Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Deployment of Vacuum Tanker in Hazardous Area JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 24 Permit No. Date:


Work Area / Equipment:

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves, Coverall, Multi Gas Detector, Non Sparking Hand Tools. SEQUENCE OF Yes / POTENTIAL HAZARDS PRECAUTIONS BASIC JOB STEPS No

Presence of Flammable / Toxic Vapor or Liquid

Ensure the specified route through which vacuum tanker will approach the location is free from flammable / toxic vapor. Ensure the worksite where the vacuum tanker will be deployed is free from toxic / flammable vapor. Ensure the availability of spark / flame arrester mounted on the tanker exhaust. Confirm the availability of earthing to dissipate the electrostatic charges. Ensure the availability Extinguishers at site. of suitable & approved Fire

  

Fire & Explosion Planning

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Never bring a naked flame or spark generating tool near the tanker while collecting a flammable liquid. Place the vacuum tanker at upwind direction of spill. Refer HSEMS Procedure - Doc. No. SA.KOC.004 “Permit to Work” and SA.KOC.013 “Temporary Mobile Plant” as well as Chapter - 6 “Operational Areas” of KOC F & S Regulations. Verify the suitability of tanker, its road worthiness, and certification. Take a Cold Work Permit for collecting the spilled quantity and Mobile Plant Entry Permit from Asset Owner. Ensure the vacuum pump, isolation valve and hoses are free from defect. Ensure the vacuum Tanker Driver / Operator is trained for emergency procedure and damage control action. Never leave the tanker unattended while collecting spilled quantity. Use suitable respiratory equipment & other required PPE (such as chemical suit) in case working in toxic atmosphere Ensure the tanker is deployed at properly leveled & compacted ground. Do not overload the tanker and drive defensively. Use hose of suitable pressure rating. Stop the vacuum pump immediately in case of leak. Close the isolation valve fully after finishing the collection of spilled quantity as per tanker capacity. Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite. The accessories (hose, clamp) not being used must be disconnected and stacked properly.

Non – compliance of KOC F & S Regulations and HSE MS Procedures Unsafe Vacuum Tanker Unauthorized Work Defective Equipment & Accessories

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Untrained Driver / Vacuum Tanker Operator

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Collecting the Spilled Quantity

Exposure to Toxic Vapor

Collapse of Tanker

Hose Leak or Rupture 

 

Passing Isolation Valve

Windup & Housekeeping

Scattered Material

Additional Hazards (Other than indicated above) Name: KOC / ID. No. Controlling Team: Signature: Designation: Company: Contract No.(If Applicable): Date:

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