JSA #38-Gasket Replacement

Job Safety Analysis Sheet

Job: Gasket Replacement Facility: Work Area / Equipment: JSA Ref. No. JSA / KOC / 38 Permit No: Date:

Goggles, Hand Gloves, Hammer, Spanner, Gas Monitor, Chain Pulley, Airline Unit, Safety Harness SEQUENCE OF BASIC JOB STEPS POTENTIAL HAZARDS Yes / No PRECAUTIONS

Lack of Communication Non-compliance of KOC -HSEMS Procedures

• • •

Plan the work involving personnel responsible for preparation (isolation, depressurization, draining & gas testing etc) of the worksite where Gasket is to be replaced. Obtain the required work permits. Conduct Tool Box Talk

Pre - work
Incorrect Isolation

Identify the Gasket (valve / flange) to be replaced referring P & ID.

• •

Ensure the upstream as well as downstream valves where Gasket to be replaced is isolated properly. Use Lock & Tag Depressurize / drain the fluid to safe location. Override the gas detectors if required. Carry out gas test for safe working area. Arrange correct specification Gasket for replacement. • • •

Presence of Flammable / Toxic vapors Incorrect Gasket Isolation Valve Passing

• • • •

Confirm isolation valve integrity by opening slightly the nearest vent / drain point. Verify the work area is gas free. Use non sparking tools in hazardous location.

Spark Generation / Fire

Fall , Slip, Injury

Erect secured scaffolding at properly leveled ground in case the Gasket to be replaced is located at height.

• •

Use safety harness while working at height.

Gasket Replacement
Exposure to Toxic Vapor

Use appropriate lifting tools & tackles (such as Chain Pulley, Winch) for supporting the Valve / Flange where Gasket to be replaced. Check the work area is free from toxic vapor.

Slightly open one bolt / stud to confirm no pressure. Use air line unit if required. Use safety goggles Loosen the bolts / studs slowly.

Splash of Hazardous Fluid

Leak / Spill

Remove the old gasket & install new one safely.

• •

Use gasket of proper rating & specification as required. Tighten all the studs & bolts uniformly. Ensure proper wind up & housekeeping at worksite.

Windup & Housekeeping Additional Hazards
(Other than indicated above)

Scattered Material

The lifting tools, tackles, scaffolding must be removed after work completion.

JSA Done By

Name: KOC / ID. No. Controlling Team: Signature:

Designation: Company: Contract No.(If Applicable): Date:

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