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Job Safety Analysis Sheet

JOB DESCRIPTION: Heat Treatment of a Pipe Spool JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 30

Facility: Work Area / Equipment: Permit No.


PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT & TOOLS: Hard Hat, Safety Shoes, Safety Goggles, Hand Gloves, Coverall, Heat Tracing,
Temperature gauge, etc.


 Refer HSEMS Procedures - Doc. No. SA.KOC.004 “Permit to

Work” and Appendix - 10 “Electrical Work Safety” of KOC F &
Non – compliance of KOC F & S S Regulations.
Regulations and HSE MS
Procedures  Obtain a Hot Work Permit & other associated permits from
Asset Owner.
 Conduct Tool Box Talk.

 Barricade the area where Heat Treatment is to be carried out.

Planning Unauthorized Personnel
 Post warning notice.

 Ensure the area where heat treatment will take place is free
Presence of Flammable / Toxic vapor
from flammable / toxic vapor.

 Ensure the equipment / tool to be used for Heat Treatment

Defective Tools / Equipment (such as Heat Tracings, Cables, terminals, switches and panel
etc) are free from defect and suitable for the temperature
ratings of the system.

 Ensure proper insulation of heat tracing coil and terminals.

Electrical Shock
 Keep the area dry ensuring no water spillage.

 Do not bring any flammable liquid or gas at the location where

Fire heat treatment is under progress.
 Keep the fire extinguishers in ready condition.

Burn  Do not touch the pipe segment which is being heat treated.

 Do not leave the tool or equipment in energized condition when

Heat Treatment the heat treatment is in progress.
Un-attended Tool / Equipment
 Isolate power to the equipment when not in use.

 Do not change (exceed / decrease) the Temperature or

Changing the Temperature or duration of heat treatment without permission from Inspection
Duration of Heat Treatment Engineer.
 Monitor the temperature in the heat treatment panel.

 Do not apply rapid heating or cooling of the pipe segment.

Thermal Shock to Pipe Segment  Refer Heat Treatment Procedure or Contact Inspection
Engineer in case of doubt.

 Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.

Windup &
Scattered Material  The accessories (heat tracing, cables, terminals) not being
used must be disconnected and stored separately.

Additional Hazards
(Other than indicated

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