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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Confined Space Entry JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 04
Facility: Work Area / Equipment: Permit No.
PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves, Safety Harness, BA Set / Airline Unit,
Chemical Suit, Gum Boot, Safety Goggles, Multi – gas Detector, Lifeline and Full Body Harness.
Yes /
• Plan the work involving personnel responsible for
Lack of Communication preparation (isolation, depressurization, draining, venting,
flushing, purging, gas testing etc) of confined space.
Non-compliance of KOC • Refer Appendix - 6 of KOC F & S Regions, HSEMS
-HSEMS Procedures, F & S Procedure Doc. No. SA.KOC.007 ‘Entry into Confined
Regulations Space’
• Ensure the Confined Space is positively isolated from all
Energized Equipment sources of energy (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical etc.)
• Use multilock & tag for isolation carried out.
Pre – Entry • Ensure the confined is depressurized & content is drained
Pressurized Fluid
Pyrophoric Deposition • Ensure the pyrophoric deposition (sludge) is water wetted.
Flammable & / or Toxic • Ensure the confined space is flushed, purged and
Atmosphere thoroughly ventilated as required.
• Ensure the confined space is free from any flammable /
Lack of Oxygen toxic atmosphere and has sufficient oxygen for normal
• Obtain the entry permit & other associated permits for
Unauthorized Entry
types of work to be carried out.
No Contact with the Entrant • Place a Standby Person at manhole to maintain contact
with the entrant and record entry / exit.

Dark / Insufficient Illumination • Ensure safe illumination suitable to hazardous area

• Ensure the work to be carried out inside the Confined
Fire & Explosion Space fulfill the Permit to Work requirement for the type of
Entry work.
• Ensure sufficient ventilation and air circulation inside
Heat & Humid confined space.
• Provide periodic break / rest to the entrant.
Welding Fumes / Toxic • Ensure continued gas monitoring.
Hazard • Ensure cross ventilation to dispose toxic vapor.
Entrapment or Collapse of • Ensure availability of full body harness & lifeline etc for
Entrant emergency retrieval of personnel from Confined Space.
Left Unattended for Re-Entry • Barricade the Confined Space and post warning notice.
Re-entry /
Completion • Ensure there is no tool, equipment, rags or other material
Foreign Materials Left inside
left inside

(Other than
indicated above)

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