JSA #36-Valve Replacement

Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Valve Replacement Facility: Work Area / Equipment: JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 36 Permit No: Date:

Goggles, Hand Gloves, Hammer, Spanner, Gas Monitor, Chain Pulley, Airline Unit, Safety Harness SEQUENCE OF BASIC JOB STEPS POTENTIAL HAZARDS Yes / No PRECAUTIONS

Lack of Communication Non-compliance of KOC -HSEMS Procedures

• • •

Plan the work involving personnel responsible for preparation (isolation, depressurization, draining & gas testing etc) of the valve to be replaced. Obtain the required work permits. Conduct Tool Box Talk

Pre - work

Incorrect Isolation

Identify the valve to be replaced referring P & ID.

• •

Ensure the upstream as well as downstream of the valve to be replaced are isolated properly. Use Lock & Tag Depressurize / drain the fluid to safe location. Override the gas detectors if required. Carry out gas test for safe working area. Arrange correct specification valve for replacement. • • •

Presence of Flammable / Toxic vapors Incorrect Valve Upstream / Downstream Isolation Valve Passing Spark Generation / Fire

• • • •

Confirm Upstream / Downstream isolation valve integrity by opening slightly the nearest vent / drain point. Verify the work area is gas free. Use non sparking tools in hazardous location.

Fall , Slip, Injury

Erect secured scaffolding at properly leveled ground in case the valve to be replaced is located at height.

Use safety harness while working at height.

Valve Replacement
Exposure to Toxic Vapor

• Use appropriate lifting tools & tackles (such as Chain Pulley, Winch) for supporting the valve to be removed or installed. Check the work area is free from toxic vapor.

Slightly open one bolt / stud to confirm no pressure. Use air line unit if required. Use safety goggles Loosen the bolts / studs slowly. • Remove old valve & install new valve safely.

Splash of Hazardous Fluid

Leak / Spill

• •

Use gasket of proper rating & specification as required. Tighten all the studs & bolts uniformly. Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.

Windup & Housekeeping Additional Hazards
(Other than indicated above)

Scattered Material

The lifting tools, tackles, scaffolding must be removed after ensuring valve stability.

JSA Done By

Name: KOC / ID. No. Controlling Team: Signature:

Designation: Company: Contract No.(If Applicable): Date:

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