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Elect Lisa Karahalios

AFT Vice President

A Strong Leader Who HoIds the District
'Lisa Karahalios, the UTLA representative on the
committee, said the districts policv on accepting or seems to be applied inconsistentlv. She
called such actions 'tantamount to a bribe." Officials
said the purchasing office is now instituting a :ero
tolerance policv.`
-KPCC Radio 1/9/14
As UTLA's voice on Board Member RatliII's
Committee to oversee the iPad project, I challenged
the Iunneling oI hundreds oI millions oI dollars oI
general Iund money to pay Ior the billion dollar iPad
purchase, which Supt. Deasy is trying to cover up.
Money Irom the general Iund should be used Ior
raises, smaller class sizes, and Iull staIIing oI Health
and Human Services' support Ior our students. As a
result oI the questions raised by the committee,
LAUSD is slowing down the project, and oIIering
schools less expensive options.
We make a difference when we fight back!
'When my school, Haddon Elementary, was
under attack by Parent Revolution, Lisa
immediately helped us with strategy, and stuck it
out with us until we defeated Parent
-Mike Gonzales, Elementary Teacher
'Lisa is smart, strong, strategic,
and always puts the members Iirst!
-Tricia Churchill, Secondary Teacher
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'I've never known Lisa to back down
Irom a Iight. She's always ready to defend
her Iellow union members' rights.
-Pamela Gibberman, UTLA Director Valley East,
38 year veteran Music Teacher
Speaking out against
Witch Hunt against
teachers-6/28/12 School
Board Meeting
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Focused on Issues that Matter Most to Our Membership
! Pay raises
! Support Ior you and your Chapter Chair
! Aggressive enIorcement oI the contract
! DeIending our proIession in the media
! Accessible, so your concerns and needs are addressed cell: 323-828-4812
Because oI my work on behalI oI UTLA members,
I have earned the endorsements oI ...