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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Radiography Work JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 09

Facility: Work Area / Equipment: Permit No.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves, Safety Goggles, Work Vest, Radiation
Detector, Radiation Monitoring Badge, Emergency Retrieval Tool, Barrier Taps, Warning Sign, Flashing Warning Light, Portable
radio etc
Yes /
• Plan the work involving Permit Applicant, Permit Issuer
Lack of Information
& Radiographer.

Non-compliance of KOC - • Refer Chapter - 7 of KOC F & S Regions, Radiation

Procedures, F & S Regulations Protection Manual and KMOPH (Kuwait Ministry of Public
Health) Regulations for Radiography.
• Ensure the correct tools & required PPEs are ready to
In-appropriate Tools & PPE
use prior to starting radiography work.
Presence of non – certified • Ensure no person other than Radiographers is at site.
Planning & personnel at radiography site • Suspend any ongoing work at radiography site.
• Check the Isotope Storage Box for no radiation leak.
Radiation Leak • Transport isotopes only in the purposely designed box
and vehicle in compliance to KMOPH Regn.
Accidental Entry of unauthorized • Check the safe radiation level and barricade the area;
personnel installing radiation warning lights & alert sign
Unintended Shutdown of • Identify UV / IR Detectors to be overridden in
equipment / Unit / System radiography work area.
Unauthorized Radiography • Obtain radiography permit from Asset Owner
• Radiographers’ have valid Competency Certificate from
Radiation Exposure
KMOPH & Radiation Monitoring Badge.
Presence of Flammable / Toxic • Ensure the worksite is free from flammable / toxic
Gas in the Substation atmosphere.
Fire • Keep fire extinguishers ready for use.
Radiography • Carry out the functional test of emergency retrieval kit
Exposed Isotope
Work for isotope.
• Confirm & establish radio communication with Permit
Lack of Communication
• Make an announcement prior to starting the
Dangerous Situation Alarm at • Make the site safe before proceeding to designated
worksite mustering location.
Completion & • Ensure the proper wind up and housekeeping of the
Unsecured Materials
Windup worksite.
(Other than
indicated above)

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