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The Political Herald: A Public Survery

The Political Herald: A Public Survery

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Published by Sean Joudry
A public survey for my Entrepreneurship 12 class regarding my fictional venture, "The Political Herald".
A public survey for my Entrepreneurship 12 class regarding my fictional venture, "The Political Herald".

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Published by: Sean Joudry on Oct 12, 2009
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Political/Internet Survey

This survey contains 11 questions based on the Canadian political system and 10 inquiring about your general use of the internet. The survey is for a new web 2.0 website startup which requires general this knowledge to design the website. Any questions in this survey may be skipped if you do not wish to answer the question, or you are unsure. The questions on this survey will be read aloud to your by a representative. Your name is confidential and your answers will not be traced back to you. Thank you for completing this survey and helping the development of the website.
1. How would you describe your knowledge of Canadian politics? A) None B) Little C) Moderate D) High What age group do you fall under? A) 5-16 B) 17-25 C) 26-39 D) 40-55 E) 60 and above Do you know who the current Prime Minister is? a. Yes b. No If no, skip to question 4 Federal is one level of the Canadian political system, what are the other two? a. Correct b. Incorrect

2. 3.


5. Who is the current premiere of Nova Scotia? A) John Hamm B) Belinda Stronach C) Peter Mackay D) Rodney MacDonald E) Jim Prentice F) Unsure 6. Who is the current premiere of Ontario? A) Dalton McGuinty B) Jim Prentice C) Ralph Goodale D) Ron Cannan E) Brad Wall F) Unsure 7. Who is the current Mayor of Halifax? A) Michael Richards B) Colin Powell C) Scott Brison D) Peter Kelly E) Alexa McDounnough F) Unsure 8. Who is the Canadian Chief of Staff? A) Correct B) Incorrect 9. Which Progressive Conservative leader led the party to brutal losses in the 1993 election? A) Joe Clarke B) Kim Campbell C) Joe Turner D) Adrienne Clarkson E) Stockwell Day F) Unsure

10. What year did Nunavut join Confederation? A) Correct B) Incorrect 11. Who is the Canadian Minster of Foreign Affairs? A) John Baird B) Lawrence Cannon C) Tony Clement D) Peter Van Loan E) Stockwell Day F) Unsure 12. Have you ever participated in a web forum? A) Yes B) No 13. Have you ever commented on an online news story? a. Yes b. No 14. Have you ever sent a letter to a newspaper editor? c. Yes d. No 15. Which of the following websites are you a member of? a. b. c. d. e. 16. Facebook Myspace Digg Blogger/Blogspot Youtube

Have your written for a blog? a. Yes b. No Would you feel comfortable with others knowing your political views? a. Yes b. No


18. Do you purchase goods or services online?
a. b. 19. Yes No Have you ever clicked on a website advertisement? a. Yes b. No Have you ever listened to, or watched a podcast/internet TV a. Yes b. No


21. Do you regularly listen to or read the news?
A) Yes B) No

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