . time 9%n%erobi& or (#ithout o/ygen7. %n* sprinters #ho tr%ine* %t % high intensity . the p%st2 %n* h%r*&ore HII+ groups %n* *.e .*s &l%ime* the throne$ But something shoul* be pointe* out here %bout the (i*e%l7 bo*ies o.

ery bre%th$ +o illustr%te my point % bit . #h%t h%ppens insi*e the bo*y$ )hen you emb%r' on % high intensity #or'out2 the bo*y #ill ten* to rely more in &%rbohy*r%tes th%n o/ygen$ 3n%erobi& tr%ining is not %s sust%in%ble %s %erobi&2 be&%use &%rbohy*r%tes %re store* in the bo*y$ )hen they1re gone2 they1re gone$ M/ygen on the other h%n* is in the %ir %n* is e/tr%&te* #ith e.erent bo*y &ompositions is be&%use o.in* % thigh g%p$ =e%n#hile2 the m%r%thon runners %re %lso le%n #ith ..in*ing % thigh g%p on these #omen$ +hus2 . tr%ining yiel* su&h *r%sti&%lly *i.ery lo#er bo*y .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om thi&'er2 more mus&ul%r %n* you #oul* be h%r* presse* to . energy systems th%t your bo*y uses on&e you begin to mo. % mus&ul%r %n* thi&' buil*2 they %re slen*er %n* thin$ You #oul* h%.erent types o.%t2 but inste%* o.ull 22 Eri& Metter on Doel D%mieson1s #ebsite: .or our purposes the (i*e%l7 bo*y is th%t o.e$ +he s&ienti.ollo#s22: 3l%&ti& 3n%erobi&: Short term energy6 0 Q 5 se&on*s6 3+P8 CP Fuele*6 " 0th . e%&h system is %s .urther I %m going to get % little *eeper %n* bring t%l' s&ien&e #ith you$ +here %re three types o..e % mu&h e%sier time .i& bre%'*o#n o. the sprinter: le%n %n* lithe$ +he re%son the t#o *i.

ement intensity rem%ins 2! =y&h%l2 3nthony$ +he =yth o.uele*6 K$R" 0th .irst 58or8so se&on*s2 the %l%&ti& %n%erobi& system is pumping h%r*2 %long #ith the others$ But be&%use it is only p%rti%lly .%te*$ For the .erent$ +here. the systems %re %&ti.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om L%&ti& 3n%erobi&: =i* term energy6 J0 Q K0 se&on*s6 <ly&olysis Fuele*6 !" 0th .i& enough$ +hro#ing % b%ll is pre*omin%ntly %n%erobi&$ Doing %s m%ny . g%s ..%st$ +hen the bo*y promotes the 3l%&ti& 3n%erobi& system %s the prim%ry &ontributor gi. HII+$ 22$ .ull 3erobi&: Long term energy6 Hours6 M/ygen .en the mo.ities %re .ore2 the logi&%l &on&lusion to *r%# is th%t %ll %n%erobi& tr%ining is not &re%te* e?u%lly$ 2! )hen you .ull =ost people stop %t %erobi& %n* %n%erobi& systems2 but .ull2 it runs out o. HII+ stresses2 s%ying something (%n%erobi&7 isn1t ne%rly spe&i.ity2 %ll three o.irst begin intense %&ti.%stly *i.e# bre%' the %n%erobi& system *o#n into the %l%&ti& %n* l%&ti& br%n&h$ 3s +he =yth o.erti&%l -umps %s possible in one minute is %lso pre*omin%ntly %n%erobi&2 but these %&ti.

els %n* lo#er bloo* sug%r enough to enter2 %s in -ust st%rting2 % .en2 #h%t type o.y their e/er&ise re?uirement o.or 0 8 5 minutes to s%tis. e/er&ise I %m going to pres&ribe be&%use e. the men #ho tr%in in the s%me m%nner *on1t$ )hen it &omes to &%r*io2 e.en #ith % huge tele.or someone to e/pl%in ho# one &%n tr%in li'e % m%n %n* loo' li'e % go**ess i.en th%t %.or hours on en* is not the most e/&iting thing in the #orl* to *o2 e.y7$ 0o surprise there b%se* on the l%st se&tion2 rightG I1m still #%iting .ity2 ob..ter longer bouts o. the energy$ In this e/%mple2 it is &le%r to see the %erobi& system is the most e. the b%t2 I1ll tell you right no# th%t you #ill not be (tr%ining li'e % m%n7 %n* (li.iously there &omes % time #hen the system #ill be *eplete*2 %t #hi&h point the %erobi& b%n' supplies most o.eryone &l%ims to h%te long ste%*y st%te &%r*io %n* #oul* r%ther HII+ . the *%y$ +he problem #ith short HII+ #or'outs is th%t it &%n t%'e up to t#enty minutes . this le%* in you %re prob%bly #on*ering2 *re%*ing e.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om high$ I.or e/er&ise to re*u&e insulin le.eryone 'no#s running or #%l'ing on % tre%*mill .%t burning Aone$ It h%s %lso been pro..ision s&reen in . you &ontinue this %&ti.ront o.i&ient energy p%th#%y$ )ith %ll o. you$ :ight o.ting he%. e/er&ise 9%roun* the post !08 minute m%r'. en*orphins st%rt to get rele%se* %n* gro#th .

%t %n* thus re.e nothing %g%inst HII+$ 3ll I &%re %bout is the %ppropri%te m%nner o.els &ontinue to rise in % line%r .%t #hen you eng%ge in it$ +his *oes not me%n th%t #eight li.e%l the slim thighs you *esire$ Sin&e m%ny people tout HII+ %s being the .%t burning .e to go *o#n the m%r%thon running p%thG 3bsolutely not@ +here is % big *i.%&t is #eight li. le.ting &%nnot be our prim%ry or sole me%ns o. e/er&ising be&%use it uses glu&ose"gly&on %n* not .or the re&or*2 I h%.er time2 pe%'ing %roun* the L08minute m%r'$ So2 *oes this me%n th%t in or*er to get your thigh g%p %n* %nnihil%te your bo*y .%&ts$ H%.%t in our #or'out progr%m2 li.%t2 you1ll h%..e to you %n* set the re&or* str%ight %bout the un%*ulter%te* . %n* testosterone 9mus&le buil*ing.i&i%l$ )e #ill use #eight8be%ring e/er&ises2 but sin&e #e #%nt to t%rget %s mu&h store* .els begin to rise$ +hese le.ting isn1t bene.ting isn1t the most .%shion o.%t bl%sting &ure8%ll2 my -ob is to pro.urn%&e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om hormone 9% .ing s%i* th%t2 the .eren&e bet#een %erobi& tr%ining %n* m%r%thon running$ For the re&or*2 %erobi& tr%ining %lso nee* not be either ste%*y st%te or prolonge*$ I shoul* %lso st%te . tr%ining th%t #ill burn the most .

es % . FM22 the se&on* #%s J54 o.%t *uring li.erent intensities o.%t2 or o.ery little *i.or energy in l%&t%te %&i* #hi&h le%*s to s#elling %n* soreness th%t pe%'s % *%y or t#o %. o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e.e# *%ys l%ter2 *epen*ing on the se.. %&ti.ting %n* %ll glu&ose 9gly&ogen. FM2$ +he result #%s .e&ti. using gly&ogen . the *%m%ge$ Here1s %nother .%st2 but .ery *%y isn1t the solution either$ <o %he%* %n* he%.es burn roughly the s%me %mount o. FM22 %n* the thir*2 R54 o.%t2 #hile those e/er&ising in the mi**le r%nge 9not too slo#2 not too .erity o.e me%ns to get us there$ You %re burning little to no .irst one #%s 254 o. 8 the by pro*u&t o..ity$ +he .eren&e bet#een e/er&ising %t 254 FM2 %n* R54 FM22 me%n#hile the J54 group sho#e* the most mobiliA%tion o.e % sigh o..er th%t l%st line no#$ In % KK! stu*y by :om%-in %n* Colle%gues2 substr%te met%bolism #%s e/%mine* *uring *i. relie.ter the #or'out %n* resol. . .er triple the %mounts %s the other t#o groups$ In other #or*s2 the people th%t you spot gingerly #%l'ing on % tre%*mill #hile on the &ell phone or re%*ing %ll the %rti&les in the l%test gossip m%g%Aine %n* the people #ho %re 'illing themsel.%&t: ste%*y st%te &%r*io %t % sn%il1s p%&e %n* running li'e % m%*#om%n e.

#hi&h &%rbohy*r%tes %re better %t . HII+G It is true th%t #or'ing out %t % higher intensity #ill burn more tot%l &%lories #hi&h #ill le%* to .ery time #hen you tr%in .ten #ith less &h%n&e o.ueling th%n .or % longer time$ Mn top o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om -ust right.or short. &%lories burne* *oing lesser intensity #or'outs .ity re?uires po#er.er%ll &%lories %n* the .er2 the sm%ll %mount o.or HII+ h%s been sho#n to e?u%l the %mount o. you %re e%ting lo# &%rbs %n* on % *e.er$ 3re those &%lories being burne* %. in-ury$ 3s .ter the #or'out is o.rom .el &%n be *one more o.or those &l%ims th%t HII+ #ill r%ise met%bolism be&%use the bo*y #ill &ontinu%lly burn &%lories %.%t@ Ho# &%n this beG +his is be&%use high intensity %&ti.%ts$ )h%t %bout the .. th%t2 you1re prone to more in-ury %n* re?uire lots o.%tG S%*ly2 the %ns#er to th%t ?uestion is no$ +hose .ter8 e.ul mus&le &ontr%&tions o. re&o.%&t th%t #or'ing out % higher intensity #ill burn more o. o. tot%l #or'out time .re?uently her%l*e* (%. burne* three times %s mu&h .ter the #or'out &oming .i&it$ Ho#e.e&t7 or Post8E/er&ise M/ygen Consumption 9EPMC .ery intensely2 #here%s spen*ing % little more time #or'ing out %t % mo*er%te le.%ster .%t loss2 espe&i%lly i.

e be&%use I #%nt you to 'no# the re%soning behin* #hy you1re going to *o the proto&ol set .or HII+ %n* 3erobi& tr%ining is simply not % gre%t &%lorie burner #hen one t%'es % &loser loo' %t things$ )ith HII+2 you %re getting % E4 EPMC2 #hile #ith %erobi& tr%ining2 you %re getting L4 EPMC$ +o put this into perspe&ti. in.eren&e in EPMC$ So mu&h .or getting th%t e/tr% burn throughout the *%y$ HII+ is not %ll b%* though6 it m%y %&tu%lly suppress your %ppetite2 buil* more mus&les th%n %erobi& tr%ining2 %n* mus&les #ill r%ise your B=: %s long %s they %re m%int%ine*$ THE THIGH GAP WORKOUT™ M'%y2 it m%y seem li'e #e1..or me to -ust spit out #h%t you nee* to *o %lre%*y$ Your #%it is o.e only % !58&%lorie *i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &%rbohy*r%tes th%t %re bro'en *o#n insi*e the bo*y %re use* .e re%&he* the p%rt o.uel %.orth belo#$ I *on1t #%nt to 'eep you #%iting %ny longer2 %n* you1re prob%bly it&hing .er2 be&%use you1. .e2 % 5008&%lorie burning #or'ing #oul* h%.ter % HII+ session %s #ell$ Furthermore2 %erobi& tr%ining %lso &re%tes EPMC$ But2 EPMC .ere* % gre%t *e%l o.e &o.orm%tion2 %n* #e h%.or .

e&ti. tr%ining metho*2 #hi&h type shoul* #e %ssume to re*u&e your o.%..en th%t #e h%.ere* the .its o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the boo' #here you #ill . e%&h type o.%rious bene.el *rops$ Simil%rly2 %s you begin losing .ery#here else2 .e #or'out &ombin%tion %n* h%&'s to losing stubborn bo*y .in%lly le%rn the most e.ery#here$ E.$ <i.e%t in % minute.%t loss is to see your bo*y %s % s#imming pool2 #here the #%ter is your bo*y .e trimme* *o#n e.%t %s ?ui&'ly %s possible2 so th%t those stubborn %re%s &%n be t%rgete* %n* .or m%ny #omen is usu%lly the hips %n* thighs2 %s #e 'no#$ You #onNt get ri* o.%t #hile t%'ing into %&&ount your lo#ere* &%rbohy*r%te *iet2 not result in %n in&re%se in m%ss or mus&ul%r .t in the pool is in the *eep en*$ In your bo*y2 the O*eep en*O . those until youN. the sh%llo# en* or the *eep en*$ 3s you remo.orite %n%logy .er%ll le.or .er%ll bo*y .e #%ter initi%lly2 the o.entu%lly the only #%ter le.e &o.or the most p%rt 9I1ll e/pl%in this &%.%t2 you lose it e.in%lly st%rt to slim *o#nG +he %ns#er is % tr%ining progr%m th%t #ill buil* %n* m%int%in mus&les #here #e #%nt them2 to 'eep your met%bolism r%ise*2 burn the most .%t #ithout &re%ting the s#ollen leg %ppe%r%n&e$ =y .%t$ You &%nNt -ust t%'e #%ter out o.

e$ C%r*io %lone #on1t burn %s m%ny &%lories %s higher intensity inter.%t %n* &%n be *one more ..ort on your p%rt$ It #ill ho#e.els re?uire*$ Still2 it #ill buil* more mus&le %n* 'eep your met%bolism up$ THIGH GA& &ROTOCOL TO LOSE -AT :emember %ll the #%y b%&' in the . in-ury$ Mn the other h%n*2 higher intensity tr%ining the #%y you1re me%nt to *o it 9.e%r o.re?uently 9%t % mo*er%te p%&e. .%l tr%ining$ It %lso #on1t m%int%in e/isting mus&les th%t #ill 'eep your met%bolism r%ise* #ithout %ny e/tr% e.e# &h%pters #hen #e . #ill limit the .or % little bit longer %n* most people *on1t tr%in %t the true intensity le.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om loo' in the thigh region 9hypertrophy %n* s%r&opl%smi& .lui*.2 %n* burn %s m%ny &%lories %s possible #ithout neg%ti.ely %. the %bo.ery perio* ne&ess%ry2 burn %s mu&h &%lories %s mo*er%te intensity tr%ining *one .er2 burn % gre%ter per&ent%ge o. e/er&ises t%ilore* %roun* your &%lorie &y&ling *%ys #ill yiel* %ll o.re?uen&y you %re %ble to #or' out *ue to the re&o. #ithout .irst .or 5 to 20 minutes..e&ting your %ppetite$ 3 &ombin%tion o.

.or more in.our *%ys2 you #ill &y&le t#o *%ys on2 one *%y o. .el2 #ith beginners st%rting %t .elop your o#n #or'out progr%m2 sin&e I #ill pro.$ Si/ *%ys #ill tr%nsl%te to three *%ys on2 one *%y o.i*e you #ith the (ho# to7 belo#2 by be&oming % member o. si/ *%ys per #ee'2 *epen*ing on your &urrent .e *%ys2 you #ill &y&le t#o *%ys on2 %n* one *%y o.ery month2 #ith e. tr%ining *%ys #ill *epen* on your &urrent .%t loss pl%te%u %n* &omb%ting bore*om$ Fisit ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"pro*u&ts or ###$thighg%p&lub$&om .erent solutions .our %n* % m%/imum o.%n&e* in*i.or you$ F%riety %n* s#it&hing up your e/er&ises is integr%l to pre... . tr%ining in the e/er&ise &y&ling se&tion belo#$ . %n* begin #ith #h%t you1ll nee* to *o i..t o. tr%ining .i*u%ls -umping right in #ith si/ #or'out *%ys per #ee'$ I.ull >+high <%p )or'outs7 e..2 t#o *%ys on2 t#o *%ys o.enting . tr%ining .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om *is&usse* *i.erything %lre%*y pl%nne* out . %n* so on$ I #ill e/pl%in the #hy behin* this type o.e %&&ess to ne#2 . %n* so on$ I..i.orm%tion$ In this proto&ol2 you #ill be re?uire* to tr%in % minimum o.itness le.our *%ys per #ee'2 %n* more %*.itness le.el2 %ltern%ting #or'out intensity$ +he number o.or your uni?ue problemG )e1re going to pi&' b%&' up #here #e le.%t loss is your prim%ry &on&ern$ 0ote th%t #hile you m%y ele&t to *e. (+he +high <%p Club7 you &%n h%.

e e/isting le%n m%ss2 #hi&h #ill 'eep your B=: ele.orego resist%n&e"&ir&uit tr%ining %ltogether %n* -ust &omplete &%r*io .or %nother thirty to . the upper %n* lo#er bo*y . your higher by *oing less sets2 reps or going %t % slo#er p%&e$ .e minutes$ Doing &%r*io right %.ersion o.i.or thirty to .or the entire si/ty8minute #or'out or *o % mo*i.orty .ie* .ter your tr%ining #ill 'eep nutrients nee*e* .or gro#th out o.%te*2 %n* en* your #or'out sessions #ith mo*er%te to high intensity &%r*io .it2 you &%n #or'out more regul%rly %n* t%'e less time re&o.%l &ir&uit tr%ining using .ull bo*y &ompoun* mo. your system in your most %n%boli& #in*o#$ Mn your lighter intensity #or'out *%ys2 you &%n &hoose to .ements o.orty .i.els on % si/ *%y s&he*ule: =on Q higher intensity #or'out2 +ues Q =o*er%te intensity #or'out2 )e* Q Higher intensity #or'out2 +hurs Q :est2 Fri Q =o*er%te intensity #or'out2 S%t Q Higher intensity )or'out2 Sun*%y Q =o*er%te intensity #or'out$ By steering &le%r o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +he .e minutes to preser.ering2 #hi&h tr%nsl%tes to more &%lories burne*$ Your #or'outs #ill utiliAe inter.ements to burn %s m%ny &%lories %s possible$ You #ill in&orpor%te &ompoun* resist%n&e tr%ining mo. 'iller intensity #or'outs li'e +%b%t% %n* Cross.ollo#ing e/%mple illustr%tes ho# one #oul* %ppro%&h #or'outs %n* intensity le.

e &ompoun* mo.or % t%ilore* pl%n th%t in&lu*es spe&i.2 #hi&h #oul* be %n isol%tion mo.e poun* #eights$ +hese shoul* be higher reps %n* *one no more th%n three times per #ee' #ith t#o rest *%ys in bet#een$ Sm%ll pulsing leg mo.%t burning mo.%l tr%ining.rom *i.rom one e/er&ise to the ne/t #ithout resting 9&ir&uit tr%ining.ibers responsible . #hile . #ith no to lo# #eights to tr%in the mus&le .ts #ith bo*y #eight or three to .%t burning e/er&ises #oul* be plies2 .ront2 si*e %n* b%&' 'i&'s2 b%&'#%r*"si*e"&urtsy lunges2 #i*e s?u%ts %n* *e%*li..ements #ith *i.%rying the intensity enough to &%t&h your bre%th %n* 'eep going 9inter.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Begin by pi&'ing out e/er&ises th%t in.ements typi&%lly #or' the tiny mus&les in the hips2 thighs %n* butt .or en*ur%n&e2 #hi&h *o not in&re%se in siAe$ .$ Leg e/er&ises &%n be % &ombin%tion o.i.i& e/er&ises2 loo' into -oining our online &ommunity$ You #ill nee* to s#it&h ..ements %n* sm%ller mus&le t%rgeting e/er&ises$ +he l%rge lo#er bo*y .ting2 e/ten*ing or ben*ing the leg or 'nee$ You m%y *o these #ith high reps 950 to 00 per set.ront 'i&'s inste%* o.erhe%* press by itsel.ol. bigger .ements use more th%n one mus&le %t % time to burn more &%lories$ 3n e/%mple #oul* be &ompleting o.erent %ngles by li. -ust *oing %n o.ement$ 3g%in2 .erhe%* presses #ith %ltern%ting .erent intensities$ Compoun* mo.

$ You shoul* try to %. you1re b%rely bre%'ing % s#e%t2 e/ert more e.eel your %bs slightly eng%ge*$ Long stri*es th%t #ill stret&h the legs %re best$ I p%rti&ul%rly li'e *%n&e &%r*io %n* 'i&'bo/ing . e%&h #or'out2 &%n either be *one using % &%r*io *.eel .or t#enty to thirty minutes2 %n* &%n be eng%ge the upper bo*y 9%rms li.or my &%r*io2 but .te*2 %rm &ir&les2 %rm pulses2 et&.ort %n* up the intensity$ C%r*io2 #hi&h is to be &omplete* %t the en* o.it$ 3ll o.e shoul* be *one in &on-un&tion #ith % #%rm .ree to s#it&h up your routines %s you see .or these e/er&ises to get your he%rt r%te up be&%use th%t is ho# you burn &%lories2 so i.. you %re s#e%ting bu&'ets %n* .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Leg pulsing e/er&ises #here you #or' the sm%ller mus&les &%n be *one up to si/ *%ys per #ee' .oi* e/er&ises th%t re?uire lying *o#n &ompletely2 %s more energy is e/pen*e* #hen you %re upright or your bo*y is &ontr%&te*$ It is import%nt .* or e/er&ise pl%n2 li'e the ones up*%te* regul%rly in (+he +high <%p )or'out72 or #%l'ing on % tre%*mill2 #ithout hol*ing on2 %t % mo*er%te but non8p%nting p%&e %n* % mo*er%te in&line$ You &%n g%uge #hether you %re *oing your #%l' &orre&tly i. the %bo.

%&ing o.ery #ell &oul* h%.%t to lose #ill 'eep your met%bolism higher %n* %llo# you to burn more .elope* mus&les2 &h%n&es %re high % &ontributing .e *is%*. . mus&les %n* you h%.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om up"&ool *o#n perio* #ith %mple stret&hing o.%t burning %n* pre.elop mus&les .%nt%ge$ .%t loss %lbeit gi.%t2 %s m%int%ining your mus&les #hen you h%.e e/&ess .er*e.e % lot o. %t % gr%.ore2 be.%t being % highly li'ely &ontributor to your &ir&umst%n&e$ +here.%t$ In other #or*s2 i. the limbs e.ent hypertrophy o.oo* h%&'s se&tion to re%lly m%/imiAe .e you more energy to put into your #or'outs$ THIGH GA& &ROTOCOL TO LOSE MUSCLE For the lot o. you #ith %thleti& buil*s . mus&le2 but #e must %&'no#le*ge .%t to lose2 you1ll be putting yoursel.%t$ +his is not to *ismiss some #omen1s %bility to *e.ery e%sily$ You .i&it *iet outline* in the *iet %n* .i&it on rest *%ys2 but *oing so #ill le%* to slo#er .e % prepon*er%n&e o.%&tor to your bul'y mus&les is un*erlying .ery *%y2 %s #ell %s % lo# &%rb2 &%lorie *e. you get ri* o. the mus&les$ You &%n lessen the *e.i&it or ele&t to e%t %t m%inten%n&e on #or'out *%ys %n* in&re%se the *e.ore #e go into this proto&ol2 be sure th%t you %re %lre%*y le%n %n* the mus&les in your legs %re not -ust e/&ess .

%ilure2 %.or .es 9e. #ill ser. the more tr%*ition%l &%lorie burning e/er&ises su&h %s b%&'#%r*2 &urtsy %n* si*e lunges2 *e%*li.%t loss2 your .ersion o. the progr%m 9J Q .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Li'e +he +high <%p Proto&ol .. leg resist%n&e tr%ining2 %s *oing %ny o.i.en #ithout #eights. %n* progress to si/ty minutes to#%r*s the en* o.ery *%y .orty . the %.ter &%r*io$ You m%y &hoose to split up your upper bo*y tr%ining %n* .%ste* st%te %n* #or' the %&&essory mus&les in the legs using en*ur%n&e tr%ining 9high rep"no #eight. stopping short o.or thirty to .%ste* &%r*io #or' %t *i.i&it2 stret&hing e. .or thirty to .ts2 %n* s?u%ts t#o to three times % #ee'2 your regimen #ill re?uire &omplete omission o.orty . the Proto&ol re?uires % siAe%ble &%lorie *e.orementione* mo.e minutes to m%int%in le%n bo*y m%ss$ Ho#e.e minutes %t the st%rt 9E Q J #ee's.er2 you #ill nee* to &omplete % non8negoti%ble &%r*io regimen o.our to si/ times per #ee' . J *%ys per #ee' in % .%t to lose or #ho *o not put on mus&le %s e%sily &%n in&orpor%te some o.e % lot o.e to m%int%in the le%n mus&le in your lo#er bo*y th%t you #%nt to *iminish$ You #ill &omplete lo# to mo*er%te imp%&t &%r*io e.i.erent times in the *%y$ 3lso2 #here%s those #ho h%.ery *%y2 %n* upper bo*y resist%n&e tr%ining . .

.er time by burning less &%lories$ Some &%r*io th%t re?uire e/plosi. en*ur%n&e tr%ining mo.ore s#it&hing to the ne/t leg2 %n* then repe%ting it %ll o.ull routine .or t#o sets o.lo# in.ements inste%* o.er %g%in$ Peep in min*2 >toning1 e/er&ises su&h %s this only #or's #hen there is little bo*y .%l sprinting %n* plyometri& e/er&ises2 #ill h%. lo# imp%&t &%r*io$ Imme*i%tely .or e/ten*ing your sessions is your bo*y %*%pts to ste%*y st%te &%r*io o.or three to .orms o.ter #or'ing out2 %s protein replenishes %n* rebuil*s your mus&le$ 3 &up o.or %&&ess to .%t %s bloo* .ull r%nge leg e/er&ises or -oin our membership &ommunity . e%&h e/er&ise on one leg be. sm%ll pulsing mo. 50 reps2 #here you &omplete one set o. . .$ 3im .luen&es .%t stor%ge %n* loss$ Fin%lly2 %n* this is 'ey2 you %re not to &onsume protein 9th%t in&lu*es sh%'es.our hours %. %.ter your #or'out is best$ .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om 2 #ee's.e mo.e the e/%&t opposite e.ements2 li'e inter.ollo# &%r*io tr%ining #ith t#enty to thirty or so minutes o.ements th%t #or' the slo# t#it&h mus&le . green te% or s%l%* 9#ithout %ny me%t.i*eos.e&t on your mus&les2 so sti&' to #%l'ing on % tre%*mill #ith no to lo# in&line %t % non8p%nting p%&e or other .$ +he re%son .ibers in the lo#er bo*y 9thin' %long the lines o.

e leg mo.ent m%ss .or no more th%n eight to t#el.ollo# this *iet %n* tr%ining regimen .%t2 s?uishy loo'ing legs inste%* o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om )or'ing your legs in this m%nner #ill not only burn .ter #hi&h you m%y &ut *o#n on e/er&ise time". &%ution on the +high <%p Proto&ol .re?uen&y2 but *o not return to high resist%n&e leg e/er&ises 9s?u%ts2 lunges2 e/plosi.rom o&&urring$ I.%t stor%ge in un#%nte* pl%&es$ You shoul* %lso . #hi&h &%use* you to put on % ton o. mus&les in the legs in the .oi* high &%rb %n* high sug%r sn%&'s be&%use less mus&le #ill le%* to % slo#er met%bolism th%t m%y en&our%ge . you1re &on&erne* th%t #%l'ing #ill m%'e your legs bigger2 *on1t be$ :esist%n&e tr%ining &%uses hypertrophy2 not #%l'ing$ You %lso *on1t #%nt to stop %ll lo#er bo*y #or' %ltogether2 %s some m%y %*.or mus&le loss is you h%.e #ee's2 %. le%n ones$ )hen you stop using the mus&les in your legs in the m%nner your bo*y h%s be&ome %&&ustome* to2 e.o&%te2 or the result #ill be .in%l #or* o.e to re%lly e%t &le%n %n* %.%t %n* bre%' *o#n e/&ess mus&les2 but %lso pre.entu%lly it #ill re%liAe it h%s no nee* .or the mus&les %n* use it up$ 3 .irst pl%&e$ WORKOUT CYCLI#G .ements2 et&.

%ste*2 rest S%tur*%y %n* Sun*%y$ It is &ompletely .ollo#ing p%ttern: %t night one *%y2 %n* in the morning 9.e* st%te it prim%rily uses &%rb8energy .%t$ )h%t is import%nt to 'no# is th%t your bo*y is in either % (. the imme*i%te *%y$ For e/%mple2 i.%st %n* others th%t s%y #or'ing out right %.ter % .our hours %.%t #hen you #or' out %.uel2 unless you %re . storing it %s .%ste*2 rest )e*nes*%y2 +hurs*%y night three to .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om Mne o.%ste* st%te it rele%ses H<H$ +his hormone helps rele%se bo*y . the se&rets to my thigh g%p #or'out h%&' is timing %n* it is to be %pplie* #hether you nee* to lose .e to use the &%lories you &onsume to .%t %*%pte*$ )hen your bo*y is in % .ollo#s: =on*%y night three to .%ste*7 st%te$ )hen your bo*y is in % . prime .ter your l%st me%l2 Fri*%y morning .%ste* morning #or'out *%ys .o&%te tr%ining in this m%nnerG +here %re those th%t s%y you burn more .%t or mus&le$ You %re to rot%te your #or'outs to t%'e %*.or the +high <%p Proto&ol .our hours %.rom store* .ine to *o your lo#er intensity tr%ining on .e*7 or (.%t .uel th%t #or'out inste%* o.or . you #ere % beginner #or'ing out E times per #ee'2 your s&he*ule #oul* be %s .%t burning opportunities$ +hus2 I re&ommen* #or'ing out b%&' to b%&' *%ys in the .%ste*.%nt%ge o.%t &ells into the bloo*stre%m .ter your l%st me%l2 +ues*%y morning .or F%t Loss$ )hy *o I %*.ter % me%l #or's best so th%t your bo*y #ill h%.

% &%rb or protein .ter e%ting be.%st . store* (.or energy inste%* o.ore #or'ing out #ill *o the tri&'$ HACK TI&S GREEN TEA AND EXERCISE Ho# *i* <reen +e% get into the e/er&ise portion o.%ste* st%te$ +he longer the .er*o this %n* .oo* energy7$ Intense e/er&ise %lso r%ises H<H le.%ste* st%te2 the better2 but #%iting ! or E hours %.ter % #or'out inste%* o.iously you &%n1t o.%t loss li'e &r%Ay@ WORKOUT RIGHT BEFORE EATING .or #%y too long or e/er&ise too h%r*2 but *one str%tegi&%lly this #or's #on*ers$ +o summ%riAe2 #hether you #or' out morning2 noon or night2 try to *o so #hen your bo*y is in % .ore %n* %.%t loss$ Mb.els$ )hen you &ombine e/er&ise #ith this .ille* sh%'e #ill in&re%se .or .%ste* st%te2 you &re%te % gre%t synergisti& &on*ition .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om so you &%n use th%t . the boo'G Simple$ Consuming green te% be.

.e&ti.%t &ells$ Mne h%&'2 #hi&h I &re*it +im Ferriss .rom being store* in the .ull being store* %s .e minutes o. pushups or upper"lo#er b%&' e/er&ises .er2 e/h%usting these mus&les %n* then supply your bo*y energy to rep%ir the leg mus&les is not e/%&tly %ligne* to getting slen*er pins$ Inste%*2 I re&ommen* *oing % .irst pl%&e$ 3&&or*ing to Ferriss2 #or'ing out merely minutes be.e %t &ir&um.ore e%ting % me%l is the %ns#er$ Surprisingly2 the #or'out *oes not h%. rigorous e/er&ise is %ll it t%'es to su.enting bo*y .e# sets o.irst .e minutes #ith light #eights$ SWEAT TO SLIM B%&' in the *%y I #oul* go to the p%r' to #or' out %n* see people #e%ring #h%t %ppe%re* to be % g%rb%ge b%g s#e%t suits or tons o.e to be !0 minutes2 20 minutes or e.i&iently *eplete the mus&les o. energy$ +he e/er&ise Ferriss re&ommen*s is #%ll s?u%ts$ Ho#e.e# #ee's *ue to loss o. #%ter #eight2 .%t . he%.y2 hot loo'ing &lothes #hile #or'ing out$ I *i*n1t un*erst%n* #h%t those >'oo'y1 people #ere trying to *o then2 but no# I 'no# they #ere trying to elimin%te #%ter #eight$ Dust %s those #ho emb%r' on % lo# &%rb *iet see r%pi* #eight loss in the .en 0 minutes long$ Fi.. you t%'e going to your mus&les %n* on&e they %re .or .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om :e&%ll our *is&ussion2 i. you #ill2 on energy 9C%lories.i.or sh%ring2 is e.

s#e%ting to slim$ You &%n pi&' up % suit %t % sporting goo*s store .e&ti.its o.or someone loo'ing to get the bene.or %roun* S20$ 3ltern%ti.or % list o.y &lothing &%n %&&omplish the s%me en* thing$ For this to #or' most e. .er to the resour&es p%ge .e*$ 3s % rule o.ort to be mo.ore suiting up %n* #or'ing out$ +o*%y2 there %re more .ore #or'ing out #ith s%un% suit$ 3 &re%m th%t #or's e/tremely #ell is &%lle* 3lbolene2 itNs % moisturiAing &le%nser but it re%lly opens your pores up %n* %llo#s you to s#e%t more .reely$ Some %lso h%.ier you %re2 the higher your B=: or .ely2 you nee* to open the pores be.%shion%ble %n* less >'oo'y12 %ttention *r%#ing2 options .en*ors I re&ommen*$ 9###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es. thumb2 the more mus&les you h%...e or he%.ely2 you &oul* pur&h%se &lothing online$ 3g%in2 re.e reporte* %pplying menthol to the s'in be. WEIGHTED CLOTHING Mne thing you shoul* 'eep in min* %s you %ttempt to &ontour your bo*y is2 the more #eight you lose the lo#er your met%bolism #ill be *ue to your bo*y not re?uiring %s mu&h energy %n* e.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #or'ing out in those g%rb%ge b%g s#e%t suits %n* he%.

%&e it2 i.%shion %n* %ppe%r%n&e into min* in their *esigns$ Let1s .ool #e%ring the #eighte* .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om the C%lories you burn #hen %t rest$ +he bigger your &%lorie *e. energy %n* e/ertion$ )e%ring % #eighte* .est 9%bout per&ent$ 0 per&ent o.s$ no #eights$ Mne #oul* t%'e &onsi*er%bly more %mounts o.isit ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es E6ERCISES TO AVOI +hese .ests loo' bul'y %n* un. &omp%nies I re&ommen*2 . you .er use them$ For % list o.e .rom % .eel li'e % .or &omb%ting your lo#ere* met%bolism %s you st%r to lose #eight is to #or' out in #eighte* &lothing$ Im%gine #%l'ing up % hill #ith 0 poun*s #eights .ests"&lothes you %re less li'ely to %&tu%lly e.oun* % .e# &omp%nies th%t h%. #hile #%l'ing &%n boost your &%lorie burn by R +oo m%ny #eighte* . your bo*y #eight.i&it %n* the more #eight or mus&les you lose2 the lo#er your B=: #ill be$ Mne suggestion .e# sm%rt %n* #ell8respe&te* person%l tr%iners %n* it rel%tes p%rti&ul%rly .%rious e/er&ise h%&'s #ere sour&e* .%shion%ble2 but I h%.e t%'en .

the 'nee&%p2 spe&i. slimming *o#n your thighs by %.ront p%rt o.eet2 espe&i%lly #ith he%..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om #ell .e ones$ 3n e/er&ise th%t #omen %re o.ein2 *oing % leg press2 #here you in&line on % m%&hine %n* push #eight up #ith both .y #eights2 #ill #or' the s%me %re% %n* gi.or our purposes o.erh%ng or te%r*rop e.or#%r* lunges2 in #hi&h you e/ten* one leg %t % ninety *egree %ngle2 #hile stret&hing the other leg %s str%ight %s possible be..ten tol* to *o #hen trying to lose .i&%lly the .ore returning to % st%n*ing position$ For#%r* lunges %&tu%lly buil* up the b%se %t the .ery *e.e&t$ )hile the te%r*rop loo's gre%t on men2 most #omen I 'no# #oul* r%ther this mus&le rem%in in hi*ing$ In th%t s%me . the mus&les th%t %re eng%ge* #hen you go .%t or mus&les is .urther into the lunge$ )hen you *o .oi*ing &ert%in e/er&ises %n* repl%&ing them #ith other more e.or#%r* lunges %n* leg e/tensions #ith b%&'#%r* lunges2 #here you step b%&' #ith one leg %n* bring the 'nee to % K08*egree %ngle$ +he %ngles o.%stus me*i%lus &re%ting #h%t is &ommonly &%lle* the o.e you th%t . your b%&'#%r* lunges m%tter be&%use o.elope* mus&le th%t you *o not #%nt$ Inste%*2 I pres&ribe repl%&ing .e&ti.

or using bo*y #eight #hen it &omes to legs.i&%ntly %n* #here they %re &%lle* .enly #ith both legs lessening the e.i*eos simply opt .emoris.ront s?u%ts$ Dump lunges %re o'%y sin&e you &%t&h e. the ?u%*s th%t run up %n* *o#n the length o.or&e more re&ruitment o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om b%&'#%r* lunges2 your butt gets % lot more #or'2 %n* the se&tion o. but you shoul* &ut *o#n on them signi.ing through the HEEL o.er%ble be&%use they in&re%se glute re&ruitment %n* t%'e the ?u%*s out -ust % bit more th%n regul%r .oi*e* be&%use they #ill in&re%se the ?u%*ri&eps %n* hips$ )i*er s?u%t st%n&es %re pre.oot #hen &ompleting step ups2 you . the .rom the leg press %n* opting . the ele. get % bit more #or'$ +his *oesn1t me%n you &%n ne.er *o % .or the b%&'#%r* lunge$ )hen you *o *e&i*e to in&orpor%te .or#%r* lunge %g%in 9%lthough I #oul* re&ommen* st%ying %#%y .or in #or'out .ront lunges m%'e sure to only use bo*y #eight %s %**ition%l #eights e/%&erb%te the problem$ +he s%me %pplies .. the glute %n* h%mstrings th%n the ?u%*$ .%te* .ein2 tr%*ition%l lo# s?u%ts %lso shoul* be %.emur 9re&tus .e&t %n* step ups %re %lso o'%y2 be&%use people ten* to use the tr%ining leg$ By *ri.or b%&'#%r* lunges$ In the s%me .

or you to *e&i*e #hi&h ones to use %n* tr%sh the rest$ +hus2 I h%.ing proo.ery +ri&' in the Boo'2 liter%lly 8 .o&%te %n* li. the little 'no#n se&rets %n* tri&'s th%t m%ny &elebrities %n* .e &ompile* some o.ery tool I h%.e in &ontouring your tot%l bo*y$ Ho#e. o.e .e you e.i/es %n* others long term2 simply be&%use they #or'$ .e use* throughout the ye%rs to slim *o#n their thighs2 some being ?ui&' tempor%ry .oun* th%t #or's %n* .er2 this boo' is &%lle* >+he +high <%p H%&'7 #ith the sub8title (Le%rn E.itness %thletes h%. #h%t sm%rt *ieting %n* e/er&ise &%n help you %&hie.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART 7 + Ou%"i)e Hack" DIGGING DEEPER You m%y be #on*ering #h%t % &h%pter th%t *oesn1t h%.e to *e%l #ith *iet or e/er&ise is *oing in this boo'$ I %m % tot%l %*.or thinner thighs %n* slim2 tone* legs7$ I promise* to tell you %ll the se&rets to %&&omplish your thigh g%p go%l2 so my #or' is not yet *one$ =y -ob is to gi.

ull8bo*y #r%p2 #hi&h &%n &%use o.inyl2 se%#ee*2 &l%y2 or mu*$ Depen*ing on #here you h%. re&ommen*e* reput%ble #r%p &omp%nies %n* promotions2 .orm o.i*e* in this boo' 9proper e%ting %n* e/er&ise.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om LEG WRAPS Leg )r%ps2 % spe&i.e .or regul%r pl%sti& #r%p2 .ery best but there is h%r*ly %ny time . %n* %re short8term solutions to lose in&hes$ )hen you might #ish to loo' your ..lui* loss th%t m%y le%* to *ehy*r%tion$ 3 leg #r%p to *e&re%se the siAe o.erhe%ting %n* e/&essi.ing % leg #r%p isnNt %s ris'y %s h%. &%n pro*u&e .ol. Bo*y #r%ps2 permit you to she* in&hes .es #r%pping your legs %n* thighs in &ompression b%n*%ges2 #hi&h m%y be nothing more th%n %&e b%n*%ges in.isit the +high <%p :esour&es .e&ti.%bulous results$ For % list o.i& .i% #%ter re*u&tion 9#%ter is % poun* per pint.ery e.or you to re*u&e #eight2 they &%n be .e$ H%.e your leg #r%p *one2 you &%n e/pe&t to spen* %n hour or so rel%/ing2 or you m%y be re?uire* to get in % little time on the tre%*mill #hile your thighs %re he%ting up %n* shrin'ing$ Coupling leg #r%ps #ith the h%&'s pro.oil2 .use* #ith oils2 herbs %n* miner%ls$ =%ny DIY solutions &%ll .ing % . your thighs in.

%t loss2 there is % *i.eren&e$ +he .or lymph%ti& . your mus&les$ +he lymph%ti& system is % &omple/ net#or' o.ilters &%lle* lymph no*es2 #here h%rm.ree up the .erlo%* %n* st%ll the lymph system2 #hi&h le%*s to .irst type o.ul subst%n&es %re tr%ppe* %n* neutr%liAe*$ Lymph no*es %re %ll o.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om P%ge %t ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es MASSAGES +here %re t#o types o.lui*8 .e three times more lymph .er your bo*y$ )e %re s%i* to h%.ement o.lui*s in your lymph no*es2 .ing2 lymphs rely on the mo. m%ss%ges th%t &%n %ssist in #eight loss2 but not . .lui* th%n bloo* in the bo*y2 but #hile bloo* h%s the he%rt to pump %n* 'eep bloo* mo. to .lui*$ Mther .oo* %n* &hemi&%ls o.ille* tubes th%t &ontinuously b%the our &ells %n* then &%rries %#%y the bo*yNs Ose#%geO 9to/ins2 #%ste li?ui*. m%ss%ge is &%lle* % lymph%ti& m%ss%ge th%t t%'es the .i*e % pump .%&tors2 su&h %s stress2 illness2 pollution2 pesti&i*es in .lui* b%&' up %n* blo%ting$ Lymph%ti& *r%in%ge is % light m%ss%ge th%t uses gentle2 rhythmi& stro'es to . mus&les to pro..o&us o..

% series o.or getting the lymph .ing is to *ry brush the s'in %n*"or -ump on % mini tr%mpoline2 %lso 'no#n %s reboun*ing$ Se&on*ly2 regul%r m%ss%ges 9espe&i%lly *eep m%ss%ge. *e%* &ells %n* .lo# ..lo#2 %n* impro. the m%ss%ge %n* the s'ills ` 'no#le*ge o.or* yoursel.@ Use your .i&i%l imp%&t on other ..lui* mo.%rious systems o.%.ings$ +he long2 smooth .orm%n&e . the ther%pist2 it #ill %mongst other things stimul%te bloo* &ir&ul%tion %n* lymph .e bre%thing %n* *igestion 8 %n* impro.e % bene.orm o. you &%n1t %.e ?uite %n imp%&t on .ements to stimul%te &ir&ul%tion$ Besi*es #%ter #eight loss %n* re*u&e* blo%ting %n* s#elling2 some %**e* bene.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %llo#ing it to le%.orite &re%m %n* m%ss%ge it t#i&e % *%y onto your legs #ith sm%ll up#%r* &ir&ul%r mo.its o.e&t it is li'e per.ri&tion %sso&i%te* #ith lymph%ti& *r%in%ge m%ss%ge &%n %lso bre%' up the %*ipose po&'ets2 boun* tissue %n* sub8&ut%neous s&%r tissue th%t &re%te &ellulite$ Mther DIY tips .ements here #ill h%.un&tions$ In e. h%.lui*s$ I. rele%sing lymphs to .e the bo*y2 %n* thus rele%sing #eight in the .reely %re more nutrients %re %ble to get to the &ells2 more &%lories be&ome energy2 &le%rer %n* smooth s'in2 %n* lessene* &r%. the bo*y$ Depen*ing on the n%ture o. lymph%ti& *r%in%ge m%ss%ge tre%tments2 *o them by yoursel.

2 re.ers to % me*i&%l *e.%&uum pressure to *r%# the tissue bet#een the &ooling p%nels$ .%t tissue #ithout *%m%ge to other tissues$ +he %ppli&%tor &up uses % gentle .$ During the pro&e*ure the *o&tor gently pin&hes the .i&iently$ LIPO ALTERNATIVES Liposu&tion %ltern%ti. C.e #ill not pro*u&e results %s *r%sti& %s liposu&tion %n* %re not inten*e* .i*u%ls #ith stubborn %re%s o..%t$ 0%mely2 the .or people #ho %re obese$ +hese bo*y8&ontouring pro&e*ures %re . .ollo#ing pro&e*ures &%n be help.-8 Q Cryolipolysis2 popul%rly 'no#n %s CoolS&ulpting 9_EL+Ib.%tty %re% bet#een the CoolS&ulpting %ppli&%tor %rms to e/tr%&t energy 9&ooling.ort%ble #or'ing to lo#er your bo*y .i&e use* to *estroy .eel &om.rom the un*erlying .or .%t i. .ul in t%rgeting thigh .%t &ells$ 3 typi&%l CoolS&ulpting session l%sts J0 minutes %n* &osts %ppro/im%tely SL00 9*o&tors %re &h%rge* by the m%nu.urther through *iet %n* e/er&ise: E67.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om tuning 8 the bo*y #ill gener%lly st%rt oper%ting more e.%&turer %ppro/im%tely S 0 per session.it in*i. you *on1t .)3 ! '.%t .

W"9!) : "8$.isible &h%nges in tissue stru&ture$ +he most popul%r . !<3!%0/= Q Fel%sh%pe is one o.ine* %s tre%tment #ith % *ose r%te th%t &%uses no imme*i%te *ete&t%ble temper%ture rise o. n%tur%l remo. the .l%te$ Your bo*y 'eeps %ll the .or results$ )hen .ery$ +he net result in&re%ses the met%bolism o.%t &ells %re e/pose* to pre&ise &ooling2 they trigger % pro&ess o.%t &ells2 but they %re s%i* to be mu&h sm%ller$ R"8$..%t l%yer$ L$&(' W"9!) Q Lo#8le.%&ilit%te s%. the %&tu%l . the tre%te* tissues %n* no m%&ros&opi&%lly .or the =e&h%ni&%l =%ss%ge smooth out the s'in to ..e %n* e.e *is&usse* &ol* ther%py be.i&ient he%t energy *eli.i&%lly *esigne* to pun&ture holes in your .%t &ells %n* .%t &h%mbers$7 .el l%ser ther%py is *e. this ther%py is _eron%2 #hi&h #or's by %iming l%sers %t your lo#er bo*y spe&i. store* energy2 in&re%ses lymph%ti& *r%in%ge %n* re*u&es or shrin's the siAe o.orm o.ore2 %n* this is pre&isely #h%t this pro&e*ure uses .re?uen&y$ From the &omp%ny1s #ebsite: (F%&uum %n* spe&i%lly *esigne* rollers .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om )e1.%l th%t gr%*u%lly re*u&es the thi&'ness o.%t &ells so th%t they *e. the more popul%r pro&e*ures th%t uses r%*io.

lo%ting %roun* in the . %n* &osts bet#een S 2500 %n* S!2000 per session$ Full results &%n t%'e J8to8 2 #ee's$ 3 rel%ti. tre%tment #ill be % mir%&le &ures %n* shoul* be use* %s &ompliment%ry me*i&ine2 not % &ure %ll$ I #oul* %lso re&ommen* #or'ing out2 p%rti&ul%rly #ith long lo# to mo*er%te intensity #%l'ing sessions2 *ire&tly %. #hi&h pro&e*ure you *e&i*e upon2 remember th%t they %re no single 9or &ombin%tion.%t &ells o&&ur 9the &ell themsel.e* ultr%soun* is &%lle* (Ultr%soun* C%.elop insi*e the &ell$ +his %ir bubble then bursts the &ell #%ll %n* the trigly&eri*es insi*e the &ell %re rele%se* into the surroun*ing .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om S.%t rele%se* %n* .e* by the FD3 th%t uses ultr%soun* te&hnology to melt . the .er%l tre%tments %ppro.ing this pro&e*ure *one you #ill he%r % soun*2 so 'eep th%t in min* to m%'e sure you1re not being t%'en .$ +he &ost is %bout S!50 per session$ )hen h%.%t &ell &%using % sm%ll %ir po&'et to *e.ely ne#er pro&e*ure th%t in.ol.%t$ E. o. the &ell membr%ne o. the .ing %ny %ltern%ti. se.lui* 9interstiti%l .3%8 W"9!) :3-' ").ter h%.3%8= Q Liposoni/ is one o.es %re %bsorbe* %n* *o not return.e lipo tre%tment to help ri* your bo*y o.or % ri*e$ :eg%r*less o. the .$ +he pro&e*ure &%n l%st up to %n hour %n* % h%l.lui*.entu%lly2 % slo# *e%th o.it%tion7$ +he ultr%soun* #%.elength ?ui&'ly e/p%n*s %n* &ontr%&ts 9.ibr%tes.

ore *oing %erobi& e/er&ise$ +hen there is ephe*rine$ Pno#n %s the EC st%&'2$ Some o.%t %re%s su&h %s #omen1 hips %n* thighs$ Ho#e.e$ HERBS Yohimbe 9yohimbine HCL. ephe*r% #%s b%nne* in *ue to the misuse o.e$ Ho#e.orm o.ere* &onse?uen&es2 #hi&h in&lu*e* *e%th$ I hesit%te to e.or those #ho %re not %lre%*y rel%ti.e .or ho# mu&h %n* ho# . the subst%n&e$ 0orm%lly &ombine* #ith &ombine *ieters ignore* the gui*elines .er2 it is not e.ortun%te #ho *isreg%r* instru&tions %n* p%y the pri&e2 EC %n* yohimbe .. is % herb th%t helps #ith . &ourse2 &onsult #ith your *o&tor be.en in&lu*e this but ephe*rine is e..http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om bo*y$ M.. the un. you m%y be %l%rme* be&%use the herb%l .ely le%n$ It is best to t%'e yohimbe right be.er2 %n* this is #here I #%nt you to re%lly listen to me so th%t you *on1t en* up being one o.re?uent to t%'e EC st%&'s %n* thus su.e&ti.e&ti.%t mobiliA%tion in stubborn bo*y .ter tre%tment is s%.oreh%n* to m%'e sure th%t #or'ing out %.

t#o things2 &ontr%&ts or elong%tes$ =us&les th%t %re &ontr%&te* un*er lo%* be&ome resist%nt to elong%tion by in.e&ts o.olunt%ry &ontr%&tion be&omes m%'ing it impossible to elong%te the mus&le . the hips %n* shoul*ers$ M. e%&h &%n &%use serious ele.or&e to the mus&les to o.ully$ Cert%in e/er&ises2 li'e Yog% %n* Pil%tes2 %pply gentle .er&ome these in.%te* he%rt r%te %n* bloo* pressure$ STRETCHING =us&le *oes one o.er#or'ing the (big7 sur..ully2 espe&i%lly in the &omple/ -oints o.%&e mus&les$ +he im%gery o. length &ombine* #ith better posture helps to .ten the more your try to elong%te the mus&le the stronger the in.ully elong%te$ Deep %n* long stret&hing %lso %llo#s you to . e%&h other2 be&%use other#ise the si*e e.olunt%ry &ontr%&tions thus %llo#ing the mus&le to more .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om shoul* 0EFE: be mi/e* together$ It is re&ommen*e* th%t you *o not t%'e EC or Yohimbe #ithin hours o.olunt%rily rem%ining p%rti%lly &ontr%&te*$ +he more you &ontr%&t your mus&les the less #illing they %re to elong%te .ully elong%te your mus&les$ +he i*e% behin* Yog% %n* Pil%tes is you &%n lengthen %n* elong%te the mus&le through *eep mus&le strengthening2 #hile rel%/ing %n* not o.

ery popul%r %s o.8 m%ss%ge or myo.ious results Yog% %n* Pil%tes pr%&titioners bo%st #hen they &ombine their .orm o. stret&hing upon #%'ing up %n* right be.or .i.%s&i%l rele%se2 bre%' up trigger points2 %n* soothe tight .ute ob.orm % sel.ter #or'ing out 9no e/&eptions.o%m roller you &%n per.e&t %s #ell$ +his is #hy I re&ommen* steering &le%r or gre%tly re*u&ing e/er&ises th%t #or' the big leg mus&les su&h %s s?u%ts %n* lunges in both +high <%p Proto&ols$ )hile2 you &%n1t %&tu%lly &h%nge the length o.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om pro*u&e the *esire* o.%s&i% #hile in&re%sing bloo* . l%te$ Fo%m rollers not only stret&hes mus&les %n* ten*ons but it %lso bre%'s *o#n so.or %t le%st !0 se&on*s$ FOAM ROLLING 3long the s%me lines o. your mus&les2 it1s h%r* to re.er%ll e.2 %n* try to get into the h%bit o.or leg stret&hes on the Internet %n* try to hol* e%&h stret&h ..t tissue %*hesions %n* s&%r tissue$ By using your o#n bo*y #eight %n* % &ylin*ri&%l .ore going to sleep . % m%ss%ge is . e/er&ise #ith % sensible *iet$ +o mimi& their results2 stret&h imme*i%tely %.lo# %n* &ir&ul%tion .teen or so minutes e%&h time$ Se%r&h .o%m rolling$ Fo%m :olling h%s be&oming .

or the *esire* inhibition to t%'e e.or !08J0 se&on*s e%&h .ter % #or'out2 . *is&om.enous %n* lymph%ti& *r%in%ge2 ..###$thighg%ph%&'$&om to the so.ort2 the i*e% is to p%use on th%t spot .t tissues$ )hen you roll onto % spot o.o%m rolling &%n: rel%/ shortene* mus&le tissue2 in&re%se &ir&ul%tion to the tissue %n* in&re%se .e&t$ 3.

.er this se&tion thin'ing you h%..%il not be&%use they *on1t #%nt results2 but be&%use it is *i. %re being m%*e2 it #oul* be moti.i&e %n* you *on1t .erything you nee*$ +he m%-ority o.eryone h%s *%ys #hen they *on1t .eel li'e #or'ing out2 or someone brings &oo'ies into the o.itness in&enti.es .$ . g%ins 9or losses.ious results2 they be&ome &ompl%&ent %n* st%rt to sl%&' o.e e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om &ART 8 ' M$%i9a%i$! Hack" HOW TO REMAIN MOTIVATED S+MP :I<H+ +HE:E@ Don1t be tempte* to s'ip o.$ Mne #oul* thin'2 i.er2 the phenomenon o.en though % person &oul* be seeing ob.ing to restr%in yoursel. their go%ls %n* not seeing their progr%ms through *oesn1t only o&&ur #hen results %re slo# or h%r* to see$ Sometimes e.. people losing sight o.eel li'e being the only one h%.er is &%using the su&&ess$ Ho#e.i&ult to &onsistently *o %nything th%t re?uires #or' %n* *is&ipline$ E. people1s .%tion enough to 'eep up #h%te.

some sort o.itness &ompetition2 be%uty p%ge%nt2 or . .erything youN.e to sho# up .e in&lu*e* #h%t I &%ll (moti. others #ill &%use your l%&'luster %ttitu*e %n* energy to 'i&' in$ 3ltern%ti.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om +here.%te other people$ 3s %n instru&tor2 e.en on #ee's #hen you re%lly *onNt #%nt to e/er&ise2 you %t le%st h%.er you re%liAe you %re beginning to .or one or multiple m%r%thons %n* r%&es2 li'e +ough =u**er or r%&e #%l'ing e.%te* to #or' out or e%t properly$ +hese tri&'s #ill get your intention b%&' to #here it nee*s to be$ BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE Be&ome the le%*er o.er to #hene.e# &l%sses you te%&h$ =%ny &%n %ttest to -ust sho#ing up being the h%r*est p%rt6 on&e you1re there %n* st%rt going through the motions2 you1* be %m%Ae* %t ho# ?ui&'ly the energy o.e it e.ely2 you &oul* sign up .ore2 I h%.eel unmoti.ents$ I.or the .e got #hen youNre trying to moti.en % meetup group$ ItNs h%r* not to sho# up to #or' out #hen you1re the le%*er %n* people %re *epen*ing on you$ You %re %lso more li'ely to gi.%tion h%&'s7 you &%n re.itness group li'e _umb%2 Be%&hBo*y or e. you %re &on&erne* %bout running2 #hi&h I *on1t p%rti&ul%rly en-oy2 sign up .or % bi'ini or .

ent #ith you$ FIGHT BOREDOM I.%n o.rom %ll %&ross the #eb %t ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es )hile tr%ining .e in2 youNll h%. it1s .e %n %**e* in&enti. the number o.or some people2 others #oul* *o #ell to intro*u&e % &ompetiti..e i.e got .oun* %t ###$the.oun* %t ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"&ompetition )e %lso 'eep %n up*%te* list o. you %re % .e priAes$ Mur .eminine&ontour$&om"&ompetition %n* our >+high <%p H%&' Competition1 %long #ith priAes2 &%n be . priAes2 &%n be .or the r%&e or e.itness &ompetitions .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om %ny o. youN.rien*s #illing to &ommit %n* tr%in .or % thigh g%p &%n be enough . your o#n or r%ise money2 espe&i%lly i. #or'out DFD1s2 li'e I %m2 you m%y be % .e to sti&' to your tr%ining regimen$ +his str%tegy is e.ery %ttr%&ti.e&ti.ery o#n (Feminine Contour Fitness Competition72 %n* list o.%te*$ 3lso2 on&e you &ommit money o.e element to 'eep them moti.en more e.or % &%use you belie. .itness &ontests online th%t bo%st . .

or %ll o. #or'outs th%t you %ren1t too .e %n* H%r*br%'e to bre%' the D:=2 %n* then use )in*o#s Li. o.er&oming su&h inst%n&es is to use %ny bl%n' DFD or e/tern%l h%r* *ri. putting together % huge list o. my #or'out . h%.ie=%'er or %ny other e*iting so.er using %n e/tern%l h%r* *ri.i*eos$ )e1.e .e =o.un&tion b%r %n* sele&ting .i*eos gre%ter th%n 20 minutes %n*"or ne#ly uplo%*e* .elt the ire o. the best You+ube #or'out &h%nnels on the youtube p%ge ###$youtube$&om"thighg%ph%&' %s #ell %s on our resour&es .er %g%in2 or h%.t#%re to remi/ the #or'out routines into % !08minute progr%m t%ilore* to your nee*s$ I pre.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .%tion to &omplete your #or'outs$ 3 me%ns o.er %n* o.or other people1s #or'out pl%ylist$ Mne tri&' #hen using You+ube is to &ustom your se%r&h by hitting the se%r&h tools .%mili%r #ith % little something &%lle* e/er&ise bore*om$ )hether you simply get bore* #ith h%.ing to sit through portions o.e .ing to listen to the s%me *i%logue2 musi& or #%t&h the s%me s&enery o. to get to the goo* p%rt2 you &%n st%rt to *re%* %n* thus lose %ll moti.i*eos by &re%ting %n %&&ount %n* m%'ing % &ustom #or'out pl%ylist or se%r&hing .i*eos %s it m%'es org%niAing %n* %&&ess to #or'ing out e/&ru&i%tingly e%sy$ You &%n %lso *o something simil%r #ith Youtube$&om #or'out .e t%'en the liberty o.on* o.

or .ery o#n &ommunity2 (+he Feminine Contour72 is highly re&ommen*e*$ )e post ne# .ery #ee'$ Mur .e route or on % pie&e o.ree %n* %s simple %s signing up %t ###$the.i*eos e.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om p%ge ###$the. the boo's shoul* interest you enough . e/er&ise e?uipment2 .i*eos e.ree or % sm%ll .%&eboo'2 .eminine&ontour$&om AUDIO BOOKS +his m%y be ?uite % &ommon one2 but #hen e/er&ising out*oors on % repetiti.or the time to seemingly .ull8segment length &%r*io *%n&e2 toning2 resist%n&e tr%ining %n* gener%l .itness rel%te* .eminine&ontour$&om"resour&es Fin%lly2 there %re &ommunities you &%n -oin .in* intriguing$ +he &ontent o.ly by$ LOGGED IN Set your p%ss#or* .ight bore*om by listening to %u*io boo's #ith topi&s th%t you .ery #ee'$ Doining our &ommunity is &ompletely .ee2 #here you &%n %&&ess ne# #or'out .or your #or' &omputer2 em%il2 .

%re &lose by or %t the *oor$ I.irst thing you see %n* only .ing #illpo#er$ GO TO BED IN FITNESS GEAR P%rti&ul%rly use.ery *%y or multiples times % *%y to something moti.or those e%rly morning .i*eo on your l%ptop s&reen2 so it1s the . you use % &omputer2 pre8lo%* the .ul . out o.%tes &ert%in p%rts o.ities su&h %s e%ting %n* brushing your teeth$ For&ing yoursel.el b%g or #or'out DFD$ I. going to be* in #or'out &lothes %n* ensuring other %pp%rel"%&&essories you1ll nee* 9sports br%2 so&'s2 sne%'ers.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om t#itter %n* %ny other logins th%t you type e.. norm%l h%bitu%l p%tterns %&ti. the br%in2 #hi&h m%y &ontribute to impro. % go%l$ Some simple e/%mples you &%n use %re (+hCgh <cp72 Oth@n th@ghSO2 Oect L!ssO2 %n* Oclmost r%&! *%yO$ EAT WITH YOUR NON+DOMINANT HAND St%rt trying to use your non8*omin%nt h%n* *uring . you use %n %l%rm on your phone to #%'e you up2 put it on top o.%rious *%ily %&ti.%ste* st%te #or'outs2 is this h%&' o.%tion%l th%t #ill remin* you o. your *u.

ing to t%'e it o..http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om re?uires you to press pl%y to begin$ )%'ing up 'no#ing th%t you not only nee* to #or' out2 but %lso nee* to sleepily p%&' % b%g or . %.ery import%nt up&oming e.or your morning #or'out not only 'eeps you .%iling to %&tu%lly utiliAe it2 #or's surprisingly #ell to hol* people %&&ount%ble$ SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO 3ll too &ommon2 the only time #omen ten* to be e/&ee*ingly moti.%te* to get in sh%pe is . time nee*e* to get *resse*2 #hi&h e?u%tes to more sleep2 it %lso moti. .or % .oi*%ble guilt .rom #%'ing up in or ne%r your .%tes %n* guilt8trips you into %&tu%lly #or'ing out$ +he un%.itness ge%r2 %n* h%.%mily reunion2 .igure out #hi&h #or'out to *o &%n be *ishe%rtening$ It &%n be tough to get up %n* get *resse* #hen itNs super e%rly2 still *%r' out2 %n* your p%rtner is still &oAy in be*2 trying to sleep$ :e%*ying yoursel.rom rumm%ging %roun* in the morning2 potenti%lly *isturbing your p%rtner2 %n* minimiAes the %mount o.ter .ent2 su&h %s % #e**ing2 high s&hool or .

un&tions #here you #%nt to stun in % p%rti&ul%r out.estyle2 #hi&h re?uires %tten*%n&e %t spe&i%l e.e li.ing % .e % gre%t e/&use to &onst%ntly be on top o..ents %n*"or .it%tions to su&h . you li. %n* go b%&' to their ol* h%bits$ By h%.or % .e# #ee's %n* then on&e the e.it2 you #ill h%.un&tions2 *oesn1t me%n you &%n1t e%sily see' them out2 espe&i%lly i.in* something to *o e.%&%tion2 p%rty2 et&$ +hey &r%sh *iet . your *iet %n* .ull so&i%l &%len*%r by -oining org%niA%tions %n* &lub2 %n*"or %rr%nging g%l%s2 p%rties2 &h%rity .ery so&i%l %n* %&ti.un&tions2 et&$ You &oul* %lso be the host %n* thro# % p%rty or g%thering$ Don1t thin' you h%.ul pi&tures o.e to .e you something #orth loo'ing gre%t to$ THINSPIRATION Yes2 loo'ing %t be%uti.e in % l%rge &ity$ It is &ompletely possible to or&hestr%te % .er2 they sl%&' o.itness g%me$ Dust be&%use you %re &urrently l%&'ing in.un&tions % month to gi. slen*er #omen &%n be .ery #ee' or #ee'en*2 %im .or one to t#o spe&i%l .###$thighg%ph%&'$&om .ent is o.

ention%l thinspir%tion2 but more person%liAe*$ ###$#eightmirror$&om is %n online %ppli&%tion th%t lets you uplo%* your o#n photos %n* see yoursel.%r %#%y they %re .e%ture be%uti.e got some Photoshop s'ills2 you &%n m%'e your o#n &re%tions by &ropping th%t &%n ser.ie# #h%t you #oul* loo' 0 to 50 poun*s lighter$ +he %pp is &urrently .e rein.or *iet %n* .ery thing$ I1m not s%ying you shoul* go see'ing out those pi&tures o.ree2 but i.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om moti.rom their go%l$ I.e m%*e progress2 go b%&' to2 &%n help th#%rt moments o.. o.. thinspir%tion #ebsites %n* pi&tures th%t .o**er .e&t on you2 m%ybe it1s time to try some neg%ti.er#eight men %n* #omen #ith *isp%r%ging mess%ges on them2 but pi&tures embo*ying e/%&tly #h%t you *on1t #%nt to be&ome2 or i.ul #omen 'eep you on your *iet %n* e/er&ise progr%m2 then by %ll me%ns utiliAe it$ Ho#e. thinspir%tion h%s the opposite e.or&ement$ 0othing pre. thinner$ You &%n uplo%* % pi&ture %n* inst%ntly . you1.ents me .e&ti. e%ting th%t .erent2 yet simil%r to &on.%ting to some2 but to others su&h pi&tures %re -ust % &onst%nt remin*er o.e to e/plore th%t m%y be e.er2 i.. ho# . #e%'ness %n* help you resist tempt%tions$ 3nother %ltern%ti.e is *i.e %s . you1.rom e%ting something I 'no# I shoul*n1t be e%ting th%n seeing someone &urrently *e%ling #ith the &onse?uen&es o.

e st%tements %s you &%n %bout #h%t you inten* to *o %n* e%t %n* the #on*er.e2 it1s e%sy to see ho# #e &%n be our biggest s%boteurs$ St%ting positi.it$ +o use the po#er o.e&t o.e %.e .ul e..e&t on your sub8&ons&ious$ +%l'ing %bout the mus&les th%t you %re going to #or' %n* im%gining the e.%&ts %lou* to yoursel.rom % slump2 try positi.irm%tions %re: .irm%tions to get you b%&' on tr%&'$ Sin&e the %.o&uses on th%t p%rti&ul%r mus&le %n* triggers the %ppropri%te hormon%l rele%se to %llo# you the most bene.ul e... the e/er&ise on the mus&le helps to gi. those thoughts %re neg%ti..e %.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om e/er&ise moti.eel .er%ge person h%s %bout si/ty thous%n* thoughts per *%y2 %n* R0 per&ent o..e you the ultim%te #or'out %*. h%s % po#er.%tion st%rt to su.%nt%ge$ Your min* .irm%tions in your #or'outs2 #rite *o#n %s m%ny positi.er . %..e&ts you .%tion$ POSITIVE FITNESS AFFIRMATIONS Fin%lly2 #hen you . positi.rom &ompleting these t%s's$ E/%mples o..eel your moti.

e #or*s *uring your #or'out 9e$g$ Q (I &%n .$ Fisu%liAe your .%te*2 %s #ell %s spe%' positi.eeling better e.eel the .eness #hen it &omes to employing the t%&ti&s in this boo'$ OUTSOURCE YOUR FITNESS .eel =y bo*y is respon*ing to my .ision your legs slimming %n* thinning #ith e%&h long stri*e you t%'e$ +ry this simple2 but .or 5 %**ition%l minutes to*%y I %m loo'ing %n* .e h%&'2 %n* #%t&h ho# your %ttitu*e &%n in.ter I e/er&ise I %m %m%Ae* %t my o#n %bilities I #ill #%l'"#or'out .itness go%ls =y spirit so%rs %.e&ti.%poriAe* into thin %ir %s you *o your &%r*io routine$ In your min*s eye en.er you %re .ying %n* being .http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om I lo.ery e.%t t%'ing % be%ting2 li?ue.luen&e your sti&'8to8iti.e m%'ing time to e/er&ise %n* the #%y e/er&ise m%'es me ..eeling unmoti.rom my inner thighs7.%t melting .ery *%y :e%* them %lou* #hene.

e e%sier #hether it be in the .%tion to simply &ome into the gym$ Commitment to %nother is o. your tr%ns.ery progr%ms or gro&ery lists t%ilore* to spe&i.orm o. they #oul* li'e person%liAe* ser.e*$ Pno#ing this2 I *o urge %nyone intereste* to re%&h out %n* &ont%&t me i.%te you2 signing up .or the #ee'$ I1* s%y most &lients hire person%l tr%iners2 not to help them e/er&ise but %s moti.or you2 but the i*e% o.or %ny su&h progr%m %t http:""###$the.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om I &%n see your e%rs per'ing up no# %s you #on*er ho# in the #orl* I1m going to pull o.or .i& he%lthy me%ls .itness$ You %n* I both 'no# you &%n1t %&tu%lly get someone to *o your #or'outs . hiring % person%l tr%iner to moti.en more so #hen money is in.ree to e8m%il me *ire&tly %t C%millecthighg%ph%&'$&om #ith your in?uiries %n* ?uestions or sign up . outsour&ing *oesn1t h%.ten stronger th%n &ommitment to one1s sel.orm%tion %s #ell@ .eminine&ontour$&om"pro*u&ts I #el&ome your thoughts on the boo' %n* #oul* lo.2 %n* e.e to re&ei.ol.e to only be limite* to business rel%te* #or'$ Mutsour&ing st%n*s to m%'e your li.i&es2 #hether it be me%l pl%nning2 shopping lists2 or &ustom #or'out pl%ns$ Feel .e pi&tures o.oo* *eli. % re&ommen*%tion to outsour&e .

http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om YYY .

re?uent@ I.its you1.orm%tion #ill help &h%nge people1s li.e th%t this in.e*$ I strongly belie.uture boo's to best meet your nee*s %n* .ie# on 3m%Aon$&om2 be&%use th%t #ill help others 'no# #h%t they1re going to get2 &he&' this boo' out2 %n* get the s%me bene.e %&hie.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? I.itness"#ellness blogs th%t you .eel . you .es2 %n* you &%n help too by spre%*ing the #or*$ Ple%se %lso .ement by sen*ing %n em%il to in.ree to #rite % re. on your so&i%l net#or' Q in&lu*ing your o#n blogs %n* other he%lthy"*iet".%&eboo' %n* t#itter p%ges$ )hile you1re %t it2 li'e +he +high <%p H%&' on .octhighg%ph%&'$&om or &%millecthighg%ph%&'$&om so I &%n up*%te this %n* . .ie# on my 9%n* your.elt this boo' &oul* be better in %ny #%y2 you &%n %lso let me 'no# #h%t &oul* use impro. you en-oye* this boo'2 it #oul* me%n the #orl* to me i. you #oul* ple%se t%'e % moment to #rite %n honest re.%&eboo'2 pinterest2 tumblr2 inst%gr%m %n*"or t#itter %n* spre%* the #or* by sh%ring the &ontent 9#or'outs2 %rti&les2 et&$.

eminine&ontour +HE +HI<H <3P H3CP ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om ###$youtube$&om"thighg%ph%&'$&om .eminine&ontour$&om ###$t#itter$&om"the.eminine&ontour ###$.eryone re%*ing this #ill get the most .eminine&ontour$&om ###$youtube$&om"the.e pro.%lue possible$ Loo'ing .%&eboo'$&om"the.http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om ensure e.i*e* in this boo'2 you1ll #%nt to &he&' out my blog2 youtube &h%nnel %n* ne#sletter #ith more tips %n* tri&'s %t: +he Feminine Contour ###$the.or more he%lth %n* .itness tipsG Besi*es the resour&es I h%.

%t %n* get % (thigh g%p7 or (slimmer thighs7$ +h%t being s%i*2 there %re % .%&eboo'$&om"thighg%ph%&'$&om ###$t#itter$&om"thighg%ph%&' Loo'ing .e# &ourses I highly re&ommen*$ +he list is %l#%ys being %n* up*%te* %t my %t blogs %n* ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"resour&es ###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"blog ###$the.eminine2 se/y thighs$ You1ll lo.%t loss2 he%lth %n*"or mus&le g%inG +hen m%'e sure you or*er my br%n* ne# #or'out *.rom your bo*y %n* s&ulpt .%t .or % spe&i.###$thighg%ph%&'$&om ###$. hype %n* gimmi&'y pro*u&ts out there #hen it &omes to *iets %n* e/er&ise progr%ms promising to get people to burn .i& e/er&ise %n* *iet progr%m .e the results you1ll get Q I promise@ more <o to http:""###$thighg%ph%&'$&om"byebyethun*erthighs to le%rn +here1s % lot o.or .eminine&ontour$&om"blog .$ It1s % one hour long #or'out th%t &ombines stret&hing2 toning %n* &%r*io e/er&ises to melt the .*2 >Bye8Bye +hun*er +highs12 9to be rele%se* mi*8m%r&h 20 E.

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